Obama’s Jihad Denial — on The Murrell Gang

Barack ObamaIn this special edition of the Glazov Gang, Superstar PolitiChick Ann-Marie Murrell filled in as host for Jamie and made it one of the best episodes yet. Her guests were Nick Searcy, Peabody Award-Winning Int’l Film & Television Star, Bill Whittle, Virtual President & Political Pundit and Morgan Brittany, Movie & Television Star.

The Gang members gathered to discuss Obama’s Jihad Denial. The discussion occurred in Part I and shed light on how an American administration is doing  the bidding of our Islamist enemy. The segment also dealt with: Who’s Arming Al-Qaeda?, focusing on the frightening evidence suggesting that the administration is placing U.S. weapons into jihadist hands. The segment also highlighted John McCain’s Syria Odyssey.

Part II featured an analysis of: The Secrets of Benghazi, zeroing in what more disturbing tales will be revealed by the emerging new whistle-blowers. The discussion was followed by a spotlight on: Huma Abedin: The Scariest Person in America?, which exposed the danger posed by the wife of a prospective NYC mayor being a Muslim Brotherhood operative.

Don’t miss this BLOCKBUSTER episode of the Murrell Gang, filled with intellectual discussion, dramatic fireworks and lot’s of sharp wit and laughter..

Watch both parts of the two part-series below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • Gary Rumer

    Great show!!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

    The people of Syria are smart enough to reject islamist extremism.

    Yet McCain went there and didn't notice that al qaida is a bad bunch? Obama wants to arm them even more?

    islamists are mad dogs and deserve to be treated the same.

  • laser1

    After gathering all the data and no one seems to have a clue to what is going on in the Obama secret society. I would think that there is a lot of pay for services going on like bribes, extortion, and political corruption and the possibility of blackmail. Information is being withheld from the public on all the points of the sandals that are now plaguing the Obama administration. The white house is indeed playing all of us for fools. Maybe in the next election "we'll all" As Americans get it right.

    Oh Ann-Marie, by the way, You did a great Job!

  • Ann-Marie Murrell

    THANK YOU for watching, especially since Jamie wasn't there & you had to settle for me as host lol. Of course with Whittle, Searcy & Morgan B as guests, it was a cakewalk (until the end when I lost control…) A FB friend asked me if we're afraid of "going to jail" because we talk about Islam. I told him I believe in the Constitution that our great founders of America created to make sure that doesn't happen–and I'm not afraid of the idiots who want to destroy it. These are crazy, uncertain times and I'm grateful Jamie Glazov & Front Page Mag is around to let people know the Truth about what's happening in the world.

  • Anthony

    For many of us, Islam is a dangerous and despicable ideology, masked as a religion.

    Yet, we are told repeatedly by politicians, the media, academia and religious

    leaders that we are just bigoted fear mongering islamophobic clowns.

    I highly recommend that you take the time to watch the two videos linked below.

    The videos do not deal with Islam directly, but discuss the mindset and world views of those that encourage and enable it to prosper and grow.

    Intellectuals and Race: Thomas Sowell (38 min)

    The Vulgar Pride of Intellectuals: Thomas Sowell (53 min)

  • esperanto

    Check out:

    "Joel Richardson,Christian, Interviewed by a Jewish Believer in Jesus(Jonathan Bernis) about Islam"

    "Sinan,the Greatest Architect of all Time of the Ottoman Empire,was a Christian who at 21 was Forced to become a Muslim"

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    FINALLY, Huma Abedin is being give all due deliberation. Yes, she IS the scariest person in America, and it is not due to her diva looks. She is the highest placed Muslim Brotherhood/Sisterhood Mafia operative, bar none, yet she is operating sans any true scrutiny – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/11/07/spotlight-on-

    And as a board member of the MSA, yes, the same MSA which is the student front group for the Brotherhood, well, a spotlight is more than efficacious – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/08/15/the-muslim-st

    NOT to say I told you so, but I highlighted Huma on 8/15/12, way before hubby entered the race!
    SHINE that light……

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • pierce

    Just how did a pervert jew and an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood/Sisterhood ever get mixed up?

    • kafir4life

      Your question answers itself.

  • Chanameel

    Obama lead 50,000 muslim men in a Day of Prayer on the mall Sept 2009 (constellation Virgo)
    They prayed for the "Soul of America."
    That occult rite was an act of "surrender" and determines the "future destiny" of America.
    Remember you can't leave troops in muslim countries without surrendering yours.
    We are just witnessing the far left (fifth column of Islam) coming to fruition.
    Bill Clinton said that Obama needs two more years to complete his plan.
    Seems to understand the time frame.

  • ElizabethMC

    Exposing this woman was Michele Backmann's crusade, and she was run out of DC for doing that.

  • Questions

    So what's a nice Jewish boy like Anthony Weiner doing marrying a woman like this?

  • http://CrossChek.wordpress.com D.D. Edwards

    Let me mention a couple of things everybody seems to either talk around, disregard or miss altogether.

    These commentators relate Obama’s morality and ethos as coming from and being formed by a fundamentally communistic environ he was immersed in; is immersed in. I do not disagree.

