Middle East Peace Process

Editor’s note: Below is the first installment of a new FrontPage series that will expose the “Middle East Peace Process” and the true genocidal intent of the Arab Palestinians, Israel’s so-called “peace partners.” The translated video below was produced by Palestinian Media Watch.

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  • Butseriously

    The British created 23 fictitious Islamic regimes for 30 barrels of oil, all handed to one Muslim family, none voted at the UN, none existed 100 years ago: so much for sacred Islamic soil. Israel existed 3000 years ago and was legally re-established at the UN with all countries voting in the Motion – including all Islamic states.

    Jordan is the illegal settlement, as fictitious as ‘Muslim Palestinians’.

  • Gee

    Let’s end the farce of calling it “The Middle East Peace Process”. It is not nor has it ever been anything to do with Peace. Let’s just be honest and call it for what is “The Get Israel to Surrender Process”

    • warpmine

      How about the “Middle East Capitulation”?

  • SocialistBill

    I don’t think he means it literally, and besides, Zionist leaders have said far worse things about the Palestinians. You can’t blame the Palestine leadership for being exasperated, as they have no partner for peace on the other side. Israel continues to illegally colonize Palestinian land and hold millions of Palestinians hostage on their own land, subject to humiliation and random violence. You may not want to admit the facts, but here they are.

    • Drakken

      If you think that the palis will give Israel any peace you are completely stupid or a typical leftist who thinks we westerners are at fault. Let me make this so simple that a shortbus ridding window licker can understand it, the muslims will NEVER EVER give Israel peace period! Israel can give the pals everything they ever wanted and it still wouldn’t give the region peace, the muslims want the jews dead, and as far as I am concerned, the Israelis have been way to nice to those savages, I would have given the muslims Carthage and called it a day.

  • georgejochnowitz

    Palestinians want to kill Israeli, and Taliban wants to kill Afghan boys.

  • Brand

    Check out:

    “The 2 Cases where Westerners had Harems of Sex-Slaves a l’Islamique:Frederick Hohenstaufen and the Spaniards in Paraguay”


    “The Myth of the Well-Treatment of Christians by the Ottoman Sultanate(which lasted till 1924)”