Black-on-White Violence: The Forgotten Victims

victimsAs the nation remembers Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, it should also note that while the self-appointed guardians of King’s legacy, the “anti-racists,” obsess over Paula Deen and liken Trayvon Martin to Emmet Till, they say nothing about interracial violence when it involves black perpetrators and white victims.

Below is a select list of interracial atrocities committed by blacks against whites.  These forgotten victims are men and women, young and old.

Brad Heyka, Jason Befort, Aaron Sander, Heather Muller, “H.G.”: In December of 2000, in Wichita, Kansas, over the course of hours, two brothers, Reginald and Jonathan Carr, robbed, beat, sexually tormented, and repeatedly raped three men and two women. They eventually shot all five victims, execution-style, in the backs of their heads before driving over their bodies with one of the victim’s pick-up truck.  “H.G.” survived. Wearing nothing but a shirt, shot and battered, she walked a mile until she found help.

Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom: In 2007, this young couple was carjacked in Knoxville, Tennessee by four men and one woman.  Both were raped—Newsom anally, Christian anally, vaginally, and orally.  The former was shot and his body set on fire. The latter was suffocated over a span of hours inside of garbage bags—after she was forced to ingest bleach so as to remove traces of her assailants’ DNA.

Sherry West, Antonio Santiago: On March 21 of this year, this woman and her 13 month-old baby son were both shot while going for a walk in their Brunswick, Georgia neighborhood. The mother survived the bullets to her ear and leg.  Little Antonio, however, died instantly when the bullet entered his face.

Joshua Heath Chellew: At the end of June, this 36 year-old man was attacked by four teenagers at a gas station outside of Atlanta, Georgia. In trying to escape the beating that he was suffering, Chellew was fatally struck by a passing car.

Jonathan Foster: On Christmas Eve, 2010, 12 year-old, Jonathan Foster was abducted from his home in Houston, Texas by a 44 year-old woman, Mona Nelson.  The latter bound Foster and then murdered him with a blowtorch.  She discarded his body in a ditch along the road where it was found four days later.  Foster’s remains were so badly charred that his corpse had to be identified by his dental records.

Delbert “Shorty” Benton:  Just last week, the 89 year-old veteran of World War II was beaten to death by two teenagers armed with flashlights. Benton was making his way through the parking lot of one of the places that he regularly frequented when he was attacked.

Chris Lane: The 23 year-old Australian was in the States visiting his girlfriend. While on a run, some reportedly “bored” teenagers shot him in the back.  Lane died shortly afterward.  The thugs had a history of expressing hostility toward whites, and at least one of them was said by police to have laughed and danced upon being arrested.

Fannie Gumbinger: This 99 year-old Poughkeepsie, New York woman died last week when a 20 year-old burglar murdered her in her home.  Police say she suffered “multiple injuries.”

There is no shortage of people who will defend the deafening silence of the “anti-racists” with respect to these interracial horrors on the grounds that, supposedly, they had nothing to do with color.  Black criminals seek out whites, it is often said, simply because whites are perceived as having more in the way of material goods.

Yet if this is true, then color or race most certainly does have something to do with these attacks: black criminals profile whites.  But if there is nothing illegitimate about black predators (or others) profiling whites as “privileged,” “advantaged,” “racist,” etc., then neither can it be said—as it is always said by “anti-racists”—that there is anything illegitimate about whites profiling blacks.

Only hypocrisy, illogic, or some combination of the two could make one suggest otherwise.

Another common criticism centers on the alleged irrelevance of the race of perpetrators and victims. After all, it is the murder that should be condemned; the color of murderer and murdered of no consequence.

Ah. So, if this is the case, then “racism” should never come under attack at all, for it isn’t, say, the color of the Klansmen and the black victims that they lynched that is blameworthy, but the lynching itself.

There isn’t a single “anti-racist” who would dream to reason thus.

One reason that black-on-white violence should be discussed is that it is both ubiquitous and evil.  The blacks responsible for it constitute but a tiny percentage of the national population, and yet they are several times more likely than their white counterparts to engage in interracial violence.

Another reason that black-on-white cruelty must be brought out into the open is that it is a reality that can only weaken the false narrative of unrelenting White Oppression and perpetual Black Suffering that has been used by demagogues and opportunists to prop up the destructive policies that they’ve promoted in the name of combating “racism.”

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  • cheechakos

    Meagan Boken shot in the head for a cell phone. St.Louis,MO 2012
    My 78 year old grandmother , her throat cut by a black woman and her 11 year old son. Southern IL 2002

    • Reader1

      Unfortunately, it’s okay for black people to do that. So sorry for your loss and the pain your grandmother suffered.

    • Anonymous

      My niece, beguiled to marry a black man who then couldn’t keep his penis in his pants, and when she decided to leave, he forbid it. She kicked him out and bought a .22. rifle for protection (I wish to God that I had been there to help her), he broke in, took that gun away from her and raped her against the wall. The gun was in his hand and it discharged, the bullet passed through both lungs and she died of exsanguination on her feet, falling back on the bed. He only got 18 months for murder. LIBERALS HAVE DESTROYED THE JUDICIARY IN THE NAME OF “EQUALITY.” The system is BROKEN. It is time to start over. Another Civil War is coming…

  • bluffcreek1967

    We cannot change blacks from the level of dysfunction that they bring to all of society. Every effort to educate and civilize them has utterly failed. I’m no longer interested or concerned about reforming them. I’m done with them.

    I’m only concerned now how whites will respond to this very obvious and deadly attempt to beat and murder them by feral blacks. How much longer will whites remain silent? Why do we not take to the streets and protest, making it clear to all that we have a right to exist, including a right to defend ourselves? Where is our unity and why are we so timid about expressing our racial solidarity? Has multiculturalism so blinded us that we cannot see the very deliberate of many blacks to harm us simply because we are white? What has happened to us as a people?

    • Chezwick

      This kind of response is blatantly racist and should be repudiated by all! Exposition of the evils of black racism and of media double-standards is a moral and practical imperative for conservatives in order to better society….but then tolerating white racism in our midst only serves to completely discredit our righteous anger.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Nonsense! It’s amazing the level of blindness that occurs among whites when they are targeted by blacks for harm. Any other racial group would unite and fight back somehow, but not naive and overly altruistic whites.

        Moreover, it’s NOT ‘racist’ to ask whites to maintain some semblance of racial solidarity. When other racial groups unify, no one questions it. But when whites do the same, it’s seen as a form of ‘racism’ that we dare not tolerate. The hypocrisy is staggering.

        Unfortunately, many conservatives like yourself have still not removed the influences of liberalism and white guilt from your minds. I will say it again: If whites don’t unite and begin to show some racial unity, we will continue to be the victims of black savagery and more marginalized than we ever imagined. I suspect that many whites will not learn until it’s too late.

        “The Race That Dare Not Be Mentioned,”

        • Chubby Freen

          I think Chezwick was being sarcastic. I gather he’s of the same opinion as yourself–an opinion I, too, share…

          • bluffcreek1967

            No, he was being serious – albeit well-meaning, but naive. He’s unable to refute my arguments, so he pleads for David to repudiate my views. In effect, he wants a denunciation of dissenting opinions rather than calm and well-reasoned arguments to be expressed.

            You see, it’s wrong to think that it’s only liberals who are the close-minded ones. We conservatives also have those among us whose minds are pretty closed too.


          • Chezwick

            Well reasoned arguments?

            “We cannot change blacks from the level of dysfunction that they bring to all of society. Every effort to educate and civilize them has utterly failed. I’m no longer interested or concerned about reforming them. I’m done with them.”

            You call that well-reasoned? It is racist spiel!

            There is no doubt that there are profound pathologies that exist in the broader black community and need to be addressed. But there are literally MILLIONS of black Americans who are decent, lawful citizens. Your broad-brush racism is sickening!

