Neill Macaulay: The Professor Who Lynched ‘Negroes’


Execution of Cuban prisoner by firing squad.

Any professor in the U.S. who utters the “N-word” even offhandedly gets cashiered instantly. Examples abound.  Nowadays even using the perfectly proper term “Negro” can get an educator fired, as in the case of a Bronx teacher.

The trick to—not only keeping one’s academic job—but catapulting to emeritus status apparently involves using the term “Negro” only for anti-communist black people that you lynched. I use the word “lynch” here—not in the current conservative context referring to liberal handling of Herman Cain, Allen West, Clarence Thomas, etc.—but literally, as in murdering. An example exists:

 The first (victim) was a tall handsome mulatto. He stood blindfolded before the paredon (firing squad wall), his hands bound in front of him. “Muchachos,” he said calmly, “The only crime you are going to commit is to kill me, because I am innocent.”

I stepped into the field shouted: “Ready!..Aim!–FIRE!”…the man went down and I went up to him immediately, commanding the firing squad to order arms as I walked. There were bullet holes in his shirt and he seemed dead, but I wasted no time in putting the automatic to his head and pulled the trigger. It made a neat round hole.

Next (victim) to die was a Negro who was hauled kicking and screaming to the paredon…I told the jailers to throw him up against the wall and get out of the way…the condemned man froze in terror when he saw his executioners arrayed before him.

“READY!” My command jolted him out of his trance.

“NO!–NO!” he cried. “Do NOT Get ready.” He tried to climb the wall.

“NO!” he yelled while trying to hide behind one of the execution stakes, but the gun muzzles tracked him relentlessly.

“FIRE!” He turned his head and ducked just as the guns went off. Most of the bullets struck him in profile, tearing his nose, lips, chin and most of his cheeks. His face was transformed into a raw, red mass of flesh and bone that contrasted sharply to the smooth black skin bordering it. He lay on his back with what was left of his face turned to the firing squad. Anyone that hideously blasted, I thought, had to be dead…”[W]ell,” I commented to the firing squad, “it is not necessary to give to give him the tiro de gracia.”

“Yes, Americano!” shouted one of my men. “He still lives! Give him the shot!” His arms and legs were twitching. His movement ceased only when a bullet from my pistol entered his skull.

The above comes from University of Florida Professor Emeritus Neill Macaulay’s memoirs titled, A Rebel in Cuba, published in 1970. The judicial process these black Cubans had undergone was best described by Fidel and Che themselves:

“Judicial evidence is an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution, We execute from Revolutionary conviction.” (Che Guevara, Feb. 1959)

“Legal proof is impossible to obtain against war criminals. So we sentence them based on moral conviction.” (Fidel Castro Feb. 1959)

“The whole procedure was sickening,” wrote New York Times (no less) correspondent, Ruby Hart Phillips, about a trial she attended in Havana in early 1959. “The defense attorney made absolutely no defense, instead he apologized to the court for defending the prisoner.”

Edwin Tetlow, Havana correspondent for London’s Daily Telegraph, wrote about a “trial” by Che Guevara’s judicial dream — team where he noticed the dozens of death sentences posted on a board — before the trial had started.

The future professor Emeritus who gleefully carried out these death sentences continued gloating:

Escalona (a communist commander later notorious for exterminating rural Cuban rebel with Soviet arms and officers) introduced me to Fidel as “the man who is training the firing squads.” Fidel threw his head back and roared with laughter. As I stretched out my hand, he grabbed me by my shoulders and gave me a bear hug. Everybody was happy. At the University (of Havana) he was known as Greaseball. To me, however, he (Fidel) was very attractive.

This attraction probably grew when Fidel Castro gifted Yankee executioner Neill Macaulay with property stolen from rightful Cuban owners under penalty of firing squad and torture chamber. More from professor Macaulay’s book:

Fidel says to give the Americano what he wants. So I selected a plot of about sixty-five acres from an immense plantation that had been jointly owned by some friends of Batista. The INRA (Che Guevara’s Instituto Nacional de Reforma Agraria) gave me virtually unlimited credit…there was no house on my land so I chose as a residence the former country home of Pepe Fraga, Batista’s former chief of parking meters in Havana. Late in July my wife and infant son joined me there.

An American mercenary joins Castro and Che Guevara’s criminal band, executes (murders, actually) Cubans without trial, steals the property of Cubans at gunpoint. Then he serves for decades as Professor Emeritus of Latin American Studies at University of Florida, apparently with nobody batting an eye.

The University of Florida is a state college, so there’s a good chance his salary was paid partly by his victims’ families. And again apparently nobody bats an eye.

Upon Macaulay’s death in 2007 (some suspect from suicide) Leftist professor and documentarian Glenn Gebhard wrote: “He (Macaulay) was not a socialist or a communist, and he left (Cuba) after he realized he couldn’t make a living…He was a man of action and really smart.”

Che Guevara, whatever else we can say about him, seemed to actually believe in the Communist holy book. Macaulay apparently murdered Cubans for fun and profit.

