Black-on-White Violence: Why It Matters

attack2Last week, while walking through Union Square in Manhattan, 62-year-old Jeffrey Babbitt, a retired train conductor who was the caretaker for his 94-year-old mother, was killed by Lashawn Marten, a black man over 20 years his junior who declared his intention just seconds before he punched Babbitt in the head to hurt the first white person he encountered.

Two days later, a white passenger on a bus passing through Harlem was assaulted by another passenger for being a “cracker.” The 31-year-old assailant struck his victim so hard that, according to the New York Post, “he smashed the bones in his face,” “breaking his nose and eye socket.”

Both the rate and ferocity of black-on-white violence is nothing short of a national scandal.  All decent Americans, and certainly all those who claim to care about race relations, should be as attentive to and concerned about this phenomenon as they are attentive to and concerned about anything else.

Not everyone sees it this way.  Below are three objections that are commonly stated.

Objection #1: Blacks don’t have a monopoly on violence and whites don’t have a monopoly on being the victims of violence.  Violence is part of the human condition.  So, why should we attach more importance to this kind of violence than we attach to all sorts of other kinds?

Reply: Of course, what is said here is true.  Still, that blacks constitute a small minority of America and yet comprise, overwhelmingly, the majority of perpetrators of interracial crime is, or should be, more than enough to convince the thoughtful that black-on-white violence is a very real problem.

Moreover, it isn’t just the interracial violence here itself that is a grave cause of concern, but the especially savage character that this violence all too often assumes.  Just a cursory perusal of any random selection of black-on-white attacks readily reveals the mercilessness that an alarming number of black predators show toward their white prey.

Objection #2: Granted, black-on-white violence is a reality, but it is a reality begotten by a legacy of slavery and Jim Crow.  If there are blacks who hate whites, it is because there were first whites who hated blacks.  As the title of a 1960s television broadcast on The Nation of Islam put it, black animus toward whites is “the hate that hate produced.”

Reply: As scholars black, white, and other have repeatedly demonstrated, the dysfunction that marks the black underclass today was either non-existent or far less pronounced in years past—i.e. at times not as far removed from slavery and during which racial discrimination against blacks was both more ubiquitous and more overt.

This consideration aside, if the proponents of this objection were made to say aloud the implications of their position, the shame and ridicule that it invites just might force them to abandon it.

According to this line of reasoning, the following victims of black-on-white violence would still be alive and unharmed had it not been for a history of racial oppression:

-Jeffrey Babbitt;

-Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, a young white couple that had been abducted, repeatedly raped, tortured, and murdered by five blacks;

-Brad Heyka, Jason Befort, Aaron Sander, and Heather Muller, four whites who were robbed, beaten, sexual humiliated, raped, and murdered by two black brothers;

-Kristen Huggins, a 22-year-old college graduate and aspiring artist who was carjacked, sodomized, robbed, and killed by a bullet to her head fired by a black career criminal;

-Antonio Santiago, a 17-month-old baby shot dead in the face by two black thugs;

-Jonathan Foster, a 12-year-old white boy taken from his home and killed by a blowtorch wielding black woman;

-Delbert Benton, an 89-year-old WWII veteran beaten to death by two black teenagers; and

-Fannie Gumbinger, a 99-year-old woman beaten to death by a 20-year-old black man who burglarized her home.

It is with the greatest of ease that to this list, scores of other names could be added. But the point is this: If “the legacy of slavery and discrimination” argument is to be believed, then we are expected to believe that in the absence of this “legacy,” legions of innocent white children, white women, and the elderly who have been brutalized by black thugs would be with us today.

Objection #3: The race of the perpetrators and victims of these horrible crimes is irrelevant.  

Reply: If this is true, then so too is race irrelevant while discussing America’s past. After all, if it is slavery that is immoral, then the races of master and slave are immaterial. And if it is immoral to segregate people along the lines of race, then it is irrelevant whether the segregationists are white or non-white.

