Imprisoned Cuban Rappers Tormented While Jay-Z & Beyonce Partied

As Jay-Z and Beyonce filmed their tourism commercial for the Castro regime last week some Cuban rappers were languishing in KGB-designed dungeons and suffering hunger-strikes not far from the cameras. Angel Arzuaga and Marcos Lima were among them. These Cuba rappers’ crimes (according to the criminal code of Jay-Z’s hosts and commercial beneficiaries) consisted of playing and even listening to rap-music.

But this Cuban version of rap, you see, failed to properly express the mass genuflections to Jay-Z’s hosts (the Castro regime) which are a requirement of Cuban music as recorded under the Castro-Stalinist regime. These Cuban rappers failed to issue the obligatory hosannas and hallelujahs to the racist and Stalinist beneficiaries of Jay-Z’s tourism infomercial.

The “edgy”  and “irreverent” Jay-Z, by the way, in a spanking new rap song, disses the critics of his Castroite infomercial as “idiots.”

The Negro is indolent and spends his money on frivolities and drink, the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent…The Negro has maintained his racial purity by his well known habit of avoiding baths.

Che Guevara wrote these lines in his famous “Motorcycle Diaries.”  But you will search Robert Redford’s famous movie based on the book in utter vain for their mention. Redford, this muscular champion of “artistic freedom,” by the way, meekly acquiesced in screening “The Motorcycle Diaries” for Che’s widow (who heads Cuba’s Che Guevara Studies Center) and Fidel Castro for their approval before release.

“N**ger!” taunted my jailers between tortures,” reported the world’s longest suffering black political prisoner about his torment. “We pulled you down from the trees and cut off your tail!” laughed my torturers. For months I was naked in a 6 x 4 foot cell. That’s four feet high, so you couldn’t stand. But I felt a great freedom inside myself. I refused to commit spiritual suicide.”

That wasn’t Nelson Mandela.  No, the prisoner was a black Cuban named Eusebio Peñalver, whose incarceration and torture at the hands of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara’s Stalinist regime stretched to 29 years, surpassing Nelson Mandela’s record in time behind bars and probably quintupling the horrors suffered by Mandela during this period.

Sr. Peñalver served several months of this almost thirty-year sentence in a “punishment cell” barely big enough to stand in, where he languished naked and in complete darkness.

“Castro’s apologists,” he said in an interview with this writer, “those who excuse or downplay his crimes — these people be they ignorant, stupid, mendacious whatever–they are accomplices in the bloody tyrant’s crimes, accomplices in the most brutal and murderous regime in the hemisphere.”

More perspective: according to anti-Apartheid activists a grand total of 3,000 political prisoners passed through South Africa’s Robben Island prison in roughly 30 years under the Apartheid regime. Usually about a thousand were held. These were out of a South African population of 40 million.

According to the Human Rights group Freedom House, a grand total of 500,000 political prisoners have passed through Castro’s various prisons and forced labor camps. At one time in 1961, some 300,000 Cubans were jailed for political offenses. This is out of a Cuban population in 1960 of 6.4 million.

A calculator will easily reveal the grotesque disparity between the repression practiced by Jay-Z’s tourism clients and Apartheid repression. Fox & Friends, by the way, recently invited a Frontpage columnist to discuss these ironies and grotesqueries.

But why pick on Jay-Z? Should we expect more sense from a ghetto-raised rapper than from the ultra-educated daughter of worldwide conservative icon Margaret Thatcher?  Meet the Iron Lady’s daughter, Carol, during her own Cuba visit (i.e. enrichment of the Stalinist regime) three years ago:

I hoped to get a snap taken…standing by a wrought-iron image of the revolutionary HERO Che Guevara…. Che is your constant companion on any trip to Cuba. His image is everywhere-more so than Fidel himself. Such was his presence that our tour was dubbed “On Yer Bike With Che.”

But why pick on the Iron Lady’s daughter?  Here’s libertarian icon Murray Rothbard, whose relationship with Ron Paul was such that he even wrote the preface to one of Paul’s books. Ron Paul regards Rothbard as one of America’s “greatest men” and “greatest heroes of freedom.” Rand Paul, by the way, considers it an honor to have met Murray Rothbard and a “privilege” to have once driven him to the airport.

