Truth Revolt Launches: Sharpton Advertisers Targeted

dsAt last!  A multi-media campaign that will take the battle to the demagogues who spin the nation’s news. This is TruthRevolt, a brainchild of Ben Shapiro, that is designed to expose the hypocrisies and mendacities of the leftwing media, and confront them with a counter-attack they won’t be able to handle.

Exhibit Number One–Al Sharpton.

Sharpton is one of the most pernicious racial demagogues of the last half-century. He is a liar who falsely accused a district attorney and five other innocent whites of raping 15-year-old Tawana Brawley in 1987 and then hounded the men, although Brawley made up the story herself. Sharpton is the man who raged against the “white interloper” who owned a store in Harlem, after which one of his followers torched the store, causing a fire that killed eight people, all of them Hispanic and black. Sharpton is the lynch mob leader who challenged Jews in Crown Heights to “pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house”; soon after, riots broke out in Crown Heights, and an Orthodox Jew was stabbed to death by a jeering mob. Sharpton is the demagogue who helped gin up racial hatred against three innocent Duke lacrosse players, and who helped turn Trayvon Martin into a martyr and George Zimmerman into the target of race-baiting vigilantes.

In other words, Sharpton is a racial extortionist who has instigated racial animosities, violence, and division in America for the last forty years. In better times, Sharpton would be stigmatized and condemned for the damage he has done. But today he is a primetime host on MSNBC – the charter cable news network for NBC News, and a favored outlet for the Obama administration’s spin doctors.

Sharpton shapes the public narrative every day—a narrative in which whites are always guilty, and in which racist America always requires correction by the federal government. And he inspires others in the liberal media to do likewise to spread similar venom. That is why TruthRevolt was created – to expose their hypocrisy and malice, and stimulate a popular revolt against them.

To help us expose Sharpton and embarrass his sponsors, click here:

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Robert J. Shillman, the David Horowitz Freedom Center has launched TruthRevolt to unmask leftists in the media for who they are, use the facts of their distortions and radical political agendas to make the American public aware that they are poltical propagandists in broadcasters’ clothing, and cause their sponsors in America’s opportunity society to think twice before contributing to their destructive causes.

In addition to race-baiters like Sharpton, TruthRevolt will focus on high-profile network figures like George Stephanopoulos (ABC News) and David Gregory (NBC News) who never disclose their leftist commitments; cable hosts who have been granted credibility despite their commitment to partisan agendas, including John King (CNN), Candy Crowley (CNN), Piers Morgan (CNN), Anderson Cooper (CNN), Chris Matthews (MSNBC), Rachel Maddow (MSNBC), Joe Scarborough (MSNBC) and Mika Brzezinski (MSNBC); institutional leftist outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post; and the most effective messengers of the left in the media, the powerful media figures at Comedy Central, including Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

But TruthRevolt will not stop there. TruthRevolt understands that all politics is local, and therefore will also confront hypocrisy and news doctoring in the local press, television and radio. Looking to stop the insidious indoctrination of the next generation, TruthRevolt will set up affiliates at colleges around the country to confront the one-party press on university campuses.

TruthRevolt differs from other organizations in its action orientation. It is determined not only to confront the leftwing media, but also to impact their profits. The far-left site Media Matters, run by self-confessed liar David Brock, has achieved enormous success by using the power of astroturfed boycotts and campaigns against conservative media figures, targeting their funders and advertisers. TruthRevolt will fight fire with fire, working to make advertisers and funders aware of the malicious propaganda they sponsor and creating pressure on them to think twice before helping to kill the goose that lays their golden eggs.

Advertising executives often acknowledge that their corporate clients change their advertising plans in response to the calls of a few dozen outraged citizens. TruthRevolt will take them at their word. Its goal is not only to engage in investigative journalism about the leftwing media figures who produce radical ideology masquerading as “news,” but to enlist thousands of conservatives to aggressively call on sponsors of racists like Sharpton and ask them to consider whether mainstreaming such destructive views is in the interest of the public or themselves.

