Mr. Hugo Chavez, You Were No Fidel Castro

(While all the media and academic wizards and soothsayers were pussyfooting and using weasel-words, a Frontpage columnist went on record on Canada’s SunNews last Friday and categorically stated that: “All hope is gone for his survival–Hugo Chavez will die within days.” Four days later Hugo was dead.)


Events this week showed that in the pantheon of heroes for America’s liberal elite, Hugo Chavez was a pathetic D-lister. The Venezuelan buffoon never amassed even a small fraction of Fidel Castro’s U.S. celebrity, tycoon and politician fan-base. So Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, Joe Kennedy, Rep. Jose Serrano all expressed admiration for Chavez upon his passing. Big deal.

Listing Fidel Castro’s A-list celebrity, tycoon and politician fan-base would waste half of Frontpage’s bandwith on something easily found here.

The Republican National Committee scolded Democratic Rep. Serrano for his affectionate tweet to the dead Chavez. Good for them. But if the RNC applied the same standard to scolding Democratic affection for a live Fidel Castro they’d have time for nothing else. In fact, the RNC could start with some Republicans themselves, such as notorious Castro water-carrier Senator Jeff Flake.

Hugo Chavez was an authoritarian bully, a narcotrafficker, a thief and a buffoon. He wasn’t a totalitarian mass-murderer, a mass-jailer and a mass-torturer who outlawed all political opposition under penalty of torture-chamber and firing squad and came within a hair of igniting a worldwide nuclear war, aimed first at destroying the U.S.

Despite his bluster and monkeyshines, this last point was never on Hugo Chavez’ bucket list. Indeed it was the last thing he wanted. Keep this under your hat, but: the U.S. is – by far — the biggest customer for Venezuelan oil. Hugo Chavez was our fourth largest oil supplier.

Three years into power Castro had already murdered more political prisoners (out of a population of 6.5 million) than Hitler murdered (out of a population of 65 million) in his first six years. Ten years into power Castro had jailed and tortured at a higher rate than Stalin during his Great Terror. Fidel Castro’s lifelong dream was to destroy the U.S. — and he came within a hair of it.

So given his tiny attainments (by Castroite standards) in mass-murder, mass-torture, mass-terror and anti-Americanism, it’s small surprise that Hugo Chavez amassed only a fraction of Castro’s affection from American liberals.

“VIVA FIDEL!”— “VIVA CHE GUEVARA!” yelled a beaming nominee for America’s dominant political party, Democrat Jesse Jackson, in 1984, while arm in arm with the man who craved to nuke his nation.

“VIVAL FIDEL!” yelled ultra-influential Democratic U.S. Congressman Charles Rangel right before rushing up and suffocating in a bear hug the man who had craved to nuke him. The scene was Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Church in October 1995, where the very rafters shook from the thundering chants of “VIVA-FIDEL!—VIVA FIDEL!” issuing from a crowd that also included Maxine Waters.

“Castro is very shy and sensitive,” revealed U.S. Senator (and “conscience”  of  America’s dominant political party) George McGovern upon first meeting the man who craved to nuke the nation McGovern sought to run as president. “I frankly liked him [Fidel Castro] … I consider him a friend.”

“Fidel Castro could have been Cuba’s Elvis.” (Dan Rather.)

“Fidel Castro is one hell of a guy. You people would like him.” (Ted Turner to a beaming crowd at Harvard Law School.)

“Fidel Castro is old-fashioned, courtly—even paternal, a thoroughly fascinating figure.” (Andrea Mitchell.)

“It was quite a moment to behold. Fidel Castro was very engaging and very energetic,” said a hyperventilating Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA).

“Fidel Castro has brought very high literacy and great health-care to his country. His personal magnetism is powerful.” (Barbara Walters.)

And on, and on, and on….

When Hugo Chavez visited the United Nations in 2006 and bad-mouthed President George Bush as “the devil,” “a cowboy,” etc., he was roundly denounced by President Bush’s most vocal Democratic opponents.

“You don’t come into my country; you don’t come into my congressional district and you don’t condemn my president,” shot back a scowling Charles Rangel.

“He [Chavez] is an everyday thug,” added the angry House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Chavez started his UN rant on the right foot. He held up a book by Noam Chomsky while blasting the U.S. His mentor Castro was undoubtedly nodding at the time: “Nice … very nice.”