          • truebearing

            I don’t think he means all blacks, anymore than people mean every last Muslim is a terrorist when condemning radical Islam, but he makes some very true and courageous points. Whites are the only ethnic group in America that is condemned for merely suggesting that we unify to oppose political agendas that single us out. White men are particulary prohibited from forming ethnic advocacy groups, thanks to the Left’s divide and conquer strategy. Holder’s DOJ or Obama’s IRS are examples of governmental agencies singling out whites for special persecution.
            There is strong evidence that from Obama on down, there is a dominant attitude among blacks on the Left that whites should be punished and treated as second class citizens. They invariably fail to condemn the horrible violence against whites because, in my opinion, they agree with it.
            What I see in this country is a black subculture that wants racial dhimmitude for whites. They act in a manner eerily similar to the way Muslims treat Christians or Jews in the Middle East.
            Israel has been forced to arm itself to the teeth. Why is it any different here? Hate, and the violence it spawns, is growing exponentially among a large percentage of black Americans. Should whites become the sacrificial race in the quest for power by other race-based groups?
            Since the beginning of mankind, unity was the number one survival indicator. As Lincoln once said: “United we stand, Divided we fall.”
            Yes, the situation is unfortunate, but it is real, and it isn’t racist to openly acknowledge it.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Thank you truebearing for clarifying this.

          • Chezwick

            Utter tosh! There were no such qualifiers to be found ANYWHERE in bluffcreek’s hate-filled screed. I’ll re-post the sentence in question…

            “We cannot change blacks blacks from the level of dysfunction that they bring to all of society. Every effort to educate and civilize them has utterly failed. I’m no longer interested or concerned about reforming them. I’m done with them.”

            Did you get that??? He wrote “blacks”…not “some blacks”….not “inner-city blacks”,….not “those blacks prone to criminality”…..NO, it was “BLACKS” PERIOD!…who are dysfunctional,…who are uncivilized.

            It’s sickening enough to have to read such crass racism on this fine web-site, but it’s even worse to find he has his supporters. So why don’t the two of you just go join the Klan and get it over with!

          • truebearing

            I agree that qualifiers are essential if we are to be fair. Clearly, not all blacks are killing people or hate whites. Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Tim Scott, and many others are black people of great intelligence and high integrity, so yes, qualification is requisite when discussing such an emotional issue as racial violence.
            Speaking of emotion….you are losing control of yours and making nasty inferences when you suggest that making a sweeping generalization is equivalent to being a Klansmen. You go even further out of bounds by suggesting that anyone who agrees with bluffcreek is as bad, not to mention nauseating. Maybe you should read the article again and feel the intense anger it inspires. Doesn’t bluffcreek have a right to extreme emotions… just like you? Where you being fair and flawlessly accurate in your screed?
            When people are really angry, they don’t always choose the best or most precise words….I should know, since what is happening in this country has me p***d off constantly.

            I agreed with some of bluffcreek’s points, quite strongly in fact. The idea that ANY race has to be shackled and prevented from defending itself, or unfairly demonized ad nauseam, gets me steaming mad. It is what is expected of Israelis and increasingly of white Americans.
            Virtually all of the most popular black leaders are racists, from Sharpton, to Farrakhan, to Holder, to Obama. The fact of black racism toward whites, Jews, and other ethnicities is irrefutable and apparently growing. It will make people angry and there will be a backlash. This racial balkanization is getting worse. Every race in America has advocacy organizations…. but one. Don’t you see why that make a person from that group angry, especially after reading a story like this?
            I should also point out that whites have been generalized to death by the Left, blacks, etc. I didn’t have any slaves and my ancestors fought for the North in the Civil War, yet as an “angry white male” (remember that one?) I have been demonized for many years by so-called civil rights leaders, professors, and our wonderful media.
            The bottom line is that racial tensions are higher than any time I can remember, thanks to obama and the black leadership. That people are angry at blacks in general is a predictable outcome. Next time, you might want to call out the generalization and drop the klan stuff, but hey, I get mad and say things too. Emotions don’t always stay put.

          • Chezwick

            >Doesn’t bluffcreek have a right to extreme emotions… just like you?

            Not when they condemn an entire race of people to being “dysfunctional” and “uncivilized”.

            >Where you being fair and flawlessly accurate in your screed?

            Absolutely. What he wrote was unmistakably clear.

            As for ‘white advocacy’, I’m not the least bit interested. Unlike liberal/lefties and yourself and your pal, Bluffcreek, I don’t see the world through the prism of race. Injustice is injustice, regardless of who the perp is.

            You whine about “racial Balkanization”, and then you advocate JUST THAT.

            We need to conquer the issue of race NOT by peddling racial victimization and identity the way our enemies do, but by discrediting the entire concept of racial victimization and identity.

            Who would you rather stand side-by-side with?….a BLACK CONSERVATIVE or a WHITE LIBERAL????

            If the answer is the former, than stop associating yourself with blatant racists like Bluffcreek. If the answer is the latter, then you are no different than the race huksters on the left.

          • truebearing

            “It depends on how those emotions find expression….and in this case, he’s expressed them by condemning an entire race of people to being “dysfunctional” and “uncivilized”.

            He has repeatedly responded to your hysteria about that generalization, but you won’t allow him to qualify his comments, which is eerily similar to the way liberals behave.

            “As for ‘white advocacy’, I’m not the least bit interested. Unlike liberal/lefties and yourself and your pal, I don’t see the world through the prism of race. Injustice is injustice, regardless of who the perp is or who the victim is.”
            The prism you see the world through was handed to you by the liberals.
            It is now impossible to avoid seeing this country without seeing race. The entire Democratic Party strategy has been one of racial divisiveness, and demonisation of whites, especially white men. Ignoring that rather obvious reality doesn’t redound to your intellectual or moral credit. It makes you look like a scared ideologue with his head in the sand.
            If you were making an argument against allowing any racial special interest groups, you might have some credibility, but you aren’t, and you don’t. You are hysterical over the mere suggestion that whites unite to protect their interests while blithely ignoring the dangerous radical racist groups like the NAACP, LaRaza, etc.
            The balkanization has already happened, Scarecrow. Every racial group in America has an organisation and it seems most are targeting whites, in one way or another, as a means of gaining power. The efforts of the NAACP or LaRaza aren’t based on equal justice, so why are you so upset at whites feeling the strategic need to unify to preserve justice for themselves? Do you feel the same way about Israel’s right to defend itself? Do The Muslims get to ban criticism of Islam, while the crucify Christians and burn their churches?
            “True conservatives are supposed to be proponenets of individualism!”
            Don’t tell me about individualism. I have the courage to discuss the facts. You’re still worried that liberals won’t like you or will call you a racist if you speak the truth. True conservatives have courage.
            Let me give you another bit of advice: individualism is not a perfect strategy for all situations, especially when fighting collectivism. In fact, I suggest you try your version of individualism the next time you run into a black flash mob. Stand up and authoritatively tell them to stop it. Let them see the raw power of your individualism.
            Your question was ridiculous. It is based on your own bigotry toward those who cross your ideological borders or refuse to grant your position moral superiority. You avoid facts so that you can protect your delusional ideological world view. I stand with people who value the truth, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be, black, white, or brown. I don’t stand with those who claim to be one thing but who live and think by the rules established by those they claim to disagree with. You haven’t clearly differentiated your thinking from liberal thinking or freed yourself from the linguistic mind control of political correctness.
            Your sophomoric and self-righteous pronouncements don’t define me, whatsoever. They define you.
            I have yet to see your moral outrage and anger at the heinous actions described in this article. Is that because you believe society, or maybe bluffcreek, made these deranged blacks torture, rape, and kill innocent whites? Or is it that you can’t express honest emotion without the fear that your carefully crafted image and moral superiority will be threatened?
            I tried to be reasonable with you, allowing for the influence of strong emotions on your part, bluffcreek’s, and mine, when discussing a controversial topic. You chose to start the name calling. I hope your happy with the consequences.

          • Chezwick

            TB: “He has repeatedly responded to your hysteria about that generalization, but you won’t allow him to qualify his comments, which is eerily similar to the way liberals behave.”

            RESPONSE: He JUST re-iterated his belief that “the dominant percentage of blacks” are “savages”. If you actually believe this is a mitigating “qualification”, then you and he are indistinguishable.

            TB:”If you were making an argument against allowing any racial special interest groups, you might have some credibility, but you aren’t, and you don’t.”

            RESPONSE: Your methodologies for disputation have much to be desired. I unequivocally advocated the discrediting of “identity politics” and “racial victimization.” You obviously weren’t paying attention.

            TB: “The efforts of the NAACP or LaRaza aren’t based on equal justice, so why are you so upset at whites feeling the strategic need to unify to preserve justice for themselves.”

