No Future for France

pb-130307-france-protest-ps6.photoblog900An atmosphere of insurgency hangs over France. Month after month, demonstrations against the legalization of gay marriage bring together hundreds of thousands of people, and mobilization is not weakening. Members of the government are harassed by disgruntled crowds during each trip they make. Bankrupt factories are stormed by angry workers who sometimes occupy the streets to erect barricades made of burning tires. Leftist groups hold rallies and accuse the government of not being radical enough. Rightist groups hold other rallies and suggest that French civilization is threatened and must fight back. Rabid feminists attack Catholics by stripping naked in public and shouting obscene slogans in churches and cathedrals.

Financial scandals are accumulating and slowly discrediting the entire political class. One month ago, Jerome Cahuzac, a Secretary of Finance, center left, who was in charge of the fight against tax evasion, was indicted for tax evasion. Now, Claude Gueant, a former Secretary of the Interior, center right, is accused of bleaching “black money” coming from the former Libyan dictatorship. François Hollande was elected President just one year ago, but he is already discredited and on the ropes: none of his predecessors had fallen from grace so fast. Seventy-six percent of the French express a negative or very negative opinion of him, and the number continues to rise. Mainstream magazines describe him with an unforgiving ferocity: “The Mediocre President,” says one, “He shames us,” adds another.

Articles appeared recently comparing the situation to the 1789 Revolution and Hollande to Louis XVI, a weak King who ended up on the guillotine. Others drew comparisons to February 1934, a time when extremist groups attempted to seize the National Assembly in a context of widespread corruption and political decay. Some analysts, trying to find a ray of light amid the darkness, have spoken of a “French Spring.” But apart from the fact that the calendar says it’s spring in France, it is difficult to see anything that resembles “spring” in what is occurring.

France is a democratically unstable country. In two hundred and twenty years, she underwent eleven regime changes, and has seen innumerable riots. But in the past, rioters were carriers of hopes and dreams, even if their hopes and dreams were often tinged with illusion. Today, hopes and dreams are essentially absent. Pessimism among the French is frighteningly massive:  Seventy-one percent of the French think that the future will be much worse than the present.

France is a country where belief in a providential man capable of rehabilitating the country and able to deal with chaotic situations has persistently permeated citizens’ minds. Napoleon the First remains a virtually undisputed hero, although he sowed war throughout Europe; Marshal Petain keeps many admirers; General de Gaulle is often presented as a man who liberated France largely alone and “restored pride.” Today, there is no one to play this role. Hollande was a default candidate, chosen by his party only because Dominique Strauss Kahn (the front runner) had been involved in a sordid case of rape in New York, one year before the election. Nicolas Sarkozy was beaten by Hollande because he had disappointed those who supported him initially. No other leader of national stature has emerged, and those who rise and protest, no matter who they are and what they think, have no leader.

France is a country in decline, and for the first time, a large part of the population discerns that the decline is for real.

It is also a country where intellectual debates are suffocated and where the long march of the left through the institutions has produced results, marginalizing or eliminating any non-socialist idea from education, culture, politics and the media. And the consequences are plain to see.

Many French discern the immensity of the problems. How could they do otherwise? The economy has been stagnant or in recession for several years, the unemployment rate has been rising steadily and is now well above ten percent according to official figures, or much higher if those who have given up looking for a job are reintroduced in the statistics. Poverty affects more than twenty percent of the population. Slums have reappeared on the outskirts of Paris. Violent attacks are multiplying. Each week, dozens of women are raped, students are stabbed in the courtyard of high schools and passersby are slain. The lawless areas dominated by gangs and radical imams proliferate.

Most French feel frustrated and want solutions.

Most of them are in favor of tougher penalties for crime, but see that politicians, left or right, talk, but do not act and seem overwhelmed by an out-of-control situation.

All of them would want a rapid return to growth and job creation, but almost all of them blindly believe that growth and job creation will come from government decisions.

A majority of the French want protectionist measures, the survival of the welfare state as it is, higher taxes for the rich and a strong and omnipotent State.

They refuse to see that the coffers are empty, that deficits are abysmal, that the government can no longer afford to waste money, that socialism is a dead end, and that the decline they fear and the chaos they see coming are a direct result of decades of socialism.

Their anger is presently directed against socialists because socialists govern. It is directed against François Hollande because he looks incompetent. It is directed against a pro-gay marriage law perceived as a futile provocation and an attempt to destroy the family in a time when the country seems on the verge of collapse. It is directed against politicians unable to save the country from the fate that emerges, and who instead seem to aid the fulfillment of that fate.

Their anger is an expression of anxiety, powerlessness, and despair.

One century ago, Emile Durkheim, a French sociologist, used a word that could adequately define French society as it is today: “anomie.” He wrote, “A society is in a state of anomie when the rules that allow it to function dissolve.”

The rules that allow French society to function are dissolving. People see that the present in France is bleak and that what is coming is even bleaker. They look for solutions, but they see that the solutions in which they could place their hopes don’t work or seem out of reach. They mistrust politicians, any and all politicians.

What will happen? The latent insurgency will probably last. Demonstrations and riots will take place here and there. Governments will replace governments. The future will be bleaker than the present. Anger, anxiety, powerlessness and despair will increase. Anomie will reign. There will be no coup, no regime change, no uprising.

