John Brennan’s Islamic Conversion Moment? — on The Glazov Gang

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“Dallas” star Morgan Brittany joins PolitiChick warrior Ann-Marie Murrell and Hollywood actor Dwight Schultz to discuss John Brennan’s Islamic Conversion Moment? The discussion occurred in Part II and focused on whether Obama’s CIA nominee converted to Islam while he was stationed in Saudi Arabia. The discussion  included an analysis of why Islamists and the radical Left hate Valentine’s Day. In Part I, the Gang focused on the Left’s demonization of Rubio’s water-bottle-moment, the lies in Obama’s State of the Union Address and Dr. Ben Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. To view both parts of this Blockbuster two-part Glazov Gang episode, see below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • cathy

    I would appreciate the Glazov Gang's perspective on Marc Rubio's flip-flop/evolving position in regards to the affording a pathway of citizenship for over 11 million illegal immigrants. Rubio's "water-moment" is nothing but a distraction.

    • Mark

      Perhaps Mr. Rubio is an intelligent man who thinks and is therefore capable of changing his mind at times and not just a parrot repeating the same line over and over again. Perhaps he cares too about broadening the base and appeal of the Republican Party.

      • Winghunter

        Schlafly: Amnesty Won't Elect Republicans
        “…The notion that the main reason Hispanics vote Democratic is their support of amnesty for illegal aliens and their resentment against Republicans who oppose it is a big political lie…”

        Poll: Majority of U.S. Citizens Say Illegal Aliens Should Be Deported

        When Conservatism Is a Second Language
        “…nominating a moderate who is said to "move to the center," "can attract women," "get the youth vote" and "get the minority vote." The strategy has failed repeatedly for some 80 years. Say again…80 years!!!!!”

    • Winghunter

      11 Million? Not hardly: "January 2005 Bear Stearns Report by Justich and Ng (using 2004 data) and the October 2007 CAPS Panel Study with 7 panelists that were divided on the numbers. In the Bear Stearns Report, Justich and Ng found the number of illegals in the U.S. to be "18 to 20 million or more". 2.5 years later, the CAPS Study panelists were divided; half of them found the number to be 20 million while the other half found the number to be 38 million–nearly double what the other panelists found. TIME Magazine's front-page report in September 2006 estimated the number of illegals who would successfully break into the U.S. that year at 3 million."

      “I’ve heard for 14 years that I’ve been in this organization – in the border patrol – that we have 12 million illegal aliens in the country,” Moran said. “Well, I don’t think that’s true because I know that there are hundreds of thousands getting past us every year, so there’s no way that number has remained static.”

    • Mark

      Keep up your idiotic attacks on Marc Rubio and you will contribute to the death of the Republic Party, the party of Lincoln not the party of morons and no-nothings like you.

  • cathy

    Will the real Marco Rubio please stand up!

    Marco Rubio, 2009:
    “I am strongly against amnesty. The most important thing we need to do is enforce our existing laws. We have existing immigration laws that are not being adequately enforced. Nothing will make it harder to enforce the existing laws, if you reward people who broke them. It demoralizes people who are going through the legal process, its a very clear signal of why go through the legal process, if you can accomplish the same thing if you go through the illegal process. And number two, if demoralizes the people enforcing the laws. I am not, and I will never support any effort to grant blanket legalization/amnesty to folks who have entered, stayed in this country illegally.”

    Marco Rubio, 2013:
    Sen. Marco Rubio’s immigration plan earned a measure of praise from the White House. And why not? It looks a lot like a White House plan from 2011.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Strange how a politician comes off as all you want them to be and in the long run it is
    the same old same old special interest group or groups with a different or newer face.
    How's that water, tapped out, filtered or purified by distillation…………………..William

  • ratonis

    Too much bantering.

    • Aterg

      you are right , waste of time, discourages me to watch. Get in the fact, your person
      Al life etc is of no interest.

