Video: Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller at CPAC “Uninvited” Panel

Why is defending against the global jihad controversial?

Breitbart News was given space for a panel at CPAC this past weekend, which they used to invite a group of speakers who have been barred from speaking at CPAC.

Below are videos of Robert Spencer’s and Pamela Geller’s remarks at the Breitbart News’ “Uninvited” panel:



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  • furtiveadmirer

    The uninvited should have included Detective Zullo, Sheriff Arpaio's investigative detective who has prima facie evidence Obama has committed several counts of identity fraud.

    This speech crushing "uninvited" panel would not have had to convene, if EVERYONE spoke up about Obama spying on all journalists via NSA with the journalists' government sources.



    • bob e

      great post here..we know how incendiary the identity fraud thing is..not even hard core right people will
      touch it…and that is the ONLY way we will get this fraud out before he destroys everything.

      • EarlyBird

        "Not even the hard core right"? Bob, what would you call this site, the reasonable, thoughtful right? This place is run by propagandists for hysterics.

        The reason nobody take this on the birth certificate issue is because it's bulls**t.

        "…before he destroys everything." Yeah. "Everything" is being "destroyed" because Obama, a very mild form of liberal, is using legitimate and standard political and legal processes to pursue an agenda which isn't even the most liberal of the last 20 years, let alone "ever" as so many nutjobs on this board shriek.

        Get a grip.

  • Vicki Coghlan

    A great conference!!
    Pamela and Robert are Legends!! :)

    • BS77

      The media hardly mentions Pam Geller…She is one of America's greats. She was on the Barbara Simpson radio show on Sunday…..she really tells it like it is. She and Brigitte Gabriel…..
      The libstream media tends to ignore their message.

      • EarlyBird

        Why doesnt' Fox News have her on?

        • Defcon 4

          LOL. Or PressTV? Or Al Jazeera? Those bastions of even handed reporting…

  • @jhytwit

    We need more Like Robert & Pamela to bring awareness .
    ALL should pay attention to what is going on in their nation, not only US.
    This is the article of Rose El-Youssef , Dec 22,2012, A MAN AND 6 of brotherhood in White House, check it & Robert is 100% right, saying the truth will set us all FREE!

  • donny

    Beware the Enabler in Chief. Islam will rule if Obama has his way.

  • Virginia

    If "truth is the new hate speech", why did Pam Geller, Breitbart Inc and CPAC chase Ory Taitz out of the hall when she mentioned Obama's ID forgeries, which are serious, federal offences and should be playing a major role in the current debate. Obama has been lying about his identity and is hiding the identity of those who put him in power. It's time to stop fighting against each other and start fighting for the WHOLE truth that will keep us free!

    There are still some very important "uninvited" voices yet to be given an audience at CPAC!

    • chaim from the bronx

      Exactly! Orly Taitz is as close to the truth in acting upon her mission and convictions as Spencer, Geller, and Breitbart & Co. are in all their worthy endeavors.

      In fact hers are more important than their endeavors. Fear of just mentioning, much less exposing Obama's forgeries is the reason Orly Taitz was not welcome.

  • DilloTank

    I am very much interested in this. However, I would much prefer to read a transcript. I just don't have time to watch this.

  • Alexander Gofen

    Why is defending against the global jihad "controversial"? Because GOP/CPAC is taken by the juhadists…. Here is why.

    Because the "C" in CPAC stands for Censorship (as another comment put it). Because the Censorship became so much a soup de jour for the so called "conservative" movement now that Pamela Geller herself engaged in an ugly suppression of the speech of Dr. Orly Taitz during the "Uninvited conference" arranged under the CPAC roof for the "censored" speakers.

    That is how dhimmies of ALL evil powers end up.

    As Captain Neil Turner brilliantly wrote

    … they must look themselves in the mirror each morning wondering "who (or what) has the power to make me lose my way … and my mind … and my shame … and my conscience?"

  • IQ al Rassooli

    Bravo Pamela & Robert!
    The C in CPAC stands for (COWARDICE in the face of the enemy)
    Considering the fact that an Arabic speaker from Iraq who has studied and mastered the subjects dealing with Islam for the last 30 years I find it extremely disconcerting and beyond comprehension why most of the US media, academia, politicians & clergy are totally brain dead regarding the existential threat of Muhammadan Islam to all humans who are not Muslims; currently 80% of humanity: Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, etc in spite of the FACT that the agenda of Islamic SHARIA is and has been clear for the last 1400 years: to ISLAMISM all of humanity!
    I have no doubt that the fault lays with the APATHY of most Americans who are not voicing their thoughts and fears.
    Those who want to learn the FACTS just Google 'alrassooli' and learn
    There is a great and very apt saying: EVIL triumphs when GOOD people are silent.
    IQ al Rassooli


      Tomorrow at 2 pm PRO ISRAEL RALLIES are planned in Jerusalem, Kendall FL, Coral Gbles, FL,, and Ft. laud, FL … On the occasion of Obama visiting Israel.


  • 77patriot

    Thank you, Pamela, and thank you, Breitbart. She's talking about the elephant in the room. Brave woman!
    Bless her.

  • Tina Trenner

    Its awful to listen to people fight over BO's birth certificate…Not one person knows the facts for sure…Loads of evidence is being pulled together and as many know some people go to jail in circumstantial cases… Having a bogus Social Security number is indeed a red flag…If you had one you would be called an" identity thief" but if you mentioned it you might be called a racist..Not sure how those go together, but there is no sane thought in America today…… The fact 3 world known experts have examined the last of three birth certificates and found them all to be " forged" (their words not mine)…should make an average intelligent person pay a bit of attention..and the fact his Grandmother said she was at the Hospital in Kenya when he was born might make the average person scratch their head…but hey lets all vote for more drugs and watch the game, drink a load of beer, and pretend all is well…So much easier is it not?

  • @Patriotress

    Orly has her mission as the "uninvited" have theirs. THEY disrespect and shut down Orly and consider THEIR mission more important, O could've been gone back in 2008 IF he had been exposed instead protected and enabled! Even the folks above fail to accept the evidence that has been circulating and available for years !! WE need to tell them this! As with the talk shows and conservative media, these folks with a public pulpit whine, as Mark Levin, and DO NOTHING regarding supporting Zullo and Orly !!! Don't ya wonder WHY? I do.

    • Virginia

      Right! Right! Right!
      Everybody has their own agenda instead of thinking about the country first. That's why the Constitution is there for ALL of us. Ignore it at our own peril!

  • Defcon 4

    Instead of blaming Pamela and Robert, the GUESTS at the event. Maybe you should be blaming the hosts, or perhaps the board of directors of CPAC. After all, Pamela and Robert were the uninvited, they WERE NOT THE SHOT CALLERS at this event.

    • Virginia

      Yes, the Hufpo article made it look like Pamela was to blame. The Breitbart familiy has good reason not to take up the issue. Andrew was most probably iced on purpose hours after his interview with Jerome Corsi and Joe Arpaio the day of the Arapio Press Conference. Even Breitbart's Coroner died of arsenic poisoning. We are not dealing with nice people here.