It is indeed difficult to see anything that resembles a “spring” in what is occurring in France. It is difficult to see anything that resembles a spring in what has been occurring for months in Greece and Spain, Italy and Portugal.

In his last book, “After the Fall: The End of the European Dream and the Decline of a Continent,” Walter Laqueur asked the right question: “Does Europe still have a future, will it still exist a decade or two from now? Or will it revert to what it had been before – a mere geographical concept?”

What is occurring in France is a French tragedy. But it is part of a wider tragedy that must be faced and analyzed, without looking away.

Viewing the French tragedy as anything less than part of a wider tragedy would be an even more tragic mistake.

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  • Alvaro

    France, once the pinnacle of Western civilization, has become everything that is wrong with Europe: Rotten with socialism and bankrupt financially and morally. The faith in its great and old values is all but gone, and to shorten its horrible and agonizing death, an increasing number of hostile minorities are imported and granted citizenship.

    • Drakken

      Hmmm, it makes you think that in these times that there might be a Napoleon in the wings waiting to make things right again?

      • jon

        Would that really be a bad thing? Say what you, Nappy got things done, and he loved being French.


      The same ROT is destroying the UK.


        And the USA is in GREAT danger from within.

    • And So It Goes…

      Alvaro, could you please tell me the exact years that France was the pinnacle of Western civilization? I'm drawing a blank on that one. Thanks.

      • Radegunda

        I’d say roughly 1100 – 1280, give or take.

      • Atikva

        Twelfth, thirteen and seventeen centuries.

    • Marka

      You (and others) leave out the elephant in the room: the burgeoning Islamic population. The ghettos outside of Paris are so dangerous, the police do not go into them. Islam is salivating over the takeover of not just France but the rest of Europe. The caliphate cometh.


        "The ghettos outside of Paris are so dangerous, the police do not go into them."

        So the French have surrendered – AGAIN.

        • Defcon 4

          At least they put a fight in WW2. French soldiers did die, en mass, fighting the Nazis.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    "Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel." ~ Ayn Rand

    "Democracy extends the sphere of individual freedom; socialism restricts it. Democracy attaches all possible value to each man; socialism makes each man a mere agent, a mere number. Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude. ~Alexis de Tocqueville, Discours pronounce a l’assemblee constituante le 12 septembre 1848 sur la question du droit at travail

    "No matter how worthy the cause, it is robbery, theft, and injustice to confiscate the property of one person and give it to another to whom it does not belong. ~ Walter Williams

    • mlcblog

      Welcome to this site!! Bravo.

  • UCSPanther

    Europe: An object lesson of what runaway socialism can do to nations.

    • AdinaK

      Europe has been gone for a long time. And the morphing of the red/green alliance, whereby Eurabia fed off of leftist academia and civil society elitists, is now coming to a volcanic head.
      It is absolutely the case that wherever the above forces merge western chaos follows. And this is definitely by design –

      Europe has disintegrated, and America is not far behind.And the left's civil society elitists within Israel are the bane of its existence.
      Adina Kutnicki, Israel


      Amen brother.

    • kindakrass

      That, and an open border policy allowing for every immigrant from every third world toilet on the face of the planet will degrade a country at warp speed. I laugh at those calling Brigitte Bardot a "racist" for wanting to keep France French. She certainly got to live during the best of what her country had to offer. I am 43 years old and realized a few years back that I actually envy those who are older than me…

  • Chezwick

    Well, when the socialists have exhausted France's finances and morals….and the conservatives have been effectively vilified and marginalized by the cultural-gatekeepers…the French can always turn to Islam, that all-encompassing belief-system ("Islam is a way of life") which professes to have a solution to ALL the problems of humankind.

    That's the future of Europe, folks….Islam. God help us all.

    • Drakken

      My good man, all is not lost, this is just history repeating itself and we are headed for a course correction, make no mistake there will be blood and lots of it, but in the end western civilization will come out of this, but how it comes out remains to be seen.

      • Chezwick

        Once again Drak, I certainly hope you're right and I'm wrong, but I see no evidence of Europe wanting to go out any way other than with a whimper. This time around, there will be no Tours, no Vienna…..this time around, the battlefield is demography.

        • Drakken

          My good man Chez, I wish I could show you places in Europe where the young nationalistic men and women are absolutley seething. When those 10% ers come out of the gate, the rest will follow as a matter of course and survival. Believe me my friend that day is close at hand.

          • mlcblog

            I thought Chez was a woman….not that it matters.


      "the future of Europe, folks….Islam."


      • Infovoyeur

        The above posts sketch the elements of the approaching Struggle–meltdown, or resurgence (before demographics wins). See The Control Factor by Bill Siegel (2012) for excellent analysis of READ Resistance Evasion Avoidance Denial of people blind to the Islamist threat in particular. What is at stake is whether our grandchildren and others will be able to–BREATHE, in multiple senses……

  • Hank Rearden

    Leftism can liquidate a society but it cannot build one – it has no creative impulse.

    • Spider

      Leftism doesn't just liquidate and destroy it also steals..

      • Lan Astaslem

        It has to because it produces nothing – nothing but misery and hopelessness and greed.


