Video: I’m an Israeli Soldier

An Israeli soldier’s song to the world for Passover:

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  • Jossi

    Yes, we are living by the day, we are not going away and we are here to stay; in Israel. I'm just watching the live coverage of the arrival of Prez Obama to my land. In a few days Pessach (Passover) is again coming up to the yearly calendar, and we'll never forget our long history. Monday night, on full moon, we remember one of the most important moments in History, during our Seder, our evening meal. Happy Pessach and Passover to everyone. Shalom.

    • Dove Goldstein

      The Pharoh is our blessed land and is an empty suit. G-D bless all the Jewish People as HASHEM has given us this land,morals and made us a great people under his protection.

      • Parenthetical Phrase

        Perfect. Yes, Obama was "elected" president but sees himself as Pharoah. You're right, he is nothing more than an empty suit. He never graduated from any school, which is why all of his school records are sealed; he never gave a speech that wasn't written by someone else, he can't utter a word without a teleprompter and he never had a friend who wasn't a thug.

  • Asher

    May God continue to Bless Israel and may they stand in strength against All Odds used against them. They always arise from destruction…it is a God Given ability!

  • Arlie

    Thank you, Blessed Pesah and feast of unleavened bread. 0 is bringing lots of "leaven" don't let him contaminate you, may the one true G-d of Israel protect with His mighty grace and mercy, Judea and Samaria and all the IDF troops. I loved to see their smiling faces…I don't usually enjoy rap music…but this was an enjoyable video. Shalom, Shalom.

  • Metatrone

    Tyrants come and go…..Presidents come and go…..Israel exists and will continue to exist. It is The Lord God's gift to the Jews…..for ETERNITY.

    • July

      The Jews and Israel are a gift to the world for Eternity.

  • AdinaK

    Indeed, and here is a short commentary on it, posted today at my blog –

    GO IDF!! Kadima….

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Trevor

    From Adina's blog,

    "Israel’s soldiers have a clear “in your face” message for the world: They are NO longer in bondage and shackles, unlike their besieged ancestors enslaved in Egypt. They are free, proud, courageous and strong! "

    Are they courageous because they have the areas biggest stockpile of WMDs including nukes?

    Are the corageous when they shoot pregnant women and then proudly wear t-shirts proclaiming "one shot two kills?

    Are the courageous when they drop bombs from F16s on unharmed and defenseless citizens of Gaza?

    Are the courageous when they murder peace activists by running them over with bulldozers [~Rachel Corrie] or shhot them in the head when trying to remove children from their indiscriminate fire [Tom Hurndall]?

    Are the courageous when the shoot camera men waving white flags [James Miller]?

    Are they courageous when they shoot children throwing stones?

    Are they courageous when they shell beaches and kill families?

    Were they courageous when they got chased out of Lebanon by Hezbollah?

    Most people of a sane mind would call them cowards and cowards are exactly what they are!

    • Neil
      • Trevor

        Neil, i'm not interested in your Zionist lies and propaganda….K!?!

        Maybe you should lay off the Ziocaine.

        • UCSPanther

          Typical Israel hater: Responds with insults and accusations of working for the "man"…

        • stern

          And we're not interested in your anti-Semitic lies and propaganda …. K!?!

          Frankly, Trev, if you don't want to listen to an alternative viewpoint that actually considers the fact that Jews may be good people, what the heck are you doing on this site? I would suggest you go back and play in the mud with your buddies at electronic intifada and other similar places.

          • Trevor

            'Stern'…are you by chance named after the infamous leader of the gang of terrorists and wannabe nazi collaborators?

            Ps i'm not, nor have i ever said that Jews were not good people.

            What i've actually said here is that the IDF are cowards…Capiche!?!

          • defcon 4

            What do you think of anyone Jewish who supports the state of Israel Ahmed Hitler?

          • Trevor


        • Lan Astaslem

          someone should throw some rocks at your head – maybe it'll knoock some sense into you – if it doesn't kill you

        • ziontruth

          "Maybe you should lay off the Ziocaine."

          Ziocaine, huh? I've heard that term a lot of times before, but not here—on Mound o’ Scheiss, the premiere Stürmerite progLefty website for counting the number of "Zionists occupying the American government" while equating Zionism to Nazism at the same time.

          If that's where you got that term, it says a lot about you. Specifically, about the level you're prepared to stoop to.

        • Brian

          Trevor if you are not interested, why post? You are a fraud that just wants attention. So now that you have it, do you feel better. I can but I won't refute all the garbage that you spewed about the IDF.

          • Trevor

            Go ahead big mouth, refute my "garbage"

            Oh wait, you can't!

    • UCSPanther

      If that was a "victory" that Hezbollah won in Lebanon, then I would hate to see what they would consider a loss…

  • BlueStarMom

    I am sorry to say that my Grandfather spent his whole life stating that he hated the 'Jews'.
    Unfortunately he never received any Bible doctrine and he never studied the Old Testament. Add to that his severe insecurity and low self esteem.
    In fact, the people I have come across who profess to 'hate the Jews', have all been very insecure.

    I am proud to be able to say there are no 'Jew haters' in my family and our sons know that as Christians we stand with Israel.
    Shoulder to shoulder!

    I'm not much on rap but did enjoy the other singing.
    Happy Passover to my Jewish friends.

  • swissyankee

    Luv it! but I hope you know these guys are actors (the lead guy is part of Caroline Glick's Latma)

  • Herb Benty

    May the Almighty Creator God, Who revealed himself to Moses, confirmed with the Prophets the eternal covenant The LORD made with ISRAEL……. confound the slanderers and bring to nothing those who plot against HIS HOLY NATION and those brought near through the LORD JESUS CHRIST. bye.