American Racial Politics 101

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Contemporary American racial politics have got to be more complicated than any other kind of politics.  In fact, they have got to be more complicated than astrophysics and neural brain surgery.

Even Americans for whom their country’s racial politics have become like a first language to them still have great difficulty in mastering it.  Outsiders aspiring to achieve fluency in America’s racial politics have nearly insuperable obstacles to surmount.

With an eye toward making “the text” of our racial politics at least somewhat less convoluted, I offer the following “cliff notes.”

First things first: “racism” is the worst thing with which to charge a white person.  To repeat, there is no conceivable catalogue of evils in which “racism” does not rank at the top (or bottom) of the list—for white people.  To put this point another way, although every American, of every race, loudly and proudly repudiates “racism,” by the latter they almost always mean white racism.

This brings us to the next note.

There is endless hand wringing over “equality,” “fairness,” and “justice,” it is true.  And “color blindness” is extolled as the premiere virtue.  In reality, though, whites and non-whites—especially blacks—are not regarded equally in America.  All talk of “white privilege” clashes violently with the fact that non-whites, especially blacks, just simply are not judged by the same standards as their white counterparts.  And, as this one example of “racism” illustrates, the double standards are glaring.

Not infrequently, at least nowadays, calls on the part of racial activists and their followers for justice or equality are ideological smokescreens designed to advance their own interests and/or the interests of the groups that they represent.  Such activists, regardless of their color, shout from the rooftops for “justice” for blacks and Hispanics, say.  However, for whites, particularly those whites who have been aggrieved in some way by non-whites, they are nowhere to be found.

Third, though it sounds counterintuitive, race in America is less a matter of skin tone and more a matter of ideology.  Actually, race is as much an ideological concept as any.

There is a narrative concerning American race relations that has become the official history. As it has achieved the status of dogma, it tolerates no competitors.  According to this narrative, for all practical purposes, “racism” begins in the United State with the enslavement of African blacks.  Notwithstanding their tireless attempts to repent of the oppression to which they’ve subjected blacks throughout the centuries, whites continue to fall prey to their delusions of racial “supremacy;” they cannot do enough to make amends.

Now, this narrative is false not entirely for what it says as for what it neglects to say.  Blacks had been enslaving one another for eons before the first white man stepped foot on the African continent—and they resisted European efforts to end the slave trade.  Had it not been for Africans there would have been no Trans-Atlantic slave trade, for it was Africans who sold their fellow Africans to the Europeans.  And what is true of Africans is no less true of America’s aboriginals who had been enslaving one another long before whites reached the Western hemisphere.

Of course, there are other critical facts that the official creed omits.  Blacks enslaved blacks in the antebellum South and blacks fought for the Confederacy.  Blacks have a far higher standard of living in modern America than most people, black white, or other, have living in any other place on Earth.  From their emancipation from the bonds of slavery to the destruction of Jim Crow and everything since then—including the election and reelection of a black president—blacks’ gains in America would never have been possible had it not been for the blood, sweat, and tears of whites.

Today, blacks are murdered and victimized by blacks to a vastly greater extent than they are victimized by whites (or the members of any other racial group).  And the overwhelming majority of interracial crime is black-on-white—not the other way round.

Still, those blacks like, say, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who resist the orthodox narrative are deemed “inauthentic”: Thomas and other blacks, you see, aren’t really black.

That race is ideological in contemporary America is as well borne out by the fact that the Hispanic-looking George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch member in Sanford, Florida who shot to death black teenager Trayvon Martin, is treated as an honorary white man—in spite of being a mixture of black, white, and Hispanic.

For over 20 years, Hispanic gangbangers in Los Angeles have been conducting what the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as a “campaign” of “ethnic cleansing” in black neighborhoods. This outrage has been met with deafening silence by the national media and the racial activists.  Thus, it is difficult not to think that had Zimmerman had his mother’s Spanish surname, or had he been a gangbanger, as opposed to a community activist, we would never have heard of either him or Martin.

Racial politics in America is tricky business indeed.

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  • LeungChiSi

    Not a single mention of “affirmative action” – or its successor, “diversity”???
    Is this discussion deferred to “Racial Politics 102 or 201″???

  • davarino

    Listening to a radio talk show the other day. A black man called in to talk about Zimm Martin case. The subject of black on black murduers in Chicago was brought up, and its increase. The caller shrugged it off saying “thats what black peopel do” but was still outraged at this single “white” on black event.
    I have learned, there is no proving I am not racist. The harder I try, the more they scoff and laugh, so I dont try any more.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      It’s really simple to black racists. If you’re white, you’re a racist. That’s it. They have no interest in reconciliation or even getting along and moving forward. Their hatred of anyone white (or non-black for that matter) is the thing they cling to. It has become part of their identity and is exactly why race relations are sliding backward in the US. It was a reasonable experiment, but forcing the issue has drive it to fail.

