Tommy Robinson on Woolwich Islamist Terrorist Attack

Tommy Robinson, co-founder of the English Defence League, sounds off on the horrific public murder and mutilation of English soldier Lee Rigby in the Woolwich area of London. As Robinson explains, the savage attack indicates that the dark future awaiting the United Kingdom is closer than most realize.

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  • Asher

    All People have Had it! Willful terrorism and destruction is NOT going to be tolerated! Islam is NOT Peace and forgivness…It is brutal Satanism.

  • Adrian Rainbow

    I never thought Tommy Robinson could teach me anything, but my objection concerning Halal was humanist.

  • rob

    Tommy is a hero. We ALL need to step up right now. We need to expose islam AND the leftists who are preventing more people from knowing the truth of the evils of islam and it's agenda. The left is also totalitarian and wishing for our destruction. Perhaps this is why they get along. Here's my song called tayiyya dance:

  • Indioviejo

    If our governments won't protect us, and always side with the Muslim barbarians, it is time to disregard our ineffectual leaders and cops, and stand our ground. Remember, the Gestapo came from the German Police, and the Bolsheviks embraced the tsarist secret police.

  • AdinaK

    Am sorry to say this, but this gruesome attack should have been expected. For if westerners were indeed paying heed, they should have realized that beheading, as well as throat slitting is Sharia Law sanctioned and that is that –

    Next time, no one should be surprised when cannibalism is involved! The question becomes: what are the citizens going to do about it, as their leaders have ZERO intention of stopping them in their jihadi tracks?

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • killrepMo

    Tommy hasnt mentioned the first and main reason for this 'islam' problem plaguing Europe;
    $ Oil money and all powerful, dictating to government multi-national Oil-companies.

    (Posted by a man who has already lost his job over this issue)

  • CowBoiLogic

    Where is our psychological "red line", as Westerners, that we cannot allow to be crossed, by these murdering Islamists, their sympathizers, and our weak-kneed leaders, before we say enough of this coddling, multiculturalism, and diversity?…..
    All at the expense of a prosperous, "working" society…in every sense of the word…

  • OneCornPorn

    Dat be you cowboy?….
    Sho' be quiet here today. What wit most everyone invited somewhere, 'cept us..
    Stay away from any urban centers today….I do believe dem muzlims wants to make a statement..
    They would be memorialized….big time..!

    • waldopepper

      Just be packin' when you go and maybe rid this world of a few more mooslimes.

  • defender

    That was the most intelligent , reasoned , rational and level headed response about Islam and its inherent evil I have ever heard. EDL is not a racist neo nazi organization. EDL simply wants to save England from going the way of France where about 25 pct of the population is Muslim. Jews in Paris fear for their lives and the average Frenchman is next. Islams overall goal is to spread Islam to all corners of the earth and England will fall if something is not done.

  • LindaRivera

    I'm disappointed I couldn't get the sound!

    BARENAKEDISLAM: OUTRAGEOUS! UK ‘Hope for Heroes’ charity tells English Defence League to take their contributions and shove them up their ass
    Armed Forces charity ‘Help for Heroes’ has announced that it will not accept any donations raised by the leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson…

    I’m horrified by UK ‘Hope for Heroes’ charity. Tommy Robinson and the EDL are beautiful, caring HUMAN RIGHTS activists who are viciously persecuted by UK ruling elites because they hold street demos protesting Islamification and Islamic sharia law. Most of all, the EDL are persecuted by ruling elites because EDL hold street demos protesting the many thousands of violent gang-rapes by EVIL, demonic Muslim monsters and the forced prostitution of Britain’s children by cruel Muslims.

    Paul Weston of Liberty GB declared: “I am convinced the media broke their silence over the Muslim rape and grooming cases ONLY because of pressure the EDL successfully brought to bear via street protests.”

    The EDL are ANGELS!

    Join the EDL!

    Join Paul Weston’s political party, Liberty GB in Britain!

  • MrBalk

    Bravo Mr Robinson, well said..Sadly today we in the west feel like we are occupied by our own traitor governments who use Islamists, and leftist groups as their proxy war against its indigenous people. You are truly a hero in your nation and many many more like MrRobinson emerge in the west to lead us to taking back our nations from these scoundrels who wish to impose the NWO on us.

  • Snorbak

    I have listened to a number of people, some of whom are my friends, say this bloke is an extremist thug. Having "listened" to what he was saying in this interview, I can find no evidence to suggest they are correct. On the contrary, I would say his views are quite conservative & based on simple common sense. His anger whilst evident, is justified & correctly aimed predominately at the Gov't & those that enable Islamic ideology to flourish at the host countries expense.
    I congratulate him for having the courage to stand up, not only to the evils of Islam but more importantly to the institutions that enable it.

    • kaz

      you didnt get the memo. conservatives are the enemy, not genocidal islam. over here in enlightened america, where we dared to elect an admitted muslim to misrule us, we have been instructed that the terrorist threat is conservatives and returning military veterans. that great thinker, george w "religion of peace" bush has pronounced islam a great religion of peace. the enlightened obama administration, in a heroic effort to stem conservative terrorism, used every tool possible, including harassment of conservative groups by the irs, to prevent the great threat of conservative violence. in a heroic attempt to dilute evil conservative thinking, the heroic bill clinton made war on the only anti-islamic faction in europe–serbia, and the great patriots "religion of peace" bush and "i will side with the muslims" obama have both opened the gates to unlimited muslim immigration and welfare support to make us more like europe. please stop talking trash about peaceful muslims, and join in with our heroes in the fight against conservative terrorism, the real threat.

  • lynda Martinez

    what a fabulous Prime Minister Mr. Robinson would be. This is what a true leader sounds like.

  • ozcrusader

    Meanwhile, the media proclaim the EDL as a extremist nationalist organisation all over the world. Here in Australia this afternoon that is how they were described. Even the media is in on this pretence that Islam is a religion of peace. What is it going to take to get the message across.

    • pagegl

      More attacks like Woolwich, Boston, Ft. Hood, and so on. Sooner or later the media and the elites will no longer be believed and the people will demand appropriate action. But, it won't be just one or two more atrocities, it will be enough that even the idiots can no longer ignore them.

  • Graeme

    I can't help admire Tommy Robinson's bravery, but at the end of the day he's a football hooligan and ex member of the neo-Nazi BNP, so a massive, I'm sorry to say *fail* for FPM in publishing this.

    • Jeff

      But there's no denying, he speaks the truth!

  • Dawid

    If black muslim decapitated white guy is not racism? so what is this? imagine oposite situation, burning cars, riots etc. 100%.
    This politic of fake multi kulti is straight way to another holocaust in Europe.
    Islam is a cancer of this world.

  • english friend

    Tommy Robinson is a working class hero.