            RESPONSE: Because emulating the evils of our enemies is hardly the solution. By going “white”, all you succeed in doing is validating the tactics and ideology of La Raza and the NAACP. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

            TB: “I have yet to see your moral outrage and anger at the heinous actions described in this article. Is that because you believe society, or maybe bluffcreek, made these deranged blacks torture, rape, and kill innocent whites? Or is it that you can’t express honest emotion without the fear that your carefully crafted image and moral superiority will be threatened?”

            RESPONSE: Complete straw-man argument. If I oppose Bluffcreak’s (and your) racism, I’m somehow validating the criminal behavior blacks? On the contrary, I’ve repeatedly asserted on this thread that pathologies exist in abundance in the black community…and of course I’m morally outraged at these crimes! But the perps are not interlocutors in this comments section….the racists ARE.

            TB: “I tried to be reasonable with you, allowing for the influence of strong emotions on your part, bluffcreek’s, and mine, when discussing a controversial topic. You chose to start the name calling. I hope your happy with the consequences.”

            RESPONSE: I am. I’ve taken the only ethically-appropriate position available to me: To voice my approbation at policy-advocacy that is not only racist, but ruinous of conservative philosophical principles was exactly the right thing to do.

          • truebearing

            “He JUST re-iterated his belief that “the dominant percentage of blacks” are “savages”. If you actually believe this is a mitigating “qualification”, then you and he are indistinguishable.”

            If you dispute his assertion that the dominant percentage of blacks are “savages,” why don’t you refute it with facts, statististics, or something more objective than your self-righteous, liberal drivel? What is indistinguishable is you and the usual liberal manipulation of racial issues. Your only response to facts is to hop around and accuse people of racism when they point out the TRUTH. You are a thoroughly confused, dishonest person, but clearly not a conservative.

            “Your methodologies for disputation have much to be desired. I unequivocally advocated the discrediting of “identity politics” and “racial victimization.” You obviously weren’t paying attention.”

            Yet another dishonest attempt. Your methods of disputation leave everything to be desired, especially honesty. You’ve been getting your rear end kicked from the start, but won’t quit while you’re behind.

            You never once addressed the heinous acts in the article, choosing instead to posture self-righteously, while waving the race card like a true liberal. You never condemned any specific perpetrator of racial politics until I pointed out that the entirety of your outrage was based on the idea of whites unifying to counter the racism they continually experience from many blacks. Your pathetic polemic is vapor thin. You blather, always self-righteously, but never take a stand against anyone but those who decry the racism against whites.

            “Because emulating the evils of our enemies is hardly the solution. By going “white”, all you succeed in doing is validating the tactics and ideology of La Raza and the NAACP. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

            Non sequitur response. I never said anyone should emulate Laraza or the NAACP, and you know it….unless your reading comprehension is as poor as your reasoning. “Going white” is your racist term, not mine, but I can tell it is a term you are familiar with. Suggesting that whites need to unify to negate the racist agenda of Hispanics or black advocacy groups doesn’t mean that whites have to promote a racist agenda. Your reasoning skills are practically non-existent.

            As I said before: you are no conservative. You are a liberal posing as one, or someone so thoroughly confused that you believe what you are told to believe. Political Correctness is obviously your guiding non-ethic.

            ” Complete straw-man argument. If I oppose Bluffcreak’s (and, apparently, your) racism, I’m somehow validating the criminal behavior blacks? On the contrary, I’ve repeatedly asserted on this thread that pathologies exist in abundance in the black community. Of course I’m morally outraged at these crimes! But the perps don’t happen to be interlocutors in this comments section….the racists ARE.”

            Pathologies exist in your thinking. You claim to be morally outraged by the savage, brutal, evil behavior of the black perpetrators mentioned in the article, but you never showed an ounce of emotion in response to their crimes, yet ranted insanely over comments — not crimes — that were emotionally driven reactions to those crimes. You tried to demonize bluffcreek’s legitimate emotional reaction to those crimes — while you had none. Very telling that your strongest reactions were ideologically driven, not empathy driven.

            Any time you’re cornered, you pull a liberal debate technique out of your bag of dishonest tricks. It wasn’t a strawman argument in the least. You have done nothing but attack truth and avoid making a declarative statement on anything other than charges of racism against people that are citing FACTS. You don’t counter with facts, you counter with name calling. Such is your fundamnetal weakness.

            ” I am. I’ve taken the only ethical position available to me: To voice my opposition to racist rants that are ruinous of conservative philosophical principles and of basic human decency. It was exactly the right thing to do.see more00

            Should I LOL over that BS? Nothing in your entire series of replies has been ethical. You are deluding yourself, yet again. You never made a credible case that bluffcreek’s comments were racist to begin with. Facts aren’t racist, and you never made your responses based on fact. Everything you said was one form or another of an ad hominem attack.

            Where was your human decency, other than in your mind? How exactly is smearing people for speaking the truth a conservative principle? It smacks of Alinsky far more than anything else.

            I pointed out, right from the start, that there were multiple examples of intelligent, respectable blacks, but you have chosen to ignore that so you can justify your moronic labeling. You have no integrity or respect for truth. You are not a conservative, and the more you try to fake it, the more you expose your fraud.

          • Chezwick

            TB: “If you dispute his assertion that the dominant percentage of blacks are “savages,” why don’t you refute it with facts, statististics, or something more objective than your self-righteous, liberal drivel?”

            RESPONSE: Here are statistics from media matters (a conservative web-site) documenting that 1 in 15 adult black males are in prison.


            If you account for black women (and Bluffcreek made no gender distinctions in his screed), the incarceration rate falls to less than 1 in 40…far too high, to be sure, and worthy of our opprobrium, but hardly a “dominant percentage”. The basis for Bluffcreek’s wildly inaccurate language is racism, and the basis for your endorsement of said language is the same.

          • Chezwick

            Still eagerly awaiting your response, Truebearing…..

          • truebearing

            Media Matters…a conservative website? You’ve got to be kidding.
            This explains your confusion. Media Matters is a far Left smear machine, legendary for their bald-faced lying. I was right. You are a liberal.

          • Seek

            What you’re overlooking are the many blacks who ALREADY have done prison time and are now out. Not to mention blacks who are on probation, parole or otherwise are wards of the criminal justice system. Add those in, plus the blacks who have outstanding warrants for their arrest but haven’t been caught yet, and I’d say, yes, a case could be made that the black majority in this country are criminals.

          • $22691968

            I think you need to cut back on the coffee because your emotional, knee-jerk reactions are preventing you from seeing the truth of what I’m saying. Obviously I wasn’t referring to every single black person in my posts, and some of the later ones I made this even clearer on your behalf. I was speaking in general terms in the same way as when I criticize muslims. Of course, I don’t mean every individual muslim, but a good many of them who commit acts of terror and do their best to destroy the west.

            Moreover, if you had read more of my posts, including my website, you would have seen that I do not refer to all blacks. I have written publicly that I appreciate the contributions of men like Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, and Walter Williams. But again, when I refer to blacks without endlessly qualifying it, I’m speaking of a sizable and dominant percentage of blacks who are dysfunctional and savage in many ways.

            You’ve chosen to focus on this qualifier alone because you have nothing of substance to refute my words – other than to cry for DH to silence any dissent and to employ ad-hominem arguments. It’s easy for you to label me a Nazi or say I should go join the Klan because then you don’t have to intelligently think through my arguments.

            Once again, your emotional rant shows that it’s not simply liberals who are close-minded, but also some conservatives at times.


          • ziggy zoggy

            Cheeseprick, it was not “all Blacks” who are uncivilized. It is Blacks in general. Can’t argue with that, lib tard.

          • Chezwick

            So join up.

          • ziggy zoggy

            You didn’t answer my question. The Klan is a joke but Black hate groups are invited to speak at colleges and news programs. Your Prez invites them to the White House and calls them mentors. You tell me to join the Klan but I have to wonder if you’re a card carrying member of a real hate group.

            Now tell me why you excuse Black hate groups.

          • Chezwick

            I don’t excuse black hate groups, bigot, I just don’t subscribe to the racist fiction that “a dominant percentage of blacks” are “savages”.

          • ziggy zoggy

            You have been excusing Black hatred up and down this thread, you liar. And why am I wrong to be bigoted against racist Blacks? I would be insane to like them. A dominant percentage of American Blacks absolutely are anti-White racists. That is a form of savagery. I tend to like non- Muslim African Blacks a heck of a lot more than American and Caribbean Blacks but Black Africa is definitely uncivilized.

