The America That’s Gone

Reprinted from Fly the American Flag

When legendary comic Red Skelton was in the seventh grade, his favorite teacher grew tired of listening to his students recite the Pledge of Allegiance by rote, day after day. Listen to how this amazing teacher taught his class what the Pledge really means.

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  • AdinaK

    Indeed, America is no longer the same, and if Obama remains in office ( sans impeachment) he will destroy its last vestiges. And the destruction has been long in the making, yet it has accelerated exponentially under his reign –

    Western civilization is on the precipice.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Tan

    America has drastically changed. But I have a feeling that the real heat has yet to come. The question is will we win, or will America be unable to survive for long? A USA divided: the Conservative States of America and the Progressive States of America? Or a North Korea-like rule in the USA? Only God knows the future.

    • Jeffrey Greenspan

      What does that mean, 'Only God knows the future'?

  • Bobby

    Well why don't you take your so-called "white ass" and move somewhere else. You should go back to school and take a history course, you sound like Malcolm X before he wised up and his own people shot him.

  • rlqretired

    I'll let you borrow my glock if you would like to pay for your sins now.

    • EarlyBird

      If you really loved America, you'd own a Colt, S&W or Ruger.

  • Asher

    Our family watched Red Skeleton together and enjoyed the genuine comedy, not trash or foul language. Red Skeleton always said, And May God Bless at the end of his show. Thats what changed, a nation that does not know God, which is where Freedom comes from, not the government. Many think they will change the hearts of Americans who remember God, Freedom, and the Constitution…you are wrong…we will Never submit to a pagan culture!

    • Raymond in DC

      I was a teenager back then, but often watched Skelton with my father. Those were troubled times, but Red, with his decency and spontaneity, just radiated joy. He was the product of a different time and a different culture, and we will not see his like again.

    • Canucklehead

      America is supposed to be a secular nation. Learn your history. Ever heard of the First Amendment? You're free to believe in God, don't try to co-opt the apparatus of state to promote your own religion.

      You notice that he use the older 'true' wording… One nation INDIVISIBLE… not the version that put 'under God' and violated the true pledge which was written deliberately as a SECULAR oath by a clergyman. The irony is that the 'under God' phrase has indeed DIVIDED us.

      The problem with religious people is that they have problems understanding boundaries.

      • Atikva

        I don’t know that there are any problems with religious people, i.e. those who believe in God. But I see a problem with those who don’t. Over the last few decades, all of a sudden their previous indifference has given way to rabid attacks against their God-fearing neighbors – in the same way some religious sects attack each others. These religion haters have their preachers, their believers, their organizations with their teams of lawyers brandishing the sacro-saint principle of State secularity, their groups of protesters – and they have their mantra.

        In other words, the non-believers now have their own church.

        Incidentally, one wonders why this sudden surge of hate against the God-fearing people, whose numbers have been in decline ever since the 60s.

        As far as we are concerned, we just continue to practice our faith without seeing the need to hide it, and we let members of other faiths do the same. Having religious symbols in a classroom or in a hospital, atop a mountain, in cemeteries or around one’s neck is an affirmation of who we are. Other religions have their own symbols too, which they are equally free to display as they see fit, and that’s fine.

        We don’t ask you to do anything, you don’t have to believe, you don’t have to share, you don’t have to join, you don’t have to watch, you don’t even have to be there. These are the boundaries we respect.

        But you certainly have no business trying to prevent us from displaying these symbols dear to our hearts. That should be your boundaries.

        As to history… How can anyone believe that our militiamen at Lexington and Concord, of our founding fathers in Boston would have taken their chances against such tremendous odds without a firm belief in the divine providence?

  • jimnjoy

    You need a good history lesson. The most horrendous massacres in history include Stalin murdering over 20,000,000, and Mao of China murdering over 45,000,000, of their own people. A smaller number, but just as tragic, is the Rwandan genocide where from 500,000 to 1,000,000 were slaughtered. None of these were the white race vs. black/brown/red/yellow. There is evil in the heart of people of every color.

    • thomas_h

      "I am a White Race Member, and I say to Them (Us), "Good-bye and Good Riddence."

      I say to Them (Us)?

      And Us (Them) say to You (Him) that both of you are morons.
      We would also like to add "Good Riddance" but it seems that being stuck with morons is a fate of every race and we (or "them" for you) must wait for your expiration – most probably caused by a massive idiocy attack.
      In the meantime WE (Them) encourage you-him to build an interracial network of imbeciles of every skin colour where you as "The White Race Member" will enjoy the function of a SPITOON on network's periodical meetings. This will give you a chance to recompense however modestly and symbolically the pain your race caused all other races.

  • Western Spirit

    You have a politically correct view of the white race. Like everything else in this world what the white race has done is a mixed bag, its neither all good nor all bad.

    The great minds like Einstein and the great spiritual leaders were white, like Christ and the Buddha. But Hitler and Stalin were also white.

    The white race has also built great civilizations and cultures. As well as invented bad ones like totalitarian states, but the other races have shared in those. Most of the advances of science has been done by the white race. Whoopi Goldburg said she's been to Africa and the only places fit to live there are the areas where the white race has been. That's a paraphrase, of course.

