IRS Affordable Care Act


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  • objectivefactsmatter

    And then after you're dead, you'll be voting Democrat. Nice for the leftists to have control over a single database that includes comprehensive health records.

    • truebearing

      Well done! You've hit the nail squarely on the head.

  • AdinaK

    Obama Inc. co-opted the IRS for various end points, and ObamaCare surely qualifies as its main target. For once the IRS controls who gets this or that care, then surely anyone who is "tea-partied" up, or otherwise deemed "undesirable", can be left twisting in the wind –

    EVIL on its face. By design.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • truebearing

    Collectivists have a well documented historical infatuation with negative eugenics. In the 20th Century, if an individual, or group, didn't fit the communist's plan, they were killed, or at very least imprisoned. Marxist utopia is a tree that needs to be watered with the blood of tens of millions of people who don't like mindless totalitarianism, apparently.

  • truebearing

    The 150,000,000 democides committed by communist regimes in the 20th Century created a real public relations problem for the commies, so they changed their name and decided to follow the insidious advice of warped weasels like Antonio Gramsci, who championed the incremental coup. They also learned to hide their penchant for draconian eugenics by using the control of things like health care to kill off enemies. They can deny health care, or heating oil, and kill off millions of "deniers" and other enemies of the people. What they have learned to do is implement "situational eugenics" and avoid any direct culpability. They can also avoid waking the public to their subtle evil. The IRS is the perfect agency for this death-by-denial strategy.They're already seen as "the heavy," and everyone knows they are cold and ruthless.

    Maybe Palin was partially wrong. The "Death Panel" is only part of Obama's plan. The Death Agency is the other.

    • tamale

      Scary, but bang on.

  • ealha3

    "According to our records, you vote Republican…" AND TO STOP OBAMACARE AND MAKE ME LOSE MY JOB – AND YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    Hey, I got an idea: Let's I-M-P-E-A-C-H Obama. Any questions?

  • Brujo Blanco

    This is a concept that is likely to be implemented. If the commies are in total control of healthcare they can control life and death. They can choose life for their supporters and death for everyone else. No doubt it will not be an in your face death sentence a curious way of taking out Obama's enemies.

    • Cathy

      That is what totalitarian regimes have always wanted to do…. totally control you from when (and in most times IF) you take your first breath until you die (no matter whether that death is natural or otherwise politically expedient).