            You are a racist POS. not only that, but you are bigoted against the most tolerant and accomplished race on the planet.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Again, nonsense! My arguments were well reasoned. But because I didn’t spell out to you like a little child doesn’t make it any less true. My point was to summarize, not to provide extensive documentation. In contrast to your comments, I didn’t resort to merely ad-hominem arguments and a plea for DH to come rescue you. You need to think a little deeper about these issues. Your argument are reactionary in nature because you have been trained well by the multiculturalists – in spite of your claim that you’re a conservative.

            Yes, not every black person in America is on welfare nor a criminal. I’m talking about a very large and dominant percentage of blacks who for decades have destroyed our inner-cities. This isn’t a small minority or some aberrational group of blacks as you seem to think.

            The problem is you haven’t spent any real time among blacks, living in their communities, and seeing what they’re like up-close. Yes, some are decent, but as you said, there are also “profound pathologies” present. The problem is, far too many of them have such “profound pathologies.” If you think The Cosby Show is representative of contemporary blacks, then there is very little hope you will see the truth.


          • ziggy zoggy

            Cheeseprick, I have to call bull$hit. Equating group dynamics with individuals is sophistry. On average and taken as a group, Blacks are the worst segment of American society. Indisputably. It doesn’t matter how many Coronel Wests, Condoleeza Rices and Thomas Sowells there are. Taken as a whole, Black Americans harm society. For every Dr Carson there is a whole slew of scum like the ones described in this article.

            Ordinary Americans are tired of pretending otherwise.

          • Seek

            Absolutely on target, Ziggy. I can’t even count the dozens of potentially lethal “racial misunderstandings” I’ve experienced with blacks based on some benign gesture of mine. For the sake of preserving safety and sanity, my policy now is to avoid them whenever possible.

        • trapper

          Well said.

        • Chezwick

          I love FPM….and I love David, but it pains me to see comments like these that only serve to validate those on the Left who attack this web-site as a racist hub.

          David, please take two minutes out of your day and repudiate these views.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Yes, David, let’s not allow whites to express the kind of racial solidarity that other racial groups express! After all, whites might actually start to unite and call for an end to the rising trend of black-on-white savagery. Yes, David, let’s not allow any voices of dissent, especially those which might suggest that whites should unite for their own racial survival. Oh no, we can’t have that.

            It’s amazing the level of ignorance that well-meaning but racially naive whites will stoop to because of fear of being branded a ‘racist.’ I wonder though, if it’s ‘racist’ for Gentile whites to call for greater unity and preservation of their culture, is it also ‘racist’ when Jews do the same in seeking to protect their racial and cultural identity?

            I have no problem with Jews having their own land and unique identity. I’ve always supported the right of Israel to exist and to protect all of that which they culturally and religiously value. But whites have the same right to, and it’s neither morally wrong nor ‘racist’ for them to unite in defending their racial heritage.


          • ziggy zoggy

            Cheeseprick, How is it racist to notice that Black Americans are far and away the most vicious and racist segment of criminal society?

            Americans are getting sick of the double standard and we don’t want to ignore the problem any longer.

            Why don’t you take two minutes of your day to admit the truth?

          • GorillaNation

            It’s not racist to notice it, and it shouldn’t be racist to TALK about it, an it shouldn’t be racist to DO SOMETHING about it.
            But there are too few of us who have the balls to do or say anything about it.
            With the rash of black-on-white killings just the past few months making headlines, this is (was) our chance.
            From the 99-year old woman, to the 88-year old WW2 vet, to the Australian college student, to the 13-month old baby, to the stay at home mom who was savagely assaulted by the large Negro caught on the nanny cam, to the young white kid on the bus who was savagely beaten by the primate Negro punks….. there HAS been a silent war going on but nobody has the balls to admit it.
            Just like the Al Qaeda Muslims…. there are only a small % of them who are actually committing the terrorist attacks, but it’s enough that it’s ruining the world.
            Same thing with the American Negro.

            All our former-great inner-cities in these UNITED STATES are now POS hell-holes, thanks to these animals. That’s the sad obvious truth.
            Most of the Mexicans who come here come here to WORK and make a better life for themselves. They risk a lot to get here, illegally or not.
            The American Negro sucks everything they can, ruins every street they’re on, and still they BITCH about the slavery background of their great great ancenstors. Instead, they should be thanking everyone their stupid asses were BORN HERE instead of in horrific Africa. Send them to Ethiopia or Somalia or Sudan and see how they like it.

            I’m tired of them.
            Begin the African Deportation Program now.
            First violent offense against any non-black, they should get deported there.

        • Lee

          “Naive and overly altruistic whites”? Oh you mean the whites that are actually smart enough and honest enough to know that not all blacks are evil? There you go with the white nationalists strategy, calling separatism and distrust of blacks for the sake of saving the white race, “racial solidarity”. Tell me, what lack of “racial solidarity” is there among whites? First of all, not all whites come from the same ethnic group. They come from different nationalities and speak different languages, and have very different beliefs. You are promoting racial socialism or collectivism. You definitely aren’t a conservative, that’s for sure. You disregard the aspirations of free and individual whites for the sake of a so-called white collective. There is no staggering hypocrisy, except from those non-whites who are racist like you are. When blacks, particularly African Americans celebrate their heritage, you find it convenient to call it “racial solidarity” or even racism. But I don’t hear any blacks calling respect for one’s Italian, Irish, or German heritage, racism. You are so transparent, it’s laughable. White nationalism is nothing but an attempt to create a kinder and gentler Nazi movement. Check mate.

          • $22691968

            There’s so much that’s wrong with your rambling comments that it’s difficult to know where to begin. Here’s a few items to think about: (1) Not all blacks, of course, are criminal or dysfunctional. I didn’t know I needed to explain such an obvious point. I’m talking about a very large and dominant group of blacks who have ruined every inner-city in the U.S. Very few dispute the deep and “profound pathologies” that exist among blacks. (2) In spite of every effort to ‘help’ blacks, they still continue to do poorly in school, have disproportional rates of crime compared to other racial groups, continue to have a deep-rooted hatred for whites in spite of our misplaced altruism, remain in large numbers on public assistance, and have contributed little to the good of the world as compared to other racial groups. (3) Of course there are differences among whites. I never said we were all the same. There is, in fact, great ‘diversity’ among us. Did I need to explain such an obvious truth as well when I spoke of racial solidarity? I’m referring to european whites who have been raised with western values and a culture steeped in the european tradition, including that of Christianity. (4) I fear that you are like many whites who will wake up only when it’s too late. But you will learn. (5) It’s easy to place me in the Nazi category and to deny that I’m a conservative because that way you don’t have to think too deeply about my position. But this is only because you don’t really understand what I’m saying and are too intellectually lazy to specifically refute what I have argued.

            I invite you, however, to visit my site and to engage intellectually with my articles. Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”


          • anonymous

            Typical liberalism uses the “N” word (Nazi) when they want to just roll you up into a category and shuck you into the garbage. There are too many variables to address them all. Only an idiot would believe that “all Blacks are…” just as only an idiot would believe that “all Whites are …” The key is to look at issues statistically and realistically because there are genuine ills within society that need to be recognized. It’s not just Blacks. Our stupid government fails to realize that EACH one of us, EACH individual must make choices about their OWN actions and future. Until each ONE of us begins to recognize and accept that we ALONE are INDIVIDUALS first, and that WE cannot allude to and blame an ethnicity, race, etc. for our OWN stupidity and use those to shield us from our own INDIVIDUAL stupidity, then we will not make much progress. There are Blacks that walked away from this prevalent “victim” mentality and did great. Then there are whites that hang onto their own “victim” mentality and are self-imprisoned just as firmly. Stupidity is the common denominator. We must teach character and individuality. Our LIBERAL government is teaching people to coalesce into “groupthink” and address ills unique to their own “group” and such thinking is divisive and destructive. This must end before we lose the country, and a new Civil War is not all that far-fetched.