      • OfficialPro

        they’ve been taught by the crackpots of the nation of Islam (Farrakhan et al) that Whites are Devils and thus naturally and unredeemably evil, and of course they believe that unquestioningly. Nobody teaches critical thinking anymore.

        • Yonah El

          Actually, they are students of history. Learning about how white people ( not all of them) have rewritten history and lied in order to perpetuate the myth of white supremacy.. They distrust white people because while they wrote the constitution proclaiming freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for themselves, they viciously, brutally, and inhumanly, enslaved blacks. Seeing the way republicans have pushed voter ID laws that dramatically affect blacks and minorities but at the same time reject a national id card that would solve the problem…They are tired of the hypocrisy.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Well, he was correct in stating “that’s what black people do.” It’s useless to try to rationalize to these people that one is not ‘racist.’ They’re unable to see themselves as anything but ‘victims of da white man – nomesayin?’

      Whites need to be done with trying to prove anything to blacks! They’re living on a different planet mentally than whites and so long as they continue to see whites as their problem rather than themselves, then no amount of reasoning will change that.

      BTW, why is it that whites fawn over blacks, always trying to prove to them how non-racist we are? Do you ever see any other racial group constantly trying to do this? Of course not. They simply do what we should be doing: ignoring them and laughing at how ignorant they are!

      • Yonah El

        You are showing your ignorance. The premiere Astrophysicist is black, the president of the free world is black and you still us blanket statements that lump all blacks together, but you don’t get it when the ignorant blacks do the same thing to whites… The ignorance isn’t lacking on either side of the color line. But it seems a bit overbearing from the white side of the fence.

    • Yonah El

      What I don’t get is why people think that crime in the black neighborhood should be justification for other people to kill innocent black boys.?

  • alericKong

    Al Sharpton has been caught on tape buy crack. It should surprise no one that criminals will lie to get money.

    Worst act the race hustlers commit is abandoing children they father. Sharpton was yelling “What did Trayvon Martin do wrong?” Besides try to bash someone’s brains out of their head after throwing the first punch, he smoked weed, got tatoos, tried selling a gun, got tattoos, and got suspended. His divorced father then let him wander the streets at 12:30 AM.

    If I got in trouble as a kid, the consequences were severe like military school. I stayed out of trouble not because of punishment, but fear of hurting my loving parents. I guess that doesn’t exist when you’re parents are hateful gluttons.

    Couple that with 30 years of black people glorifying and reinforcing degenerate criminals, and you find out the real killer of black Americans.

    • OfficialPro

      That’s because single mothers, black, white, hispanic, indian, east indian, etc, no matter what, always find that when their unruly sons reach teenagehood, they can’t woop dey azz anymore. And being, you know, single mothers, there never was a father that could STILL whoop dey kids azz if they got outta line.

      Now of course not every boy raised by a single mother will go out of control like that, but of the ones that don’t, quite a few turn into tofu eating, women’s studies white knighting, haiku writing m********ers.

      Peter Falk and Denis Leary walked into a Dunkin Donuts and shot 27 people…. “…and then he called me a Haiku-writing m*******er!”

    • Yonah El

      I would like to know if you have reconsidered your position now that Zim’s true nature have been discovered. His antics against both his wife (filed for divorce) and his girlfriend have ended up with him flashing his gun and threatening them.. The judge has ordered him to stay away from guns.. It has come out that he had a fight with his wife and had angrily left the house immediately after the argument just prior to him murdering innocent Trayvon Martin. No matter what you he may have done in the past, it now seems apparent that Zim was in a rage that night and Trayvon just wanted some skittles… I just wonder if your racial pride will allow you to admit you made a horrendous error in this case?

      • alericKong

        Modern black culture can still have severe problems with glorifying violence and fathering broken homes with Zimmerman being a criminal.

        You have no right to ground and pound just because someone follows you or even flashes a gun. You are obligated to flee. I’m guessing those who equate violence with sincerity lack humanitarian pacifism.

        • Yonah El

          What? You suggest that someone can stalk you and threaten you if you are black and you should run? Maybe you should read the stand your ground law again. You are a sick person. In light of the truth, you hide and refuse to admit your error.

          • alericKong

            Civilized people do not ambush others and bash in someone’s brains because they feel they are being followed.

