Message to “Moderate” Muslims

Pat Condell on the London Murder:

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  • AdinaK

    While there are moderate Muslims, there is NO "moderate" Islam. So, those who claim to be true adherents to Islam can't, by definition, be moderate, even if their support for jihad lies in other areas, rather than logistical support. In effect, if you uphold Sharia Law you uphold frontal jihad in all its permutations.

    Thus, without a COMPLETE reformation of Islam, there will be no cessation of frontal jihad. And that is that –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Stephen

      Muslims will only change when the West begins slaughtering Muslims indiscriminately, freely, joyously, giving back finally for how they've victimized the West for centuries. We need to slaughter Muslims, period. This is war, pure and simple. They've earned this TOTAL WAR response. We should cease and desist being so suicidally Islam-compliant. "Kill me now, please!" is apparently the West's slogan.

      • Brigitte

        we must wage TOTAL VERBAL WAR against muslims OFFICIALLY as well as in our PERSONAL LIVES everywhere every day in every way because unlike them we have evolved reasoning and persuading skills and accumulated Incontrovertible evidence against Islam's sick doctrine, history, and current growing insanity. This process should stop only once islam is fully discredited however long it takes. Indulging in mindless violence against muslims is like offering them the moral high ground on a silver plate and we would never get it back. instead, public opinion would rally in their favour and conversions to islam would soar. total war is the very last resort, and preferably only after called on by the authorities.
        I am 99.99% sure of this. If you're incapable of convincing non-Muslims of the merits of your cause, d'you think that killing muslims will help?!!!
        I think we've hardly scratched the surface of what we can do. Remember Hilary's "peer-pressure and shaming" techniques? Taking the piss is good too. And targeted campaigns of information about Islam. I'm sure kids can help too as long as they keep safe. Our intelligence and imagination are the only limits.

        • Brigitte

          rewrite, i am 100% certain considering present circumstances, eg., %muslims, low numbers of jihad attacks, ignorance of many muslims of the ugly reality of their religion, etc.

          • ziggy zoggy

            The response you advocate has failed miserably for 1400 years and will continue to do so – and for good reason. When vermin plague your home, can you talk them out of it?

        • Drakken

          Whether you like it or not, war is coming and I am always reminded by those of you who claim the high moral ground, are always buried in it, it is a very simple concept, love me and mine, eff them and theirs. Information warfare is only well and good after the shooting starts. Islam is a forcing us to war and total war is what they are going to get, The Balkans were the opening act.

    • EvilleGenius

      “The militant Muslim is the person cutting the head of the infidel while the moderate Muslim holds the victims feet”. — Dr. M. Sabieski

    • Sybarite123

      Islam cannot be reformed according to Robert Spencer. IMO Islam has to be degutted to be reformed which for any Muslim would be the equivalent of 'Apostasy'! Zuhdi Jasser, Tarek Fatah and company, are sincere and good men, but their attempt to 'reform' Islam has no support from the Koran, the Hadiths or the Juris Prudence of Islamic scholars. Islam has not been 'hijacked' as many claim. Your comment is, in short, right on! Good to see at least someone has Islam figured out. From Canada.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    Pat Condell will go down in history as the Thomas Paine our our time. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't listen to his brilliance.

  • Uvais

    Go to Youtube and type – Documentary: Science and Islam (3 parts) BBC
    Islam is the reason you have your computers and the west would still be in the dark ages of not for Islam.

    • GayInfidel

      It's clearly April 1st where you are!

    • welldoneson

      The only thing Islam has to do with the so-called "dark ages" is that they would never have happened if Islam hadn't overrun much of Europe.

    • Cassandra

      A lot of parts in computers come from Israel. Are you going to destroy your computer?

      • Asher

        The Jewish people have contributed so much to technology and cures for diseases, medicine, the holy bible, inventions, music and brilliiance. They are a prosperous people who do not lie in the dark ages spewing hatred and Jihad. They got off their duffs, quit complaining, and did something for mankind with their creativeness!!!! More than I can say for the destructive Islamic culture.