    • nomoretraitors

      Where is our unity and why are we so timid about expressing our racial solidarity?
      We have none because we have so many traitors and collaborators in our midst. Why else would so many of us support Obama?
      Has multiculturalism so blinded us that we cannot see the very deliberate of many blacks to harm us simply because we are white?
      What has happened to us as a people?
      We have been indoctrinated by a culture of guilt, pepetrated by the far left and the communist/”progressive” movement which has infiltrated our society over the past half century

    • Lee

      Would you please take your David Duke white nationalist propaganda somewhere else. And stop generalizing about blacks. You’re just using a supposed black on white crime epidemic to justify your own racism and desire for segregation. Why do you white nationalists invade conservative websites? What’s your problem? I’m so tired of this race baiting – on both sides of the aisle! You’re not fooling anyone. Why can’t you be concerned about the safety of ALL Americans? You do know that whites are not the only ones who have a right to live in this country, right? Now, if I as a black man, said I only care about blacks, then I’d be call a racist, and rightfully so! What does that make you? In a way I’m actually glad to see your comment here only for the simple fact that it reveals your mentality toward blacks. You could care less about murdered whites, except that they serve your purpose in promoting white separatism and supremacism.

      • bluffcreek1967

        You’ve made many foolish statements in your reply, but I have neither the time nor energy to respond to each one in depth. But here’s a few things to consider: (1) To describe plentiful and increasing levels of black-on-white savagery as a “supposed black on white crime epidemic” shows horrific ignorance of what’s currently occurring in the U.S. and in other places throughout the world. (2) To merely describe my comments as “race baiting” contributes nothing intelligent to the discussion nor does it refute my very poignant arguments. (3) I wish no harm to blacks. I do indeed want them to succeed. However, I am done with trying to rectify the ‘legacy of slavery’ with my tax dollars and with never-ending government aid to a group of people who are not only ungrateful, but who never manage to grow up and join the rest of the civilized world. (4) Yes, I make no bones about my preference for those of my own race. Blacks. Hispanics, Asians, and every other racial group does the same – and they have no shame or guilt about it either. Neither do I. (5) I know that blacks, like yourself, feel uneasy whenever whites start to talk about racial unity and I understand why. It may make you feel better if we are divided, fighting amongst ourselves. But this will not always be the case. Black dysfunction and black-on-white crime is encouraging more whites to finally come to their senses and stop all this multicultural nonsense that we’ve been fed for the past 50 years.

      • truebearing

        Supposed black-on-white crime? You can’t be serious. Look at the FBI crime statistics. Look at every major black p[opulation center in America and tell me how many of them could a white person walk through safely, especially at night?
        I don’t see where you drew your conclusions about white supremacy from. Unity is not equivalent to supremacy, or every ethnic/race affiliated group in the country would necessarily deserve the same label.
        There have been white nationalists on this website, and I have attacked their drivel. I don’t see that in bluffcreek’s comments, but I do see a kneejerk reaction to his comments from some people who have unwittingly allowed themselves to believe the propaganda of the Left that, in effect, makes whites second class citizens and automatically guilty of racism simply because they are white.
        Equal rights are equal for everyone, including the right of whites to unite against threats. If you deny that right, you don’t believe in equality.

      • laura rubin

        lee, people are angry & scared. thats why they talk crazy. even if a high % of blacks hate whites, its not all. you have to admit, the murders of whites are getting over the top. certainly not good for the image of american blacks.

  • truebearing

    Racist blacks like to hide behind the past, or use it to justify their propensity for violence, but slavery in the United States doesn’t explain the same behavior from blacks all over the world.

    • myrna652

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      • StatEco

        This is how Walking Dead behaves.

    • Anonymous

      Slavery? Nobody alive today could possibly been a slave as practiced during the latter part of the 1700s to the middle of the 1800s. If you or anyone else knows of somebody today that has been subjected to slavery, then please call the FBI. The “slavery argument” is bogus and is being used to justify violence and “civil rights” extraordinare for blacks and other racial minorities. This has to end before this country explodes into another Civil War. The fastest growing pocket of poverty in the United States today is among white males. This can’t continue, and we could lose this country all because of a certain race/ethnicity.

  • Anamah

    Racist media is useless for our society.

    This toxic Democratic Party, the actual administration and corrupt media are driving our Nation to the abyss.

  • nomoretraitors

    Here are 2 more to add to the list: Autumn Pasquale and the home invasion victim in Millburn NJ (see

  • nomoretraitors

    “Only hypocrisy, illogic, or some combination of the two could make one suggest otherwise”
    The hallmarks of the left: hypocrisy and illogic

  • Thinka Boudit

    There is a good article on this subject that was published at both American Thinker and Here is an excerpt:

    Even though we don’t speak much about this violence, and even though the press works to cover it up, we all understand that we have a huge problem with a violent, racist, uncivilized underclass. We are taught, incorrectly, that it is not appropriate to talk honestly about it. But ignoring or denying the problem is the most foolish approach of all…. snip….

    Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

    The best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percent of the population that is black and Hispanic.

    Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery. …snip…

    This problem is not about skin color. The real problem is bad values. There is nothing about having melanin in your skin that will protect you from the natural consequences of destructive values….

    You can read it all at:

  • Rocky Road

    85% of all violence toward whites comes from other whites. What makes those victims any less in need of remembrance? This is no different from black leaders and the media emphasizing blacks that were victimized by whites when 93% of black victims were victimized by other blacks. A white person is 6 times more likely to be violently victimized by another white person than by a black person. I’ve never liked the racial scorekeeping game coming from either side. Also, you do have black victims of whites that get almost no media play:

    “The detective found Genore’s mangled body crumpled on the floor beside her bed. Her skull had been caved in. Small-caliber bullets and a knife had left jagged holes in her skin. The insides of her thighs were smeared with blood.”

    • sbuffalonative

      When a self-identified Hispanic male, George Zimmerman, is repeatedly referred to as White or White-Hispanic by the ‘progressive’ liberal media, it becomes an issue.

      You conveniently and selectively leave out the fact that 94% to 96% of blacks kill other blacks. So even when you compare the two, blacks kill blacks at a higher rate than whites kill whites.

      White on black murders are also lower than black on white murders:

      • Rocky Road

        I specifically stated in the post that you responded to that “93% of black victims were victimized by other blacks”. Maybe it’s 94%, but I’m in the right ballpark. Read my first post again.

        Also, consider that whites outnumber blacks in America 6 to 1. So if we go strictly by that difference, a black criminal is 6 times more likely to encounter white people as a white criminal is likely to encounter black people. Along with this, violence coming out of the black community is significantly higher than in the white community. Blacks commit violent crimes in general at a rate about 7 times than of whites. Since 7 X 6 = 42, one would expect based on the rate of violence coming out of the black community and the larger population of whites that black on white crime would be 42X greater than white on black crimes and estimates are that black on white violence is 39X greater.

        And in reality, because of residential isolation and other social dynamics, the rate that blacks encounter whites compared to the rate that whites encounter blacks is well above 6 to 1 and blacks actually encounter whites 19X more than whites encounter blacks. Thus, blacks seem to target whites significantly (3X) less than random selection would suggest indicating that black criminals are not specifically targeting whites and actually seem at least 3X more inclined to target other blacks.
        So what appears to be is that the high level of violence within the black community has a much greater overflow into the white community than the reverse. But it is always important to remember that only 0.7% of blacks will commit a violent crime against a white person in any given year and only 0.25% of whites will be violently victimized by a black person in any given year. So it is not feasible to declare war against a group based on the actions of less than 1% of its population.

        • Jaime Andres Pretell

          There is some truth to this. I compared cities where the populations of Blacks and Whites were similar in size and there was some more balance in the interracial murders. But Black on Black crime was still much higher than White on White crime. And other criminality was still higher. Don’t know what the comparison of justifiable vs non justifiable was. When a criminal and a victim encounter each other, many times the victim can kill his attacker.

      • MrUniteUs1

        XLNT chart. Thank you for sharing.

        The Jewish run New York Times assumed Zimmerman was Jewish and labeled him “white Hispanic” to distract. The fact is George Zimmerman is not Jewish. His mother is Peruvian Catholic His
        father is German American Baptist. Be interesting to know what his German ancestors were doing the Nazi era.

      • ziggy zoggy


    • ziggy zoggy

      Blacks attack more Whites than they do Blacks or anybody else. Your idiotic comment was meant to mislead readers. Fuck you.

      • Rocky Road

        Blacks attack more blacks than they do anybody else. That is widespread knowledge.

  • sbuffalonative

    I urge everyone to google: Franciscan University Murders. It’s a story that totally disappeared as soon as it happened, is largely forgotten, and needs to be known.

    Two young white men were Brian Muha (18) and Aaron Land (20) were beaten, sexually humiliated, and murdered by two blacks, Terrell Yarbrough and Nathan “Boo” Herring.

