Video: Muslims Enforcing Sharia on the Streets of London

Islamic Law — coming to a neighborhood near you:

  • burkasrugly

    Just wait til the multicultural gay couple walking arm in arm down the street in an American city in a "muslim controlled" area gets beaten up by muslims. Will Obama speak up for their civil rights then? Or will his muslim sympathies trump this "first gay president?" Of course, Islam is supreme. That is when Obama will throw the gays under the bus. And he doesn't hire many women either. That's just a preview of how his cabinet will be 20 years from now ….all male and all muslim.

    • Miranda Rose Smith

      The media has been downplaying Moslem violence against gays for YEARS.

      • James

        The muslims who plastered east London with stickers saying Gay Free Zone were seen on CCTV leaving East London Mosque (the mosque being “protected” by these thugs) with the stickers, which were the equivalent of the Nazis’ “Juden Heraus” posters. The one muslim who was prosecuted for the Gay Free Zone campaign was given a slap on the wrist for it. A few months later he was imprisoned on terrorism charges:

        The area this gang is “patrolling” is 1km from the gay bar outside which a young gay man was set upon by a gang of muslims, leaving the gay man paralysed from the waist down (these muslims stabbed him through the spine with a broken bottle). The media reported it as a “random” attack –
        After one of the gang who attacked Oliver Hemsley was imprisoned (and only one of them was imprisoned), the gang went to the gay bar outside which Oliver was attacked. They arrived with baseball bats and went into the bar and beat up the customers (showing the attack on Oliver was not “random”). The media did not report this attack on the bar and its customers.… The area used to have 20 gay bars and clubs a few years ago; now it has 3.

        Even though muslims are supposedly less than 40% of the population, they totally control the local council with its budget of £1 billion. Money is doled by the council to religious groups, and muslims control all the local community organisations. The islamic nazi party (Hizb ut Tahrir) holds its annual conferences in that part of east London. The muslim leader of the council refuses to answer official questions, claiming that doing his job would infringe his human rights. Openly gay or lesbian councillors (all non-muslims, of course) are subjected by muslims to homophobic abuse during council meetings.

        The area has been exceedingly dangerous for non-muslims for years. A man called John Payne had part of his head sliced off in an attack by 30 racist muslims, wielding machetes and axes.… Only 3 out of the 30 violent racists were prosecuted. The other 27 are still roaming the streets of east London.

        Gary Smith was a relgion teacher in the area who was brutally attacked by a gang of muslims, because as part of his job he had to teach muslims about other religions

        Vicente Delgado was an immigrant living in east London, who was pushed onto the tracks of an on-coming automatic train (no driver). He was forced to remain on the track by the muslim gang who attacked him, until the train killed him.… The muslim gang were laughing as the train killed him.

        Only when a black man is killed by white men, do the British media publicise it as a racist attack.

    • JacksonPearson

      You just made Baracky's old bro Larry Sinclair jealous!

  • AdinaK

    Welcome to western reality – Sharia Law style.

    Coming to a city/town/suburb near you –

    ALL of the above is a DIRECT result of two issues – PC multicultural psychosis, and the actual merging of a red/green alliance.

    Adina kutnicki, Israel –

    • Drakken

      The reality is going to be extremely bloody in the end, will the socialist after they find out what the muslims have planned for them go along? Or will they resist? Sooner or later someone with a set is going to say no more and fight back, then watch the muslims go completely bonkers.

  • Anamah

    It must to be stopped! Take sharia to your Islamic countries if its admitted that kind of thing there… Go to Middle Age fanatic ignorant.

    • BS77

      Read Brigitte Gabrielle's They Must Be Stopped….and her first book too. Read Pam Geller and Melanie Phillips, Robert Spencer etc etc…….Get educated. England has thrown itself under the bus. When people are being executed in the public square, the English liberals will shrug helplessly.

      • maria

        Yes and send all muslims to Iran without money, computers, cell phones.Muslims are nazis

  • Michael Copeland

    Anjem Choudary gave notice of this:

    “Our campaign … will be … destroying the foundations of Western civilisation. There’s nothing wrong with having our own police force: It is a fifth column and we will rise up one day and implement the Sharia.” (New Humanist 2 August 2011).

    It could hardly be made clearer. Thus do our governments fail to defend their own citizens.

  • Miranda Rose Smith

    The ugly, unfortunate fact is that, in ultra-religious Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem, like Mea Shearim, women are beaten for dressing immodestly. I once shared an apartment, not far from Mea Shearim, with another woman, and when someone put glue in our front door lock, EVERYBODY I talked to ASSUMED it was ultra-religious Jews who didn't like it that my roommate and I wore slacks. It's not just Moslems who behave that way.

    • R.Nelson


    • Tod

      I have head of ultra orthodox Jews as throwing rocks if someone drives a car thru their neighborhood

      on the Sabbath.