    • Jaladhi

      Yeah right, Islam is the reason for our advancement. You must be nuts! Islam stole every science, math etc from us non-Muslims. After stealing, Islam followers aka Muslims destroyed all culture and science of the invaded people. The so called Arabic numerals is the gift of Indian mathematicians. In Mo/allah's time Arabs could not count beyod five – the five fingers of your hand!!1LOL… Muslims invaders destroyed Naland university, world's first unversity in India. Muslimks only know to destroy not create!!

      And you say, it's the gift of Islam. my foot!! The gift Islam is terror, beheading, invading, looting, stealing, murder, rape, incest, pedophilia.. and every other crime in the world that your ideal man committed and you guys gleefully emulate him. Leave Islam and join humanity and civilization! Islam will take you back to the 7th century stone age thats where you guys want to go. The stone age of barbarians!!

    • IranAware

      False:Islamic Inventions? How Islamic Inventors Did Not Change The World
      IF Islam gave us all these things why haven't they given anything since.. and BTW Intel is Jewish..Muslims wouldn't have anything if they didnt have oil money..cant sell sand

      • S.Smith

        Too right, and worse , they even need us to get it out of the ground for them ! What would they do without our technology.?
        Friends who have worked in oil industry ( and I know a lot who have been out in the ME ) say they do the work while the rich Arabs bore everyone by schreeching around in fancy cars hooting and shouting.

        Muslim inventions anyway are a fake.mostly bare-faced lies. Thankfully some of us know our history. Any " Arab inventions " were pre-islamic .
        Even their mosques were copied from Christian architecture.

    • Johnny

      You made my day!!
      Anyway if this documentary did exist, I won't even bother to watch it. The BBC are liars and they support the Islamic agenda… BBC years ago stopped being British but Muslim..
      Where is the science in Islam ?? That we live in a flat world, or the sun sets in a muddy pool ??

      • JoJoJams

        And drinking camel piss is "medicine", per mad mo himself!!

      • Mary Sue

        they claim islam invented the number zero.

    • Pontotoc Bill

      Clearly, you live in an alternate reality.

      Islam is a demonic religion that is responsible for murders, rapes, theft, pedophilla, and numerous crimes.

    • Adele

      check out this article by a spanish journalist describing the difference between jewish and islamic culture
      and the resulting actions in the world

    • Jim_C

      Good point, Uvais. Now–any idea where that inquisitive spirit has been for the last, oh, 700 years or so since then?

      • fiddler

        And his statement about computers has to do with wanton, broad-daylight murder HOW? What "good" point?

        Rule #2: Stay on topic

    • pagegl

      Everything that Islam supposedly gave the world it stole from civilizations it savaged. The number system and medicine was stolen from the Greeks, poetry was stolen from the Persians, and so on and so forth. The sad thing about all of Islam's thefts of science and literature is that they did not learn from any of it. They squandered its use and then went back to being nomadic savages. The only thing that Islam has given the world is brutality.

      • S.Smith

        And lies , lots and lots of lies.

    • ZionProud

      Funny, my Mac doesn't run on bomb parts, burqas, or severed heads…

      • davarino

        Thats awsome. What dummies. They could have spent all this blow up energy to advance their backwoods ret@rd "civilization".

    • gerry

      Well,this is your opinion.We we know who is living in the Dark ge and what to stay there!Strangely enough the Ïslamic light"does not seem to attract to many people,as a matter of fact they leave their countries not to resettle in another Muslim country,but in the West.Listen to what they say,the reasons they live.BHizarre,bizarre!

    • Drakken

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh that is funny, if you muslims were so smart and so advanced, why are you savages still stuck in the 8th century? What's that you say? Cat got your tongue Hafji?

    • Nanis

      You are truthly an islamozombie! Now the only thing left for you to say is that you muslimes invented the toilet. hahaha..

