Video: Former Radical Feminist Confronts “Women’s Studies”

Dr. Janice Fiamengo unveils the sinister totalitarian agenda of “academic feminism”:

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  • Diann

    I do applaud this professor. Thirty years ago when I studied just three courses from Women's Studies, I realized that I didn't hate that much and that being in such classes were an overall negative experience for me. If we did not hate men enough, and for many, if we were not lesbians, we were ridiculed as not being true feminists. It's wonderful that an academic has come forward to express what is happening in Women's Studies all over North America. Salute to her.

    • beez

      Man hates woman. Woman hates man. Hate destroys man and woman.

  • Omar

    Do you know where feminism will really work? In the Middle East, where it is needed so desperately. Feminism is needed in the Islamist states where women are treated like chattel and are stoned to death for so-called "infidelity". That region is where feminism will really work, but since groups like Code Pink are supportive of Islamofascist regimes like Iran, feminists will pay little to no attention on the suffering of women in the region. The double standard live on.

    • defcon 4

      I always find it strange that the courage and outrage of feminists ends at the feet of islamofascism…

  • Questions

    Only a relatively small portion of faculty truly desrve the title "professor." And many students are not in college to study. It is time to restore the good name of elitism to American higher education.

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,it's great that someone like Dr. Fiamengo goes after the radicals. They give the more decent feminists a bad name.