      From the movie "The Third Man"

      Harry Lime: Don't be so gloomy. After all it's not that awful. Like the fella says, in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance.

      In Switzerland they had brotherly love – they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock. So long Holly.

    • And So It Goes…

      Yes, well said Hank. Social movements designed to engineer society so that human beings are just identical cogs in a great wheel, prevent and destroy creativity. Human life becomes meaningless and the individual contribution first becomes unnoticed and then becomes a criminal act. Social engineering movements such as socialism are based on fear and fear ALWAYS leads to destructive mobs, excessive control by the powerful, an end to creativity, joy and love. Life becomes a cold grey prison in which hope is gone and one's life is robotic, empty and purposeless.

    • mlcblog

      Rather it brings a downward spiral, it has a destructive sense.

  • @paulvmarks

    In 1968 French society was basically O.K, – but the "intellectuals" demanded change (and led the moronic students onto the streets), Although De Gaulle held off the storm in 68 he was soon gone. First there were RINO style "conservatives" who turned France into a mulitcultural society, then (after the socialist victory in 1981) the Welfare State got totally out of control. I think the 71% of the French people who believe that things are going to get worse, are correct.

    • mlcblog

      I agree. RINOs are the bane of our existence.

    • Atikva

      No, France was not OK in 1968. I was there, and I can tell you that although the country was in good shape economically, its faith in itself as well as its moral values were crumbling.

      Even since the 18th century it has been going down the drain. France never recovered from WWI, it was literally decimated and lost 10% of its best citizens. Its spirit was gone and so was its trust in government – any government – which made things much easier for the leftists and partially explains the country’s attitude prior and during WWII.

      Then right after WWII, the country was literally bombarded with communist propaganda which started by spreading the impudent lie that ONLY communists had manned the Resistance. My parents, like practically everyone else, believed it. The communist infiltration was so successful that a Maurice Thorez, for instance, leader of the French communist party, sentenced to death in 1939 for having deserted to Russia then allied to Germany, was pardoned and rehabilitated in 1945 and made a Minister, no less, in charge of the whole public administration.

      France has been stripped of its religion, of its culture, of its patriotism, of its history and is currently being invaded, with the consent of her own government, by populations who are openly working to destroy her – and incidentally, America is on the same path. As members of the European Union, the French have lost the means to control their frontiers, their currency, their economy and their democracy. They are no longer an independent country.

      Those who have not been fooled have no weapons, no plan, no leaders to redress the situation. Many are emigrating, especially the Jews. But it doesn’t mean that they are definitely lost, it would not be the first time in France’s 8 centuries of history that they’d engineer a miraculous recovery. However, if they somehow manage to do it again (as I hope), the price to pay this time will be the highest ever.

      • @paulvmarks

        I was not in France in 1968 – so I will have to bow to your personal experience.

  • Lionel Mandrake

    Finally a feel good story about Fwance. I can’t think of a bigger group of cowards corralled together Ll working in tandem to enslave a d burka-rise their hapless populace the fastest.

    Good. They will be the first Mooslim nation established in that part of socialist Europa since Ferdinand and Isabella expelled the Moors.

    Can’t think of a better bunch if useful-Idiots that deserve their fate, begged for in in spades, and imported their new overlord, the “immigrants” this story barely brushes on. I

    I put “immigrants” in quotation marks because the socialist policy of so called immigration is a design, a tactic of displacement and replacement of the status quo, you know, the old white men and gals.

    Thank you socialists and globalists!!! Western Civilization never really tickled your fancy. Too much Christianity. Not enough wives allowed.

    Viva la Umma Frawnce!!!!

    • Defcon 4

      It's ironic how the Algerians formerly "persecuted" by France are now persecuting the French, in France.

  • GeorgeRomero

    The French have ONE choice.
    Demolish all minarets and reclaim the buildings on the land that have mosques on them , turn the mosques into community centres and outlaw islam on the streets , imprison any muslim rioters and make them 'disapear' to send a srong message to any like minded individuals of islamic persuation to KEEP YOUR HEADS DOWN!Problem solved!

    • marat

      I agree with you. But do the French have the guts of the Swiss? Remember the Swiss held a referendum on minarets and outlawed them. Or will it take some horrendous action like maybe the Emir of Qatar buying Notre Dame and turning it into a "multicultural center" or builidng a 10 storey mosque right opposite the Chartres Cathedral to get the French to act. And even then, there will be some Frenchmen who will repeat what their countrymen said when the Germans marched in in 1940… "on pourrait s'arranger" or "there is room for compromise."

    • Omar

      Another option for France is to remove Hollande from office and reinstate Sarkozy as president. At least Sarkozy is a better U.S. ally than Hollande.


        The people of Frawnce voted for Hollande, and now they must be punished.

        • Omar

          But they can always remove him by mass protests.