But Hugo quickly got carried away and went off the rails, blasting Bush himself.  “No, no, no, Hugo!” Castro probably moaned with his face in his hands. “The beauty of this thing, Hugo, is that so many American leftists are so eager to echo our ravings that there’s absolutely no need for us to mouth them ourselves, you idiot! It’s practically impossible to get Democrats riled up against a Latin Marxist – and here you’ve managed it, you idiot! Now look what you’ve done! Prominent Democrats – my historic allies – from Rangel to Pelosi are speaking against you! I’ve relied on such people to mouth or echo my ravings for decades, Hugo!”

For simply saying the U.N. “smelt of sulfur,” Chavez was censured by prominent New Yorkers. After twice trying to make the entire city smell of charred flesh, his mentor, Fidel Castro, got a reception to shame Simon and Garfunkel’s in Central Park.

When Fidel Castro visited New York in 1995 he was “The Toast of Manhattan!” wined and dined from the Council on Foreign Relations to The Wall Street Journal with dozens of The Beautiful People lining up for his autograph. The jailer and torturer of the longest suffering black political prisoners in modern history was bear-hugged by Charles Rangel. The jailer and torturer of the most female political prisoners in the modern history of the western hemisphere was hugged and smooched by feminist Diane Sawyer. The jailer and torturer of the most journalists in the modern history of the western hemisphere found everyone from Dan Rather to Mike Wallace to Tina Brown  lining up for his autograph. The jailer and torturer who abolished private property within his Stalinist fiefdom found David Rockefeller and Mort Zuckerman crowding around him for a handshake.

The mass-murderer was not only the man “to see” but the one to be seen with.

Chavez was a cheap chump and clown. Maybe if he’d twice come within a hair of incinerating New York, he’d have been bestowed the proper cachet – and the city’s elite would now be paying him the proper respect.

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  • Ghostwriter

    In life,Hugo Chavez was a pompous buffoon with a touch of the paranoid. In death,he'll be remembered…as a pompous buffoon with a touch of the paranoid.

    • Sean Penn

      Ur an idiot, you know nothing about chavez

      • Billy

        Ya right whoever you are aka sean. You are as dumb as the real sean penn.

      • Omar

        Actually, we know a lot about the real Hugo Chavez and how he wanted to rule Latin America (and the world) with an iron fist. Along with his puppeteers, the Castro brothers, the Chavez/Maduro autocracy has succeeded in adding puppet states in the region. The Castro-Chavez/Maduro axis of evil has also succeeded in toppling the democratically-elected, pro-statehood, conservative New Progressive Party (which consists of U.S. mainland affiliated Republicans and conservative Democrats) administration of Governor Luis Fortuno in Puerto Rico (which is a U.S. territory) this past November. The Castro-Chavez/Maduro axis was able to accomplish that by supporting and funding the left-wing opposition with lies, propaganda and other illegal action directed against Fortuno's conservative government. When Fortuno's administration needed to cut government spending by eliminating unnecessary government jobs in order to save Puerto Rico's economy, the left and their cohorts in the media took to the streets to denounce Fortuno as a "fascist" and a "dictator". Then, the pro-territory status Popular Democratic Party (which consists mainly of U.S. mainland affiliated Democrats), the far-left Puerto Rico Independence Party (which consists mainly of Communist totalitarians and other far-left activists) and other left-wing activists and groups, backed by corrupt unions and by the regimes in Cuba and Venezuela, encouraged some student activists and some radical organizations at the University of Puerto Rico campuses across the island to riot and destroy university property in order to protest tuition increases. Why didn't the media give Fortuno the same benefit of the doubt that they gave Chavez? Fortuno supports the rule of law, while Chavez ignored it.

      • Drakken

        Go figure! A dumbazz libtard, supporting and defending a commi.

  • Mary Sue

    Oh yes, I've seen Humberto on Sun News many times. I love it!

    Yeah, Chavez was an idiot, though he could do no wrong in the eyes of the Canadian Left. Idiots like those that dwell on the Council of Canadians, and inhabit the United Church of Canada. I knew and argued with many of these idiots about Cuba, and also about Venezuela and Chavez, and some of these idiots went to their graves believing Chavez was the greatest thing since sliced bread because Venezuela's price of gasoline was like 14 cents a litre or something. Communist NDP teachers just can't be fixed.


    Humberto, add a quote from my former Gov., Bill Richardson, who traveled to Cuba many times on a "trade mission" but no trade to speak of. "The worst thing I can say about Fidel Castro is that he has bad dandruff." (Not exact but close.)

