Weiner and the Brotherhood Bunch — on The Glazov Gang

bb_edited-1This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Nonie Darwish, author of The Devil We Don’t Know, Jen Serrano, a PolitiChick, and Tiffany Gabbay, the National Development Director at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

The Glazov Gangsters gathered to discuss Weiner and the Brotherhood Bunch, dissecting the maze of a sex-obsessed politician and his Muslim Brotherhood wife and in-laws.

The episode also focused on Rolling Stone’s Glamor Shot of a Jihadist and Musician Akon Tells Black Americans To Move Back To Africa.

To watch both parts of the two-part series, see below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • BS77

    enough of weiner….tedious and awful..he should go away.

  • physicsnut

    speaking of Progressive Politics – hey I think i got this figured out.
    Huma is going to get divorced from Anthony.
    Hillary is going to get divorced from Bill.
    Then Hillary and Huma are going to get married. (to each other)
    And Bill and Anthony are going to get married.

    They will roll dice to figure out who gets whose body
    parts with various sex change operations. Then it will
    be revealed that James Carville really is a space alien after all, and just the advance guard, and that Bill, Hillary, Huma and Anthony are all Pod People from outer space.
    They will all live in the white house and it will be like
    that movie Independence Day where the beam comes down from the flying saucer – ( or maybe more like ‘morons from outer space’ ).

  • totallydomestic

    Love Love Love your show!!!! Wish everyone would watch it.
    Wisdom and great discernment. Especially appreciate Noni’s

    • jamieglazov11

      Thank you totallydomestic!

  • Anamah

    Disagreeable couple!

    A total piece of garbage; and her so funny repeating the same words, same tones, the exact thing Hillary made in ABC 60 minutes, in 1992 stunning video from her …same speech now first actress: Huma!

    • BS77

      I do feel sorry for his wife…having to put up with this pile of garbage…..how can she stand being around him one more minute???

      • Anamah

        She is in an important mission as her girlfriend Hillary also is… You may remember, Muslim Brotherhood, Saudis and Qatar jobs are extremely focused on NYC and Pennsylvania Av at DC…

        You will see.

      • MarilynA

        Hey, Huma is a Muslim. Muslim women are trained to accept their husband’s harems and sexual deviancies. Don’t those Imam tell Muslim husbands it’s OK to beat their wives into submission?

  • Boleslaw Bierut

    show is good, as usual, but part I is part II and vice versa.;)

  • ltcdmward

    These two Parts were wonderful, mainly because of the perspectives of an all women panel and Dr. Glazov doing an excellent job of moderation.

  • David

    lol one of your guest has engaged in that same behavior and is jobless. Nice screen job of your guests.

  • Larry

    Hmm, What exactly are we losing everyday, this Jen Serrano person keeps spouting. Equating the left with radical muslims? That the left will only care to listen to Clooney, Pitt or Damon. Pretty empty generalizations that ring hollow considering that the right has been hijacked by media personalities such Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and Coulter. These guys have more influence on the right then Clooney etc, has on the left.

    • catherineinpvb

      Perhaps; but the ‘Right’ influences – are ‘reasoned’ and offered as ‘curent’ commentary and context; whereas; we know Clooney and et al Hollywood have ‘influence’ but neither Clooney or his likeminded; nor their sources; meet authentic testing standards. Mindless begetting ‘mindless'; less than optimum.

      As for comparing Leftist ideology/MO’s, with ‘radical Islam’. . .you are seriously, not getting it?

  • Barb3000

    I couldn’t imagine looking at weiner’s face every morning, that man is so unattractive that he has to sneak up on a glass to get a drink of water.

    • Headed4TheHills

      “badumtish” Barb3000, everyone. Let’s hear it for Barb. She’s here all week.

      But seriously, thanks Barb3000 for the laugh. Couldn’t have said it better myself. But…

      Weiner was so ugly as a child, his mom tied a porkchop round his neck to get the dog to play with him.
      Weiner is so ugly…how ugly is he…he’s so ugly, the day he was born the doc slapped his mom.
      Weiner is so ugly, his looks could stop a clock.
      Weiner is so ugly, his momma must have beat him with the ugly stick…stick? Forget stick, it was a tree.

      I’m sorry, Weiner. It ain’t your fault yer butt ugly. Speakin’ o’ butts. If my dog had a face like Weiner’s, I’d shave its butt an’ teach it to walk backwards.

      Thank you. Thank you.

      • John E Coleman

        Poor little wee wee !
        The best part if him, Ran down his old mans Leg !

    • nimbii

      Kiersten Powers, Fox News commentator, used to date Weiner.

  • Bamaguje

    If Akon is serious about his advice for Blacks to return to Africa, why doesn’t he start by deporting himself back to Senegal.

  • mattogilvie55


  • m4253y

    i will pitch in for the bus fare

  • davarino

    Ahh, as soon as wiener drops out of the race, Huma will leave him. The only reason she is with him is the hope he will go far in politics so the MB can have their influence.
    Thats All

  • Johnathan Read

    Perhaps Rolling Stone will have Weiner on it’s cover next month.

  • DebRollin

    More deception! The Muslim Brotherhood through Huma want into New York politics so they can start implementing their agenda. The Weiner is a total disgrace, no one wants a Mayor who is obsessed with sexual perversion, he doesn’t think normally and doesn’t live a normal life, who could trust him with running the city? The family life is just a distraction and cover up to stupid voters!

  • stone7

    This is regarding Jen, and the discussion about how leftists seem to
    be more interested in what the celebrity are saying.

    Leftist are amoral. They have no morality. Or to put a finer edge
    on this, they are pure subjectivists.

    So when you watch the leftist, you are watching the behavior of
    some one who is as close as possible to a pure subjectivist.

    What passes for morals for this type of person, is what emerges
    from the leftist echo chamber. It’s all akin to a high school
    popularity contest of sorts.

    This is why there is no coherent set of principles to the leftist
    ideology. One thing contradicts the other and they couldn’t care less.

    It’s subjectivism pure as it could ever be in the real world.

    To the non-leftist, this way of thinking is alien.

    Most decent people discover objective truths, some how, either
    on their own, or from other good people. And there are some good books.
    You can find them yourself for all I care.

    I have to comment about Nonie’s biker story. I always appreciate the look
    into the mind of the muslim that Nonie presents. But the biker story
    has me rolling on the floor. The idea of a Jewish biker just flat out
    cracks me up. Oy Vey! Let’s roll!

    As for Weiner, his bumper sticker would be,
    I’m Caligula, I heart NYC, vote for me!
    What could go wrong?

  • Paul

    There is only one reason a Muslim brotherhood leaders daughter would be allowed to marry a Jew . Read this and weep……….


    P.S. Huma should have chosen the suicide belt