The Cultural Intifada and Temple Denial – on The Glazov Gang

MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSThis week’s Glazov Gang had the honor of being joined by Lela Gilbert, author of Saturday People, Sunday People, actor Dwight Schultz ( and Ann-Marie Murrell, the National Director of

The Gang members gathered to discuss The Cultural Intifada and Temple Denial, a dialogue which dealt with Islamists’ gambit to de-Judaize the Jewish state. The dialogue occurred in Part I and involved an overall analysis of Lela Gilbert’s book, Saturday People, Sunday People: Israel through the Eyes of a Christian Sojourner. Ms. Gilbert shared what brought her to Israel, the Israelis’ warm reception of her, and why, as Dr. Gabriel Barkay imparted to her, “Temple Denial is more dangerous and serious than Holocaust Denial.”  

In Part II, the panel focused on the dire lessons of Israel’s disengagement from Gaza in 2005. The segmented also shed light on the trauma that Israeli citizens, including children, have suffered from Palestinian terror, Jimmy Carter’s Jew-Hate, and the world’s blind spot: the forgotten exodus of 900,000 Jews expelled from Arab and Muslim countries.

To watch both parts of the two-part series, see below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • B.I.K.

    Jamie, I love your show! Wonderful guests and interesting discussions.

    One small criticism; leave out the silly talk, it makes for a less professional show, and your guests often look ill at ease when you ask silly questions.

    Otherwise – you're terrific!!

    • Kenny Williams

      Haha what? this must be a joke. LOL.

      The silliness of the Gang is one of the priceless morsels which keeps me and everyone I know who watches it tuned in. Anyone who has watched this masterpiece show for a year and half knows the hilarious tradition of Jaime trying to get the gang members to compliment him and they refuse and put him down instead…..haha….Dwight always refuses…LOL….thanks for bringing him back!!! Don't let it wait so long next time!

      the whole thing of the ill-at-ease is so obviously choreographed…and just priceless….and even it were real, all the better…who wants a dull show where everyone is comfortable??? — when we can have the treasure of Ali-G combined with serious intellectual talk. Just perfect!!!

      Jaime, please don't listen to people who don't get it and should just go watch other shows!! I am going to immediately write the producers of the show and tell them to up the silliness, but i understand why you kept it to a minimum this time, as to the serious topic.. . . .

    • Diane Zinn

      I disagree BIK! Jamie certainly addresses some very serious issue on his show. The humor helps to lighten the heaviness in my opinion. We all need to smile a little – keep up the laughs, Dr.G!

      • Larry Wright

        Diane is right…..and Kenny, for a person who is such a fan of the show, maybe get the host's name right, it is Jamie, not Jaime. And yes it is good they brought Dwight back, but I don't know why Tommi Trudeau hasn't been on for a long time, this is a big mistake in my opinion and he added a lot of comedy and satire to the show….Jamie doesn't like him for some reason perhaps……but yes….the satire is the brilliant ingredient of the show and which there should be more of. This critic is clearly kidding or just doesn't have an ear for humor, which is kind of pathetic. Keep up the silliness combined with seriousness Dr. G!

        • defcon 4

          Tommi Trudeau was pretty funny.

          • Kenny Williams

            Yes he was! Thanks Defcon, I am glad we agree on this! We both clearly have superior artistic tastes.

    • Andres


      We Conservative have very good sense of humors unlike radicals that are bitter all the time and want to transform the whole society and bring their classless leftist Utopia. Those people are bitter and angry and protesting all the time, they don’t enjoy the life, they complaint all the time they don’t have sense for esthetics.

      • Kenny Williams

        Andres….don't bother explaining it to BIKEY, he clearly doesn't watch the show, doesn't get the theater and should go watch boring shows. The discomfort that occurs on the episodes when Jaime is acting up is priceless! Oh and Larry, by the way, if you KNEW ANYTHING, i am the one who has been sticking up for Tommi Trudeau for a year now in the comment sections of BOTH Frontpage and YouTube so don't tell me about Tommi Trudeau.

        • B.I.K.

          OK people, calm down. I'm on your side! I was just expressing my thoughts. Doesn't mean you have to bite! Isn't that what we conservatives are all about? Listening to each other? I didn't mean to insult you. But whoa . . . you're reaction is a bit over the top. I very much enjoy the Glazov Gang! And trust me, I understand plenty – sense of humor and all! I just happen to think there could be some improvement on just one aspect. And if Jamie likes it fine, then that's ok!! I'll go along!!

          Now calm down everyone!

        • B.I.K.

          And Kenny, BIKEY? Seriously? Relax.

    • Ruup Shaikh

      I like Jamie humor, infact I only watch for his comedic acts. Next Jon Stewart!