Media Matters started with 27 writers and editors and an $8.5 million budget raised by George Soros and the Clintons. They’ve used this huge bankroll to pound conservatives. TruthRevolt does not have Soros’ millions; but it will speak in behalf of the truth. It will be lean and mean, and because it will be defending a system that produces more wealth for more people than any other, it will beat the left at its own game.

The TruthRevolt Editor-in-Chief is Shillman Senior Fellow Ben Shapiro. Shapiro is the New York Times bestselling author of Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America (2012), Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV (2011), and Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth (2004), among other works. Shapiro is also a nationally syndicated columnist, a graduate of Harvard Law School, and the host of The Morning Answer on KRLA 870 in Los Angeles.  He is the editor-at-large of Breitbart News.

Glenn Beck calls Shapiro a “warrior for conservatism, against those who use fear and intimidation to stifle honest debate. I’ve never known him to back down from a fight.” Sarah Palin says that Americans should “consider Ben’s advice about how we must stand up and push back twice as hard against this bullying.” Sean Hannity says to join Ben Shapiro and “fight back!” against liberal bullying. And Michelle Malkin says Shapiro is “infused with the indomitable spirit of his friend and mentor Andrew Breitbart.” Even the liberal Washington Post, in the aftermath of Shapiro’s devastation of Piers Morgan on national television, conceded that Shapiro is a “foe of extraordinary polemical agility.”

Buckle up. It’s about to get personal.

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  • Drakken

    It is about bloody time conservatives quit being nice and taking the so called high moral ground and start fighting back with a blowtorch and a chainsaw!

    • PouponMarks

      Yeah, getting slapped around, spit on, and ridiculed does get a bit old, right? Remember when Glenn Beck was on Fox and “Color of Change”, the Communist organization run by Van Jones, a publicly pronounced Communist, was targeting his advertisers? And some of them, like Proctor and Gamble, I believe, did withdraw, just as in the case with Rush over Sandra Flmuck.

      Time is overdue for the Right to not give the Left a bloody nose, but to knock them out and send them to Intensive Care.

      • nomoretraitors

        Van Jones is also an ex-con and 9/11 truther

        • PouponMarks

          And yet he was accepted into the Harvard Bolshevik Subversion Training Program.

      • Seek

        Be careful what you wish for. Rhetoric such as this, filled with a barely suppressed desire to do physical violence, will make a lot more enemies than friends — and not just on the Left. If this is what is meant by “changing the narrative,” civilized people should have nothing to do with it.

        • PouponMarks

          OK, how about ripping their heads off, and dismembering them? Is that better?

          • Seek

            Actually, no.

          • Sharps Rifle

            It’s at least as good ;-)

        • truebearing

          And what is your sage advice? Listen to Lindsey Graham John McCain?

          Should George Washington have taken his lead from the Tories? Or should we have tried to talk Hitler out of his Nazi bloodlust?

          When is it time to fight? After the oppressor consolidates overwhelming power? Maybe you can enlighten us as to when it is time to fight.

        • Arcturus

          You are correct Seek. I say let these people start slobbering all over the place. It will only help the left.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “You are correct Seek. I say let these people start slobbering all over the place. It will only help the left.”

            Because leftists are so civilized in comparison. In their dreams.

        • BAW

          Oh please. The left is the most vile, despicable, uncivilized, group in politics. You clearly don’t believe it hurts or you wouldn’t consistently elevate some of the worst offenders to speak for and lead your side.

          The right will never sink to the depths the left goes to on a regular basis. However since you’re such a “sensitive” bunch you get the vapors over common sense statements of fact, whine endless about quoting verbatim what one of yours said, come totally unglued over the mere use of some words, or middle names or ears – the “no more Mr. Nice guy” approach from the right will be devastating. Imagine a whole army of Ann Coulters and Andrew Breitbarts attacking day in and day out. Bless your little hearts.

          • Seek

            You’re naive and hence dangerous. The Right and Left routinely each put forth their own version of totalitarianism. All decent people ought to rise above that. When it comes to thuggery, this is no time to play favorites. And yes, Mr. Poop Marks is a totalitarian.