    Wiikipedia gives a sanitized account:
    The abuse is noted here:

  • Chubby Freen

    This is nothing–not even a scratch on the surface. Visit for a more thorough look at ALL B on W crimes, and check out the DHS weapons buyer’s website:

  • Omar

    In the Wichita case, the author forgot to mention the names of two other victims (Andrew Schreiber and Ann Walenta) of the Carr brothers’ (Reginald and Jonathan) crime spree back in December of 2000. On December 7 (a week before the brothers’ worst crimes), the spree began when the men abducted Andrew Schreiber at gun point and forced him to drive across town to withdraw money from ATM machines before letting him go unharmed. Then on December 11, the brothers tried to rob Ann Walenta at the driveway outside her house. The terrified woman tried to escape the men by car, but she was critically injured by the gunshots fired by the Carr brothers. Ms. Walenta died a few weeks later in a Wichita hospital. In addition, the Carr brothers’ week-long crime spree wasn’t the only quadruple murder reported in the Wichita area. Right before the brothers began their spree, another quadruple murder took place in Wichita. In that other case, both the victims and suspects were black. The two Wichita cases shows that the media’s (and the left’s) double standard lives on in American society.

    • trapper

      What is the status of the Carr Brothers now. Does anybody know?

      • Omar

        The Carr brothers have been sentenced to death over ten years ago after having been convicted by the jury for almost all the charges they [the brothers] were accused of. They are still trying to appeal their sentences.

  • mrivera

    When TV crime dramas “rip from the headlines” crime like these, they always reverse the races. On Law and Order, OJ Simpson became a white ex-baseball player and Michael Jackson a white Jewish comedian. On CSI: NY an apparent murder of a shop owner by 3 black thugs turned out to be 3 white guys in black man masks. You will rarely find an episode on any of these shows where the killer is anything but a rich/conservative/religious white male, giving the low information crowd the impression that almost all violent crime is committed by blacks.

    • sbuffalonative

      In the movie, Stuck, a black woman Chante Jawan Mallard became a white woman:

    • anonymous

      You cannot say ANYTHING bad about Blacks, Mexicans, Jews, gays, lesbians, etc. The LAWS protect them. If you say anything about THEM, they will see your a$$ reamed by the system for “hate crimes.” Television and Hollywood is controlled by a Jewish cartel, along with most of everything else. They do not allow any minorities to be depicted in a bad light. But look at the Capital One commercials with that asshole actor (will not name) where Whites are depicted as stupid Nords, stupid Vikings, stupid rednecks, stupid everything. I dare them do one of these of a black group wearing loincloths, bones through their noses, shucking spears, dancing among grass huts with a human being on a spit being roasted. This is a stupid stereotype about Blacks but you get the idea? The ones about Whites are just as stupid.

  • Jaime Andres Pretell

    The reason why I always question sites like this one, is because you always try to make it a me against them situation. The murder of the Pietrzaks is another huge example of Black racist violence, but it never gets mentioned in sites like this one because they were an interracial couple. I guess when the violence is against someone White who dared to ‘mix’ they are not worthy of mention. Your credibility will grow when you show all victims of Black on White hate crimes.

    • solinkaa

      Thank you for mentioning the Pietrzaks, I was just going to do the same. You make an interesting point. I thought the Pietrzaks didn’t get mentioned in columns like this one because the authors weren’t aware of that particular horrific crime. I’d be interested to see Mr Kerwick’s response, if he reads the comments.

      • Jaime Andres Pretell

        I see you have mentioned some of the same cases I have. We seem to think along similar lines.

  • MrUniteUs1

    White-on-White violence:

    Where’s Boehner, MCConnel, Limbaugh. Where’s the outrage?

    Why does Nathan Campbell get the white pass?

    August 2013
    Alice Gruppioni

    Crazed driver who mowed down 11 and killed an Italian honeymooner is charged with murder as his history of drug and alcohol abuse is revealed

    Alice Gruppioni, 32, who was on her honeymoon died a few hours after she was struck by the crazed driver at 6pm Saturday

    On Sunday, Nathan Louis Campbell, 38, was in custody and faces a murder charge after handing himself in

    Campbell is expected to appear in court on Tuesday

    Witnesses said the driver looked like he was in control and ‘purposefully’ going up to 60 mph as he aimed for pedestrians

    Chris Lane,
    Why Michael Dewayne Jones, 17

    • Jaime Andres Pretell

      Dewayne is of mixed ancestry like me. White on White crime, like Black on Black crime has no racial element to it. But the callousness and level of complete disregard for White victims, by Black criminals is very worrisome. It is much higher than the other direction. Of course, Killings of Black on Black are also much higher than White on White.

      • MrUniteUs1

        Wow are you in denial. What about the callousnness and complete disregard of Nathan Cambell. He mows down 11 people and kills an Alice Gruppioni on her honeymoon!! She was visiting our country from Italy. Click on the link and take a good look her. She was beautiful woman. But you don’t give a f*** because Nathan Campbell is White. He gets the White pass. Look at his picture.
        Ugly inside and out.

        • Jaime Andres Pretell

          Nice try. We can mention a ton of individual cases, but the fact is they are but a drop in the thousands and thousands of killings by sociopaths within their groups. But those people do not target people because of race, nor devalue them specifically because of their race. These cases do. They do not do the same thing to their own people, but target others they see as lesser value. Try again.

        • ziggy zoggy

          You are trying to excuse the crimes of all the Black racist sociopaths listed in this article by pointing your finger at a rogue White who murdered somebody without racial animus.

          Fuck you.

      • MrUniteUs1

        You are still in denial about Michaels Dewayne Jones.
        He’s white. Looks more Nordic than Howoritz. See page 4 of 14. Page 5 of 14 shows a picture of Chauncey Luna’s mother. She’s your complexion, pink. Luna shot and killed the Aussie. Jones drove the car. The the person, Edwards is Black. He didn’t shoot anyone. Edwards 15 and Luna 17 were charged with murder as adults. Jones 17 get the white pass, he will be tried as a child on lesser charged. All the 3 should be charged with murder in IMO.

        • Jaime Andres Pretell

          More stupidity. Dewayne looks nothing like Nordic people. And, yes, Luna’s mother is also White. Dewayne’s father is multiracial as well. That is why Dewayne leans towards White. Much like me. My father has African, Native and European ancestry, but I came out peach as they come. Dewayne still shows the broadness in the nose and lips though. All three are Afrodescendants. One is African American, the other two are Biracial. Dewayne multigenerational.

  • Jaime Andres Pretell

    Another one people are forgetting is the execution of tourists in Miami. Barbara Jensen Meller, James M. Cooper and James Thomas Kouzaris are examples

  • Jaime Andres Pretell

    Black on White (and Other) Crime is a very real problem. But it will never be addressed while White racists and their ilk are the ‘champions’ of the cause to get these acts noticed.

    • bluffcreek1967

      I see, so we’ll just have to wait for those ‘non-biased’ and ‘fair-minded’ whites (like yourself I suppose?) who will address the rising savagery of black-on-white crime? The assumption on your part is that any white person and their “ilk” who calls for racial solidarity among whites is somehow misguided and unfair. Truth is, many of these whites have just gotten fed up with the anti-white propaganda that has flooded our nation. They’re also tired of the media hush over the rising tide of black-on-white crime occurring throughout the U.S. They’re also tired of the erosion of their culture and western/traditional values in the name of ‘multiculturalism.’ No, the only real reason that some whites are finally starting to speak out is because of those so-called ‘white racists’ who for years warned what was soon on the horizon. We have now reached that point.

      • Jaime Andres Pretell

        Try again. Not White. Mixed. Still proud of my White background. The rising savagery has more to do with the opression of the past creating a gunslinger mentality as well as a reverse racist mentality. White guilt hasn’t helped. But neither has White racism that confirms every Black person’s stereotype of White people. It is a vicious circle. Blacks were actually less violent when they were fighting for their rights, but there was still a belief in education and achievement. Ironically Africans and other Afrodescent people coming to this country have a much lower index of violence than African Americans. No Jim Crow to create the same level of animosity. I totally agree on the anti-white propaganda, as well as having pride in European and European American cultures. What I don’t buy into is racial pride. Which has nothing to do with culture and everything to do with attempts at biological coattailing.

        • bluffcreek1967

          No, the “rising savagery” has nothing to do with “the oppression of the past.” This is what many blacks are told even though none of them ever lived the life of a slave. It’s more about their ghetto culture, the lack of values, innate qualities, the immoral influences of the welfare state, the anti-white propaganda blacks have been fed, self-entitlement, and a society (namely, white liberals) that continues to enable them and permit them to make endless excuses for their dysfunctional communities.

