No Privacy for Obamacare Patients

And watch how they lie about it:

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  • Sheik Yerbouti

    I remember this, then I didn’t hear about it again. What ever came of it?

    • RACH’s Idea

      Nothing has happened on this issue yet. The site went forward without a security change of any kind. HHS director said everyone’s information is safe. Insurance companies even had a problem with this. Breach of HIPPA law is a Crime under federal guide line. Think anyone will be prosecuted?

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        Prosecutions will occur when it’s convenient for Obama.

        • WhiteHunter

          And that will be when He_ll freezes over. I doubt that even his Republican successor — if the American electorate comes to its senses and defeats Hillary in 2016, which is hardly a given — will have the guts and the fidelity to his oath to order his A.G. to go after them. That would be “racist” and “vindictive partisan politics,” you see.

  • newercomet

    This guy was trying to make a point against Obamacare, but was attacking the wrong person. I don’t understand why he would attack this innocent woman who was hired to do a job, not to create the program. This was disgusting to listen to. Does he not have access to the right people?

    • Elliott

      To newercomet.
      So Mr. Barton is “attacking” Ms. Campbell. His function in this meeting / hearing IS TO DETERMINE THE TRUTH. If you sign-up for the AFC (Affordable Care Act) do YOU want to give up on your privacy? If ‘YES’, that’s your choice, but I bet it ain’t the choice of (the) 99% of Americans!!!

    • Freddie King

      Do you think the “innocent woman”, a SVP of the contractor, shouldn’t know this stuff? Where does accountability start then? CEO, President, VP, programmer? By the way, this “innocent woman” was a classmate of Michelle Obama at Princeton, and and has literally no qualifications or experience in programming or web development. She does, however, have the magic qualification, maybe even two, that enable one to be put to the head of the line, regardless of qualifications – skin melanin content. For proof, I give you one Barack Obama, POTUS. I rest my case.

    • putthehammerdown

      No, he was on point and you’re merely deflecting.
      She was giving testimony and under oath. All she had to do was tell the truth and there would be no video to view. But we’re expected to believe that the person sent to testify was as clueless as she supposedly was ?
      That she came with a thin file of documents, and little real knowledge?
      Not only that, but she would not even give an personal opinion as-to the legality, for a [well-]supposed fear of retribution from the Chicago Gang.
      We see Barry and Associates for exactly what they are : A bunch of lawless punks whose day is coming. If 2010 was telling, 2014 is gonna’ be a blowout.
      Doubt my prediction ? Wait until 1/19/2017 and watch the pardon(s) list.
      It’ll be book length, no question……………

  • Lorilu

    This woman is very unimpressive. I certainly would not think she is an executive of a company that the government would entrust with hundreds of millions of dollars. But, she is Michelle Obama’s classmate, so I guess that was good enough for Obamacare.

  • WhiteHunter

    Does anyone imagine even for a microsecond that Obama and both of the Clintons (or the DNC) would be this careless, this glibly nonchalant, about the security of their own records — even documents that are normally considered “public,” or at least not at all secret or even “confidential,” even something as presumably innocuous as college grade transcripts from decades ago, or Hillary’s senior thesis at Wellesley–which, I understand, is still kept under lock and key to this day?
    They are ALL fanatically paranoid about secrecy and privacy — their own but nobody else’s, that is (they betrayed Dr. Afridi within 48 hours of the bin Laden raid, after all) — to the extent that not even a Congressional committee can pry loose any important information from them at all with a subpoena. “The most transparent administration in history” is as transparent as “the most ethical administration in history” was ethical.
    As Dr. Johnson quipped about a dinner guest, “The more he spoke of his honesty, the faster we counted our spoons!”
    One wonders why they’re so obsessively secretive themselves while being so pryingly inquisitive about literally every detail of the lives of all of the rest of us. But one doesn’t wonder for very long.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    They just found a white guy to pin all the Knockout Game assaults on. I wonder if white Americans will be paying attention as he is sentenced. I’m not suggesting he was right and I think he belongs in jail. He’s a common crook.

    So why can’t we seem to hear the same perspective for the common crooks in black communities? Anyone can see that hundreds of violent blacks attacking people and property is not wiped clan by a lone white guy doing the same thing.

    Maybe the sheer double standard outrage will ring true.

  • winstons

    Didn’t the ObamaCare website get a waiver for any privacy requirements.

  • winstons

    Isn’t it typical of Progressive/Fascist regimes to pass punitive/destructive laws and then grant waivers to family and friends?

  • winstons

    Let’s face it, the Conservatives are simply outgunned by the Progressive/Fascists….The corrupt media along with the “ends justifies means” Left has made this a rout.