Quite fittingly, among Professor Neill Macaulay’s final academic duties was to hail a book by Castro “agent-of- influence” (also the Council on Foreign Relations Latin American “expert”) Julia Sweig as: “the best book ever written about Fidel Castro’s revolutionary movement.”

In the early 1960s South Carolinian Neill Macaulay briefly lost his US citizenship for serving in a foreign nation’s military. Then “family friend” Strom Thurmond pulled some strings to get it back.  In brief: a “good ‘ole southern boy” boasts of murdering “Negroes” as a mercenary. Then among the nation’s most prominent segregationists of the time (Strom Thurmond) retrieves his U.S. citizenship. Then a southern institute of higher learning hires and honors him.

And not one liberal peeps in protest. Who but a gleeful servant of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara could get away with something like this in the eyes of U.S. media and academia?

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  • Jason

    And these people teach uni kids. I am not looking forward to university if all professors are left wing nut jobs, which given my experience with teachers, is highly likely. *Sigh* I think conservatives should encourage their children to become teachers, so that there may be a balance in education once again.

  • Jakareh

    The irony is America needs its own revolution, only it should be leftist scum standing between the brick walls and the gun barrels. The Tree of Liberty is mighty thirsty.

    • Poshboy

      And what worries me is that if we loyal Americans someday were able to “permanently” clean up the mess the Left has deposited in America…would our drumhead courts be any more fair?

      Given how revolutions have occurred and how they have spun out of control, I fear that they would be not. And part of our anger is certainly disgust at how easily the Left ignores our English law heritage. I don’t want to be witnessing as a hypocrite the same vile crimes as was done by socialist scum like Macaulay.

      • Jakareh

        In an ideal world, the rule of law would endure forever with no compromise or interruption. But the leftists have corrupted our judicial and political systems to the point that, in my view, we will need to resort to force in order not only to preserve our freedom but to survive.

        • Poshboy

          And that, my friend, is my greatest fear. Our revolution will become not to preserve the Constitution, but simply to live to see another day. The noble beginnings of the Second American Revolution will turn into simple liquidation of whomever our enemies will be that day.

          The 1789 French Revolution decayed from a fight for freedom into simple anarchy and eventually begat Napoleon. The Soviet 1917 revolution decayed even quicker into firing squads against whomever found themselves accused of being “anti-Soviet”, whatever that meant. The US got very lucky in 1783 only because we had the modest decency of Gen. Washington to guide us away from despotism.

          The dialogue Macaulay repeats above will become our words, as we reload our rifles for another round of grisly deserved justice on this Marxist trash. And then someone in 2058 will be writing the same story as above, but with _our_ names on it.

          We may unfortunately discover we have the worst thing in common with these Cuban Marxists. But I think there is a difference: I believe we’ll have guilt about our crimes, unlike them, because we did it to preserve the fairness of English common law and the Burkean concept of Liberty. Perhaps that is enough of a difference to make it survivable and to face one’s children about the acts done in their names.

          Let’s hope we never find out.

          • Jakareh

            It seems to me that societies, much like men, have a life cycle. And just like an exceptional man ages dies as if he were a common one, an exceptional society, which America is, also passes from youthful idealism to middle-aged pragmatism. The problem is that leftists destroyed the youthful idealism prematurely and they are not keen on the middle-aged pragmatism either. What they want is dissipation and suicide, a Leaving Las Vegas-style terminal drinking bout, so that from America’s rotting corpse may blossom their brave new world of racial diversity and ideological sameness.

          • Poshboy

            The Marxist dialectic is one of despair and death, isn’t it? That’s probably why they hate our emphasis on Liberty and individual freedom–it’s such an uplifting message to ordinary and extraordinary people.

            I was thinking about this message stream yesterday. I think where I have the most hangup is the “judicial” process of these actions. The Cuban Marxists judged the victims guilty solely because they were most likely business owners, farmers, and other small capitalist entrepreneurs. That was their “crime” and evidence. Does this man own a small successful fruit store in Santiago? Shoot him.

            In our hopefully hypothetical situation, what would our Leftist guests-against-the-wall be guilty of? I think you and I would find guilty a key member of a Leftist organization actively promoting policies that subvert the Constitution. Is the judicial process simply reading their own words back to them, having them acknowledge authorship, and then send them to the firing squads? If that’s what it becomes, I don’t have a problem with that; in fact, I’d consider it an honor to participate and give the commands. And as a former 11B, I’d make sure the shots were straight, unlike that clown Macaulay.

            It’s how far down this ugly process drills where I have worries. Even the Nazis let the ordinary Social Democrat voters exist in the Reich; it was the SD Reichstag deputies and party leaders that eventually met a violent end. In short, one can’t shoot all their enemies, especially in modern 4G warfare. That defining line of who is responsible and who is not should be sharply defined in any such action, or else such a tenuous, loosely-defined process leads to public anarchy (see above examples of France, Russia, and even 1990s Bosnia).

            I’m surprised that there does not exist on the Internet an informal “master arrest list” of those on the Left who are responsible for all of this mess. I don’t know how such a thing would be maintained, or what would be the parameters for inclusion, but you’d think those on the Right would at least want to “officially” identify such people before the Revolution.