          Racial pride has nothing to do with culture?! Nonsense. Whites can indeed take pride in their race because it’s been their racial heritage that has produced so much that’s good for the world. The entire world dreams of living in western nations such as England, France, and America because they are grand (though imperfect), fair and clean places to reside within. But these great nations were not produced by Mexicans, blacks, or Asians. They were created by whites and they are a testimony of what whites can accomplish. There is every reason for whites to take pride in our rich european heritage, culture, and in the things we have produced.

          Saying such things about the white race and white culture would not even be necessary had there not been such an anti-white bias as we see today in our media, news and other outlets. There would be no need to urge whites to racially unite if our white, western nations were not being flooded with hostile, non-assimilating, and non-white third-world immigrants.

          If you haven’t done so, I would urge you to read about human bio-diversity, IQ differences among the races, and some of the articles on the race-realist website of ‘American Renaissance.’

          “What Does Black Failure Tell Us About Blacks?”

        • ziggy zoggy

          “Oppression of the past?” American Blacks don’t hate the Confederacy. They hate Whites today. And they hate every other race and ethnic group. Do they hate Mexicans because of slavery? Do they hate Asians because of oppression that they have never suffered? Why do they hate Amerindians?

          Your excuses are weak.

      • Jaime Andres Pretell

        Oh please. Your comments are a joke. Jim Crow just ended a generation ago. Slavery was never the issue. But oppression that ended just a generation ago taught multiple generations of African Americans to distrust two key elements of society law and order, and education. Both these elements were used to misguide and oppress them. While education was sought by the elite in the groups, most of the masses slowly learned to see it as a system to trick them into accepting subservience. Law and Order didn’t apply to them, only Whites, so alternate means of enforcement and survival of the fittest occurred. Read Lord of the Flies. This kind of environment has lead to criminality having a ripe environment to flourish. It has become a vicious circle where most of the poor Blacks in this country distrust the two elements of society that can free them from their chains, and teaches them to shoot down Blacks that seek to use them as acting White or Uncle Toms. Liberal programs that assist based on race and not need and merit have led to more people trying to trick the system and created more generations of welfare addicts than ever. During Jim Crow Blacks actually were much more productive and involved. Foreign Blacks who come here still have many of those traits depending on what level of society they come from in their cultures. But never to the same degree as American poor Blacks. Many of the second generations learn the bad habits of African Americans though. Media and what not teach it to them. What is ‘authentically’ Black. Which is BS.
        The rest of your racial pride spouting is utter BS. ONe, not all societies in Europe prospered, and many were just as conquered as other colonies conquered by European empires. Furthermore, most were surfs or low wage laborers. The accomplishments of the elite were not the accomplishments of the poor. You are just coattailing on accomplishments you never did. Furthermore, many of the great empires occurred in Asia, not just Europe. Resources make a big difference. Go read Guns, Germs and Steel. Mexicans, who happen to be half European, and in the North are predominantly of European decent, no matter how much they claim la Raza, that has been shown genetically, are no different than the Irish before them. Conquered people who tend to have more a collective culture than an individualistic one. Success in Europe has occurred because of cultural adaptations, not racial ones. I have read plenty of American Renaissance. It is a joke. About all they have right is the aspect of disproportionate Black crime. And that is a cultural problem, not a racial one. IQ differences among races is also a joke. Resources, multigenerational nutrition, among others easily accounts for disparities. Plus Asians tend to score higher than Whites. According to your theory, they should be ruling over you. LOL You are a joke. Love to hear you explain why Black Unitarian Universalists score higher than the Average White male in SAT and IQ tests.

        • bluffcreek1967

          No, your comments off based and misguided to say the least. You also have a habit of not staying on the subject and you tend to ramble all over the map. I didn’t see my last reply to you, so I’m thinking it was not allowed by the moderator (although I’m not certain of this) and it’s possible this one will not be allowed either. In short, (1) You’ve bought hook-line-and-sinker much of the progressive excuses for black dysfunction, and a lot of us no longer buy it. You need to peddle such nonsense to those who don’t have the sense to question it. (2) I have read Lord of the Flies and that too doesn’t adequately explain or justify historic black dysfunction and their criminal proclivities. (3) I have read Guns, Germs and Steel and while the author makes some good points, there are better explanations than the one’s he provided. Sorry, you’ll have to research this on your own. I’m done giving you an education on these matters. (4) I’m glad you’ve read articles from American Renaissance. I can see it’s done very little good in helping you think through these matters clearer. If you had read their material a little more carefully, you would have had a ready answer which explains why Asians generally have higher IQs and score higher than whites on SAT exams. (5) I’ve never denied that Asians have great societies. But many of them are still very much backwards and most of the world would still prefer to live in white, western nations. (6) Your entire conception of how Europe rose to greatness are convoluted half-truths, and I don’t have the time to detangle your confusing web. (6) Black Unitarian Universalists?? Oh yeah, that’s the first group I think of when considering real challengers to white IQ levels. Oh, and aren’t they the same religious group that denies historical, orthodox Christian doctrine such as the Trinity, the Incarnation, and the Virgin Birth? Oh sure, you got yourself a truly wise group of people there. No thanks.

  • MrUniteUs1

    White-on-White violence:

    Where’s Boehner, MCConnel, Limbaugh. Where’s the outrage?

    Why does Nathan Campbell get the white pass?

    August 2013

    Alice Gruppioni

    Crazed driver who mowed down 11 and killed an Italian honeymooner is charged with murder as his history of drug and alcohol abuse is revealed

    Alice Gruppioni, 32, who was on her honeymoon died a few hours after she was struck by the crazed driver at 6pm Saturday

    On Sunday, Nathan Louis Campbell, 38, was in custody and faces a murder charge after handing himself in

    Campbell is expected to appear in court on Tuesday

    Witnesses said the driver looked like he was in control and ‘purposefully’ going up to 60 mph as he aimed for pedestrians

    Chris Lane,

    Why does Michael Dewayne Jones, 17 the white guy involved in the Aussies
    murder gets the white pass?

  • Jessica

    Crime is crime. No matter white on black, black on white.(etc) This country is made out of people, so are both parties. We cant blame democrats nor republicans for what us, Americans have created.Until we see crime and injustice as for what it really is, there will always be tension between races in America. I highly doubt any of these crimes were done because the victims were white. (If they were, that is sad) But until we stop pointing fingers nothing will be solved. This article is truly is. It just cause unneeded tension between Americans. In 2013, we should be above this, but sadly we are not. For all the readers who read this article, and felt some type of anger or hate, I am sorry. And for others who believe this article is some way acceptable. I am sorry again. But anger and separation makes America weaker. And right now, instead of trowing the race card everywhere, we need to stick together. Now more than ever.

    • Recondobilly

      “Sad” you say? Sad is your dismissive attitude toward a swiftly growing trend that has at it’s titular head the President of the United States and his DOJ. Sad is the entertainment industry promoting sub civil behaviour.
      Sad is some in that industry who make public innocent peoples address and suggest they should be killed even before a verdict is given.
      No Jessica, You make me sad…

    • JoJoJams

      Wow! Talk about naive idealistic non-sense, spouted from a mouth attached to a head that is buried in the sand, Ms “Chamberlaine”.

    • UCSPanther

      When crimes involve a very obvious racial or cultural element (See also: British grooming rings) they aggravate racial tensions.

      Ignoring those tensions will create a serious threat to the social fabric, and WILL do much to create the conditions for Balkanization.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Crime is crime. Except when Blacks target Whites out of mindless racism. Then excuses are racist excuses.

  • Chezwick

    “I’m speaking of a sizable and dominant percentage of blacks who are dysfunctional and savage in many ways.”

    “Dominant percentage”!!! My God man, no one is denying there are real and profound problems in the black community, many of them self-inflicted, but to categorically state for all to see that a “dominant percentage of blacks” are “savages”….is the most vile, racist rant I’ve read in a long time. I know literally dozens of black Americans, and none that I can think of fall remotely into that category.

    Your views aren’t what bothers me….any idiot can be a hateful bigot. What bothers me are the many thumbs-up you have received from my fellow FPM-readers. It makes it very hard for me to to credibly argue with libs that their association of conservative with racist is completely without foundation.

