Message to ‘Moderate’ Muslims

Editor’s note: Below is Pat Condell’s message to “moderate” Muslims following the horrific murder of British soldier Lee Rigby. A transcript accompanies the video:

Pat Condell: If the last two decades of Islamic immigration have taught us anything in the West, it’s that tolerance is like salt — it’s necessary and beneficial, but too much of it will kill you.

We’re forced to learn this lesson, it seems, after every violent Islamic atrocity.  And we learned it again last week when a serving British soldier was murdered in the street by two Islamic barbarians, one of whom claimed that they were forced to do this terrible thing by the Koran, which he then quoted as justification.

I couldn’t help noticing that this very important and relevant piece of information was carefully left out of all the news reports as if it really didn’t matter.  Instead, we were fed the usual blizzard of the usual platitudes from the usual suspects, like the Muslim Council of Britain.  But crucially, we heard no rejection by any Muslim of the Islamic scripturally mandated doctrine of violent armed jihad, which is the actual problem here.

Islam endorses armed jihad.  It is a religion of violence and terror — Allah says so, and everybody knows how Akbar he is, because we hear about it whenever some innocent person is murdered in the name of his religion.

We should not be expected to ignore the violence and hatred in Islamic teaching simply to avoid offending moderate Muslims.  If they were really that moderate, they would face up to what their religion teaches and disown it.  Instead, they prefer to dissemble and equivocate and say it’s got nothing to do with Islam.  But we can all read.  And we know that’s a lie, and that last week’s murder was all about Islam from start to finish and from top to bottom.  It was written right through it like a stick of seaside rock — I-S-L-A-M spells jihad.

Oh, and by the way, please, no more garbage about jihad being a journey.  It’s a journey, all right — into mental illness.  And we’re not going along for the ride.

If the British police were as quick to arrest Islamic bigots as they are ordinary citizens who post offensive messages on Twitter, this disgusting murder would never have happened.  One of these savages was known to police and had already committed a prosecutable offense.  But for reasons best known to themselves, they chose to ignore him until he committed this murder.  Then we saw swift and decisive action, as people were arrested for posting offensive — not libelous; offensive — messages on Twitter; and an 85-year-old woman was arrested and held in police custody for shouting outside a mosque.  In a just and sane society, the officers who made those arrests would themselves be arrested and charged with wasting police time.

Meanwhile, media darling Andy Choudary is free to preach his message of hatred all day long, while enjoying police protection as well as generous state benefits.  He gets paid more for attacking and insulting our values than our soldiers get for defending them.  And it’s to our country’s eternal shame that nobody is the least bit surprised.

Of course, it’s not just soldiers now who need to watch their backs in Britain, because these two savages also told us that nobody here is safe.  We’re all to blame, apparently, for their mental illness.  We’re all oppressors of Islam.  We’re all invaders and crusaders and God knows what else.

But perish the thought that all Muslims should be to blame for the violence endorsed by their religion and repeatedly carried out in its name.  No, they’re not even to blame for the hate-stirring bigots who preach in their mosques without a murmur of protest.  That’s got nothing to do with them.  Instead, anyone who points out the violent nature of Islamic teachings is automatically accused of stirring up hatred when, in fact, they’re responding to hatred that has already been well and truly stirred up, incubated, nurtured and fed by Islamic bigots in mosques and universities, and by the government and police’s mealy-mouthed multi-culti cowardice and dishonesty in dealing with them.

We can do something about universities, maybe.  But only Muslims can affect what happens in mosques, because nobody else goes in there.  If a mosque is allowing people to preach hatred and violence on its premises, then everyone who attends that mosque and who doesn’t protest about it is culpable.  I know very well that if I attended a meeting and somebody was advocating death to anyone from the platform, I would have plenty to say about it, and I wouldn’t care how sacred the space was.

We keep hearing about an anti-Muslim backlash in the wake of this atrocity, as if Muslims are somehow the real victims — they’re not.  What we need is a Muslim backlash, and we need it now.  You may be a moderate, peaceful Muslim, but there’s nothing moderate or peaceful about your religion, and you know it.

The bigots who preach in your mosques, who take sustenance from your religion, are hiding behind you.  And your silence is helping them to do it.  If your mosque is letting anyone preach hatred and violence on its premises, you have a duty to call the police.  And the police have a duty to take off their politically correct-tinted glasses to go into that mosque, without removing their shoes, and arrest that person.  Anything less than this, and you’re on the wrong side.

