Video: Jamie Glazov Defends Michele Bachmann on ‘Stakelbeck on Terror’

To sign the Freedom Center’s  petition to stop the Islamist witch-hunt against Rep. Michele Bachmann,  click here. And  please spread the word about this petition far and wide!

Erick Stackelbeck recently sat down with Dr. Jamie Glazov, managing editor of, to discuss a new petition on Frontpage defending Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann against an Islamist/leftist-wing smear campaign.

Rep. Bachmann has been targeted by the unholy alliance of radical leftists and Islamists for her strong stand against the Muslim Brotherhood and her warnings about MB penetration of the U.S. government.

To watch Erick Stakelbeck’s interview with Dr. Glazov and learn more about the petition, click here.

  • AdinaK

    Defending Rep Bachmann should be every patriot's duty, as well as honor. Doing all I can too, even from Israel –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • Asher

    Michele Bachmann is a true patriot, a strong woman who stands up for the truth. Islam will persecute and attack anyone who is a strong leader and stands up for Freedom and against Tyranny. These are the times that try the souls of honest to goodness men and women who know that persistence is the key. Islam has all the time in the world to wear down their victims.

  • joe poe

    I am a strong patriotic American. Ex-military Reconnaissance United States Marine Corps, 1976-1980. The only thing true about Michele Bachmann, is that she's nuts. I would not elect someone to represent me who has no respect in Congress. They laugh at her too, and the people of the 6th district in Minnesota, elected her, so we laugh at them too.

    • Mozz Jones

      Yeah, Joey, U a little pathetic, too. We all laugh at you. Too bad that being a marine didn't give you half the spine Rep. Bachmann has. Sorry to break the news, loser.

    • Conservative Veteran

      Laughter is a sign of fear in situations like this. Congress is afraid of a real conservative. The people in 6CD did the right thing in reelecting Bachmann over the no-experience liberal that was running against her. What we need now is the conservative experience not another liberal that will refuse to work with the conservatives to correct the Spending Gone Wild!