  • Omar

    I'm disappointed with the current state of the world. Why didn't Sarkozy get re-elected? He may not have been perfect in terms of some foreign policy issues, but at least he is a better U.S. ally than Hollande. It is not only France that is experiencing a conservative downfall to leftists. Other places have experienced that trend as well. In the Republic of Georgia, last year, the Russian-backed opposition took over the Georgian parliament in that country's elections. Saakashivili (the President of Georgia) and his party are close allies of the U.S., Britain, Israel and the West. Saakashivili's party is a supporter of democracy and stability as well as a strong opponent of Russian imperialism. But since the opposition won the parliamentary elections, the new parliament wants to drift back into becoming a Russian client state. In the United States, despite all of our great efforts to encourage diversity and unity to overcome the left, we were not victorious in the November elections. And in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, the incumbent governor's election was stolen by an opposition (which stole the election by denying a ballot recount) which is desperate to hold on to power and which is trying to block the island's progress into becoming America's 51st state by trying to divide the conservative movement in both Puerto Rico and the U.S. mainland over the island's status issue. Meanwhile, in other countries, leftists have either won re-election or stolen elections by suppressing opposition as well as denying ballot recounts (the latter is what the Popular Democratic Party did in Puerto Rico this past November). That is not democracy. That is mob-rule. Time to chant "This is what mob-rule looks like!" It is time for conservatives, democracy and human rights activists everywhere to unite and overthrow the left and mob-rule.

    • Lady_Dr

      Obama did not win in 2012, there was SO much voter fraud and the Republicans didn't fight it. But now Obama's regime has attacked AP and suddenly the MSM is waking up. There may be hope yet for the USA. I agree, we must unite and overthrow the left, and we must also return to the Constitution with special emphasis on the 10th amendment.


        The US NEEDS Voter ID.

        The only ones who oppose Voter ID are those who wish to subvert Fair Elections.

        • Mary Sue

          strangely enough Voter ID is a requirement in Canada and nobody calls it racist or anything, as the Identity Politics crowd is wont to do.

          • Omar

            That's because the left only cares about demonizing America and its democratic system. Even when not being so critical of Canada's political system, the left manages to accuse Canada of "human rights violations" through the UN's so-called "Human Rights Council", which is itself a joke considering the fact that the HRC is run by major human rights violators like China, Cuba, Iran, Syria and their allies. The same left also praises the so-called "progress" and "social justice" of the horrible neo-Marxist racist regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. The Mugabe regime is guilty of massive human rights violations, including (but not limited to) political corruption, suppression of opposition, racism against whites as well as harboring a political fugitive, Mengitsu, from justice in Ethiopia. Mengitsu is guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity during his rule as Ethiopia's dictator between 1974 and 1991. In 2006, after a 12 year long trial, Mengitsu was found guilty of crimes mentioned above and was sentenced to life in prison. In 2008, he was sentenced to death. The twist is that he was living in exile (and still is) while the trial was in progress. The world is clearly a messed up place.

      • Omar

        There was voter fraud in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico as well. In the 2012 election, the left-wing opposition led by Alejandro Garcia Padilla of the Popular Democratic Party, stole the election from the incumbent governor, Luis Fortuno of the pro-statehood, conservative New Progressive Party. Garcia Padilla's cult was able to do this by setting up lies and false propaganda against Fortuno's government as well as deny a proper vote recount. And the funny thing is that the PDP argues that the 2012 status plebiscite results were "rigged" because the State Elections Commission in the island has correctly stated that any ballot question left blank do not count as votes. In fact, the plebiscite ballots were one of the few ballots that were not rigged at all in the 2012 elections. The left clearly doesn't respect proper elections at all. The left clearly likes to cheat to win. That has got to stop.

  • Omar

    Also, King Louis XVI may have been a weak king, but he was a strong American ally, considering the fact that he helped us win independence from the British in the American Revolution. It is precisely because he helped us that he was overthrown by Robespierre and his Jacobin henchmen, which were secretly supported and funded by King George III of Britain. Remember that left-wing anti-Americanism goes as far back as the French Revolution. Robespierre wanted mob-rule, which is essentially Communist totalitarianism. If Louis had established a constitutional monarchy, France would have been more stable.

    • BS77

      That reminds me of Ann Coulter's great book contrasting the French and the American revolutions…Demonic.

      • Omar

        She is right. The fact of the matter is that the French Revolution gave way to Communist totalitarianism, since the Jacobins, led by Robespierre, initiated the Reign of Terror and other brutal measures to maintain control of France during the 1790s. The Jacobins inspired Marx , who further defined the true, horrid nature of Communism. And of course, the rest is history. One of the things the left will never tell you about is that in the 19th century, Latin American revolutionary Simon Bolivar modeled his anti-colonial movement on American-style democracy, rather than the failure that marked the French Revolution. Unlike Che Guevara (who was a Communist totalitarian terrorist and mass murderer), Bolivar was a real democratic revolutionary who viewed the rule of law as the right way to success. Unfortunately, with the Fascist and Communist threats in the 20th century and the Islamist threat in the 21st century, it seems that many countries have decided to follow the French Revolution rather than the American Revolution. That has got to change.

      • Pat C

        "Ann Coulter" and "great" in the same sentence. You're killing me!! Mort de rire!

        • ziggy zoggy

          An original thought could kill a troll like you.

          • mlcblog

            Dying laughing. She said it herself.

    • Defcon 4

      King Louis XVI didn't assist the US Revolution completelylout of the goodness of his heart. Great Britain was an enemy of France.