      I consider that rude & them in needing a severe beatdown. I have yet to hear of them cutting of someone's head, throwing acid, killing people & so many other things.

      Just not the same order of magnitude. I have to assume you have pro-Palestinian sympathies.

    • Ghostwriter

      What sewer did you and your anti-Jewish friends crawl out from anyway,Ms. Smith?

    • burkasrugly

      I have to agree with Tod….they were wrong to do this IF the Jews actally did it. However, you can not make the case that this is morally equivalent with stonings, beheadings, amputation of hands and feet, etc.

      • Jordan

        …and ultiimately, they do it in Jerusalem, not in OUR countries.

  • Michael Copeland

    Ultra-orthodox Judaism not on a world campaign against all other faiths: Islam is.
    Ultra-orthodox Judaism does not call for the killing of all other faith adherents. Islam does..
    This concerns much more than a dress code: it is “destroying Western civilization”.

    • Miranda Rose Smith

      Dear Mr. Copeland:


  • H.j.Dcruz

    Sharia law is not fully implemented in any Muslim country but will be a success in the west. This is because of freedom of the west and ignorance of the native population and their governments,. it is for this reasons Muslims are migrating by hook or by crook to land to the west.Keep up the good work.

    • jacob

      Rest assured gays know damned well who to pick on and stay the hell away from these places..!!!

    • jacob

      Proof of the pudding is that they managed already to land one of theirs no less than in the White House

  • I'm Having a…

    "…and I think to myself; what a wonderful world". Quoting Louis Armstrong, but even he would baulk at the mess we're now in. A wonderful world, indeed. Devoid of the human race!

  • Allah Killer

    Let Death to Allah be our rallying cry.

    Death to the pedophile lying "prophet" Mohammed, too. Curses be on him.

    • Rebas Thgil

      I think the phrase they use is "Pees be upon him". I'll drink to that.

    • JacksonPearson

      Now, now…the next Middle East Caliphate is proposed for ex pres Barack Hussein Obama II. Hmm, or should that have been Barry Soetoro, or Barry Dunham….his true ID is so confusing, only the Muslims appear to know who he really is! /S

  • mark

    The threats were rather obvious in that video but the gutless authorities will likely ignore them.

    Its worth pointing out that they invited to islam in that video. After the invitation to join islam is given, under sharia law (which they want to enforce), its then legal to kill those who will not join islam.

    • watsa46

      Even if U are not invited, U can be killed as an infidel!

  • Alex Kovnat

    We are all familiar with how the powers-that-be in the UK almost totally disarmed the British people, firearms-wise, following a handgun massacre in 1996.

    I cannot help but wonder: If the UK is giving up their freedom bit by bit to Islamic folks with their insistence that everybody in their neighborhoods obey Sharia law, is this issue totally independent of the issue of firearms-disarmament of the British people? I wonder if the mentality behind the latter issue, also makes possible the former.

    • TimN

      Yeah I wonder what would happen if they just refused to put down or give up their drinks. Maybe the Muslim Patrol wouldn't be so snotty and arrogant if they thought they'd meet some serious resistance.

      Then again, even as a supporter of the Second Amendment, I have to think drunk, armed and pissed off probably isn't a really great combination.

      On the third hand I can't see them ordering an armed, drunk pissed off Texan to put down *his* drink. Not more than once anyway.

      • R.Nelson

        Where are the skinheads when you need them! LOL

    • vvvvv

      I for one hate Islam..the whole Islam culture is evil, trouble, arrogant, and the lowest form of life.."a germ", which spreads and will come to an end…!
      All you Islamic idiots will die out: your religion in this so called "Koran" is a comic like you…full of lies deceit and hatred….you are a short term parody of distaste! Ohh and "Allah", is nothing, just some dirt on the pavement!

  • Tan

    Guess what? The video on this article used to be shown on youtube. Now youtube has censored it. Either it's my computer (which I doubt), or it's the real thing, because it said that the video was a violation because the video was used to harass/bully people or something like that, which is a bunch of crap.

    • Tan

      Never mind. I was wrong. The same video was under a similar title, and for some reason it won't play because of something about "harass, bully, or threaten." However, youtube has another video of the same one under a different video title that they have not censored. If you want to ad the video to your favorites on your youtube account, go to Pamela Geller's website Atlas Shrugs and find the article titled "#Myjihad Sharia Enforcers: Hooded 'Muslim Patrol' Remove Alcohol From Drinkers And Tell Women To Cover Up As They Stalk London."

  • watsa46

    The world thirst for ME oil & gas is the main contributor to the spread of Islam/Sharia!

  • omar kahlid

    This is so comical. He patrols for alcohol then goes home and rapes a little boy in moohammeds name.