        • bluffcreek1967

          Oh sure, yeah, let’s not fight fire with fire. After all, all those ‘decent folks’ might think we’re uncivilized or meanies. Playing nice, unfortunately, hasn’t gotten us anywhere and its allowed the Left to out-maneuver us and influence the entire world for their Utopian schemes.

          The Right needs to understand that we’re in a war to the death. We better learn to fight dirty and mean – and that pronto! The days of niceties are over.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “If this is what is meant by “changing the narrative,” civilized people should have nothing to do with it.”

          Changing the narrative is an extremely vague phrase and can mean almost anything like “changing the subject.”

          The implication behind the conservative use of the phrase as far as I can tell is about getting sick of allowing the leftist media to control the discourse.

          So you’re welcome to change it to whatever you see as useful.

        • John Anthony Virgilio

          Seek, where exactly is the indication to do violence?

        • antiscreed

          Then go hide in the sand putz.

    • Infidel

      Blowtorch? FLAME THROWER!!!!


    G-D Speed Ben Shapiro!

  • A Z

    I never heard of the Harlem store incident. Spike Lee no doubt is very loud and proud over Sharpton’s part in the store arson.

    After all Spike Lee produced, written, and directed the movie Do the Right Thing.

  • m4253y

    count me in…battle lines have been drawn. now, we fight the good fight.

  • UCSPanther

    About time. People need to know that Sharpie is the same kind of scum as David Duke.

    The only difference, other than race, is that Duke didn’t have the MSM covering for him and once any credibility he had burned off, he had to leave for greener pastures and is now polluting Eastern Europe and Russia with his propaganda.

  • A Z

    Crown Heights made the national news. The press seemed to keep this mostly quiet for their protege Sharpton.

    “Freddie’s Fashion Mart

    In 1995 a BLACK Pentecostal Church, the United House of Prayer, which OWNED a retail property on 125th Street, asked Fred Harari, a Jewish tenant who operated Freddie’s Fashion Mart, to evict his longtime subtenant, a black-owned record store called The Record Shack. Sharpton led a protest in Harlem against the planned eviction of The Record Shack. Sharpton told the protesters, “We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business.”

    On December 8, 1995 Roland J. Smith Jr., one of the protesters, entered Harari’s store with a gun and flammable liquid, shot several customers and set the store on fire. The gunman fatally shot himself, and seven store employees died of smoke inhalation.[41][42] Fire Department officials discovered that the store’s sprinkler had been shut down, in violation of the local fire code.[43] Sharpton claimed that the perpetrator was an open critic of himself and his nonviolent tactics. Sharpton later expressed regret for making the racial remark, “white interloper,” and denied responsibility for inflaming or provoking the violence.”


    Harari sound like a Middle Eastern name. My guess is that he did not immigrate to America fro Europe. His recent roots would be from the Middle East. If you did not know Harari was Jewish, you would guess he was Arab.
    Either way Sharpton would have gone after him because we all know he is a racist.

  • nomoretraitors

    GO GET ‘EM

  • Tina Trent

    The Central Park Jogger was treated to some of the worst abuse Sharpton ever delivered, including attempted physical assault by a mob, but the successful campaign to falsely claim her offenders’ innocence has served to silence criticism of Sharpton on this front — here too, Mr. Shillman and Mr. Shapiro, she is not mentioned in an otherwise comprehensive list.

    This must not stand. If you are going to “attack” Sharpton, do it on behalf of all of his victims, not some of them.

    Don’t exclude from your list the white female victims of Sharpton’s pernicious rape-race attacks — not the jogger, and not the young woman in Georgia who was viciously abused by Sharpton’s National Action thugs in another interracial rape case.

    The five young men who confessed to the jogger assault were later falsely acquitted — this acquittal has been fetishized by leftists and promoted using tax dollars and through publicly funded media. The prosecutor in the case and Ann Coulter have written very cogent explanations of the real guilt of those defendants and the motives for the false confession of Matias Reyes, the serial rapist-killer who left the only DNA secretion (always known as the only secretion, always known not to have come from the wilding youths) at the scene of the crime. The DA also should be held responsible for caving to politics.