      • Kenny Williams

        No you are a waste of time. Personal life of the guests is extremely interesting.Go watch other shows and don't project your uninteresting and uneventful life with envy onto the show and into this forum. Glazov Gang keep up the fun and analysis both together!

        • ratonis

          Holy cow! You are quite a mean-spirited fellow. No wonder you think that crap is funny.

          • Kenny Williams

            It's very simple: Don't watch the show. Oh and by the way, I have a petition with A LOT OF NAMES on it, more than you can ever come up with, and I am collecting more, and I will be sending it to the producers of this show, to encourage and support them to continue all the joking around. How sad and pathetic you are. Must be embarrassing to lose and to realize you have no artistic taste.

    • Kenny Williams

      Not enough bantering. Awesomely funny and informative.

  • Kenny Williams

    The banter is brilliant and priceless! Not enough! More banter! In combination with the intellectual discussion, it is just perfect! Long live The Glazov Gang!

    • AdinaK

      As to Doc Carson, he was priceless and totally on target at the breakfast. This is why his intellectual heft, and moral rectitude, is such a threat to the likes of Obama & gang –

      The fiscal bludgeon of ObamaCare was hammered home, but there are other bomblets within. In the main, the discussion was first rate.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • Diane Zinn

    I enjoy all the banter on the Glazov Gang. The show is informative AND entertaining BECAUSE of the humor! It gives the show a personal touch.

  • Allen

    Great show! And the ladies are not only terrifically smart but terrifically beautiful as well. Just the right mix of personalities and intellect. Thanks again!

  • Robert

    The show is terrific, and I truly enjoy the bantering going on during segments. It is truly a pleasure to view a program which discusses such hot-button issues without the panel taking themselves too seriously. Yes, they do take the subject matter seriously, but discuss it in a relaxed manner at times. Their camaraderie is fantastic and I hope they never change their style. Kudos to the gang!!

  • Annie

    The Glazov show is fantastic! Every U.S citizen should watch it. It's very informative and hilarious. Dr. Jamie Glazov is an excellent host and a heroic freedom fighter. Keep up the good work Dr. G!

  • Mark J. Koenig

    Fantastic show! The best yet, in my opinion. Great discussion with some very insightful guests, and the humor/banter is just perfect. William F. Buckley was great, but this is not intended to be "Firing Line." It's aimed at a much broader audience, which is one of the great things about it. Kudos to Jamie!

    • Deep Space

      Are Kenny, Diane, Allen, Robert, Annie, and Mark all the same person?

      • Kenny Williams

        Are you, Aterg and Ratonis all the same person?

  • Robert H Patrick

    Deep Space: What do you mean; foue people are on the show Morgan, Dwigt, Ann Marie and Jamie; making four; why are youreferring to six???

  • Rifleman

    Apparently the msm either can't find anything to critisize about what he said, or they're trying to distract from what he said.

    If it were obama or hillary…and they noticed…they'd be telling us how hot it is under studio lights, and how good for you it is to stay hydrated.

  • fiddler

    "Seething" is just the perfect word for the president's demeanor. It reminds me of the hispanic network asking him a question he didn't expect, much less wanted. And OH you can see the change in his demeanor. Donald Trump is right. He is the most protected president in history. The mere fact that Chris Matthews goes into full-on attack mode about conservatives (when he as a journalist is supposed to be "even handed" — what a laugh) is a blatant indicator of the compromised media on full display. This is why Dr. Carson's words and the courage to say them in that venue were brilliant. I'm sure that a Chris Matthews watching this would have "torn his clothes" and yelled "blasphemy" because his idol was being questioned.

  • tclehner

    The best show ever; I've seen a lot of shows but this one rocks them all. Dwight Schultz and his fake Russian accent was just like the good old A-Team days, Jamie Glazov our beloved Canadian an amazing host and what can I say about PolitiChick Worrier Ann-Marie Murrell and former "Dallas" TV star Morgan Brittany other then perfect: Right on the point funny presented and always on target.