      • Omar

        That's true, but he had many different reasons for supporting the American patriots. Besides, King George III's Britain had a mercantilist/socialist system which was oppressing the colonists. Robespierre, for the most part, opposed the independence of the United States because it wasn't the "right" revolution. Remember, Robespierre was the first Communist anti-American. anti-Americanism originated with George III and Robespierre who were in a secret alliance with each other. That alliance was anti-American (as well as anti Louis XVI) in nature.

      • mlcblog

        Same diff. Survival. Close to one's heart.

  • Chezwick

    Oh, France has a future all right… Islamic one.

    • Defcon 4

      It's looking that way for ALL of us at this point, from AUS down in the Southern hemisphere, to Canada in the North.


        G-D Bless Australia! A better friend of the US than the UK.

        • Defcon 4

          AUS was the country who stopped the genocide of kufrs being committed by Indonesia's muslimes in E. Timor by direct military intervention. G-d bless 'em indeed.

    • Omar

      France's future has been screwed since 1793, when Communist totalitarianism replaced monarchic absolutism as the main form of tyranny.

    • mlcblog

      Sure looks that way. Shall we pray for a rescuer?? yes.

  • David R

    Another Godless society in desperate need of God-fearing and higher moral leadership…what a bleak future on the horizon for the youth of France.
    I agree with another comment about ridding the country of the Islamic cesspool that’s overtaking France as elsewhere, but as long as Divine leadership is despised and rejected, things will only get worst.

    • Questions

      It would seem to me that with Islam acendant, France has way too much God. The problem is that His name is Allah.

  • Prof. L. Wessell

    Laquer asks if Europe still has a future? Eruope, including France, most certainly does have a future, namely EXTINCTION. The average European birthrate per woman is 1.5 and 2.1 is necessary for reproduction. Unless demographics change, the iron laws of mathmatical substraction will rule. A population that does not reproduce itself tends inevitably towards 0. I would suggest consulting David Goldman's "Why Civilizations Die". By the way, under the sublime leadership of Obama the US of A is now no longer reproducing itself. I believe that overall the rate is 1.9 children per woman with 1.6 children per woman for the middle class. It apppears that we Americans are rushing to catch up with good old Europe.

    • Questions

      Your numbers are off. It's about 2.6 for blacks, 2.5 for Hispanics and 2.0 for whites. The real issue is immigration — we have imported our problems from the (nonwhite) Third World. The nation's population is now 312 million. That's way more than the 178 million of 1960, before the so-called "demographic winter" arrived.

    • Pat C

      Get the flock busy, professor. Don't wait for the guvmint to give you a family.

  • magill

    There is NO country that supports Israel under islamic turmoil. islam is more of a curse than anything else!

    • john

      Islam is not a religion. Islam is a bad diseace, a diseace that's out to kill Christians.

      • Defcon 4

        Some 80 million Hindus have already been slaughtered by muslimes in the Indian sub-continent, with the latest addition to the body count being the ~2.5 million Hindus slaughtered in Bangladesh in the 1970's. But it's not just Hindus and Christians who are being slaughtered and persecuted by islamo-nazis, it's Sikhs, it's Buddhists, it's Zoraoastrians (think Iran), it's Jews (think Iran or practically anywhere else on the face of the earth nowadays), it's Bahais, it's Druze, it's atheists (in Bangladesh). It's everyone who isn't muslime who is on their islamo-nazi hit list.

  • jacob

    Aren't Muslims subsidized by the govmt in France the way they are even in Australia, of all places ???
    And isn't it another bleeding of public finances…???
    I've seen pictures of streets blocked by Muslims praying…
    May I ask what kind of government is this who allows this idiocy to happen…and worse yet, can such expect any respect????
    I will never forget WINSTON CHURCHILL's definition of "Socialism"

    I'm afraid France at least, will require another Napoleon to emerge from the cesspool its liberals put
    it in or else, surrender to ISLAM….!!!!!


      Winston Churchill, the GREATEST man of the 20th century.

  • Mladen Andrijasevic

    For French speakers, here is Guy Millière on French TV bringing some common sense into the discussion

  • PamM

    France needs another Napoleon to stand up for the country. A strong man who will kick out the fops and puppies currently in government, execute all the communists, deport the Muslim invaders, and re-establish French pride. It needs a leader who will quell rioters with a whiff of grapeshot, not caring how many are killed in the process.

    In fact when I think about it most of the West could do with leaders like that.

    • Defcon 4

      You do realize Napoleon was NOT French right?

      • PamM

        Napoleon was Corsican and therefore more Italian than French. That's why he had an Italian name, Napoleone Buonaparte. It's irrelevant though as he made his career in France, where he proved to be a highly capable administrator and military commander, if a bit of a megalomaniac.

        The point I was making is that the modern West needs strong leadership to defeat Islam, and it is sadly lacking at present. On the one hand we have Muslim fanatics perfectly willing to die for their cause, and on the other Western politicians who are frightened of being called names. I wouldn't want to put money on the Westerners coming out on top in that confrontation. We therefore need some leaders who will deal with the Muslims as they would deal with us, and see the islamic presence in Western countries as an infestation that needs to be eradicated before it destroys our civilisation.

        • Defcon 4

          I agree.

