The FBI’s Most Wanted (Islamic) Terrorists List

20130430_fbi_most_wanted_terroristsIn the wake of the horrific Boston Marathon bombing, media, politicians and left-wing commentators have gone to extraordinary lengths to opine on every possible motive and affiliation of the terrorists responsible — every motive except Jihad. Yet as the FBI’s official “Most Wanted Terrorists” list glaringly illustrates, there is no mystery behind the agenda of those compelled to commit mass atrocities against American citizens. View the list yourself, and see if you can discern the common denominator:

The FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists.

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  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: "“Most Wanted Terrorists” list glaringly illustrates, there is no mystery behind the agenda of those compelled to commit mass atrocities against American citizens. "

    The biggest current threat to America is: Pharaoh in Chief, BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!

    Fish rot from the head.

  • pinnie99

    the Muslim (Islam) outreach program, border blind eye , the work place violence declaration,Overseas contingency Bull S***, student visa's (<LOL) has done nothing but embolden these brain damaged, barbaric killers. Plus as we now know, the welfare bombers didn't even have to work. They can concentrate on killing… IM PULLING MY REMAINING HAIR OUT NOW….

    Its way past time to flush Dearborn, New York State,and Poconos in PA…. < Better Hurry!!

  • festus magill

    We are in a culture war . The east seems to believe that the west needs islam and is willing to die for for the domination of it. The koran says take over the whole world for allah and kill if need be. We are in a culture war with the false religion of islam and their satanic god allah. With the ignorance of our leaders and citizens we are giving our country away. Look at the Netherlands,UK,France and Australia. They have some serious problems with the muzzies and deep regrets of having allowed that cancerous religion to come in. WAKE UP AMERICA! Hold to our freedoms and stop the sharia from ever coming in!

    • Jake-a-runi

      Well, look at the list, please. Note that there are no jihadis upon it. As citizens, second-guessing the government is a patriotic obligation. I must speculate that some other governmental subset, from DOJ or DOHLS, tabulates and tracks them. Maybe. Sort of. We hope.

      • Jake-a-runi

        Wrong list. Yes, by some wierd coincidence, the jihadis would seem to conducting a sweep of the ratings

  • Cassandra

    I did not need to see the list to know who the common denominator was:Islam.and Musims want to destroy the West so they can do what their forefathers did .

  • kaz

    since our favorite terrorists are invited into our country by our government, and supported on our welfare system by our government, why not stop trying to capture the middle men of terrorism? the real kingpin of terrorism is our government. arrest, prosecute, and execute the government criminals responsible for the importation, protection, and financial support of terrorists, and we will be doing something effective about terrorism.

  • AdinaK

    Islam & Blood tells the bloody tale –

    As does Islam & Barbarism –

    But not to be lost in this urgent discussion, the dangers from the left are equally compelling, as they too seek to Bring Down America, the west –

    We must never get tired of sending out clarion calls…

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Ken Baskin

    All I know is that if I'm an American ambassador in the Mid-East, I want my danger pay raised to exorbitant levels after the Chris Stevens debacle. Obama, after flying back from a Vegas fundraiser ( the man has his priorities after all ) vowed to hold those responsible for the sodomy and murder of an American ambassador. He looked only to America for the culprits of course which resulted in a midnight knock on the door and the arrest of a film-maker who dissed the prophet. This appeased Muslims in the Mid-East and we'll assume that the case is closed. Muslims are like Vulcans – they understand only one thing – strength and the will to use it. Now, with no consequences for the killing of American ambassadors, he's ratcheted up the danger for all ambassadors in the Mid-East. A posting to the Mid-East – a great way to top up your 401 in a hurry. Thanks, Barry!!

    • RetardsforObama

      You're kidding right? The youtube clip was used as an excuse, the attack was planned well before the film had even 500 views.

      • fredfarkel

        Of course, he's kidding. Who brings 50 caliper weapons and RPGs to an impromptu "protest"? Perhaps the date, 9/1, might ring a bell….

  • apran

    The FBI must be Islamophobia

  • heapologia

    Wow, out of the entire list, only one was a non-Muslim.

    • Lan Astaslem

      probably a convert who hasn't changed his name yet

      • ltcdmward

        I looked at the FBI Top 10 Terrorist list several days ago and Mr. (10 most wanted) Daniel San Diego, at the very top of this article's liinked list, is an "environmental activist" / militant and is also a vegan.

        • Lan Astaslem

          figures – in their twisted world it's a really bad things to eat animals – blowing up people, not so much.

  • Howard

    So, will a arrest warrant be issued for anyone in the Massachussettes or federal welfare hierarchy for providing material aid to terrorists? Nah, I really did not think so. But I had to ask.

  • Porky's2istan

    It's too bad no one can get their hands on the official no fly list. I've meet dozens of people who claim to have seen it and they say that it's 90+% Arabic/islamic names and hundreds of thousands of names long.

    That would probably make a much more interesting article.

  • BLJ

    I agree that Obama should be included on this list. I would also put Eric Holder on it even though he is not a muslim.

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