In 1967 Murray Rothbard seemed highly bereaved and aggrieved to hear of Che Guevara’s whacking. Here’ the libertarian icon’s encomium to the Stalinist who outlawed private property under penalty of torture-chamber and firing-squad:

Che is dead, and we all mourn him. Long live Che!  Why? How is it that so many libertarians mourn this man?…What made Che such an heroic figure for our time is that he, more than any man of our epoch or even of our century, was the living embodiment of the principle of Revolution… we all knew that his enemy was our enemy–that great Colossus that oppresses and threatens all the peoples of the world, U. S. imperialism… The most fitting memorial to Che was the intensely moving speech about his death delivered by his old comrade-in-arms, Fidel Castro.

But why pick on Murray Rothbard?

When it comes to the factual Che Guevara, amigos, what we have here is a serious failure to communicate. Today the world’s largest Che mural (the one Carol Thatcher smilingly posed before) adorns Cuba’s Ministry of the Interior, the headquarters for Cuba’s KGB- and STASI-trained secret police. Nothing could be more fitting

But a corrective to all this “ignorance” does exist.

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  • Omar

    Murray Rothbard doesn't get it at all. There is no U.S. "imperialism" at all, but there was Soviet imperialism (now Russian imperialism) and there also is Chinese imperialism, Cuban imperialism, Iranian imperialism, "Palestinian" (invented people) imperialism, Communist imperialism and Islamist imperialism. Rothbard is obviously a supporter of Cuban imperialism and the totalitarian misery that it brought on the people of third-world countries for more than 50 years. Che Guevara is simply a Stalinist/Maoist who tried to impose Cuban Communist imperialist totalitarianism on people who rejected it. Bottom line: Che Guevara is a mass murderer, not a hero. Instead of honoring Che, people should honor real freedom fighters like Vaclav Havel, who brought freedom and democracy to the former Czechoslovakia. Today, both the Czech Republic and Slovakia are prosperous democracies.

  • Audrey Russo

    Excellent piece, Mr. Fontova! The ignorance of the masses in this nation, and the disinformation campaign by the Left…is far too successful…all to our peril.

  • EarlyBird

    As long as there is anybody in the world living in oppression, we must never EVER smile or tour Cuba!

    (Hey guys, the commies aren't just going to forswear communism and oppression because we make them blink. They're just going to gradually let go of their grip as money, information, new ideas and tourists flood in. JayZ's trip is part of that.)

    • Fritz

      If you had been following Mr. Fontova's interviews and previous writings you would know that they are several times as many tourists, some say ten times as many, as there was in the 1950s when Havana was supposedly an American "Playground". In spite of this the level of political oppression has actually increased not decreased, so much for a flood of money, tourists, and new ideas causing them to change their ways?

  • EarlyBird

    The only reason Cuba and the US haven't ended the Cold War is because American politicians (and right wing sites like this one) have too much to gain by thundering on about Fidel and Guevara like it was 1962.

    Yes, we should slap the s**t out of kids wearing Che shirts like he was some humanitarian hero, and denounce academics who lionize him.

    But nothing would end the tyranny there quicker than the US to declare victory in the Cold War, normalize relations with Cuba, and flood the island with US tourists, money, products and ideas.

    In the same way Nixon gave China an "out" with detente, we can also bring the Cubans in from the cold.

    The only question is do US politicans prefer to make points with aging Cuban-American voters in Florida more than they prefer to end the tyranny?

    • Fritz

      China under Mao was a closed society, the only governments and peoples it had and relationship with were those in other Communist states. Cuba, on the other hand, was never cut off from anyone but the U.S. It should also be mentioned that China is still a dictatorship run by the Communist party, who still controls the media, and jails dissidents to this day. While they are not the killing machine they were under Mao I think that most moves away from a state controlled economy were based on pragmatism to keep the regime in power rather then diplomatic and social interaction with the U.S.
      Every other country in the world has diplomatic relations with Cuba, no other country but the U.S has an embargo with Cuba. Britain, France, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Italy, etc., etc, etc, all do business with Cuba yet it is an economic failure. Why is that? There are other countries in the world that have had little to nothing to do with the U.S, mostly because of geography, yet they have had some success, Brazil and India for example. So this idea that Cuba's regime is the way it is because the U.S want's nothing to do with them is naive. The only way it will likely change is if one or both of the Castro brothers die, or if they loose control of Venezuela as a colony to provide the regime with free oil.
      Also the ideas of free market capitalism and a free and civil democratic society are not monopolized by the U.S, nor is the U.S the center of the universe. They existed before the U.S came into being and became a World power and they will very likely exist afterward.