The Obama-Morsi Deal? — on The Glazov Gang

dealThis week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Igor Melcuk, a Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at the University of Montreal and Member of the Royal Society of Canada. A scientist and “reluctant” Soviet dissident, he left the Soviet Union in 1977 after being expelled from the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences because he defended Andrei Sakharov​ in a letter published in The New York Times​.

Prof. Melcuk joined the Gang to discuss The Obama-Morsi Deal? The discussion took place in Part II (beginning at the 7:00 mark) and focused on the reports in the Arabic media that the U.S. president made a secret agreement with the Brotherhood on the Sinai. [See also Daniel Greenfield’s report on how Muslim Brotherhood Leader’s Son Claims MB is Blackmailing Obama with “Evidence That Could Put Him in Prison”] The segment also dealt with The Goals of Obama and The Dark World of Vladimir Putin.

In Part I, Melcuk discussed his own battle against the Soviet empire and gave tribute to the fight for freedom bravely conducted by Russian dissidents, including Andrei Sakharov, Vladimir Bukovsky, Valentin Turchin and many others.

To watch both parts of the two-part series, see below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • Jean

    Western propaganda… get a clue.

    • pfbonney

      You mean, Obama propaganda?

    • semus

      What do you mean?


    Putin is a leader, what do we have?

    • pfbonney

      We have a leader. Obama. He’s leading us to defeat and surrender on the world stage. Also, in this case, known as a looser.


        That’s what happens when you give a minority, power….

        • semus

          This is what happens when you place a man with a chip on his shoulder in power who hates his country.

        • Charles Martel


      • TexansAFC

        It’s spelled ‘loser’

    • BeautifulAmerica

      I doubt very much that you’d appreciate power-hungry nutjob Putin if he reigned here.


        Yes, Putin is a ruthless leader,

  • Charles Martel

    What is happening to Frontpagemag? Is it turning into huffpo lite? Has mr. Horowitz gone soft with age? Are they simply worried they might offend Obama and become one of his targets for oppression? Has our wonderfully leader gotten to him like our wonderful leader got to Judge Roberts!

  • Avi Marranazo

    We have much bigger problems than Vladimir Putin in America and in the entire Western world for that matter. As near as I can tell, Putin at least doesn’t think homosexuality somehow ascribes its practitioners with victim or protected class status. He knows a thing or two about national identity and national integrity as well.

    • Alain

      You are dead right and I also share the same concern as Charles Martel.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Many people canonized Stalin, too. There are cute paintings of him with children. Don’t be fooled by this KGB goon.

  • ReyR

    Guys like that left Russia a zillion years ago, and never saw it again. Either afraid or can’t afford to go back. Lucky to stick around as faculty in some academic environment, they live in the past. He’s like a Vietnam war draft resister who has never come back from Ecuador, but still poses as an expert among locals. Waste of space.

    • Drakken

      Very well put Rey! The whackedemics are completely clueless in their ivory towers and would actually be shocked if they ever stepped outside to see how the real world lives.

  • antioli

    I will take Putin over Obama and Bush. Clinton Bush brought us economic devastation and Obama kept it that way. Putin brought Russia from starvation and Oligarchy back to a liveable country. The real threat is the growing power of the Russian Communist party that is moving in on Putin.

  • Laser1

    I think that your guest Igor Melcuk was very knowledgeable and brought insight to what we are dealing with. Jamie, You asked the question was it all worth it? That’s is, the effort that Igor Melcuk and so many others that put themselves in harms way. And I say YES, because we in America can then see the evil that has come upon our nation through the eyes of a man who lived in it. Igor Melcuk and others can help us to see the problem and then we can come up with a winning strategy to combat the oppression. We need more people like him. He said what he thinks and spells it out in black and white. A simple minded man can understand it.

    • jamieglazov11

      Thank you Laser1!

  • Allen Roth

    Great interview Jamie, but way too short. Hopefully you will have more time with this great man.

    • jamieglazov11

      Thanks so much Allen. Never enough time with a man like Igor Melcuk!

  • Brian Murphy

    I saw a photo recently where the Russian Orthodox Church was praising Putin for helping the Christian Church in Russia; also Putin was praised for paying off all foreign debts and loans so that Russia is free of the financial speculators who are ruining the western world; Putin issued a warrant for the arrest of George Soros for illegal financial transactions in violation of international law; Soros usually undermines countries in this way.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      when your own people are slaves it’s easy to pay off debt. And “praise?” Any church that wants to continue must tow the line.

