To Crush a Swastika — on The Glazov Gang

swaThis week’s Glazov Gang was joined by John Duffy, a Film Producer from the South Bronx, Ann-Marie Murrell, the National Director of, and Orestes Matacena, a Filmmaker whose latest project is, dedicated to the memory of the Jewish resistance in the streets of Warsaw in WWII.

The Gang gathered this week to discuss Orestes Matacena’s new film project,, which sets out to pay tribute to all those who fought in the resistance against the Nazi occupation in Europe, the Middle East and Africa during WWII. The guests analyzed why the lessons of that resistance are so crucial for our generation to grasp — as the West confronts IslamoFascism and the Obama administration’s destructive agenda. The segment ended with an analysis of Obama’s Broken Website, focusing on the meaning of The ObamaCare Meltdown:

Part I:

Part II focused on Breaking Ranks With The Left, with each guest sharing their brush with the totalitarian inferno. The segment ended with an analysis of What Obama Wants, shedding light on the Radical-in-Chief’s endgame — and what Americans can do best to safeguard their freedoms:

Part II:

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  • cacslewisfan

    I look forward to every show. Great guests as always. I learned so much.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    I am really, really anxiously awaiting your interviews with Lt. Mike Zullo, the lead investigator in the two year criminal investigation of Barack Hussein Obama under the loving care of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He has packaged all the evidence he and his amazing team had collected into a court room ready package. He has briefed Congresspersons in Washington DC during the month of October and they were overwhelmed by the extent of the evidence.

    I would also love to see your interview with Doug Vogt to discuss all the evidence he has collected and put in affidavit format concerning the forged birth certificate shown to , one of those affidavits was given to the FBI over a year ago and they haven’t done a damn thing with it.

    Reed Hayes would make for another great interview. He is a document expert that has done work for a law firm the Obama has used in the past, Perkins-Coie. He was asked to examine the April 27, 2011 birth document and he filed a 40 page affidavit expressing his proof that the document is a forgery.

    Forging a birth certificate for the purpose of attaining the highest office in the land is serious, right?

    • Dr. Conspiracy

      Zullo is running a scam on the birthers, taking their money. He’s got nothing.

      • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

        You keep thinking that and when the Fraud in Chief is being lead out of the People’s House in those sparkling hand cuffs and headed for LTC (MD) Terry Lakin’s old cell at Leavenworth don’t act like you were blindsided.

        • Dr. Conspiracy

          I am well aware of the birther fantasies about Obama being frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs. Historian Jessie Walker talks about this in his book as the “magic bullet” solution, the way to get rid of Obama without winning an election and without having to convince anyone of anything.

          Since 2009 birthers have been saying “any day now” but you are no closer today than you were in 2009. There is a reason for your failure–Obama is the President of the United States, eligible, and duly elected. The US is not some third-world country where we let a small mob dictate our leadership.

          Obama will leave Office in January of 2017, as the Constitution specifies, and then i will be proven right, and you will move on to some other crazy theory.

          • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

            If this man is not called to account for his fraudulent use of documents that enabled him to be shielded by the lap dog media than we are indeed headed toward a third world status. I find it amazing that after watching this thug operate you would think that folks like Mr. Conspiracy would begin to wonder if these “birthers” might just have something here.

          • Dr. Conspiracy

            I’ve studied birthers for almost 5 years now, and gone into their mythology in detail, along with their legal theories and their so-called expert analysis of documents. There is nothing there.

            There is no difference in kind between someone looking at a shadow in a photo taken on the moon and concluding that the moon landing was faked, and looking at the shape of the letters in Obama’s birth certificate and concluding that it was forged. In both instances, the people who make such conclusions are speaking beyond their competence about things they do not understand, and drawing conclusions that are completely impossible for a host of reasons.

            In defense of the birthers, I will say that some of their arguments look good on the surface and are easy to understand and intuitive. The proofs that they are wrong can be technical and beyond the patience of the casual viewer. But they are wrong and this (and not some massive media conspiracy) is why the media don’t give birthers any favorable coverage and this is why there are no Congressional hearings or FBI investigations. There’s nothing to the claims.

            Birtherism was a bankrupt conspiracy theory from the very beginning, but there was a strong need to believe it, and many did.

          • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

            There is NO ONE in the media that is smart enough and qualified enough to investigate the Barack Hussein Obama fraudulent documents. The birth certificate forgery can be investigated to a point that their is no longer “reasonable doubt, the document is a forgery and that is why many people have spent a lot of money and time to prove it to be a forgery. They still need a legitimate platform from which to expose the forgery, whether it be via a Congressional investigation or by a legitimate news agency examining the evidence already amassed. The SS# fraud and the Selective Service fraud investigation can only go so far without the help from both agencies. Law enforcement investigators have provided enough information to warrant an investigation by both of those agencies. Up to this point they have not FULLY cooperated and that is shameful. If this were a Republican who was associated with this fraud there would have been 10 or so 60 Minute episodes and 10 or so Datelines, etc and you know that is absolutely true.

          • Dr. Conspiracy

            Your comment that no one in the media is smart enough do do something, is absurd. They have access to the best experts in every field and they already know the birthers have nothing.

            Enjoy your delusions.