      • Kenny Williams

        I'm totally with you Ruup! He's gotta get his own show and keep that humor up combined with the serious analysis. But getting rid of Tommi Trudeau was a bad mistake on his part. I will be writing to the producers about this. But yeah that BIK guy is clued out BIG TIME.

    • Kevin Nealy

      Keep the silliness going Jamie!!!

    • spark

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  • Paul Adamson

    You obviously don't get the humor of the show B.I.K…..there's a genius behind this show…Dr. G …
    As you watch more of the segments you will realize that he's trying to lighten up the very seriousness of the topic at hand….a kind of comic relief if you will. I hope you get to appreciate this humor as much as the rest of us…it's what sets this show apart from the rest! Keep watching!

    • Kenny Williams

      No Paul…..don't encourage people like this to watch the show…it is like people going to a history class and complaining that the professor and people are talking about the past. Let's lose this guy…..if he doesn't appreciate the priceless Ali G-William F. Buckley combination now, he never will. But I am disappointed in Jaime that he doesn't have Tommi Trudeau back on the show…..a real loss and I'm not sure what Jaime is thinking….the dynamic was hilarious.

  • Diane Zinn

    Hey guys! Dr. G's humor is priceless – it is who he is – light-hearted, but deadly serious about world events! All of you just kick back and enjoy the show for what it is – cause it is the BEST!

    • Kenny Williams

      Yes Diane, thank you. But I am the one who supported the humor from the beginning. People like BIK are TOTALLY spaced out. I even wrote to the producers about it, and I have an IN with them, trust me. But why won't Jaime bring Tommi back on the show? Do you know what the deal is? He added extra silliness which was priceless.

  • George

    Jamie is the Jay Leno of political tlak shows. That's one of his show's best attractions.

    • Kenny Williams

      Close George! He is the Conan O'Brien!

  • George

    Save the sarcasm, Kenny. Your opinion is not as important as you think it is. You're definitely no Jamie Glazov!

    • Kenny Williams

      George, you are talking to someone who has written to the PRODUCERS of The Glazov Gang and guess what? THEY WROTE BACK. They value my opinion and take it seriously. Many of the suggestions and advice I give I can see it affecting the shows….so — let me ask you: Have you been in contact and communication with the PRODUCERS of the show? I gather not. And I am not talking about some secretary that you would probably speak to and that is as far as you would get. So when you see more humor and satire on the show, you know it is my advice; when you see more intellectual discussion and more intellectual guests, you know it is my influence. So please George you are WAY in over your head on this one.

      • Somebody Somewhere

        Gosh, you are really an Important Person. Can I get your autograph? Please? I promise I'll put it next to Obama's!

        • Kenny Williams

          Look all I'm saying is that I have made a significant contribution to this show by sending letters in of what I think will work better, and they have answered me several times, which I am sure they do not do just to anyone sending them suggestions.

          • George

            You must be off your meds, Kenny. Being left alone with your own non-pharmaceutical aided thoughts is producing twisted delusions of grandeur. The more real talent a person has, the more secure he is. He doesn't need to go on about it via posts. And if you did have talent, you would yourself be working on such a show like Jamie Glazov's. But your strange meanderings about your contributions to the J.G. Show, obviously the result of an early vitamin deficiency that has affected your thought pattern, indicates you're were once a member of undernourished humanity that has resulted in your suffering from an apartheid of intellectualism.

          • Kenny Williams

            George this is a very unfair attack on my personally.

  • defcon 4

    New theme song and opening/closing graphics. Nice stuff. Of course it's always the content that interests me. Thank you to Jamie and his "gang".

    • ltcdmward


    • B.I.K.

      Totally agree! I was just expecting a new show. Too bad. I'll wait for the next.

  • defcon 4

    The gain on the theme song is somewhat excessive, but maybe it contributes to its dramatic flair. Nice
    to see Mr. Schultz back. Gilbert was an excellent guest as well.

    • Kenny Williams

      What does it mean "the gain" on the theme song?

      • defcon 4


        • Kenny Williams

          oh ok too loud?

          • defcon 4

            Yep, but not as loud as it was previously. I like the humor, without it the show would be far too dark and depressing.

          • Kenny Williams

            Yeah you are right defcon!

  • And so it goes

    If the media were to report exactly what is going on, I don't think it would change much. Most people view Jews as either having too much or as being able to take whatever pain and suffering is inflicted on them and still do okay. They cannot, for the most part, link the poverty and difficulties of the "Palestinians" with the behavior of the Palestinians. They cannot link the successes of Israel as a result of Israeli determination and hard work but rather that they must have cheated or stolen what belongs to others. This is the stereotype of the Jews and most people buy believe in the stereotype.