    • ziggy zoggy


      islamopithecines cant even make toilet paper or deodorant but they invented computers? That's not science fiction, that's fantasy. Kind of like little Mo riding a flying goat to Jerusalem. (Piss be upon him.)

      All that camel piss you drink has poisoned whatever brains you ever had.

    • AnOrdinaryMan

      Wrong. Islam has given us a little bit of poetry; but you can't name one advance in astronomy, math, or general science that comes from this violent "religion of peace."

      • Mary Sue

        oh they claim the Muslims gave us the concept of "0" as a number.

    • Mladen Andrijasevic

      Here is the data from 5 years ago, and since then there have been many more Jewish Nobel Prize recipients in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine and Economic:

      The Nobel prizes in Literature and especially Peace have recently often been awarded out of political considerations. To exclude any possibility of political bias, i.e. if we exclude these categories altogether and leave just Physics, Chemistry, Medicine and Economics we can roughly compare the contribution of Jews and Muslims to Western civilization: (143 /13000000)/ (2/1300000000) = 71.5 * 100 = 7150, that is, Jews have 71.5 times more Nobel prize laureates than Muslims with a hundred times smaller population , i.e. their per capita contribution is 7150 times higher.

      There are 143 Jewish Nobel Prize laureates in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine and Economics, they are:


      Sidney Altman, Christian Anfinsen, Adolf von Baeyer,Paul Berg, Herbert Brown,Melvin Calvin,Aaron Ciechanover , Walter GilbertFritz Haber,Herbert Hauptman ,Alan Heeger, Avram Hershko , George de Hevesy, Roald Hoffmann Jerome Karle, Aaron Klug,Roger Kornberg , Harold Kroto, Rudolph Marcus , Henri Moissan, George Olah, Max Perutz, John Polanyi, Ilya Prigogine , Irwin Rose, William Stein , Otto Wallach, Richard Willstatter,


      Alexei Alexeevich Abrikosov, Zhores Alferov ,Hans Bethe, Felix Bloch, Niels Bohr, Max Born, Georges Charpak , Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Leon Neil Cooper, Albert Einstein, Richard P. Feynman, James Franck , Jerome Isaac Friedman, Dennis Gabor , Murray Gell-Mann, Vitaly Lazarevich Ginzburg , Donald Arthur Glaser, Sheldon Lee Glashow , Roy Glauber, David Gross ,Robert Hofstadter, Brian David Josephson, Lev Davidovich Landau, Leon Max Lederman, David Lee, Gabriel Lippmann, Albert Abraham Michelson , Ben Roy Mottelson, Douglas Osheroff , Wolfgang Pauli, Arno Allan Penzias, Martin Lewis Perl, David Politzer, Isidor Isaac Rabi, Frederick Reines, Burton Richter , Arthur Schawlow, Melvin Schwartz , Julian Schwinger, Emilio Segrè, Jack Steinberger, Otto Stern, Steven Weinberg , Eugene Wigner,


      Richard Axel, Julius Axelrod, David Baltimore,Robert Bárány, Baruj Benacerraf, Konrad Bloch, Baruch Blumberg , Sydney Brenner, Michael Brown , Ernst Chain, Stanley Cohen, Gerty Cori, Gerald Edelman, Paul Ehrlich ,Gertrude Elion,Joseph Erlanger , Andrew Fire Edmond H. Fischer, Robert Furchgott, Herbert Gasser, Alfred Gilman , Joseph Gold stein, Paul Greengard , Robert Horvitz, Francois Jacob, Eric Kandel, Bernard Katz, Arthur Kornberg , Hans Adolf Krebs, Karl Landsteiner , Joshua Lederberg, Rita Levi-Montalcini, Fritz Lipmann, Otto Loewi, Salvador Luria, Andre Lwoff, Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov , Otto Meyerhof, Cesar Milstein , Hermann Muller, Daniel Nathans, Marshall Nirenberg, Stanley Prusiner, Tadeus Reichstein , Martin Rodbell, Andrew Schally , Howard Temin, John Vane, Harold Varmus, Selman Waksman, George Wald , Otto Warburg, Rosalyn Yalow