    HOW BIG DOES YOUR EGO have to be to order that your body be preserved to be viewed for all time? CULT? Is Fidel, and his CULT of followers, thinking the same? Since Cuba is somewhat hard to get to, would Fidel's body go on tour around the world? First stop, New York City. What if they took it to Miami, or Little Cuba, first?

    Now Hugo's body will last forever unless someone steals it, an earthquake crushes it, or a fire burns it.
    ;-) ;-)


    BUT ONE PROBLEM: Who is going to rule He!! with all these dictators trying to take over from the Devil? Even Ted Kennedy is in on the act. Yes, he wasn't a dictator but he is a "Kennedy."


    Since Obama, and his "CIRCLE OF COMMUNISTS," aided the KGB/CPUSA/DGI Communist Revolution in the 1980's in Central America, and turned a blind eye to Hugo's bribing countries in election fraud, DON'T LOOK for Obama to take action against the "Socialist" takeover of other countries and especially no action against those who Hugo installed with his, and our, petro-dollars.

    Remember that Obama and Hillary demanded that Manuel Zelaya of Honduras be re-installed as President with the support of Chavez. Their antics of waiting at the border could have led to civil war and still no action by Obama and Hillary even when Honduras' own Supreme Court and Zelaya's own Vice-President demanded he be removed since he went against their Constitution. (If only our Supreme Court was so brave since they did take an oath to defend the Constitution!)

    Maduro is now spewing the same BS that psychotic dictators use and their biggest cheerleaders are Americans!


    H1N1. Castro has the best doctors in the world, Why Hugo went to Cuba. There are workplaces that statistically prove to be cancer hubs all over the world. No one knows why, no scientific reason. Swine flu is everywhere. Vietnam in Mexico was an old KGB plot and he was not the USSR. Respiratory illness. See the thing is I spoke to him about Mexico, Hugo was told it was going to be release before it was and it killed him, not the dancer. It is in the communication archives, also notice that neither Vlad or Meds turned up in person. People should know 300,000 collateral including our own citizens. Tactical nukes mate.

    • Western Canadian

      You either missed your meds, or you are beyond drunk. NOTHING about your post makes any sense.

  • http://frontpagemag.conm lynn

    i am doing a school project on hugo chevaz can you tell me a bout him please

    • Mary Sue

      simple. He was a dirtbag who stole the oil wealth for himself while giving a pittance to the "poor" and decimating the middle class, making MORE poor to be dependent on him. How else do you figure he became worth billions of dollars in personal assets?

  • Omar

    "'You don't come into my country; you don’t come into my congressional district and you don’t condemn my president,' shot back a scowling Charles Rangel."
    Yeah, about that. For Rangel to be condemning Chavez for insulting Bush at the UN is hypocritical, considering the fact that Rangel himself had insulted Bush the year before Chavez's UN rant. About a month after the Katrina disaster, Rangel declared that "George Bush is our Bull Connor", in reference to the infamous Alabama police commissioner who tried to suppress civil rights demonstrators by force. That comparison is insulting and disrespectful not only to the former president (who had the most ethnically diverse administration in recent history), but also to the civil rights demonstrators who were real victims of violence. Rangel can condemn Chavez, but he must also apologize to Bush for insulting him with an awful comparison.


    Flagged as inappropriate content, so it should be, but that how we talk. Or a bit of sniff mate.


    I will that is why Vlad nor Meds turned up. I will nuke you, you want to party.

  • Pedro

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    I am crazy certified… I know they will leave me alone and I think you should do the same. Of course I am insane I front the IRGC in 2007 before the surge that is crazy. I am the jatz cracker/


    totally insane in control of the US nuclear arsenal.


    I am not afraid of them. They got the address.


    I will deal with the fairy floss he is my friend.


    They have done horrible things to me I stand with Medvedev.


    Man rape is not enough for them you want to speak to Colombia AFP are tough guys.




    We play with Tony

  • Fritz

    You forgot about Danny Glover and Harry Bellefonte on the Chavez celebrity list, maybe Ed Asner too, but really nobody of note.
    When I first learned of Hugo Chavez, and his activities, especially with regard to interfering with Columbia, his six hour televised speeches, I though the man was a Latin American version of Idi Amin, although less bloodthirsty. perhaps. Basically a hayseed that threw on a general's uniform and paraded around as though he were Napoleon Bonaparte. Chavez will have no legacy, much like Moamar Gaddafi he liked to rule by fiat without establishing institutions to carry out anything over the long term. He was just another Latin American tinpot that wanted to declare himself president for life, well I guess you have to be careful what you wish for?