And make no mistake — this is the moment to take sides and to show that you are taking sides.  Loyalty to the Ummah is no longer an option.  Because these two murdering scumbags are part of the Ummah, along with all the other murdering scumbags that your religion produces by the thousand.  And it is your religion that produces these people.  They have not perverted it.  They are following to the letter the Islamic doctrine of violent armed jihad.

All you people who claim to speak for all Muslims — you self-appointed community leaders with your bland, empty platitudes and crocodile tears, you Muslim politicians and Muslim journalists in the liberal media who deal in evasion and excuses — this murder is on your shoulders, unless you, personally and publicly, reject the Islamic doctrine of armed jihad.  No equivocation, no ifs, buts or maybes.

We don’t want to hear that this has nothing to do with Islam, because that’s a brazen insult to our intelligence.  We want a clear, categorical public rejection of the Islamic doctrine of armed jihad.  Anything less than this, and we will know, once and for all, that you are complicit and that you are, and always have been, on the wrong side.

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  • AdinaK

    There is NO moderate Islam, yet there are some moderate Muslims, but alas they are resoundingly silent. Why this is the case no longer matters. But what does matter is that the west better wake up from its stupor, and fight as if there is nothing more intrinsic to their survival.

    Yes, there IS a clash between civilizations and this is no longer up for debate. That ship has sailed –

    Best to step on board.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • alkidya

      So right you are, Adina!

    • Stephen_Brady

      Very well put, indeed. "There is no moderate Islam, yet there are some moderate Muslims". With your kind permission, I will use that, in the future.

  • Jayk

    I find your assertion that Islam is a religion of terror and violence foolish given that the majority of Islam's followers are moderate and do not interpret the Qu'ran as giving them a duty to murder. Extremists who resort to violence are present in most religions (Judaism, Christianity, etc). Please do not misrepresent Islam by the acts of a few crazed individuals who claim to have a religious justification for their acts. ANYONE can make a claim that religion justifies their actions, but that does not mean that their claim is correct in the theological sense.

    • Lionel Mandrake

      Moron, their bible, Mein Koran, indeed teaches them to hate us all.

    • stern

      On the extremely rare occasion when a Jew or Christian has done what you describe here, the outcry has been enormous. You will not find groups who idolize those perpetrators. You will not find perpetrators being mourned as "holy martyrs". Instead, they are condemned immediately, loudly and widely. The problem, as Pat makes so very clear here, is that the so-called "moderate" Muslims are not rising up en mass to criticize their terrorists. There is no mass Muslim movement calling for the outing of extremists. Instead, there are just excuses, exactly like yours.

      We don't believe them any more.

    • Winston

      Now, go back and read the article fully for knowledge and understanding of truth. Islam is NOT moderate and the dictates of the Islamic Quran are hateful, vengeful, and terrorist in nature to all who are non-muslim. Moderate or sincere peaceful Muslims must find within themselves to push back against the radical hateful muslims and their hateful clerics. They must either abandon their beliefs and turn to the one true God, or at a minimum come together and eradicate their religion of all the terrorists and the radical terrorist inciting clerics.

    • McWrath

      Anyone muslim can make the claim that their killing of someone who they deem to have 'insulted'- i.e criticised- muhammad or Islam was justified because that is what has come down to them from muhammad himself…Because most muslims do not go on violent jihad does not mean that their creed does not authorise,condone and indeed command it. They are after all informed by more things than islam and the doctrine of muhammad.
      Typical of western islamic apologists you make claims to know what is in and what is not in that Islamic text without ever having studied it ( if you had you would be very aware of the call to violence for the establishment of Islamic dominance over all othes. You would also be aware of Muhammads killing of anyone who had issues with the establishment of Islam…He who every muslim is take as the finest example)
      And do not compare all religions as alike. for the fundamentals are in a fundamentalist muslim to ,say, a fundamentalist Quaker…the latter will be an utter pacifist and the former…well don't criticise the sociopathic muhammad without being armed…

      • alkidya

        Islam is more than a religion…it is a way of life that affects how you eat to how you take a crap. It controls every aspect of life and there is no freedom, especially for women. It is a theocratic ideology that is hell-bent on world conquest. And I stress the HELL-BENT.

    • alkidya

      Jayk…that taqiyya is exactly what Pat is referring to. Come clean and reject the Islamic doctrine of armed jihad. It's in your Qur'an, the Hadiths and Sira in case you haven't read those books.
      Jihad means "My struggle"…Mein Kampf also means "My struggle". So what is Islam…really?

    • Stephen_Brady

      How can we know who the "moderates" are. Let's say that only 10% of Muslims, wordlwide, are violent. That leaves 210 million killers, running about in the world. Let us be kind, and say that it's only 1%. That still leaves 21 million killers … larger than the biggest standing military in the world.