    • Drakken

      History will repeat itself and there will be a surge of strongmen with a very nationalistic bent coming to the forefront, we are living in those times.


        You don't replace one evil with another evil.

        The French are too easily attracted to fascism.

        • Defcon 4

          There are gradations of evil. I think I'd rather live under Napoleon's rule than that of any islamofascist pigocracy.

    • john

      French was the first European country to ban the hijab in schools. What seems tobe the matter, have they lost footing? And have they forgotten that moslims burned 10000 cars.

    • Pat C

      YES! Less guvmint will do it every time!

      • ziggy zoggy

        You are unintentionally correct.

  • Marty

    The french are beyond redemption and the european caliphate will be headquartered in paris. However, as during the middle ages, when islam established hellholes in parts of europe, other regions continued the resistance to violent muslim totalitarianism. Hopefully, that sort of thing will occur this time. In the meantime, europe will continued to be partitioned between islam and democracy.

    • Defcon 4

      The resistance in France had to kill collaborators as well as nazis.


        After WW2, EVERYBODY in Frawnce was in the "Resistance".

    • Gerald

      If you want to see how the Islamization of Europe will look like, you don't have far to go, just look at Bosnia and Kosovo the two jihadist states establlished by NATO airpower.

    • mlcblog

      No one is beyond redemption acc. to the God I know and love.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Leftism has always left nothing but rubble and misery, as France, Greece, Portugal, and Italy are all demonstrating today. Yet, it is on the rise in America anyway, because it is a severe mental disease.

  • digdigby

    As part of the Gay Marriage Ploy, French citizenship is automatically to be awarded to babies of overseas surrogate mothers whose 'Frenchness' seems to come from the $$$ paid out for them by rich homosexuals. The French outrage at this gave me hope that somewhere deep down Christian France still lives.

  • LindaRivera

    An excellent article, but very surprisingly omits the terrible destruction that the massive colonization by Muslims has wrought in France, Europe and especially Britain. Muslims violently gang-rape and force into prostitution thousands of defenseless, terrorized British children.

    DAILY MAIL: Catastrophic failings by police and social services allowed a child sex ring to sexually torture girls as young as 11 for eight years, despite victims repeatedly telling officers they had been raped or abused.

    Last night – after the vicious and 'medieval' predators were convicted at the Old Bailey – the police and social services apologised for failing to answer the girls’ desperate pleas for help, but bosses of both refused to resign over the scandal…

    The gang groomed more than 50 vulnerable youngsters before selling them for sex around the country.

    They used knives, cleavers and baseball bats to inflict severe pain on the girls for their twisted pleasure…

    But a catalogue of golden opportunities to stop the abuse were missed from as early as May 2005.

    Three of the girls who gave evidence at the trial were reported missing from residential care on 254 occasions. One went missing 126 times in 15 months.

    Astonishingly, carers at the children’s homes – which were run by Oxfordshire County Council – just watched as the men collected the girls at night.

    On one occasion, a manager refused to pay a 14-year-old victim’s taxi fare when she returned to her care home. The girl was then driven back to Oxford where she was raped…


    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

    Join and support Britain's last great hope, Paul Weston's new political party, Liberty GB!

    • Defcon 4

      I'll bet this is already happening in the USA, but the enemedia and law enforcement are covering it up.

    • And So It Goes…

      thanks, Linda, for the link which I viewed (the interviews with the perps). I feel sorry for the girls and hope they are able to recover. However, I view the UK as a broken and dying country. And, quite frankly, given its policies and history, it deserves it's fate. It created this situation and there is no action that does not have an equal and opposite reaction. That's just plain physics, if not karma.

      • LindaRivera

        The girls will never really recover. Their suffering is too great at the hands of barbarians.

        Treasonous UK leaders who are responsible for Muslim colonization deserve it. But Brits don't! Just about all Western leaders are importing or allowing in huge numbers of Muslims. It is a wicked, hostile act that results in tremendous suffering for non-Muslims.

        All our non-Muslim people must do everything we can to stop cruel Islamic conquest of our countries.

        • mlcblog

          The worst damage in a case of rape such as these is not being defended by one's supposed protectors!! I know.

    • kevinh


      I think that's the answer Joanna Simons and Sara Thornton have for us at the moment. It's been used before, and I think it works too.

  • cxt

    Said it before–canary….coal mine.

  • LindaRivera

    Mass Muslim immigration has transformed Europe and Britain into hell on earth by treasonous ruling elites who colonized our countries with Muslims determined to conquer and enslave Europe, Britain and the entire Free World.

    France No Go Areas

    MUSLIMS IN (BERLIN) GERMANY : School Rioting & Welfare

    Muslim Immigration Destroying Sweden

    The Islamisation of sweden

    Fight to save our people and our superior, MERCIFUL Western civilization before it is forever too late!

    • Brucew56

      After viewing these, it my or easy be too late!

      • Brucew56

        Sorry for the ad spelling. After viewing these, it may already be too late!

        • LindaRivera

          Thanks to European and British ruling elite TRAITORS colonizing their countries with many millions of hostile Muslims, the situation is extremely serious.