      George Akerlof, Kenneth Arrow , Robert J. Aumann ,Gary Becker , Robert Fogel , Milton Friedman, John Harsanyi , Leonid (Leo) Hurwicz ,Daniel Kahneman, Leonid Kantorovich , Lawrence Klein , Simon Kuznets , Wassily Leontief , Harry Markowitz , Eric Maskin ,Robert Merton , Merton Miller, Franco Modigliani , Roger Myerson, Herbert Simon , Paul Samuelson , Myron Scholes, Robert Solow, Joseph Stiglitz

      There are 2 Muslim Nobel Prize laureates in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine and Economics they are:


      Ahmed Zewail


      Abdus Salam

    • Mary Sue


    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Islam is the reason you have your computers and the west would still be in the dark ages of not for Islam."

      Islamic history and other oxymorons make us laugh.

    • Stan

      So, your clean room for micro-component assembly is the desert then?

    • sablegsd

      BS. They have NEVER contributed one decent thing. EVER. And they never will. Tell me, what scientific brilliance makes them cut the clits off of girls?

    • benedetto traina

      The "Fertile Crescent" had had a flourishing, vibrant civilization for three thousand before the arabs emerged from their backwater, tribalist peninsula after the death of their chieftain, mohammad (in 632 AD, who lived by raiding traders. Egyptians, Akkadians, Hittites, Babylonians, Sumerians,Hebrews, bronze age and classic period Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, ROMANS and BYZANTINES and CHRISTIANS (among others) all contributed to a glorious culture rich in philosophy, architecture, medicine, various social systems, and were extraordinarily skilled in all the different arts and crafts needed to make it the center of World Culture. The arab moslems merely piggybacked on that culture (not to mention the equally high civilizations of the Persians and those in the Indian Sub-Continent). The arabs contributed nothing but war and death North, East and West of their barren homeland desert culture. They have been a pain in the a## to all their neighbors for 1600 years. Their innovations were meagre and, now, they have reverted back to their 7th century A.D. postures. Beheadings, amputations, stonings, genital mutilations and ever constant warfare on ALL their borders is their only contribution to the Modern World.

    • Judian Atheist

      Oh guys, I'm so sorry for this Uvais comment. My AI simulation of a Muslim dude turned out more educated then your average real Muslim and it started blabbering random lies.

      Oh wait, that is actually exactly like an average real Muslim.

      Great success!

      Is nice!

    • cosinox

      I wonder how many part of your computer were invented by Jew's and how many by Muslim's?
      actually you can't even survive without using Jew's Tech/Mendicant/Inventions… I bet I can live without Muslim's invention's…

      • cosinox

        sorry Medicine's instead of Mendican

    • sybarite123

      LOL…best laugh of the day! Thanks!

    • Smote

      Time you quit the drugs and see a shrink, matey.

    • Premjit Talwar

      Islamic science is an oxymoron.

  • tamale

    Pat Condell tells it like it is. Fresh air.

  • Dennis Hulse

    As always Pat is right again. As I broaden the scope of his message in my mind I wonder if half of the present population of Muslims in England on cue went on a night of jihad house to house and street to street killing infidels at random could the civil services cope with the chaos? Would they not mostly get away with their orgy of service to Allah? Could the 700 enclaves of Muslims in France alone someday take over the country in this way? Is ‘turning the other cheek’ the real solution to the Islamic jihad? I guess that is why we have elected officials, to give leadership eh!!! ….Kanwi

  • Chanameel

    It is time for the mosques and the Imam's to pay for the damages their people create.

    Once they have to pay and be accountable for the results of what they preach,

    the sooner the violence and insanity

    will stop.

    • sablegsd

      It will never stop.

  • Asher

    Points well stated and lasting impression made by Pat Condell. Its time to stand up to Terrorists instead of letting them intimidate innocent People.

