The Zimmerman Trial and Black Skin Privilege

bspThe trial of George Zimmerman is winding down with a meltdown of the prosecution’s case and lurid predictions of riots if a “politically correct” decision is not reached.  Why is it in America today that racial issues like this one so resemble the Wonderland world where, as the Red Queen famously says, “first the sentence, then the evidence”? Why is it that Americans consider blacks to be much more racist on the whole than whites, yet the latter is exclusively singled out for scorn? David Horowitz and John Perazzo provide answers in their pamphlet Black Skin Privilege, written not long after Zimmerman was arrested in connection with the Trayvon Martin death.  Here’s what Horowitz and Perazzo say:

In America today, blacks generally can conduct racist assaults on whites and count on “civil rights” activists and the media not to notice. In the two months following Trayvon Martin’s death, black assailants carried out at least 14 fourteen known attacks against white victims with the idea of “avenging” the fallen youth. In East Toledo, six juveniles beat a 78-year-old white man, shouting: “This is for Trayvon … Trayvon lives, white [man]. Kill that white [man]!” In Gainesville, five blacks shouting “Trayvon!” beat a 27-year-old white man, leaving his face permanently disfigured. In another Gainesville incident, a black crowd shouting “Trayvon!” assaulted and stomped on a white man who was trying to recover his female companion’s purse from the hands of a black thief. In Chicago, two black teenagers beat and robbed a 19-year-old white man because, as one of the attackers explained, they were angry about Trayvon Martin. In Baltimore, a group of blacks beat and robbed a white man, stripping him naked, then posted a video of the assault online with the caption: “me an my boys helped get justice fore trayvon.” In Mobile, a white man named Matthew Owens was brutalized by twenty African Americans armed with brass knuckles, bricks, chairs, bats and steel pipes after he asked them to stop playing basketball in the street directly in front of his home. As the assailants left the scene, one of them looked back at the victim, who was bleeding profusely, and shouted,: “Now that’s justice for Trayvon!” It is unlikely that many Americans have heard of these racial attacks, because the perpetrators are protected by a media that does not want to notice that the racists are black, and their victims are white.

Within weeks of the Trayvon Martin shooting, a parallel killing occurred with the skin colors reversed at a Taco Bell restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. A 22-year-old black motorist got into an altercation with Daniel Adkins, a 29-year-old, mentally disabled “white Hispanic” who was walking by. When the argument grew heated, the motorist drew a gun and killed Adkins. When police arrived at the scene, the black shooter claimed that Adkins had swung a bat or metal pipe at him, although no such items were found at the scene. Arizona, like Florida, has a “Stand Your Ground” law that allows a person to use deadly force to protect himself when faced with a life-or-death confrontation. A protective media withheld the shooter’s name, and there was no racial mob calling for his head. Unlike George Zimmerman, the gunman was not arrested nor charged with a crime. Call that black skin privilege.

If you’re black and possibly guilty but a white person is involved, the media will actively volunteer to be your advocate…. In the Trayvon Martin case, the media withheld details of the crime that were damaging to Trayvon in order to protect him and indict Zimmerman — that the mainly white community he had entered at night had been the target of a rash of recent break-ins and burglaries by young African -American men; that the hoodie Trayvon was wore was a uniform for burglars; and that Trayvon had been suspended from school after burglary tools were discovered on his person along with unaccounted-for jewelry. At the same time, the press flooded the airwaves and front pages with sentimental photos of Trayvon as an innocent adolescent, while withholding others of the six-foot-two, 17-year-old who beat the smaller Zimmerman to the ground, smashing his head on the concrete and causing him to scream repeatedly for his life before he fired his gun in self-defense.

Looking at the Martin case, black skin privilege means you can form a lynch mob if the target is a “white” man and the press will overlook it; you can demand a judgment in advance of the facts, and can conclude his guilt in advance of a trial. You can even take “justice” into your own hands by threatening his life as the Black Panthers did to George Zimmerman or twittering his home address like vigilante filmmaker Spike Lee and comedienne Roseanne Barr did in the hope that someone might go after him. If this isn’t a rebirth of the cracker mentality of the segregated South, it is hard to know what would be…

A decision in the George Zimmerman trial is coming. To understand how “black skin privilege” has infected not only this trial but our media, our popular culture and even our criminal justice system, CLICK HERE to order your copy of Black Skin Privilege now.

  • Katy Henderson

    Some have made an excellent case for why BO was ‘placed’ into office at this time in America’s story. And while we are all so preoccupied with the racial tensions many do not notice that the Dept. of Homeland Security is now armed to the teeth and is practicing shooting at targets of Armed American people in residential settings provided them via company named LET Inc.

    There is also reported a massive amount of troop and tank movement being strategically located throughout the country. So while we are all busy with this racial divide conquering our country, none but a few are paying attention to the grave circumstances of our economy nor wonder why so much excess spending is being done in effort to bring about the fall of the Republic, as it would appear, to make room for the elites much anticipated UN-New World Order global dictatorship.

    The American people best wake up and look around, the country indeed is being ‘fundamentally changed’ and we the people may well be in for one heck of a ride in order for ‘them’ to facilitate their NWO dictatorship. Big brother is here and America is slowly but surely being made into their ideal Police State world. If you’re not concerned, you are NOT paying attention!

    Enough with the racial division and helping them to keep us all divided and conquered, a favorite device of theirs to be used against an ignorant public, ignorant of their real doings. And to think, what do we really know of BO that has not been hidden from our eyes…the most unusual of all risings through political steps to the most venerated and honored position of POTUS hmm? While all the secrecy, and silenced voices from the past?

    Read the URGENT WARNING Article: Retired Army Captain WARNS DHS Acquisitions are a BoLD Threat of WAR Against American People.

    Research how many billions of rounds of Ammo this DHS ‘civilian’ army has now purchased and what they are practicing shooting at. NDAA=Internment Camps for American People. Predator Drones over American Skies. Why are they appearing to be taking aim at the American People? Something is horribly wrong folks. Best to set aside all racial divisions and start paying attention, as we are ALL American people and we may be in for a rough future together. Peace~

  • Concerned