            I see very little today which exemplify the values I hold dear, seeing all people as extended family and winning without fighting

            I can however see the followers of race profiteers and the idolizers of criminal clowns find that sick. They can go back to their own living hell where they listen to Lil’ Wayne rape people, and Mayweather and Broner act like drug dealers even though they’ve been at mommy’s teet their whole lives.

          • alericKong

            In no way does following or threats justify escalating to violence, like ground and pound which is assault with a deadly weapon. Civilized people reduce violence, not create it. This is true regardless of Zimmerman’s criminality.

            I look at who profits from contention, let alone conflicts. If I end that profiteering I gain more than if I win a thousand arguments. And there are many ways to profit off misery besides selling guns, newspapers and gangster music.

            Instead of forcing external constraints which never work as dictated by big government advocates, I focus on intrinsic values to the individual, which starts with fathering your children.

            In cultured society fights do not happen, broken homes do not happen. Virtue needs no promotion because evil has absolutely no room to breathe.

    • Yonah El

      Aleric Kong. You and those like you are sick.
      What do you have to say about Zim? Have you been watching the news?
      He attacked his exwife and his girl friend with a gun and threatened them.. The man is a murderer and you supported him. You and others like you helped that murderer go free.

      I guess you also stand by the Walmart family for enslaving and abusing thousands of workers while they live in the lap of luxury.

      You really should open a book every now and then. Learn something from a source other than fix news.

      • alericKong

        Forensics and witnesses showed Trayvon was bashing his head into the street. Normal people go all their lives without putting themselves into a situation like this.

        Long ago civil rights stopped being about what you are, like ethnicity, and started being about what you do, like dressing like a drug dealer and beating people up.

        Drug dealers wear hoodies to hide their faces, they wear baggy pants to conceal weapons, and they get tatoos and wear jewelery to signal crackheads that they have the best crack.

        I would refer you to AFL/CIO leader Richard Trumka, who responding with the following regarding the murder of a man just trying to cross one of his picket lines to go to work:

        “I’m saying if you strike a match and put your finger in, common sense tells you you’re going to burn your finger.”

  • Moto

    “Contemporary American racial politics have got to be more complicated than any other kind of politics. In fact, they have got to be more complicated than astrophysics and neural brain surgery.

    Even Americans for whom their country’s racial politics have become like a first language to them still have great difficulty in mastering it. Outsiders aspiring to achieve fluency in America’s racial politics have nearly insuperable obstacles to surmount.”

    It’s not that hard. Growing up in a majority black area, I picked up the gist very quickly.

    The gist is, as a white, you are always wrong. Your white ancestors were colonialist racist oppressors, despite the fact that those condemning you for failing to engineer equality of outcomes which is morally grotesque and probably impossible would have never even conceived of the idea that all men were created equal without your ancestors’ help, as that certainly isn’t the case under the laws or politics of any African nation today. And now, for the sin of naively stating that careless phrase in a manner so simplistic as to be able to be read by barely-literate morons who are unable to understand its poetic license, we are now forced to do the impossible or forever face discrimination from our “equals” in the country we conceived and built and died for.

    • laura rubin

      now we have a triple problem. bring in the islamic, bring in the hispanic gangs, bring in the somolians. this problem is bigger than you think.

    • Yonah El

      Africans never brutalized slaves the way whites did until they learned it from them. One of the few things that white people historically taught blacks. Even the terms black and white are a ridiculous reminder of the insanity of white people neither race is remotely close to the color described ,but they were chosen for their propaganda potential. And it always bothers me how the idiots of the race always speak as though both races were homogeneous and somehow monolithic with no striations or divides… And you know we died in far more higher percentages for this country and unlike some people, we never did get paid. We can chalk that up to the greed and deceit of somebody, but according to the bias on this page.. for some reason, black people did not deserve to be compensated for centuries of human slavery and human rights violations… I guess we should just ignore it the way white people ignore most truths that find them on the wrong side of an issue.

  • Yonah El

    I have a problem with this article.. It is wrong on several fronts, it has some truth as well. It is the combination of truth and falsehood that make it problematic. Consider this FBI report…

  • Yonah El

    You are sick. Really sick. I should have known. Only a sick person would think that a man should be allowed to stalk an innocent person, confront him, accuse him and then when he gets ignored and starts a fight that he looses, he should be allowed to kill the person. No doubt you think renisha mcbride’s murderer should go free as well.
    Don’t bother to reply. I will not read anything you post as I have no intention of carrying on a conversation with a criminally insane person.