There is no point mentioning that the Ku Klux Klan consisted of white supremacists who sought to torment blacksDeserving of condemnation is not white supremacy, but any sort of supremacy, not the tormenting of blacks, but the tormenting of anyone.

But if race is relevant to discussions of American slavery and segregation, then it most certainly is relevant to speak of race in connection with most interracial violence in America at present.

And it most certainly is mandatory that all morally committed people start assigning this issue the priority that it deserves.

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  • Josef D. Cermak

    As any rational human being knows, two wrongs do not make a right. Let the facts of modern race relations world-wide speak for themselves; furthermore, ask the Boers of South Africa and the white farmers of Zimbabwe what they possibly could have done, besides supplying work and income to the sub-Saharan Negroes who lacked any practical means of their own device to live decent lives, to deserve the black-on-white genocide which they now face daily. The black man has always treated his own kind with far less respect than the white man has treated any of his fellow man, notwithstanding color. The Negro race is a curse unto itself and plague unto the world at large! Rehabilitation – yes; reparations – hell no!!!

  • Marty

    Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson NOW? Of course they never show for white victims of black assaults. I was assaulted to months ago and nearly beaten to death by a young black man 20 years younger than I am. The prosecutor dropped the felonies to one misdemeanor and he was out of jail in 72 hours. A week and a half later, he assaulted ANOTHER older white man.

    • nomoretraitors

      They can’t be disturbed right now. They’re worshipping at the altar of St Trayvon

    • LeungChiSi

      It is a pity you are not Marty Zimmerman.

      You might have saved yourself – and another older white man – a near-death experience at the hands of your black assailant.

      Pity, too, that you most likely live in a place where you are disarmed and not allowed to defend yourself.

      The prosecutors who allowed this hateful black miscreant to plea bargain down to walk the streets to continue to plague more white people will have his soon to be future victims’ blood on their hands – They are more than content to wait until the hate-filled bastard finally does succeed in killing one or more peckerwoods like you.

      Worse, these let-em-loose, never have seen a black-on-white hate crime they didn’t like prosecutors will be more than happy to prosecute YOU if you dare to defend yourself.

      Until this black marauder – and the large number of his fellow black anti-white, hatred-filled scum learn that crackers will meaningfully and forcefully defend themselves, you and your families are all sitting duck targets waiting to be maimed and slaughtered.

      Remember, “God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal.”

      Remember, too, that not only “White girl bleed a lot…” but that

      Black man can be made to bleed a lot, too – and until black man learns this lesson in sure and certain terms, You and many more white men and women to follow – are going tol bleed an awful the hands, knives and guns of the black man.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Silly white man, Sharpton and Jackson are not about white victims of black savagery. They’re not about stopping black deviancy. Oh no, it’s all about the slightest perceived wrong on the part of whites against blacks that they can use to gain more money and power from disingenuous white liberals.

      Our criminal justice system is not about obtaining justice for victims of crime – especially white victims of black criminal pathology – but about keeping court costs down, reducing the jail population, pleading out criminals to lesser charges, and everything else but securing justice for the victims of crime!

      “I Don’t Trust the Judges,”

      • Ray Burke

        Well said, bluffcreek. Your “disingenuous white liberals” are more dangerous to our cause than the criminal element infecting every level of our society.

    • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

      May you receive God’s healing and may those sons of the Enemy receive God’s judgment.

      Sharpton, Jackson and their ilk were never picked to be “black leaders” by black persons. And neither was MLK.

      All of such persons are and were bought and paid for by the Organized Left. This practice is sixty-plus years old.

    • Rocky Road

      What is the perpetrators name and the state where this occurred?

    • Omar

      You can say the same thing about Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan. Wright supported the 9/11 attacks against America and has nothing to say about racism against blacks in Communist Cuba, while Farrakhan is the black version of David Duke. All of the totalitarians and racists are horrible to the core.

