Margaret Thatcher on Socialism

In these brief exchanges during Margaret Thatcher’s last speech in the House of Commons on November 22, 1990, the British Prime Minister crystallized why socialism pathetically fails to create wealth and opportunity:

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  • Smote

    Anyone who even manages to have two brain cells to rub together knows that socialism does NOT create wealth and opportunity. Socialism is the most feudal politic of them all.

    Let the commies scream, for their screaming will become even louder. Let 'em scream under their socialist 'utopia' with tears of pain pouring out of their empty, shiny eyes.

    Vale, Maggie Thatcher. RIP. You had what many leaders lacked: balls, and the decency and resolve to smash the slavers (unions) and save Britain.

    P.S. Winston Churchill summed socialism up brilliantly when he said: Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.

  • RAS

    See the sneers when the light of truth shines on the Left. Lady Thatcher, whose roots were nurtured in common ground used wisdom and dignity to make her case; while her critics and opponents smiled and sneered. Her point of the rich-poor gap narrowing despite those at each end becoming poorer cannot be refuted. The loss of wealth has been the result of socialist economies along with a substantial loss of freedom as well. Tyranny has often followed. Whenever this is pointed out to the left the response is always more shouting, hyperbole, and sneers.
    I served and lived in pre-Lady Thatcher Britain and worked directly with the British Government Post Office (GPO). Just about everything was run by the government then and driven by the labor unions. The result was as you would expect. You had to have a license for just about everything. That telephone you requested might just show up in two months if you were lucky. Lady Thatcher took on the mess and restored a period of sanity and recovery based on tried and true economics and principals that saved the United Kingdom, at least for her time. God Bless you Lady Thatcher. Well done, well done indeed.

  • Alex Kovnat

    Would that MT and Ronald Reagan had been with us longer.

  • Nehama

    Thatcher did a bloody good job of making Britain's poor poorer, and under Cameron we're getting poorer still. I respect Frontpage Mag's stance on Islam and anti-Zionism, and I read it for that; but Thatcher was evil. She destroyed Britain in a way Hitler couldn't.

    • logdon

      My late Father was a socialist. He was also a police officer in South Yorkshire during the miners strike.

      Whilst his convictions militated against outright admiration of Thatcher he absolutely despised the loathsome opportunist, Scargill and his equally loathsome NUM and when that strike ended he actually saluted our Iron Lady's stance.

      Thatcher saved our bacon chum.

    • Toni_Pereira

      Appartently, the only difference between them was the mustache …

      • Toni_Pereira

        I said this as irony, of course. There is grown up people who truly believe there is no difference between Nazi Germany and the Thatcher years…

        • Smote

          Erm… how many gas chambers did the Thatcher government have?

      • nehama

        I didn't say she was like Hitler, I said what Hitler failed to do (destroy Britain) she achieved. Britain has been broken ever since she was in power, and it cannot be mended; Britain is in decline, and will continue to decline – that's the way empires go. What matters now is the way the decline is managed, the current slide to Neo-Feudalism started by Thatcher is really not the best way forward.

        • reader

          By any economics measure, Thatcher pulled the UK from the brink of economic collapse. Even Labor PMs did not claim otherwise – their beef was the proverbial and meaningless "gap between the rich and the poor." So, don't rewrite history.

    • reader

      Nehama, what is it that destroyed your brains – is it substance abuse, marxist professors, communist parents, all of the above?

      • Smote

        Agreed! Well said.

      • nehama

        None of the above. I'm guessing you are American, and one of those who believes freedom is just fine and dandy as long as people don't use it think for themselves or disagree with you.

    • cassowary

      Nonsense. She ;made Britain richer

      • Nehama

        No she didn't, here policies are the root of many of the problems Britain faces today. The biggest being the deregulation of the financial institutions… She also created the housing market boom and bust which leaves us in the position today of inflated house prices and a housing shortage… And her nonsense that competing commercial enterprise can provide cheaper products to end-customers than not-for-profit nationalised infrastucture companies was, and is, ridiculous – basic economics: mark-up over costs increases customer price. She, like Cameron today, saw state property not as the property of the people, but as goodies ripe for the picking for her oligarc friends to benefit from. She sold it to them cheap, and that funded a temporary boom, but that was sqandered and most of the residual funds have been squirrelled away into tax haven accounts, so we are now suffering the results as Cameron tries to flog off what remains of the states assets to create a new bubble. Under Thatcher the rich got richer, but the poor got poorer… you might think that's good, but I don't exploitative predators.