          PARIS: Muslim savages rioting in the streets again over a soccer game

          Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK – Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up

          In the above video, despicable, apologist for Islam, Blackburn MP, Jack Straw, says of the savage, cruel Pakistani Muslims who violently gang rape and force thousands of terrorized British children into prostitution that, “They act like other young men, popping with testosterone; they want some outlet”, EVIL Straw declares.

          Non-Muslim men are REAL MEN and PROTECT women and children! It is part of our culture; part of who we are and it defines our Western civilization!

          Our wicked rulers refuse to protect Britain’s children! DEATH SENTENCE for ALL RAPISTS in ALL COUNTRIES!

          On Facebook, new British political party, Liberty GB, states: "Within one generation Muslim/Native children will be 50-50 and another generation after that we will be an absolute minority. How will the Muslim majority treat us?" End of quote. The persecution will be extremely SEVERE. It is absolute TREASON what Western leaders have perpetrated against us.

          Years ago, when Britain's Prime Minister, Tony Blair, opened the floodgates to millions of immigrants, mostly Muslims, he actually removed treason from off the law books so that treason was no longer a crime to be prosecuted! He knew he was committing treason!

          See the violent, hate-filled signs Muslims hold in England’s city streets:
          Get the Message?

          We must never give up the battle for our freedom! NEVER!

  • Chris

    Hollande is the French version of Obama.
    How's that hope and change and 75% tax rate working out for you?

  • logdon

    They had a choice in Marine Le Pen and blew it.

    However Bloc Identitaire, described as 'far right' is rising. The problem with this lot is that they also carry on in the fine French tradition of the anti-semitism which enabled the deportation of hundreds of thousands of French Jews to the gas chambers.

    Google Pierre Laval for more information. Then Claus Barbie for even more.

    Here's the lowdown on Bloc Identitaire.

    The Bloc Identitaire is a far-right wing French nationalist political group. It was founded in 2003 by some former members of Unité Radicale and several other nationalist sympathizers, including Fabrice Robert, former Unité Radicale member, former elected representative of the National Front (FN) and also former member of the National Republican Movement (MNR), and Guillaume Luyt, former member of the monarchist Action française, former Unité Radicale member, former director of the youth organization of the FN (FNJ). Luyt claims inspiration by Guillaume Faye's works in the Nouvelle Droite movement.

    The Bloc Identitaire aims to be a "rally for young French and Europeans who are proud of their roots and of their heritage". It opposes miscegenation and "imperialism, whether it be American or Islamic".

    The Bloc identitaire runs the nationalist press agency and website Novopress, that has associates in most of Western Europe and North America.[1]

    The Bloc identitaire has been accused of intentionally distributing several popular soups containing pork in order to exclude religious Jews or Muslims; in Strasbourg, Nice, Paris, and in Antwerp with the association Antwerpse Solidariteit close to the Vlaams Belang. These so-called "identity soups" ("soupes identitaires") have been forbidden by the prefecture of the Haut-Rhin in Strasbourg on 21 January 2006, and called "discriminatory and xenophobic" by MEP Catherine Trautmann (PS) in a 19 January 2006 letter to the High authority for the struggle against discrimination and for equality (HALDE).

    Circumstances in Europe are eerily repeating the Thirties when chaos ruled, communists fought fascist on the streets and we all know how that ended.

    However then there was no Islam in the mix and now there certainly is. In theory and reality they are the epitome of fascism yet the supposed 'far right' quite rightly wants them out. Labels are becoming meaningless.

    Add in to this noxious stew a corrupted EU and its apparatchiks devoted to money and fraud and the mad whirlygig just gets worse.

    However France is relatively stable compared to the PIGS, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain where unemployment is astronomic, property prices virtually nil and surviving on German bail outs is all they have.

    The days of socialist largesse are well and truly over yet the left which includes the EU cadre is clinging on like limpets.

    When it comes, and it will, the conflagration will be devastating.

    • Drakken

      The label of far right and facist is incorrect in todays terms, nationalistic would be the more correct way to describe them.

      • logdon


        However as the EU is busy trying to destroy the nation state, the tectonic plates of opinion are grinding.

  • joeb

    I had lunch on Sunday in a well known posh restaurant in London. To my left, a French couple. Beyond them, another. To my right, a large French family, who were impeccably groomed and looked very rich. The next table behind them, ditto. Three seperate wait-staff who served me were French. So was the maitre d' I spoke with.

    As I walked out of the restaurant, half the conversations I could hear were French. As we stood in the lobby gathering coats etc. a dozen French people must have come and gone.

    Looks like they're voting with their feet…

    • Defcon 4

      So they flee to Londonistan? LOL!


      Were you in a… French restaurant?


      • JoeB


  • RandyAnn

    The socialists in France act as if the the obvious "handwriting on the wall" was in Greek….
    But free market capitalism, individual responsibility, and small guberment, have been foreign concepts to the Frogs, for 60 years now…
    All these Eurolib-Tards are following the Obama Economic Keynesian ClownCar over the cliff…

    • cowboylogic

      You are absolutely correct, Miss Ann, and divine to boot.

      • HiPlainsDrifter

        She REALLY is special….!
        Has more horse sense than any phony Montana cowpoke…

        • onegaltlogic

          Better teef, too, I'm thinkin'.

          • WeeTardEdwards

            Don't know about "teef" but she sho' can cook..l.