  • mikebowen55

    The reason that blacks behave the way they do is due to their genetics. There is no way that they can live amongst us without causing much suffering and burden to us. The only solution I see to this problem is either forceful segregation or extermination. We’ve tried everything else to no avail.

    • Johnnnyboy

      The level of violence and criminology by blacks in the United States is unique, and not displayed by black populations in other places. That tells us that even if there is a racial component, it is not the major reason. Something else is going on, something owing to circumstance.

      • glpage

        We have hate mongers who for years have been preaching to blacks that all their problems have been caused by whites Sort of along the lines of Goebbels’ big lie, after enough time and repetition people start believing it. And at that point some will decide to strike out at those “responsible” for the problems.

        • Ray Burke

          An eye for an eye.

      • Drakken

        You haven’t been to Africa have you? It is the same there as it is in our inner cities.

        • John Gilbani

          Amy Biehl went to Africa.

      • Race_Dissident

        False. Blacks are social pests to every society they infest, including their own.

      • Juaniita

        Yeah it’s called absent parents, and never being taught respect!!

        • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

          More specifically, absent fathers and irresponsible mothers and a government who has enabled the destruction of the the black family for 50 years, some (including me) say deliberately. But we bit into the offered poin apple ourselves.

          • bluffcreek1967

            It’s all of that, including low IQs, volatile tempers, ignorance, a backward and primitive culture(s), lack of appreciation for formal education, and on it goes. If black dysfunction were simply limited to America’s inner-cities, no much could be proven. But wherever blacks reside, they bring with them all sorts of deviancy, high crime rates, and the utter destruction of everything that surrounds them. A truly wonderful race of people!

            “What Does Black Failure Tell Us About Blacks?”

            “We’re All the Same, Right?”

          • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

            Look further back. 4K years or so further. Use your Bible.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Oh I have. It wasn’t something I was going to get into at the time of my post. It’s the current situation that most alarms me/

          • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

            Well, you can only expect person’s to respond to what you *do* “get into.”

            And I’m not suggesting that one should be alarmed by either the past or the present; only that it is necessary to understand crucial elements of the distant past in order to understand the current situation.

          • Ray Burke

            Beautifully stated, bluffcreek !!! We recognize the problem and know what to expect from our dusky neighbors. The enduring question remains. How do we best deal with this deadly social cancer? Our very survival hangs in the balance.

          • Drakken

            You know bloody well how we are going to have to deal with this problem and you know it doesn’t end peacefully.

          • Ray Burke

            Yeah, Drakken. I know. What I would REALLY like to know is how long it will take to unravel. That would help me decide how much more ammo to buy.

          • Sharon Morgan

            You hit the nail on the head, Juliette. It is a tragedy of epic proportions and most of the population hasn’t woken up to this sad reality.

            Worse, for purposes of political power, the blame game translates into big money for key players. Gullible people buy into the blame game. It’s so much easier to blame something or someone for your own problems. And the downward spiral continues.

        • Sandy Jones

          One thing their parents did teach them from small children is to hate white people.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Huh? “Not displayed by black populations in other places”?? Have you heard about South Africa, Liberia, and almost every nation in Africa? Have you heard about how many white South Africans are being murdered? There’s a black-on-white genocide going on – and it’s been occurring for years!

        “What Does Black Failure Tell Us About Blacks?”

      • Ken Lee

        Not a few blacks/Africans, especially males, who come to my country (in South East Asia) are on false student visas but in reality, (i) out to sell drugs, (ii) con gullible asian women of their money (iii) sleep with asian women, (iv) other forms of illegal activities.
        Some are really good at sweet talk – they have already sweet-talked many a white woman (helped by persistent brainwashing in “entertainment” and media..which I can see even here in Asia) and now slowly & surely working on Asian women …

        Fortunately, my government nips the crime problems in the bud immediately and any criminals caught are immediately deported. Nigeria especially is high on the list of countries we have to watch out for – e.g. any packages that arrive from there invariably contain narcotics to be sold here.

