Middle East Peace Process

Editor’s note: Below is the latest installment of a new FrontPage series that will expose the “Middle East Peace Process” and the true genocidal intent of the Arab Palestinians, Israel’s so-called “peace partners.” The translated video below was produced by Palestinian Media Watch.

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Palestinian TV Praises Man Who Murdered 84-year-old Israeli as a ‘Hero’.

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    A very, very sad insight into the future of the Middle East
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  • StanleyT

    Ah yes, here we have the “Palestinians” fulfilling yet another of their Oslo obligations – the one about “educating our people for peace”.

  • itaintmojo

    Sad to see a young mind so poisoned with hate. It’s sick that the people who support teaching this outright prejudiced racism, have the nerve to blame Israel for stalled peace talks.

    • asa2222

      But Israel is rich, so it must be doing something bad.

      • itaintmojo

        I hope you don’t believe that all rich people are bad. Or that all Jews are rich. But yes, jealousy must be part of what would make a parent teach a child such rotten things. That with a shot of vindictiveness, and a large dose of hate.

  • tokoloshiman

    okay, so the jews are descendants of apes and pigs are the most evil people on earth , drink the blood of christian and palestinian babies on passover, and whenever else the desire for blood calls, and are thus deserving of being annihilated.
    So now can we move on ……

  • AmericaFirst

    “Oy, zhe hate and poisecution! It’s OK if we do it to zhem, but how dare they do it to us! Don’t they know we’re the Chosen People™? The chutzpah!”


    (For the record, I couldn’t care less about your tribal war over in the Middle East, except to the extent that Israel co-opts the US to do its dirty work. Frankly, I hope both sides wipe each other out.)

    • iluvisrael

      get back to your goostepping adolf

      • AmericaFirst

        Oy! Another one obsessed with the Nazis! Accusations to make the goyim stop dead in their tracks, they are! How many times were you gassed at Auschwitz, brother?

        • iluvisrael

          Obviously I wasn’t you Jew hating moron but plenty in both sides of my family were.