Middle East Peace Process

Editor’s note: Below is the latest installment of a new FrontPage series that will expose the “Middle East Peace Process” and the true genocidal intent of the Arab Palestinians, Israel’s so-called “peace partners.” The translated video below was produced by Palestinian Media Watch.

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    Why is -ISRAEL- afarid to use it’s nuclear weapons on the muslim countries of the world, why….???

    • Fred

      Perhaps Israel actually cares about the rest of the world. Nukes will poison the planet for everyone else.


        What is your point….???

      • defcon 4

        You mean kinda like islamo-nazism is doing right now?

  • Rachel Levy

    Great heroes beating old men to death. Nothing the Palestinians do shocks me anymore, they also make heroes out of murderers who slash infants throats and shoot pregnant women and their little girls in the head at point blank range. They are really no different than the Nazis. The only real difference is they have not managed to murder as many Jews because the Jews have one of the best armies in the world now and can fight back.

    • defcon 4

      Islam is arguably worse. Islam’s body count is in the hundreds of millions and paleswine are nothing more than a symptom of the disease.

  • johnnywood

    You probably need to be a total ignoramus to be to be a good Palesswinian.