    What I liked is this: Most political shows covering a variety of topics are dry and full of numbers and hard to follow – NOT THE GLAZOV GANG – funny presented, very entertaining and yet never missing to make the important point – BEST SHOW EVER

    • Kenny Williams

      Totally agree tclehner!! The fake Russian accent was hilarious! This show belongs on Cable!

  • Watermelonbeast

    The Glazov Gang is great!! Too bad George Peppard isn't around to come and help Dwight to escape from the show since from what Jaimie says "you can "check out" from the show but you can never leave."

    Great show!! They keep getting better!

    • Kenny Williams

      I agree Watermelonbeast, it is a great show and they do keep getting better. But do you think it is fair to make that rule on the show, that you can check out but never leave? I notice how when the host Jaime wants the guests to tell the new members about the rule they don't want to do it. Maybe they are scared and regret they joined and now can't leave?

      • Watermelonbeast

        Yes, I agree. Lines like that can make people uncomfortable.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    Great show in all respects. I'm re-typing my latest book: An American Jew Receives His Lord and Savior
    Vol 1 while listening to the show. Keep up the good work, and remember to read my article on Jan.30 2013. Blessings to all…..

  • Ethyl

    With no disrespect to the very competent Ms. Murrell, it was particularly interesting to see Morgan Brittany and Dwight Schultz, as actors, commenting on the president's demeanor during Dr. Carson's speech. It was interesting because both of them seem like very nice people when they are on this show, unscripted, being themselves; but I've seen them, in the past, play very nasty characters and do so quite convincingly. They are evidently good actors. It struck me, while I was watching the president sneer during Carson's National Prayer Breakfast speech, that he doesn't possess that skill. He's not capable of even acting like a nice guy even though it would benefit him. He's always said to be the most talented, competent guy in the room, but he couldn't even pretend not to be a jerk for 15 minutes in silence. That's telling. Other presidents could pretend. Bill Clinton turned out to be one of the most contemptible individuals on earth; he was not a quality human being by anyone's standards, but he could at least play one on TV, as it were. Acting graceful (even if you are not) is a skill one can acquire with practice, so it occurred to me that for the president to be so bad at it, it must really be something way out of the ordinary for him to hear an opposing view–even when it's done non-threateningly with grace and good humor like Dr. Carson's speech was.

    It makes me wonder what a typical day in the White House is like. Is there no one but sycophants? Is there no conversation that is not fawning over him? Do people tiptoe around giving only information that will please him? Does that partly explain the Bengazi response? Is it like Dumas describes the court of Louis XIV? Maybe it's worse–maybe it's like the Kremlin under Stalin? No one is suggesting we call him "Uncle Barack." In fact, it's worse than that–Chris Rock says we should think of him as our country's Dad!

    That's sad. It actually makes me feel a little pity for the president. Sycophants surround power for their own gain only. I'd bet Mr. Obama doesn't have one genuine friend in all the world. How awful for him.

    • Kenny Williams

      Very good point Ethyl, no one on Obama's team argues with Obama. They all live in an echo chamber.

  • jes

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    • Kenny Williams

      What does this have to do with the show?

  • Asher

    It really did our hearts good to see Dr. Carson speak at the prayer breakfast…. A self made, brilliant surgeon and believer in the Constitution, Freedom, Small Government, and One Nation under God, totally Delete Obama's 3rd world ideologies…A refreshing breath of Leadership, intelligence, courage, and strength in one man, People are looking for men such as these, to be a beacon of truth and light, just like Ronald Reagan was against Communism and Tyranny!

  • Asher

    We really enjoy Jamie's show, and the interesting opinions and humor….most of all most avenues that point out the truth about the lies and hypocricies on the Left.

    • Kenny Williams

      Yes Asher I agree, no one else is telling the truth!