Texas School Kids Forced to Wear Burqa — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, Morgan Brittany, Ann-Marie Murrell and Dwight Schultz gathered to discuss Texas School Kids Forced to Wear Burqa. The discussion occurred in Part I and focused on the troubling Sharia education in Texas’ public school system. The dialogue followed an analysis of Threatening Woodward, which dealt with the thought crime of a journalist in the Obama-era. Part II highlighted Hagel heading to the Pentagon, MSNBC hiring Axelrod and Gibbs, the upcoming CPAC 2013, and much, much more.  To watch both parts of the two part series, see below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Thought "crimes" are the most potent weapons of the left. If this wasn't the case, would they be in league with Islamists, re the "crime" of "Islamophobia", regardless that it is made up out of whole cloth – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/12/06/islamophobia-

    In the main, sans mental bullying, none of the above would be possible. Nevertheless, it is truly a crime, so many otherwise well meaning people get sucked into its vortex, thus staying silent to the destruction of the heretofore free, United States of America!
    The west is near bowed into economic submission, as Sharia Law marches on.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

    • Arthur

      Perhaps a good old fashioned azz whipping for the people responsible for this attack on American children could bring about a discussion about this treachery of the low life zizlamists who would do such a low down underhanded thing to our children. It is not just in Texas, it is nationwide. And they are re-writihng Americas history. The traditional culture of America is under attack by the zizlamists, in other words, zizlam is at war with America…very stealthily, but no alarm is being sounded because the zizlamists own or control Americas varioyus media outlets…..there will be blood

  • Paul

    We are watching and taking note of the tyranny as it moves to consume us.We fight back peacefully through a political system that is so corrupt that it can no longer function. Do we have the courage to rebel and to disobey? If we want freedom,violence will become inevitable. It's all so sad and unnecessary.If only the progressives loved our country and our constitution.Give me a ring when the shooting starts.

  • Allen

    The shows get better and better, keep up the good work gang!

  • Asher

    Very Good cartoon depicting the motives of Obama! Just go after and intimidate anything that gets in your way!

  • defcon 4

    Just for the record, the producer of the Stoning of Soraya denies that Islam has ANYTHING to do w/the stoning of adulterers across the muslim world. He had NOTHING to say when asked why women are vastly overrepresented in the statistics of stoning.


    Trick or Treat!

    This is OK.

    Have the same students learn the Ten Commandments and you'll see "progressives" and the ACLU parachute in filing objections.

  • Lou Mancini

    I wonder if this is going to give reason for boys that are mentally challenged, to give them a reason or make them think there a Gihadest in there mind and start taking up the Islam cause cause they can be a martyr you know how these kids that go crazy and want attention on there way out will we bread our own terrorist. Just a thought nothing surprises me with this government!!



    "Tomorrow we will take up the case of the female who was raped. So who do you think will be stoned, or who will get 75 lashes, or even hung? Mary? Who do you think?" Mary: "The man of course." Teacher: "NOPE, THE WOMAN! You see, this woman needs four witnesses to her rape or she is the one that will be punished." Mary: "What if the four witnesses were in on the rape and they don't talk?" Teacher: "Don't you get it? There are never four witnesses so the rapists get away with it. THAT'S THE LAW IN THESE COUNTRIES!"

    "On Wednesday, we'll study why women aren't allowed to have pleasure during sex." Mary: "Are they just supposed to lay there?" Teacher: "They end up doing just that because their clitoris, that electric spot, is cut off to insure no pleasure or orgasm. It's called 'Vaginal Mutilation.' Mary: "Yes, I learned about those in my Pre-K Sex Ed Class." Teacher: "Any volunteers?"

    "On Thursday, we'll study HONOR KILLINGS. Did you know that if you even go out with a non-Muslim, you could legally be killed even by your father, brother, cousin, or uncle? If you bring shame, you could be beheaded and honor killings have even taken place here in the U.S.. If you dare to walk out of this room, or home in their case, and into the public, WITHOUT your burka, you will also be killed!"

    "On Friday, some of you will be beheaded, thrown acid on your face, shot in the back, or hung from the goal posts if you DARE TO EVEN COME TO SCHOOL!"

    Mary: "Wow, I didn't know these things. At first, I thought you were appeasing Muslims and teaching us of other cultures but now, you can have this slave robe back!"

  • κατεργάζομαι

    TEXAS to Michelle Obama,

    Y'all come on down! ~ A Burqua will FLATTER your appearance MORE than 10" bangs, honey!

  • john

    Are they total going bananas in the schools in Texas? Would this mean that Texas is being taken over by islam? What is the matter with the governor general in Texas?. Now the children are to be the ghosts of Texas walking in jails. This is the downfall of the President. Just wait till an other 3000 people are to be killed and see if America wakes up.

    • Mary Sue

      The Teacher's Unions are all run by communists, whether in Taxachussetts, the People's Republic of Kalifornia, or Texas.

    • Nanis

      It's very weird but in some universities in Texas the number of muslims are increasing so fast and they have groups that say "muslims for peace" and they get together for who the hell knows. I really think that this amnesty obama wants to put is for the benefit of muslims coming to America. We got to take care of our daughters that go to those universities because the men they always travel in packs.

  • Asher

    Wow, You captured the perfect picture here of Deceit and Arrogance…Gibbs and Axelrod…Sooooo Exposed!

  • JacksonPearson

    MSNBC is about as far left, as a loony tunes organization can get.

    M ost
    S tupid
    N ews
    B roadcasting
    C ompany on TV

  • pierce

    I would not hire Axelrod or Gibb to be Head Dog Catcher. Neither were qualified for any job with the Obama White House, and that is becoming more evident with every passing day. It is too bad they don't include Jay Carney and make it a trio in stead of a duo.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    Great show. Lively and right on target.

  • Bill

    THE GLAZOV GANG/Part 1 on Fri., Mar. 8
    In my opinion the tone of TGG should have broad based appeal. Grow it. One inherent problem however, is Jamie's Canadian accent seems incongruous for a patriotic American talk show. It didn't bother me but might be something to address somehow.

  • jacob

    Sorry but I don't blame the schools…
    I blame the parents doing nothing about it…!!!!

  • Rifleman

    I thought pious muslim girls didn't go to school. Are they assigned a "male relative" too? This could end up being very educational, but in a way the multi-culti crowd didn't expect.

  • Raymond

    You would have to agree that the school did it the Muslim way — they forced the students to wear burqas.

  • Ghostwriter

    I don't know why those students had to be in the burqua. I don't think they looked very good in those things.

  • cynthia curran

    Its just that both politcal parties don't know how to say no to foreigners, the more different kind of foregires you have unlike what Jeb Bush states the more of this you are going to have. Joeb Bush stated that Americans are not as good as immirgants, yak.

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