  • And So It Goes…

    "No Future for France"? Couldn't happen to a more deserving group of people. Carry on, Frenchmen, carry on. There are some buildings 'round the corner that need burning.

  • jerome

    The malignant left is frog marching france and then europe in to a malignant dystopia of massive unrest ,moribund ideas and extreme socialism. soon the whole country will be aflame and the radicals will be waiting in the wings to
    welcome the sadly disenfranchised and poverty stricken masses into the welcoming arms of sharia.
    the time is ripe and the people are voiceless against the left intellectual freaks who are stultifying discussion
    and recreating a history that is more palatable to ears of the disillusioned unthinking masses.
    When the domino of france falls it will take not just the south of europe with it but bigger more important tiles comprising the unworkable euro system and the even more ungainly and ludicrous financial system that prevents correction through enforcement of rules rather than democracy in action.
    the people have not only lost their voice and their way but they are led by even more incompetent greedy
    euroczars who crave power and dominance on the world stage.
    frightening, and its happening as we watch!

  • Defcon 4

    Thank you Mr. Milliere for exposing the ugly truth about the islamofascist underbelly of 21st century France. I'm certain your words wouldn't be welcomed in the France of today and I have to wonder if your words wouldn't constitute a crime (a la' Brigitte Bardot).

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    No future for France. Oh, well, as the saying goes, "100 million Frenchmen can't be wrong."

  • DP111

    One of the main attributes of Christianity is that it is the only faith/culture or ideology that does not encourage or justify an "eye for eye". In fact, in Christianity, the sins of man have been payed for by Jesus Christ, so there is no need for vengeance. Jesus commanded his followers to forgive and even love your enemies. When a nation becomes Christian, the vicious cycle of violence is reduced, and the nation can breathe a collective sigh of happiness. Islam is the opposite. Islam starts and perpetuates a cycle of violence.

    Other cultures, such as in China and India, have had periods of civilisation, but never to the extent as in the West. Neither in China or India, the culture of of an "eye for an eye" came to an end. No other faith except Christianity has had such a positive influence in society as a whole. It is the main reason I believe that the West is where modern civilisation takes place.

    The tragedy for France is that its revolution not only destroyed the culture of France but destroyed much of its foundation – Christianity. The tragedy of France is thus its post revolution history, bathed in the blood of its citizens. So it continues to this day, even though no war has been declared.

    What is one to do. Is counter-violence the answer? If the native French took up arms and drove out Islam and other barbarians, will it work? I don't think so, for the very act will destroy whatever vestige of civilisation that is still present. Islam masquerades as a religion. It cant be eliminated by violence, as it thrives on it.

    France is where the rot in the West started, and France is where the cure lies.

    I pray, and hope everyone who has a love for France, will pray too, that France turns to God and prays for forgiveness. Pray that Muslims in France will turn away from Islam.

    If France turns away from its post-revolutionary trajectory, then it will have a profound effect on the rest of the West.

    • Defcon 4

      There is no non-violent solution to a totalitarian, supremacist ideology. If you beat your swords into plowshares you will plow for those who didn't.

    • Drakken

      Violence is exactly what is going to happen, islam cannot be fought with words, it must be fought with swords, period, anything else is folly and stupidity. As much as I admire your intelligence and thoughtful mussing, it all comes down to our inherent European DNA of conquer and kill, and that dormant DNA is about to come to the forefront once again. Islam is going to push us to war and we will make the Serbs and Croats look like rank amateurs by comparrison. We are at the tipping point as we speak that will make the 20's and 30's pale by comparrison.

  • Robert Hanisits

    Pope Leo XIII admonished his flock that Socialism was contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and contrary to Natural Law. It is not Christian to take from another by force what belongs to that person and give it to another who may have less. G.K. Chesterton surmised that when the world has been proven to be wrong about something, the Catholic Church is proven to have been right about it all the time. In their opposition to gay marriage, Frenchmen demonstrate that something of Catholic teachings still exists in the national consciousness. Maybe the national salvation of France abides in their Christian roots of Faith AND Reason.

  • johnnywoods

    This "Tale of Woe" could not be happening to a nicer bunch of people. They deserve everything that get.

  • Eratoreve

    @ LindaRivera
    You are right : very good article but many facts "forgotten" there : the role of lobbies, and specially of the one controlling G.Sacks, the role of immigration on our European societies, the role of the political class, acting simply as puppets for the Brussels government, but pretending they are not, the role of a few islamic countries wanting to put their hands over Europe, the role of Israël pushing for more and more immigration in Europe when they sterilize Falachas in their own countries, the role of the clerical christian class, pushing young people not to get involved in politics and offering our churches to the muslims, promoting them…
    There are many aspects which are not mentioned in this article : done on purpose I do not doubt.
    When you add all these facts, you can understand the reason for the decline of France and Europe.
    People have a tendency to concentrate on one or two things at the most. But they don't see the globality of the actions taken against white race, or they want to hide it, to keep people with their heads in the sand.
    I am going throught many blogs in French and only doing that can we have a clear vision of what's happening.

  • cecilhenry

    The problem is:

    AFrica for Africans, ASia for Asians, White Countries for EVeryone!!! NO!!

    It is genocide by immigration.