    • truebearing

      Blacks voted for Obama in the 90 plus percent range. Virtually all of their most popular leaders are racists. Every major black neighborhood in America is plagued with violent crime. Drugs are rampant and children are raised without fathers in the majority of households. Are these facts racist?
      You say there are “real and profound problems….many of them self-inflicted.” Who inflicted the rest? How is your comment fundamentally different than bluffcreeks other than that you are hiding behind ambiguity for fear of being called a racist? Any self-righteous coward can hide behind vague platitudes and watered-down-to-the-point-of-meaningless generalizations but that won’t come even close to helping address the reality of the situation, much less help solve the problems.
      Who gives a rat’s arse whether you feel something makes it hard for you to credibly argue with liberals over their bigoted association of conservatives with racists? Neither you, nor they know the definition of “racist” and you are allowing them to control the argument by controlling definitions. I find it funny that for you, this whole debate comes down to whether you feel comfortable debating a bunch of pathological liars and hypocrites. Poor you.

  • Kenneth Bowman

    Reminds me of Hitler’s WWII era Brown Shirts.

  • ziggy zoggy

    Leetard, what does ethnicity have to do with race? Black degenerates don’t murder Whites because they are of Italian, Irish or German “heritage.” They do it because they are bestial racists who hate ALL White people. The belief that Whites should not be murdered simply because they are White is not “nationalism” or “Nazism.”

    You are arguing that Whites don’t deserve to live and that Blacks deserve to kill them. You are a scum sucking POS. fuck you deep up in your @$$.

    • tic…tic…BOOM

      If the Black so called “leaders” like Jackson and Sharpton or Obama would condemn Black on White crime with the same zeal and fervor as they do with the Brawley, Duke lacrosse, Martin, et al cases, that would be a positive sign and we would not be having this conversation.
      But they don’t and won’t because it does not fit their “victim” narrative.

  • ziggy zoggy

    It would be more interesting to know what Widdle Twayvon’s ancestors were doing when they sold his family into slavery.

    • MrUniteUs1

      ZZ, Trayvon Martin is dead. Show some respect.
      More likely that Trayvon like millions of African Americans had ancestors that severed during WWII. Over 2 million served, including 3 of my Uncles. Many of them volunteered even though they were denied their Constitutional Rights, including the right to vote. They helped the carnage of 20 million Europeans including 6 million Jews. The irony is that Zimmerman’s family member may have killed Jews in Germany while Martin family members may have saved them.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Two million Blacks served in WW11? Are you insane to tell a lie that ridiculous? Next you’ll claim the Tuskeegee Airmen had the best combat records.

        And the only people who hate Jews nearly as much as islamopithecines are American Blacks.

        • MrUniteUs1

          African Americans were ready to work and fight for their country, but at the same time they demanded an end to the discrimination against them.

          To that end, over 2.5 million African-American men registered for the draft, and black women volunteered in large numbers. While serving in the Army, Army Air Forces, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, they experienced continuing discrimination and segregation. Despite these impediments, many African-American men and women met the challenge and persevered. They served with distinction, made valuable contributions to the war effort, and earned well-deserved praise and commendations for their struggles and sacrifices.

      • Seek

        Give us a break. Trayvon Martin was a violent criminal trying to beat an innocent man’s head onto the pavement. I have respect for the man with the means and the guts to defend himself. That would be George Zimmerman.

  • fiddler

    Please explain to me how we should feel about a 13-month old baby boy shot in his stroller! Please! What kind of sick mind does that? Who is responsible? Where is the moral clarity from fair-minded blacks?

  • fiddler

    To Chezwick,
    I have several black friends who are very dear to me, perhaps in part because we have Christ in common; I look into their eyes and I see their heart. In that case they are not only friends, but spiritual siblings. I find in them though not not what I find in the “self-proclaimed leaders” of “all” blacks such as “Rev” Al Sharpton and “Rev” Jesse Jackson. I don’t think either of the realize the spiritual trouble they are both in. There is a proverb which speaks about 7 things the Lord hates and one of them is “one who sows discord among brethren”. The lack of humility and unwillingness to forgive I find staggering in these two. Add to that whites such as Chris Matthews who “apologizes” for all whites and you have a very confused sense of what truth is in this matter.

  • Heidi

    I would suggest you read:

    Rudyard Kipling “THE WRATH OF THE AWAKENED SAXON” — (our day is a long time coming…)

    Percy Bysshe Shelley “The Mask of Anarchy: Written on the Occasion of the Massacre at Manchester”

    Professor Israel Shahak “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years” – free online. Very informative to Christians (Caucasians), especially chapter five.

    Professor Michael Hoffman II “They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America” – in which it shows that 1/2-2/3 of all Caucasian Europeans brought into America were brought in as slaves. It also proves with documents that only about 5% of the “gentile” population owned Black African Slaves, most were too poor or were slaves themselves – or owned fellow Whites.

    Nation of Islam “Jews Selling Blacks” and “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” – they have had to admit that the majority of those that sold, bought, owned, shipped, etc of Black African slaves., were those of Jewish ancestry – not Caucasians.

    Israel Cohen “Theodor Herzl, Founder of modern day Zionism”. Free online and very informative as to when they actually planned the occupation of Palestine.

    Theodore N. Kaufman “Germany Must Perish!” – free online. This book calls for the annihilation of the Germanic people (not just Germany), that their seed should be wiped out forever. (2/3 of Caucasians in the USA self identified as having Germanic ancestry. Canada, some of Central and South America, Europe, South Africans, Australians, New Zealand, Iran, etc, have DNA that links them to the Tribes of Germany. Look up propaganda that has been used against the Germanic people for centuries.)

    I would also suggest that you look up the New York Times article from October 6, 1940 “New World Order Pledged to the Jews”.

    Go on with your “White Guilt” — but none of us that have truly “woken up” needs anyone like you.

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
    ― Samuel Adams

  • Truth Slinger

    None of this is accidental. Black leaders have an agenda and they’re sticking close to it no matter how insane it appears. They’ve been at this thing since the mid-60’s and nothing has changed. There’s no part of “equality” that they are interested in. Jackson stated at the NAACP convention in ’69 that “We will take this country (from the whites)”. That hasn’t changed either:

  • anonymous

    Blacks actually have more civil rights than White males do. They have “affirmative action” and alot of other programs going for them. “AA” covers 100% of all Blacks, women, including White women, Hispanics and others, but nothing for White males. Blacks can have as many “all-Black” colleges they want, but not a single college is even allowed to exist for “Whites only.” Any organization, whether public or private, that is “exclusively white” would soon be taken over or shut down by the federal government or sued to oblivion by the NAACP. There should be no exclusive rights for any group, not for Blacks, not for Whites, not for anybody. There should not be laws granting any certain group, race, sexual orientation, etc. special rights and privilige, such as “AA” or special laws. Everything should be based on character, such as MLK himself crusaded, and upon merit, ones own unique abilities and gifts. Should society force the NFL, MBL, NBA, etc. to accept White players that are not quite up to the same athletic abilities as their Black counterparts? The whole purpose of sports is competition to be the best HUMAN in whatever that endeavor is. This same standard needs to be applied ACROSS THE BOARD to every profession. May the best HUMAN win. Everything else is RACISM.

  • James Brown

    I was originally from Pittsburgh PA so I follow the local news. What about the two sisters murdered in the ‘Burg’ by their black neighbor or the young man with the pregnant wife murdered by oh yea a black youth. What about the woman from Beaver who was murdered over a cigarette again by a black youth. These stories flash by for a few days and then disappear. How many lessor crimes such as rape, assault, robbery that goes unreported.

  • Leretseh

    Prior to 1964, the black man was not being wronged because white people wanted separate living arrangements/ working arrangements from him. There were no federal laws requiring white males to integrate their working or living environments before ’64… The black man was FREE…free to build his own towns, cities, political environments, industries, businesses (note: in order to build towns, cities & political environments, the black man had to create a tax base from his business activities. This he never did). The black man, wanting all those things that glitter and glow in the white community, pleaded for integration rights. White Christan males – in 1964 – gave him what he pleaded for. And what was the immediate result? Pursuit of black supremacy – driving white businesses and white people out of predominately black communities. Then came the predatory crimes – rapes, robberies, murder, assaults. And not ONCE over the last 50 years of forced integration did blacks or their white liberal cohorts for black victimization march against all this racially motivated violence. We tried forced integration…and it does not work.