        • reader

          I've already addressed this before arguing against another economic illiterate here, but what the heck, I can do it again:

          Deregulation is oxymoron. There's market and there's the government regulating the market. And the government is the force creating all sorts of market dislocations, not those who participate in the market. People don't trade down, unless of course they are mentally challenged. But that's their problem.

        • reader

          By the way, you lied to me in your post above. This post of yours is undoubtedly a post of a marxist.

    • mah29001

      And your say on Britain being promoting multiculturalism that's letting Islamism destroy it?

      • Nehama

        Errr, what? Could you say that again in English please?

    • JacksonPearson

      Bullsh*t. You're poorer because your leftist political correct morons have thrown the door wide open to social engineered multiculturalism.

      How dumb can a small country like Great Briton be, than to import poverty, and put it on the dole, meanwhile making the home grown populous like you, even poorer? When are you Brit dummies going to wake up and boot out Islam?

    • Lady_Dr

      Are you brain dead? I remember when there were rolling blackouts in London because the unions had the country by the throat. There was no prosperity where there could have been so much. Socialism has never worked – anywhere. It destroys initiative, what the government can give it can also take away and she knew that. Margaret Thatcher freed Britain. You obviously don't know much about history or anything else if you believe she was evil.

  • Toni_Pereira

    I can't believe there were some bastards celebrating her death, yesterday! Those useless "academic" lefties will never forgive her.

    • UCSPanther

      George Galloway is too, and he is a more dim-witted modern day version of Oswald Moseley.

      • Toni_Pereira

        Surprise, surprise…a jackass as usual,at least Mosley dressed up better.

    • SSmith

      Exposing their unmasked vile hateful selves.

      I even read there were those wishing The elderly lady " a slow painful death".
      They must be very disappointed then, as she died quickly and peacefully from what would be her last stroke, sitting comfortably in bed reading, surrounded by loyal friends and in luxury, kind courtesy of the owners of the Ritz where she had been staying since Christmas in a suite worth £ 3.500 per night !
      A death to die for ?! Certainly what all can hope for but a kinder quicker death than most will experience, just goes to show….

  • Elliott

    Do you – or did you ever – live in GB?
    Are you aware that very few people would object to Inflation, Interest and Unemployment Rates ALL being below 7% AT THE SAME TIME.
    Thanks to PM Thatcher's policies, that is what the British achieved approximately 10 years after her political demise.
    By comparison, during PM Callahan's tenure, I remember Interest Rates being about 13%, Inflation at about 20-25% and Unemployment in double figures.
    If you would prefer the latter (while Government / Municipal employees enjoy great wages and phenomenal pensions) vote Labour.
    I no longer live in the UK, but the further away from socialism the UK is, the better off it will be

    • Lady_Dr


      I lived in GB and I remember the inflation, interest and unemployment rates BEFORE Margaret Thatcher. I was a foreign student there and couldn't believe my good fortune that the British taxpayer was footing the bill for me to go to school there and I paid so little. I remember too the circumstances so many British people, even middle and upper middle class people lived in – unreal. Socialism sounds really good, but only if you are a teen-ager with no understanding of reality (like Obama, nearly every member of the Labour Party in the UK and the Democrat Party in the USA).

  • steve

    Mrs Thatcher saved our great nation from going down the toilet. When she came to power, inflation was 27%, a 3 day working week was the norm, power cuts most nights, strikes, unions running the country, . She changed all of that, gave hope & aspiration to a generation. How we could do with a leader with the balls she showed now instead of the lily livered so called leaders of both political persuasions we have to endure now. RIP Maggie. May the lefties who mock you in death all go live in that so called socialist paradise of North Korea. Thatcher, a true revolutionary.

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