    What political correctness has done is focus only on the bad, sort of put a microscope on the bad and ignored the good. When good and bad are part and parcel of everything on earth. PC gives a lopsided view of the white race to suit a political agenda.

    Don't fall for it. You have as much reason to be proud of your race as ashamed of it. We're also gradually recognizing the equal humanity of all the races, something the PC crowd refuses to acknowledge because recognizing it would interfere with their agenda.

  • EarlyBird

    Red Skelton was a great guy, and yes, I too like unabashed expressions of patriotism. I love the United States.

    That means I love it now, too, good and bad.

    Notice how right wingers are always trying to dig their heels in against social change. Sure, there's plenty of bad change, but there's plenty of good, too. Nostaligic yearning for the good ol' days often comes without acknowledging a lot of the bad. Nostalgia comes with a lot of very wrong-headed ideas about the good ol' days.

    • wsk

      me thinking not so much you like America , given you prior posts. (grammar errors intended)

    • F.K. Juliano

      It's hard to imagine why like EarlyBird would waste time posting on a site like this. He can't persuade anyone here. All he does is remind us of why we despise leftists.

      • EarlyBird

        FK, I'm a real conservative, a lifelong Republican, and I find it my duty to drag right wing fanatics, who think they are patriotic conservatives, out of the fever swamps. Movement conservatism has gone so far from its roots into the right wing hinterlands, that it is has become a cult. Reagan would be pilloried on this site as a RINO, if not a "communist!" or some such thing.

        Thankfully, the Tea Party (domestic) Neocon (foreign policy) grip on the Republican Party is starting to loosen, as they realize it's these idiots who are threatening to make it an irrelevant party and taken down America with them.

        You are not a conservative. You are on the absolute fringe of the right wing fringe. You're a radical.

        • Western Canadian

          You live in a fantasy world. You are not a conservative, and those you smeared have no resemblece to your hate-filled attack.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "FK, I'm a real conservative, a lifelong Republican…

          LOL at the indoctrinated troll.

          "…and I find it my duty…"


          "…to drag right wing fanatics, who think they are patriotic conservatives, out of the fever swamps."

          No delusion here.

          "You are not a conservative. You are on the absolute fringe of the right wing fringe. You're a radical."

          Radically intelligent. Radically realistic.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Notice how right wingers are always trying to dig their heels in against social change. "

      Yeah, we hate changes to the constitution. We're a bunch of freaks.

    • defcon 4

      The good ol' days for you being the Istanbul pogrom, Armenian Genocide and Turkish invasion, annexation and ethnic cleansing of Cyprus right?

  • EarlyBird

    First, Mistah, I dont' believe you're a member of the white race. The only white people who speak like that are white supremacists, and they wouldn't be talking about self annihilation.

    Secondly, you're just a troll.

  • F.K. Juliano

    The problem with America is that a slow-motion coup has destroyed republican government and replaced it with unelected dictators in black robes. By that, of course, I mean the nine justices of the Supreme Court and their lesser brethren. Sure, some of them have their hearts in the right place, but overall their rule has been a disaster. They have imposed upon the land laws the people would never have passed of their own will and which are an affront to God: a ban on prayer at schools, the right to murder the unborn, "gay marriage", Obamacare.

    The Constitution was a remarkable document for its time and place, but it's not holy scripture. In fact, it has been changed 27 times. It's time for another change, a major one. It's time to take power away from the judicial tyrants.

    • EarlyBird

      "It's time for another change, a major one. It's time to take power away from the judicial tyrants."

      Regular calls for revolution don't help your mission much, FK.

  • Guest

    If you are truly a white race member and hate it, solving the problem for you is easy. Go take a leap off a tall building without a parachute.

    Whites have created the greatest civilizations in the world. Whites should be very proud of their heritage. They have been the greatest explorers, conquerors, and benefactors to the world of all the races. Name a grou who give more to charity. Name a group who apologizes for their past dominance.

    You are a coward. You have no warrior spirit. You would easily be conquered.

  • Loyal Achates

    Of course, y'all are nostalgic for an America that had much less income inequality, a higher tax rate and more powerful labor unions.

    • Western Canadian

      Again, a display of stupidity from a troll.

      • Loyal Achates

        Please explain how anything I said was untrue.

  • chas

    Red Skelton taught the civics that are missing today. We are a nation, under God, and we need to return to our roots. There is a website and a book, Return to, and a book of the same name. John Horvat, the author, states that we need to break the frenetic intemperance that exists in this world today. Mr. Horvat explains all the defintions that he elicits. A return to a moral order is what we Americans need, and more than ever!

  • BLJ

    That video should be required viewing for all Americans. Mr. Skelton summed it up perfectly. It really is a crying shame that far too many people who enjoy all of the glorious benefits of living in the USA have no clue how fortunate they really are.

    If they did, we would not have an American hating, Muslim Marxist in the WH.

    Good day.

  • LEE

    Remember everyone: if more of us would have voted the other way we would not be in this current mess.