  • tagalog

    There are no moderate Muslims. The Muslims we perceive as "moderate" are Muslims who are not obeying the injunctions of the Koran to either convert or kill the infidel, for their own reasons.

    The "moderate" Muslims are more correctly understood as people who are standing pat while the Islam vs. the rest of the world struggle works itself out, so they know who's going to prevail. Once that point is reached, they'll take a side.

  • metatron2

    We agree! Muslims are low-life cockroaches! That has ALWAYS been the case! So what happens next?

    • Drakken

      What do you do when you encounter cockroaches?

    • Nick Roberts

      No, they are not cockroaches. They are a billion or so human beings who follow, or whose parents followed, the ideology of Islam. Mr Condell’s words are measured and reasoned and I agree with his assessment of the situation here in England and worldwide. But he is arguing about the faithful and orthodox adherents of that ideology and reserves his epithets for the killers while widening his condemnation to those who stand by and tolerate the practical application of its inherently violent and merciless xenophobia. However, in that billion or so human beings (our brothers and sisters if you believe the Bible or anything like its teachings, which the Koran is not), many folk are powerless and downtrodden and thoroughly intimidated by the strutting, macho, outsider-hating orthodoxy that Mohammed and his successors preached and practised. To call those poor folk ‘cockroaches’ both demeans them as human beings and makes our side – the side that would prefer not to be beheaded or enslaved – look every bit as racist and ignorant as Islam’s Left-wing enablers slander us as being. It is true that some relatively safe and powerful Muslims should be speaking up against the bloodthirstiness that runs through Islam, and trying to encourage the present-day majority of British Muslims who choose to abstain from the evil stuff. Salman Rushdie, anyone? They should be doing this to try to arrive at a situation like the present Western world where modern Jews ignore God’s permanent Old Testament instructions to perform frequent animal sacrifices and where many Christians choose to ignore Saint Paul’s grumpy and rude attitude to the non-Christians of his generation. But so many of the Muslims – especially the women – are thoroughly intimidated and don’t have much access to people who could encourage them to speak out. How can a downtrodden Pashtu teenage bride in Bradford or an Arab wife in Deerfield Illinois stand against the Muslim Brotherhood without getting herself beaten, raped, or murdered?
      We should be encouraging these folk to take a stand but also recognize that the Religion of Peace has them down a very deep and dark hole. How to encourage them to do so without handing out a few hundred thousand Saturday night specials?

      I suggest we could start by not calling them all cockroaches.

      • Drakken

        The time for niceties and pleasantries with islam is over, we infidels are going to call it what it is, not what you hand wringing leftist, who are afraid to offend the religion of pieces out of fear. There is only one way this ends, us or them, chose wisely. My western culture is worth defending, if you think importing the 3rd world into our countries is a great idea, your clearly higher than a kite and beyond stupid. All cultures and people are not all equal and never will be.

      • KarshiKhanabad

        I suggest that the paragraph break is your friend & will greatly assist in promoting the various ideas advanced in your post.

  • fiddler

    Pat's clearly stated declaration should be yelled in the face of all of the PC media. Clearly Pat will not allow their "apologists" to have the last word. Time for clarity. Surgical strikes (away from mosques) during the Iraq war so as not to offend anyone, are so far removed from the blatant in-your-face attitude about the London atrocity as Pat's comments make plain. There is simply NO moral equivalence.

  • jerome

    Pat Condell certainly knows how to string stirring evocative and powerful words together !
    No mincing evasive ploys to detract from the issue , just plain facts and common sense.
    Maybe he and Nigel Farage should get together because between them they tell it like it is
    and shatter the glass houses of the blind lemming like plutocrats who are running the world at present
    in an oblivious avalanche of double speak double standards and cringeworthy denial of western values
    in favour of islam and the inevitable sharia it promises to cloak the world in once and for all and thus stifle
    all opposition to progress and regress our societies by implementing a radical 1300 year old ideology.
    women and gays should especially start to stir themselves out of their stupor as should every human being who values his or her freedom to live live as they see fit and not be controlled and monitored by morality police or have to suffer the indignity of being treated like chattels …

  • Howard-Beale

    re: " “Moderate” Muslims."