    Nevertheless it runs deeper than that. People rarely touch on the fact that Obama’s core beliefs are extremely twisted, not merely due to his Marxist tilt, but you must remember Obama was raised a Muslim; therefore he is a Muslim. He is not a Christian; the church he attended posits Black Liberation Theology which is wholly antithetical to what the Bible teaches.

    Second as regards the Muslim Huma Abedin, Weiner’s wife consider that in the Qurán there is a mandate to lie. It is called "taqiyya." It is okay for a Muslim to lie to advance their agenda—Allah’s agenda. Its purpose is to deceive your enemy into thinking you are their friend . . . until that opportune moment they want to camouflage their true intent.

    Abedin is not only “telling lies” she is “living a lie” for the ultimate advancement of Islam (viz. sura 66:2; sura 2:225; sura 3:54).

  • κατεργάζομαι

    ……Hillary's long time "aid" Huma Abedin, is thick with the Muslim Brotherhood. Huma was shown State Department's most sensitive documents.

    Hillary Clinton: "WHAT does it matter?"

    Mansions of the Lord https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeasNTq1mQA

    Mansions of the Lord https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHRbb72MtZ8

    "Mansions of the Lord" performed by the Cadet Glee Club of West Point https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGoSWn1tHeo

    ANOTHER GERMANE QUESTION: Where was Barack Obama during those seven hours?
    And WHO was in charge of the United States security decisions?

    Huma Weiner the new Tōkyō Rose.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Huma Weiner the new Tōkyō Rose.

  • Power2daPeople

    If Ms. Abedin is guilty of anything, it's being an assistant to war criminal Hillary Clinton. The notion that she's an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood is absurd and was debunked a while ago. But please, keep on repeating your lies for the Fox News crowd; they lap it up.

  • Tracy

    This may be off topic but i don't think so.To put it bluntly the United States Gov't are blatant criminals for using DEPLETED URANIUM ARSENAL true WMD under the guise of looking for WMD if i were them i would also have a problem with Americans caused by our Gov't. What we have done to their country and their innocent civilians are horrendous.Their children are born looking like something out of a sci-fi movie from OUR bombs and what of our own soldiers. The scientists say this horror we have perpetrated is unfixable for MILLIONS of years! They basically have a death sentence and I truly believe that our Gov't intentionally set out to achieve this outcome from the git go.There is no shutting the blinds on this one.All parties involved I don't care what banner,group,club,religion you fall under.This is at the very core of our human existence.I don't give a damn if Hilary is a Muslim,Jew,Christian or atheist .The scope of you Republicans,democrats,left, right,and everyone of US in between are culpable and liable for this genocide and we can't close our eyes to this anymore. It is appalling and unacceptable.

  • DonaldYoungsRevenge

    How about a forum to discuss what has been going on with the 18 month criminal investigation of Barack H. Obama. The lead investigator from the Sheriff Joe Arpaio investigation, Lt. Mike Zullo, has had many successful meetings with VIPS at the CPAC convention and recently at the CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Convention). The barn door has finally been open and the horses are flying out of the barn and Frontpage REFUSES to cover the story. Shame on all of you.

  • ltcdmward

    The point that Bill Whittle made in Part II — about Obama’s associations — must never be forgotten, as well as not being said enough. And the fact that he taught the Alinsky methods and learned Chicago style Democovet politics (war to get and maintain power).

  • tokoloshiman

    is anyone trying to get the poor film maker out of prison in the meantime?

  • DebRollin

    Isn’t it pathetic how Mr. Obama has sunk to new lows in claiming to be a friend to Israel, and Have their back! This administration leaked to the media the specifications for the heretofore-secret US- Israel installation for Israel’s Arrow 3 missiles. It was quickly called another leak from an administration already reeling from leaks…More a deliberate decision.

  • Jack Wisdom

    Michele Bachmann spoke today at Philadelphia Freedom Center luncheon. She went to great lengths to explain about how our “fantasy foreign policy” (as she calls the administration’s foreign policy) is supporting Muslims in the Middle East who want to impose Shari’a Law in their countries. They are replacing the more secularist dictators in the region, thus we see a ring of “black flags” around Israel.

    • Well Done

      Good point, Jack, but the problem with Islam expanding in Syria and elsewhere around the Med Sea began in Turkey in 2003. The jackazzes at the EU made it a condition of Turkey’s admission to the EU that the military no longer have a role in gov’t. Well, guess what was keeping Turkey from becoming Islamist? Yup. The military. And away we go… with way too many in the West, and all of the hard left, pretending it’s “Democracy, go”, when in fact it’s “one vote, one time” with these inbred furfarmers. 0bama is one of them.

      • Jack Wisdom

        I thought you were going to say that the problem in Syria is that Syria is now or quickly becoming a vassal state of Iran, and that the Shi’ite vs. Sunni longstanding hostility complicates the picture. However, your point is well taken especially in Egypt where we see how the military is holding the line against the Brotherhood just a few short months after we posted our comments on frontpagemag.com