      Let's be really kind. The number of jihadists is only .1%. Still 2,100,000 monsters to deal with.

      I assume that you know the Koran. Does it not justify murder, when the victim is an "infidel"?

    • jerome

      hey jayk , when last did you hear about christians jews or buddhists slaughtering innocent people
      screaming that they are perpetrating these dastardly deeds in the name of their god.
      violent armed jihad is a current tenet of islam , not judaism or christianity.
      As Pat says we want an unequivocal declaration from the vast majority of muslims denouncing en masse violent jihad, no ifs and or buts!

    • JOHN

      Then WHERE is the world-wide condemnation, outrage and rejection of that which you claim is a "fringe" element?

  • ziggy zoggy


    everything you pasted is a tired old canard.

  • Lionel Mandrake

    Mr. Condell,

    Moslems will do anything to get a-head.

    • alkidya

      LOL…that's great!

  • Billiam

    Wait. You want this from an evil 'religion' that believes in Taquia? What is Taquia?
    Taquia. Makes lies acceptable and deceptions honorable when dishonesty serves the Islamic purposes. No. I will never believe any mouthings from the Muslim community. How can I? We have proof throughout History that this is real and in use today. See Arafat, Abbas and every other 'palestinian' leader.

  • Asher

    If people allow Islam to intimidate they will continue to intimidate and kill! Well said by Pat Condell…."Islamic Jihad is a journey into mental illness"….

  • PatE

    Excellent article – I only wish that all the Brits and all the Americans would read it and understand what you are saying. Unfortunately, we have this policy of Political Correctness. If our media in both UK and US had reported the hateful words from the Koran shouted by these horrendous culprits as they hacked to death our young soldier, maybe the public would understand just what is going on and see political correctness for what it is doing to our culture.

  • Dennis

    Think, if there are moderate Muslims who wish no one harm and these moderates out-number the truly radical ones, then what keeps the radical ones in power?


    (…. ), Page 2, Upper Left corner

    The Islamic Jihadists have the guns…the Moderates do not have guns.

  • McWrath

    Great article

  • Ian

    Islam is the greatest evil the world has ever known. The Middle East was once great and peaceful, guided by Christianity and Judaism. There was no child marriages, honor killings or female genital mutilations or slavery. But then, a sadistic sociopath called Mohammed pretended that he had heard god talking to him, and formed a twisted murderous cult called Islam, which means to appease and surrender. Islam then brutally conquered the Middle East, introducing child marriages and honor killings. Islam has inspired other evils. Marx and Hitler both visited mosques and talked with Muslim clerics before founding their ideologies. The friendship of Muslims and Nazis is a fact of history, the Nazis showed the best means to fulfil the first commandment in Islam, the first and most mentioned phrase in the Koran, to obliterate Jews. Islam is slowly crushing Western Civilization, every day Muslims impose their dietary restrictions on us and force us to give up our empty land to build bigger mosques. Even our great American traditions, such as football and Ms. America, are now stained with the evil of the Muslims. It is time to make Islam a capital crime in America! All who break it should be sent to GITMO, no matter who they are or what office they hold!

    • SportyDude

      Perfectly said Ian. My thoughts too. Am an Indian but the way my country is catapulting to these monsters and the way the Italian woman headed Congress party panders to them is disgusting, makes your blood boil. I find UK & USA also going the same way – when I thought the Brits & Americans would stand up to these tyrants & murderers.
      There has got to be a clash of Civilisation now – between Kafirs (non-muslims) & the muslims. Let us kafirs stop being politically correct and call this Evil religion. And throw them out to their own countries. Stop all trade and niceties between our countries.

  • jerome

    Pat Condell is great !

  • JoJoJams

    Pat Condell tells it like it is. Check out all his stuff on utube. bear in mind he’s a gay atheist – and takes some pokes at some things that you may hold dear….. but he’s spot on when it comes to islam.

    • Juni

      Hes not gay he proclaims to be an atheist, but often says thank God like a lot of atheists lol. I agree he is educated and speaks eloquently about Islam and the islamicfication of Britain. Worth listening to.

      • Go Jira

        H is just having a laugh when he says that, lol. More people need to wake up to islam.

    • Go Jira

      here here!

  • Go Jira

    My message to moderate muslims

    **** YOU!

  • Yitzhak

    Just one thing: Islam is not ‘a religion’.

  • Thuglim

    Pat is the man.

  • Timothy Rea

    What is a “moderate Muslim”?? It it one who beheads only one infidel per week?