    “Moderate” Muslims" is an oxymoron.

    One cannot be both.

  • Brian Richard Allen

    "Radical islam" is The Beast.
    "Moderate islam" is its Trojan Horse.
    Judeo-Christendom's elitist oligarchy are the Greeks — and pull the bloody horse.

  • Brian Richard Allen

    Once-great Britain's "moderate" muslims are able to sit on their arses and still slide uphill for the abject gutlessness of Cameron and the rest of the dhimmī dopes that comprise the ruling oligarchy more than compensates for the moderates' laziness. What they don't achieve the Neville-Chamberlain-esque oligarchy will have already surrendered.

  • guest

    Watch this youtube video (less than a minute) of an excerpt from the excellent BBC series "Outnumbered" in which a mother, trying to be tolerant and politically-correct, tries to assure her daughter that it isn't just Muslims who blow up planes. From the mouths of babes:

  • David of Edinburgh

    Why then, if that`s the case, are Muslim countries so backward?

  • Eddie

    You've got to be out of your mind.

    Show me where anything comes out of an islamic state. For example:
    Human Rights
    Space Exploration
    Criminal Justice

    I could keep going. Just a bunch of thugs, who would be behind bars in a civilized country, controlling and denying anyone of a life that the God of all creation wants us to have. Fighting and being in enmity with anyone is there pattern for life. Distrust, envy, hatred, and countless other characteristics that make them unable to "play" with other people in this world. But…as was written about the father of the arab world in Genesis 16:12:

    "He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.”"

    How's THAT for ya?

    • EvilleGenius

      The only things muslims bring to this world is death and destruction period which is exactly what they should receive in return

  • Power2daPeople

    What a ridiculous, racist video by a ridiculous, racist little man. You warmongering neocon Zionist Islamophobe types really exhibit selective outrage. Yes, men who happen to be Muslim murdered a white British man. Where is your outrage over the tens of thousands of innocent Muslim civilians slaughtered by the U$ and UK? Or how about the destruction that corporations and international bankers are visiting upon the world? Suppose we abide by Condell's contention that you're an extremist Muslim unless you condemn extremist Muslims (most of whom are incidentally pushed to extremist by Western imperialism and support for "Israel" or are simply paid Western shills). By that standard, about 95% of the world's Jews are extremists for failing to denounce the horrendous crimes of the Zionist entity. Don't like that logic, do you? Supremacist Islamophobic creeps.

    • Boogie's daddy

      Islam had been murdering people for centuries before Israel or the U.S. were even founded.

      I don't believe that you understand the meaning of the word phobia.

      • fiddler

        Yeah I guess the grieving family of the luckless soldier are just a bunch of Islamophobes too! How insufferably and repulsively insensitive of Mr. "Power-to". Power? Wow, you better hide all your gourmet cookware!

    • fiddler

      The same old mantra; desparately looking for moral equivalence. To you the likes of the Taliban hiding behind women and children human shields is just fine. Hey pal, wake up and see the difference! This man is TIRED, SICK and TIRED of "apologizing" for people who have long since lost their ability to restrain themselves from evil. Maybe to YOU it is okay to run someone down you have never met then bloody your own hand by taking a meat cleaver and hacking off his head. Maybe from the planet or cave you are from this is benign. But for civilized people such as Pat this is barbaric. This is not befitting a civilized person and people like him in Britain ought to be rounded up and sent to the most remote desert and dropped off. They are NOT civilized but ALLOWED THEMSELVES to be infused with a manufactured rage from other death-lovers. Funny they didn't start out that way but set their brain, conscience and natural fellow-feeling aside to worship death. Primitive cannibals are in better shape. You and your logic deserve to be ignored. Want peace? DEMONSTRATE SOME!!