    Any campaign against Sharpton must not resort to selectivity in confronting his lies — especially regarding real rape victims, who have been treated so shabbily by activists in several arenas and across political divides. The jogger suffered far, far more than several victims listed here, and her case merits far more media correction.

    Sharpton’s NAN troops in other parts of the country also merit censure, as do the youth chapters.

    • Seek

      The problem with Sharpton is his blackness. His leftism is secondary. With Reverend Al, race is everything. It’s always about being black.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        “The problem with Sharpton is his blackness. His leftism is secondary. With Reverend Al, race is everything. It’s always about being black.”

        But his blackness, his brand of “blackness” is purely a leftist construct. He may not be aware of that but that doesn’t make it untrue.

    • MrUniteUs1

      Tina the Central Park Joggers real killer confessed. He gave details only the killer would know. The 5 falsely accused were set free.

  • truebearing

    It is well past the time people like Sharpton be fully exposed, down to the disgusting details of the depraved things they have been willing to do for power. Tawana Brawley had feces smeared all over her in the failed attempt to force a conviction of innocent white police officers. If the tables were turned, the Left would have howled incessantly and branded the white perpetrator with a nickname that would never erase. Belated though it may be, I suggest we refer to Sharpton as “Fecal-finger Sharpton.” Other suggestions welcomed.

    • Biff Henderson

      Ol’Smearslick finally going to get what coming to him. Here’s hoping his lie job burns him more than his lye job ever did.

  • Warren Raymond

    Beating the scum with their own tactics? Long overdue!

  • JacksonPearson

    Exposing, and burning Al Sharpton fraudulent tactics, are way overdue.

  • RCraigen

    If liberals had any real tactical sense they’d stop worrying about regulating guns and start worrying about registering and controlling Ben Shapiro. He’s our secret lethal weapon, may he remain free and dangerous.

  • The Joke’s On Us

    Thank you so much for launching this project. We’ve got your back and will do what we can to assist.

  • Zena Salem

    This is awesome. We have been needing someone to tell truth and debunk far left lies. We need representation to fight against propaganda and lawsuits against our Rights in America. Only lies from left and it’s time they are stopped. God bless.

  • Larry Peoples Sr

    Take No Prisoners!!

  • MarcusArelious

    its about time for something like this … i will support you with $$$$ as long as you hold up the truth – and i mean truth – not just a conservative point of view .. i have and will, make my vote heard with financial contributions to organizations that unwaveringly uphold freedom and truth !

  • Robert S Moulds

    Al Sharpton is self loathing other wise he would have stoped burning his scalp with lye to have a conk hair do years ago. So who cares what he says anyway even Barack does not care.

  • Irony Curtain

    Amazing how Paula Dean’s entire TV career is over because she uttered the so-called “N” word years ago. Yet, there’s video tape on YouTube right now of the racist Al Sharpton screaming that word over and over in reference to David Dinkins and it’s apparently a TV resume enhancer for him.

  • Billiam

    I would advise that you fight to ALWAYS be truthful. Otherwise you’ll wind up being nothing more than a republican Media Matters. In other words, you’ll become propagandists rather than truth tellers. Guard well against that.

  • Infidel

    Love it, love it, love it. About time. Do they except donations? Better give here than the party of Rinos.

  • shmo123

    So, who are these sponsors? Is there a list and if so, where?

  • iamgobsmacked

    It`s about time someone takes it to chick pea head.

  • antiscreed

    Sooo explain to us neophyte, naive and dangerous people, what is YOUR solution to counter the unmitigated propaganda train the left has used for decades?

  • MrUniteUs1

    More publicity for Sharpton and his show.


    Turn up the HEAT to that of a BOILING VOLCANO! then after getting A Sharpton to ‘STEP & FETCH’, turn the temp up another 10,000 degrease so as to make sure it sends him BOUNCING out of sight and mind once and for ALL !!!!!!.
    nuff said qapla’

  • truth-is-knowledge

    Take a serious look at, this brave guys new initiative. They are going up-stream in a toxic / liberal waters fool of piranhas. Finally it’s time to stand against conspiracy and lies in media.
    Hope they will survive, and succeed.
    P.S. those piranhas cannot bite for their mouths staffed with money, but they do can lie.