  • Bill

    The Creed of Death is unworthy of humanity. Its pious followers stand at the doors of Hell. All should resists Islam.

  • Drakken

    I really have to wonder when some Brit who is being harassed says enough is enough gives one of these hadjis a good taste of what happens when you push the natives too far?

    • R.Nelson

      No balls? Send some skinheads down there. LOL

      • Drakken

        When are these people who are being abused going to fight back? You know, I am in agreement with you, send the soccer hooligans in, they know how to get it done.

    • Gabrielle

      How many were in the Muslim group? They went after men alone or a couple,a male and a female. Knowing how absolutely violent these people can be what would a sane person do? The only thing to do is walk away and fight another day.

  • http://frontpagemag jose

    First he must disarm americans. Wake up america.

  • Ghostwriter

    Ladies and gentleman,the Annual Muslim Fanatics Parade is out in full force in London this year. All with the usual sickos,wackos,and creeps wandering the streets of London,wanting attention for their odious cause. Hopefully,someone will do something about them and I hope it's soon.

  • Dwoods

    Coming soon to America. I think it's already at UC Irvine.

  • Rebas Thgil

    My my my the fun I would have if the koranimals tried that crap here.

  • Tan

    For those of you who did not read my reply to my first comment on this video, I wanted to say that I found another one of the same video. You can find it on Pamela Geller's Atlas Shrugs website that's titled "#Myjihad Sharia Enforcers: Hooded 'Muslim Patrol' Remove Alcohol From Drinkers And Tell Women To Cover Up As They Stalk London." The one on The Point was censored for some reason, so if you want to put the video on your youtube favorites so you can spread the message, go to, look for that article title, and the video should be there.

  • nanis

    The woman says "This is great britain" and the idiot says "not so great" if he believes that than what doesn't he get out of there? Those people if you can call them people they are not happy anywhere. I guess it must be hard to be muslim (sons of no father)

  • Jaladhi

    Britain is reaping the fruits of loving Muslims and allowing them into their country unrestricted. Now the dumb fools cannot correct the problem. US can learn something from it by banning Muslim immigration totally rightaway or scenes like this will be repeated in NYC and other cities in USA.

  • Juni

    What these muslims are doing is totally illegal, they have no right in law to impose their relgious rights/views on the general populace. There is no sharia law in operation it may be undercover but not in the open, if it were not illegal you could be sure that they would impose it. However, there is a growing concern that we are being not only indoctronated but that there is a very real threat of their rights superceeding, even now it is un PC to criticize Islam. Until and unless Britian returns to God and the gospel we will see more infiltration of Islam we have been sold out by the government and they will have to answer for their unjust laws.


    The UK demonstrates how Socialism can destroy a country.

  • hikerdude

    Europe is getting what they deserve . This past New Years I believe the religion of peace torched hundreds
    of cars in a Paris suburb where the Police even fear to tread. Eventually Europe will be one giant mosque.
    The MSM will attack Christianity sans blinking an eye but cower at the thought of writing anything negative about Islam . Let Parliment don the burkas they earned,

  • Guru

    I am amazed .WHY BRITISH GOVT AND POLICE IS TOLERATING THESE THUGS ????? WHY ??????? Please take strict action against these Muslims otherwise they will make your life hell.

  • Basque_spaniard

    We have the same problem in spain, they entered in 1990 and nowadays they are 1,5 millions of muslims. None another group of inmigrantes has increased so much in two decades. Some politicians are corrupted by muslims countries and our king says always that marocan king is his "cousin" in spite of not having in any bloodline with him. The reason of King Juan carlos I increased fortune in this quarter century is not related with this connection??
    In spain the corruption is generalized in the head of the state and some autonomous governments and we fell upset. What would said us our ancestors of how we have converted our country?
    The spaniards know how to teach this muslim but we need a leadership.
    Allies?? Britain, germany and france full of muslims and the goverments don´t do anything.
    We have also a big problem of Gibraltar . Why we don´t have to ask to UK the sovereignity of Gibraltar if we dont have any cooperation?. Instead of supporting us they attack everything that is spanish.
    If we are friend and ally we have to cooperate before its too late.

  • Bloody american

    You get what you voted for. Let these people in your country and guess what? Cry when it affects you. Bunch of pussy's can't take a stand. Your political correctness will haunt you! Haha

  • Carol

    Can’t believe the Government and Police are allowing this, what would happen if other people decided that areas were catholic, Protestant, Jewish etc and others were to leave immediately ?? I do believe there would be a huge hue and cry and many arrests , this country is a total joke, for God sake grow a set and stop this now

    • Bella777

      no kidding

  • Bella777

    Wow, I can’t even believe this. The nerve of these people.

  • Bella777

    round them up and throw them out of your countries.

  • Al Simons

    brits..please cut theirs throats open.

    • Aubrey Durkin

      They can’t. They turned in their knives too