      • EvilleGenius

        oh and big DUH TO YOU ISLAM IS NOT A RACE

    • Drakken

      Guess what muzzy? Nobody gives a damn about you and yours anymore, if your the communist that you sound like, get bent! Where is my outrage at over the thousands of muzzy deaths? I celebrate it.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      You warmongering neocon Zionist Islamophobe types

      And that isn't racist and bigoted? How?

      Moreover, you are utterly oblivious when it comes to understanding Islam.

      You are also totally unhinged when it comes to understanding capitalism as well.

      By the way, with respect to Israel, do us a favor and list all the non-Muslim countries that also border an Islamic country like Israel that isn't also under assault by jihad exactly like Israel. When you finish that exercise, also list all the Islamic countries in the world that doesn't oppress the non-Muslims living in their countries. Finally, list one Muslim country that isn't a totalitarian hellhole.

      Indeed, you are a typical lunatic leftist.

    • ziggy zoggy


      you inbred islamopithecines always blame the victims for your savage and cowardly crimes but nobody believes your juvenile lies. Exactly how stupid do you have to be to make such a ridiculous argument and expect it to work?

    • Mary Sue

      There are no "tens of thousands" of innocent civilians wilfully slaughtered by US and UK troops.


      You Judeophobic Jew hating anti semite, you.

    • Stan

      Israel are our frontline of defence against the evil of Islam!!!

    • Huck Folder

      "Supremacist Islamophobic creeps."

      "For WE (the 360 idols of the kaaba) have made YOU (mohammedans) the BEST of peoples.

      Ergo, EVERYONE ELSE is what? INFERIOR!

      BTW1, what RACE is islam?

      BTW2, islam is doing a SUPERB job of WARMONGERING in Iraq and Syria, and trying DESPERATELY to return said warmongering to Lebanon (ex Switzerland of the Middle East).

      Green on green, it doesn't get any better.

    • EvilleGenius

      well arent you just two giant scoops of stupid and willing blindness….

  • tanstaafl

    A "moderate Muslim" is a Muslim who hasn't loaded his gun yet.

    • sybarite123

      Or, as Andrew C. McCarthy said, "A moderate Muslim is one who has run out of bullets." Andrew C. McCarthy prosecuted the 'Blind Sheik' who was involved in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Centre. He is the author of "The Grand Jihad". Thanks. From Canada.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Pat needs to leave out from armed jihad, the word armed and just say the word jihad, as anything that can be construed as assisting in the establishment of Islam is jihad. Therefore, just about anything from violence, as in the young British soldier murdered in cold blood by the two jihadists, to non-violence, as in mass Muslim immigration to the West for the eventual Islamization of it, can be construed as jihad. Concerning the latter, the violent armed part will come when the time is ripe.

  • ziggy zoggy

    Great rant, dude. I hope you haven't been jailed for violating some suicidal EU or British law on "tolerance" because you truthfully said that $hit stinks and islamopithecines are full of it.

    In the islamopithecine world, "moderates" relentlessly persecute women, homosexuals, children and non-islamopithecines. Only murderers are considered "extremists," but usually not even then. You called it right.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    As impossible as it is for the British citizenry to believe the fact that British politicians and
    police support Islamists and not the victims of Islamist violence, is glaring.and undeniable.
    England will never be rid of the Islamist menace until it rids itself of it's political leaders and
    alienated police, revolution will be the only way for England to remain a Nation, the effect of
    waiting and trusting the status quo is asking to be and Islamist backwater. Turn out the
    entire government and set your house in order, go back to Church and revive your souls
    as you are in a malestrom of evil……it is up to you to make the necessary changes.

  • voted against carter

    islam is NOT a religion. islam IS a FASCIST PEDOPHILE DEATH CULT. Period.

    Small i in islam.

  • BS77

    How many "moderates" voiced their revulsion at the Boston bombings recently? All I heard was silence .

