Yesterday — Bush was such an easy game to play:

Credit: Dane Chapin.

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  • veeper

    Funny ….

    and…..painfully true.

    America now has the biggest LIAR in the history of politics as Potus…..

    Nixon had the class and respect for the American people and office of the Potus to resign.

    obama just keeps on telling LIE after LIE after LIE….

    • Chiron_Venizelos

      You are correct that Mr. 0bama gets away with serial lying. Could it be that our so-called “elected representatvies” are too weak to call him on his lies? Could it be that we who are insulted by his lies do not get behind our so-called “elected representatives” to DEMAND they call him on his lies? By and large, I think “We the People” are too lazy and disengaged to take an active role in the process. When we each tell ourselves “I am responsible for the state of my country,” and then live up to that commitment, we can get on the road back to the greatness our forefathers achieved. Some of us will do great things, some of us will do small things, but all good things help! I have challenged myself to do all I can to preserve our freedom. Won’t you join me?

      • veeper

        It took many years to get such a corrupt congressional system of career politicians in place.

        the people were lulled by BS and took their eyes off the ball….

        In doing so……they did allow this to take place.

        Unfortunately…. since obama and his h_LL bent crusade to re-make America into the country he wants it to be…..

        There is not the same amount of time to overturn this entrenched system…..

        There MUST be a sudden reversal……

        2014 is that sudden reversal….

        it is then or not at all…..or at least for several generations of american misery…..

        the WAR for America must be won at that 2014 battle….

        • lyndaaquarius

          As Governor Palin has said “sudden and relentless reform”.


        Yes, it is that our elected representatives, at least the GOP Establishment, is unwilling to call Barry on his lies. So is the media. That’s largely the story of how we’ve lost to him twice, and if we leave the Establishment in charge, we may very well lose to the Democrats a third time in 2016. You have to fight to win, not just coast to victory on the failures of Obama’s economy and Obamacare.

    • lyndaaquarius

      but,Nixon wasn’t trying to con us into a plan that will shorten our lifespans and subjugate our personal Liberty.Sarah Palin was right.

  • Guest

    Now I need a place to hide anyway…….