Obama’s Powers or Lawlessness? — on The Glazov Gang

ktThis week’s Glazov Gang, hosted by Monty Morton, was joined by Morgan Brittany, Dwight Schultz and Michael Chandler.

The Gang gathered to discuss Obama’s Powers or Lawlessness?

Part I:

Part II: 

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  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    You folks at Glazov Gang want to talk about “Obama’s lawlessness” but refuse to want to talk about “Obama’s lawlessness.” The man has used THREE, yes three fraudulent documents and you still are scared to death to discuss them or have guests who are capable of discussing them with you. Lt. Mike Zullo should have been interviewed by you 27 months ago when he and Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Zullo declared in a “news conference” that they had enough reason to go forth with a criminal investigation of this Fraud in Chief. We are now 28 MONTHS into that CRIMINAL investigation and not a whimper from the WHIMPS at the Glazov Gang. You can spend 24/7 hammering Obama and his radical administration but how can you logically ignore the 28 month criminal investigation. What the hell are you afraid of? Do you really think that no one is such a powerful position would ever dare do something as idiotic as using fraudulent documents which now include a flagged SS# declaring the number fraudulent, a fraudulent registration with the Selective Service in 2008 and a forged long form computer generated 9 layered birth record. CALL LT. MIKE ZULLO – PLEASE!!

  • MacMac1000

    So much that I disagree with, even though I do like the panel. Morgan claims we need to win elections to get anything done. What myopia. The commiecrats have been taking this country into the toilet for many years despite many major losses. How can this be? The commiecrats know how to think and act outside the conventional box. They are never restrained by the rules, regs, or laws. The GOP has no flippin’ clue as to how to think and act to win, even when they hold all the cards. A fully staffed DC government of Republicans would STILL lose to the Dems because of cowardice, myopia, and a lethal tendency toward stupidity. Dems would just figure out how to work around them, as they usually do, and have always done.
    There was only one thing said that carried any real import: Michael Chandler was right when he said it would take a revolution. DC is NOT capable of fixing itself.

    • gawxxx

      sooner rather than later I suspect “mac”

  • gawxxx

    I presume that “employment ” is a motivating factor mr. send along with a very small set of ” b!@#$ !

  • MacMac1000

    send: Speaking of Joe and Orly, have you noticed one Dan Bongino making the rounds to sell a book and run for office? He was asked what he thought of the birth certificate controversy. He stated flat out and adamantly that Obama was legit and backed it up with nothing. Of course any other response would be the kiss of death. Just one more P.O.S. that can not be trusted to give an honest answer to a controversial question.

  • Dallas25305

    Barack Hussien Obozo promised Hope and Change. Now there is no hope and change usually ends up being bad. I have always believed he was a Marxist the question of socialism is self evident because just about everything he has done falls into the politics of Socialism. There was once three branches of government now there seems to be only two. I think it is ironic that maybe the worst President in history runs the whole government by executive orders all while spiting on the U.S. constitution. That’s the definition of being a dictator. So now you have a moron who has never had a real job in his life and a bunch of unelected leftist Judges running the country in large part because the Congress is afraid to stand up to the Lying, racist Obama, because they are afraid of being hammered by the Liberal Socialist media.

  • ingmarmxy321

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  • giatny

    No one has ever suggested that Obama’s mother wasn’t an American,
    so what difference does it make where he was born????? My only point is that there is an encyclopedia of valid complaints against Obama, why bring up the birth certificate and get ridiculed?

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      Are you afraid of “ridicule?” Shame on you and anyone that ridicules those who were involved in the 28 month long criminal investigation of Barack Hussein Obama. These amazing patriots, all experts in their field, have discovered that the April 27th, 2011 computer generated birth document that Obama flaunted to the world is an absolute forgery. They have also discovered that Obama fraudulently registered with the Selective Service in 2008. This is criminal activity and worthy of prison time. This fraudulent activity is the story, not all the crap that people spend 24/7 complaining about. When folks finally wake up to the fact that this man is a complete and utter fraud we can get back to fixing the nightmare.

  • Lanna

    Total Lawlessness, and a disregard for the Constitution….makes himself the law! Arrogance and audacity…..