The Direction of Health Care if ObamaCare Persists — on The Glazov Gang

Obama-SebeliusThis week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Ann-Marie Murrell, Monty Morton and Dwight Schultz.

The Gang gathered to discuss The Direction of Health Care if ObamaCare Persists. The dialogue occurred in Part II and examined the damage that is in store to Americans’ healthcare if Obama gets his way. The segment also shed light on: Does a $17 Trillion Debt Really Matter?

In Part I, the Gang shed light on Mandela and Double Standards (see Daniel Greenfield’s article The Mandela Myth). The episode also focused on “Elian Gonzalez Leaves Cuba For First Time,” “Obama’s Handshake with Raul Castro,” and much, much more.

See both parts of the two-part series below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • JSC

    When caged animals get a taste of what it’s like outside of the cage, it’s hard to get them to go back in but there is a major problem with many animals because they were born in that cage and the outside scares them. Millions of Cubans were born in prison so they have become institutionalized but they are always looking out their windows to see the outside. Other animals pace back and forth looking out.

    Fidel surely doesn’t want Elian to defect so I’m sure Elian is surrounded by bodyguards to insure that he doesn’t defect but now he has tasted freedom even though he has a massive leash around his neck. I’m also sure they talked to him, directly or indirectly, about defecting and what they would do to his father and other family members. Maybe his dad even had that talk to him.

    I wonder how many Americans that went to Ecuador too and they’ll surely come back here to say how wonderful it was to see others interested in “peace and justice and diversity and helping the poor.”

  • rubber stamp

    great show, as always. thanks GG

  • 45B20

    Would someone PLEASE fix that headline?
    Elian was IN the USA as a young boy!

  • Maggie

    love the Glazov gang.. only panel that I will watch.. the only panel that I actually learn something from.. Thank you Horowitz