    • AdinaK

      And so it goes…not only that, but these are the bitter fruits of "disengagement" and PM Sharon bears the onus –

      The fact that leftists cheered its results, well, this is emblematic of their affinity to Islamic terror. And the reasons the now comatose ex PM did what he did is a whole other matter.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • And so it goes

    I believe that all the things that happen to Israel will happen to the United States. This is quite scary in the short term but it is the only thing that will get the American people to demand a change in the media, government and their religious institutions. We have witnessed the Pope kissing the Koran and washing the feet of Muslims, Protestant churches boycotting Israel while sympathizing with Hamas and the media becoming an arm of the Left and the Obama administration rather than impartially reporting ANYTHING. As the Muslim Brotherhood becomes even more embedded in our gov't, this will effect every American.

    • B.I.K.

      Israel will take care of itself when the time comes, thank you very much! My child is coming home from a glorious week there as we speak. Before that was on the March of the Living in Poland and saw first hand the results and leftovers of the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis. The stark difference in energy between both countries is proof that Israel survives and thrives. Besides, when someone says to boycott any product from Israel, we (friends, community, etc.) all run out and clean the shops out! Have you got your sodastream yet? It's a blast!

  • Trevor

    "The segment ended on a reflection on Margaret Thatcher and the powerful way in which she shaped her era."

    Surely they weren't praising about the same person who counted Pinochet as a close friend and who aided and abetted Pol Pot….Surely Not!

    I guess vile people find other like minded vile people "heroes"

    • Kenny Williams

      You should give credit to the Iron Lady for helping to defeat communism and to discredit socialism! Shame on you!

      • Trevor

        Gorbachov defeated Communism from within. But don't let me ruin your fantasy

  • Mladen Andrijasevic

    I listened to Lela Gilbert describe her experiences in Israel and they were accurate and not superficial. Finally someone is describing the incredibly distorted perception the word has of this country and what it really feels to live here. Thank you. I ordered the kindle edition immediately. I just hope this book reaches the under informed American readership and awakens them to dangerous reality they also live in. For their lives, just like ours here, can in a split second change if they remain detached and not involved. How many Americans and Brits have experienced siren warnings of impending rocket attacks, except in movies or exhibits at the Imperial War Museum? In one of his speeches Churchill said that humankind is unteachable . Lela Gilbert would disagree. I also hope he was wrong.

    Be'er Sheva under Grad attack

  • @theoprinse

    Saturday People, Sunday People: Israel through the Eyes of a Christian Sojourner
    What really happened was that …
    The ANC power transition in 1994 merely was the outcome of the economic political deal between the British mining community behind Margareth Thatcher – who was no more a conservative than catholic CIA recruit William Buckley and Trotskyte James Burnham – and the Polish catholic Zbigniew Brzezinski who had Jimmy Carter transition the western secular Persians into the slaughter banks of the Khomeini Iranian clique just to prevent the left to gain power. Zbigniew Brzezinski helped orchestrate the same transitional template in a far bigger fashion in Afghanistan that ultimately led to the downfall of the Soviet Union.
    Brzezinski had thus Catholic Poland liberated, the Roman Empire in a union resurrected and West Germany 16 million cheap East German laborers taken.

    South Africa was a geo political swap between the Anglo-American political elite and their respective communist led Trade Unions like Arthur Scargill in return for the fall of the Soviet Union. Since 1979 Zbigniew Brzezinski, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz etc. are willing to go as far as to replace secular western oriented people by the fundamentalist Islamic brotherhood all over the Islamic world … Just to not have the left in power …except in South Africa of course because in the Islamic world a lot of Anglo American made weaponry for their civil wars can be sold but not in South Africa.

  • Anamah

    Hi Friends
    The Israeli ambassador and the Minister of the Diaspora would like our National Hymn, Ha Tikva to be the most popular video on You Tube
    on April 16, 2013, the 65th anniversary of Israel ’s Independence Day.
    Please view the Video clip, at the website listed below, and then forward it to all your contacts.
    The object is place this video among the top five clips.
    The Arabs, living in Palestine are trying to have this video removed from You Tube.
    Thank you,

    • Kenny Williams

      Ok thank you, this is very important. Happy Birthday!

  • B.I.K.

    Am Israel Chai!

  • inzion

    Blame it here: The Vatican sanctioned Egyptian born terrorist Arafat as a Palestinian, in the full knowledge the Pope's own Roman ancestors dumped this name exclusively on Judea – not an Arab or Islamic name. Christian silence to this dis-historical, false, evil, genocidal premise is not a neutral stance.

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  • watermelonbeast

    Great Show. I find myself coming back to FPM often just to find the latest show. I have learned more on FPM and the Glazov Gang in the last few months than I have in the years before I found FPM.

    Please pray for the peace of the Jerusalem. God blesses those who bless Israel. Genesis 12:3