  • qv36

    Oh please Uvais. Arabia was in the dark ages till HINDU king vikramaditya brought light, knowledge, civilization to the Arabs. The Arabs derived technical guidance in every branch of study such as astronomy, mathematics and physics from India. A noted scholar of history, W.H. Siddiqui notes:
    "The Arab civilization grew up intensively
    as well as extensively on the riches of
    Indian trade and commerce. Nomadic Arab
    tribes became partially settled communities
    and some of them lived within walled towns practised agriculture and commerce, wroteon wood and stone, feared the gods and honoured the kings."

    Then came the illiterate, ugly Mohd and the followers of Islam who are fully responsible for the dissemination and destruction of this once glorious culture

    It was the Indian Brahmins who gave the world the numerals. The ZERO was invented by Aryabhatta.

    BBC is noted for LIES, LIES, LIES. The BBC today are the Voice of and for Muslims.

  • Seriously


  • Brian Richard Allen

    …. The BBC today are the Voice of and for Muslims ….

    And of and for every other kind of mattress-munching, pillow-biting, sister, goat and little-boy-buggering turd-burgling totalitarian zealotry that's sufficiently un-and-anti-Judeo-Christian/Western/Human-Civilization.

    • Smote

      Well said! Brilliant!

  • Smote

    Well said, Mr Condell.

    I love the bit where he says Muslims are following their religion to the letter. They are and they know it. We can see it. It's only blind-sided, misguided scumbag Lefties who can't (or won't) see this.

    May God help us, because it doesn't seem like anyone else will. Least of all our weak kissy-poo governments.

  • Pulsar182

    Muslim extremists are just a minority of Muslims who have misunderstood their religion is just a lie that the MSM should quit supporting…The MSM should start reporting the truth about Islam….If it looks like duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….then it is a duck…..Pamela Gellers sign campaign is an excellent example of how to spread the truth about ISLAM….Pat Condells videos do a fine job of educating people about Islam…..IT Is time to stsrt fighting back….your survival and future depend on it….

  • michelle

    Pat, you are brilliant….so refreshing to hear such an eloquent rational voice in the face of islamic outrage!!
    Thank you and gratitude for your courage for speaking truth.

  • kate5778b

    Dear Muslims:

    sura 3:3 Sahih International
    He has sent down upon you, [O Muhammad], the Book in truth, confirming what was before it. And He revealed the Torah and the Gospel.

    …..then THE Prophet must be an Israelite (Deuteronomy 18) … that's NOT Mohomet the ARab then, is it?

    And that should be the end of Islam for all intelligent Muslims; and NO, our texts haven't been altered, that's another Mosque lie; the dead sea scrolls (all written in Hebrew, not Arabic) proves that one. Your texts are from the 7th century, incapable of being decanted and has settled on its dregs.

  • cosinox

    I am a Jew who live in Israel and I wonder what would have happened if it was a Jew and not A Muslim?
    Probably you would have throw all the Jew's out of your country.
    I always say to people from Europe that come to Israel that we are fine and the rest of the world especially Europe are the one's that in a big problem not us. We can handle the Muslims but you can't.
    They Already Conquered your country, all they have to do is rise in the name of Muhammad. At least if you Can't Handel them don't hate the Jew for nothing. Start listen and open your eye and you will see that the cult of the Islam is the one that you should blame for everything bad that happened in the world.

    • Stan

      I am an Englishman and disgusted with the way that we in the west are sucking up to the Muslims. I wish you Israeli's the best of luck dealing with these cockroaches. You are our frontline against these barbarians, keep them at bay. We will soon be a minority here in Britain in our very own country. If we had politicians during the last two world wars like we have today, we would have invited the Nazis over to come and 'Assimilate'.

  • john

    Muslim should Stop Following Jihads

  • daisy

    Pat Condell AKBAR!!!


    May the false "prophet" muhamemd, revered by Muslims…


  • Last Crusade