            Hey, thanks for your thoughts on all of this. It’s been very interesting. I know you aren’t alone out there in believing such actions are necessary to save our noble nation from its internal enemies. –PB, Virginia

  • Hass

    This evil bastard sounds like he’s untouchable. Drag his arse under citizens arrest and force the Law to deal with the POS.

  • Aizino Smith

    So I find the reference used by the wiki article on “Neill W. Macaulay, Jr.”

    U.S. Born Cuba Rebel Repudiated Castro, The Miami Herald, November 2, 2007, Page 5B

    I try to find the article at and thru a web search using the search string

    “U.S. Born Cuba Rebel Repudiated Castro”

    NOTHING. But Daniel Greenfield posted a link to the obituary in the Miami Harold via Yahoo (?). The obituary is sanitized as I suspected. “I did what I had to do,” – Niel Macaulay. That is probably true seeing as he was running with Castro & Guevara. There is a very large difference between “I did what I had to do,” and shooting people whose death sentences are posted publicly before a trial has commenced

    Did Neil Macaulay commit suicide at age 72 because of feelings of guilt. Who knows from the information we are given.

    It is amazing that he was an executioner working with kangaroo courts by his own admission and yet he gets hired at an university.

    You did into the Daily Caller article learning about the Arca Foundation, (RJ Reynold’s money) Julia Sweig, names of several Council of Foreign Relations members like Mika Brzezinski. Can CFR membership for Chelsea Clinton be far behind?

    What qualified Mika Brzezinski to be a CFR member except she dyes her hair blond and she is a Washington journalist.

    Following the hyperlinks of this story takes a person on one strange, ugly trip.

  • Omar

    Great article, Mr. Fontova. I would, however, like to mention something else regarding prominent conservative minorities like Herman Cain. While Cain was running for president of the United States, he was the target of ridicule by the left. Many of those people who ridiculed him are white leftists, as well as minority leftists as well. Yet almost no civil rights group repudiated the left’s racist campaign against Herman Cain. Two notable events happened during the Republican businessman’s candidacy. The first event was when actress Janeane Garofalo insulted Herman Cain as someone who was “suffering from Stockholm Syndrome” because of his race. Garofalo’s comments not only insulted prominent minority conservatives like Herman Cain, but also insulted real victims of Stockholm Syndrome. Yet, there wasn’t a single leftist nor so-called modern “civil rights” figure who made Garofalo a pariah for her racist and bigoted comments nor denounced her. The same goes for the white leftists like Lawrence O’Donnell at MSNBC. Nobody denounced them for their behavior towards Cain. Then, when Cain was leading in the polls for the GOP primary contest, the left decided to force Cain out of the race, and they did it by resorting to the worst racial stereotypes in American history. The left enlisted the help of leftist liars like the lunatic “attorney” Gloria Allred, to make Cain look bad. Did you know that one of Cain’s accusers, Karen Kraushaar, was instrumental in deporting Elian Gonzalez to Castro’s Cuba (or as fellow Babalusian Carlos Eire calls it, Castrogonia)? Yes, Kraushaar is a menace to both black Americans and Cuban Americans. Kraushaar and the other women who falsely accused Cain of “sexual harassment” are the modern-day Victoria Price (the woman who falsely accused the “Scottsboro Boys” of rape in 1930s Alabama). The lies and propaganda by the modern-day Victoria Prices and the left in general led to Cain’s exit from the presidential race. The left should be ashamed of itself, but its double standards live on.

    • glpage

      One of the left’s greatest double standard is crying “McCarthyism”. They have perfected use of the term and its practice.

  • MRH

    No I question whether or not i should attend UF…

  • MRH


  • Poshboy

    Well, he IS untouchable, having been consigned to the earth since 2007. We can now only learn from his gross mistakes.

    • UCSPanther

      He’s probably already in hell, reunited with his old friend “Che”.

      Reminds me a bit of the SS executioners of WWII…

  • herb benty

    Isn’t it about time non-whites learn the truth about the lefts true history. The Dems racist history should be a weekly show on counter their false, nervous painting of Republicans with their own sordid past.

  • UCSPanther

    As I said before, this is just one reason why no Communist apologist dares to talk about the post-revolutionary period of any Communist regime when it takes power.

    If they do, they’ll be put on the spot to explain their way out of supporting atrocities like this.

  • Michael Brennan

    Macaulay was also a veteran of the Korean War, and an anti-Communist who repudiated Castro. Macaulay fought with Castro in 1958-59. Castro publicly proclaimed himself a “Marxist-Leninist” in late 1961. Macaulay also wrote books like The Sandino Affair that were critical of Communism. Being anti-Batista and pro-Castro are not necessarily the same thing.

  • teriobrien

    Humberto, have I told you lately that you ROCK? When we resume having guests again on The Teri O’Brien Show–we haven’t had any since we moved from blogtalkradio to spreaker to improve audio quality–I hope that you will come back on again. On this weekend, when Obama returns fresh from his love fest with the Castro brothers, I wan to say God bless you for all you have done to expose their murderous regime.