  • Bruce S

    Having a picture that puts Karl Marx in tandem with Saul Alinsky and President Obama is a sign of intellectual degradation, dishonesty and – frankly – a penchant for journalistic “clown shoes” so brazen one assumes it is driven by some business model that enriches Horowitz & Co rather than any authentic belief system. No one – other than the obviously rube “Kool Aid Kids” readers – could be that stupid. This crap is odious. The craven, toxic personalities behind it are beneath contempt on their best day. Obviously there is nothing “inside Horowitz screaming to get out!” The totalizing “screamer” is Out! If you’re reading this crap – and worse, paying him anything for it – the joke is on you.

  • Flicker

    Dear Mr. Glazov,

    I’m sorry to have to say it, and I expect to be called a loser and social sicko (as I already have been by eager enthusiasts of your new format) but I have not been able to watch your show since you adopted your your new formats. The clackity-clack of the predeluvian teletype music, the off-putting greenscreen background, the unimaginative and visually-repetetive set, and the line up of guests sitting, with hands folded, behind a store display counter is so cliched, tired, phoney and plastic that it takes all the life, guts and passion out of what otherwise would be (and up to that point was) a remarkably enjoyable and educational show.

    I can’t watch it anymore. Instead of looking like people in your living room discussing matters of the day in an informal and relaxed manner, you have them buttoned up like sardines waiting for a moment to make a quick and forced talking point. The ambiance is gone.

    I will, and do, miss your show. Take it back to the beginning, when when you all didn’t look and act like David Brooks and Mark Shields waiting to make their canned points.

    • Veracious_one

      If you choose to close your mind to discussions on important issues that’s your business. go home and mind it….

      • Flicker

        I haven’t closed my mind to discussions in any way. Discussions can be, and often are, in print form. The whole point of video is to hear and see them talking. There’s a glut of insightful conservative videos these days, and if I’m going to watch one, I’d rather it be an actual conversation, where body language, facial nuance and back and forth, and spontaneous interruptions can be seen, rather than structurally stiffled talking heads trying to give compressed sound bites a la the Sunday morning shows, which Glazov is clearly attempting to imitate.

        The previous format was more like this and equally more enjoyable to me.

        But I have a closed mind, huh?

  • Sunny N

    Great guest Jamie! What the Professor lived through in Russia and what he went through is what we are seeing here in the US! History repeats itself and listening to this man share his past is a lesson for us with this government in DC. I don’t care how your set looks or what your guests sit behind! I watch your show to learn, seek the truth and become more informed! Enjoying others views and how they think broadens my knowledge so I can share with others about where we as citizens are headed. I do not criticize! I seek the truth! How petty for those that criticize your venue! The purpose of your show, I would think, is to have guests impress upon us what road we are headed down! It is not looking good for the economy and our future as Americans! Wake up people! Thank you Professor Melcuk for sharing!

    • jamieglazov11

      Thanks so much Sunny N. I really appreciate it. Wait till you see the lineup of the guests coming up! With gratitude, Jamie.

  • Leah

    The best Glazov Gang show yet! What a pleasure to listen to Professor Melchuk.

    • jamieglazov11

      I appreciate that Leah…..he really is a great man, and I was honored to get his voice out there. Let’s not wait for Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper to interview him.

  • Sunny N

    Ummm…….., obviously you have read this and watched the video. Free speech is still allowed and you have the option of not “imbibing”. You dig?

  • Matt Hines

    Obama is destroying the US in a serious way. At least Putin paid off his debt and has an arrest warrant for Soros. Obama is enslaving us to rich criminals like this.

  • Laurena McNevin

    What a great privilege to listen to Professor Melchuk. Thank you, Jamie, for bringing him to us. It was our great pleasure to listen to this very wise man. God bless.

    • jamieglazov11

      Thanks so much Laurena.

  • totallydomestic

    Jamie, you have got quite a tan!

  • Bill_H2

    Jamie, I enjoyed your historical survey of the Russian Dissidents and agree that we can certainly use their practical insights regarding solving the growing problem in Washington. It would be nice to see a list of their published works in English