    • obamathemarxist

      If you haven’t heard of the research into the warrior gene, it explains why a lot of blacks react with violence. Search on it, very enlightening.

    • Juaniita

      extermination is harsh. Do what Lincon wanted to do after the Civil War. Ship them all back to Africa..yep he wanted that just look it up in the
      National Archives

      • Seek

        If only Lincoln had lived to carry the plan out. Damn that John Wilkes Booth anyway.

        • $22691968

          I agree! Lincoln had planned to ship them all to Liberia. But because of his assassination by Booth, his plans were never carried out. How much different and better for the U.S. had Lincoln never been murdered. Hell, Detroit, Oakland and every other inner-city would have remained a virtual paradise by now!

          “Were All the Same, Right?”

        • Rocky Road

          You do realize that Lincoln expressed this before the war was won as a future goal, yet after the war had changed this opinion?

      • Rocky Road

        Marcus Garvey wanted black people world wide to relocate to Africa. He had millions of followers. Yet, white people world wide opposed him, trumped up mail fraud charges and had him deported. History supports that white people do not want to send black people anywhere. White people have been the worlds greatest integrators/multiculturalists. So regarding your desire to see black people sent “back” (you actually can’t send anyone back to a place they have never been) to Africa…don’t hold your breath.

    • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

      And that’s exactly what our infiltrated government wants you to think and attempt to do. The thing is, you will probably succeed, resulting in me and mine dead.

      And then the Leftist infiltrated government will come in and “save” the day by killing or enslaving you and/or yours.

      At the end, we will all have performed our services as the perfect leftist-indoctrinated tools. That service? To kill each other.

      Being a part of the outnumbered “side,” I thank God that I probably won’t be around to experience such a brave new world.

      • Smoking Hamster

        Well I won’t go along with it. I’d be a modern day Schindler if Mike’s hellish idea came to pass.

        Racism is one way less intellectual people look at the world. It is easy to look at the crime and education rates of the black community and conclude that blacks are stupid and violent. It takes only a little more brain power to see that if you adjust for family circumstances (which are a consequence of horrible leftist policies) the crime differential goes away completely.

        Here is one of the scariest charts I’ve seen.

    • Smoking Hamster

      Eugenic, eliminationist, Darwinist racism like yours is what caused people to look at the Jews as subhuman and worthy of extermination.

    • bluffcreek1967

      The U.S. had its chance to rid us of black dysfunction and their criminal pathology when Lincoln wanted to ship them all to Liberia. Unfortunately, Booth murdered Lincoln and his plans were never carried out. Can you imagine had Lincoln been successful, Detroit, Oakland, and every other black inner-city would have remained today as great metropolitan centers? How different and how much better things would have turned out. Oh well.

      “We’re All the Same, Right?”

      • Sandy Jones

        We can only dream about how great things truly would have been if they had been shiped out. We can only dream.

      • Ray Burke

        Blacks invariably carry with them death and destruction wherever they happen to congregate. Detroit is a classic example of their handiwork. The Black race carries with it the Mark of the
        Beast !!!

    • Ray Burke

      Right as rain, mikebowen55 – but didn’t you mean to say, ” forceful segregation AND extermination” ?

  • pneville

    Please read “White Girl She Bleed a Lot” to see how wide spread is this problem and how the MSM cover it up.

  • Popeye Long

    Heres another interesting observation: If black on white violence is, indeed, the product of animosity towards whites for previous treatment/ownership – then why the hell do they act the same animalistic way in every nation they inhabit on earth? Crime, poverty and filth are the hallmarks of every black nation ever to have existed. Never have they built a civilization worth mentioning. In africa, they sit and watch their children starve to death while they wait for foreign aide – even though they have lived on the most fertile soil on earth for thousands and thousands of years – but have never figured out how to grow food. And were supposed to be duped by the notion of “equality”? Accept these animals into our neighborhoods, schools, jobs and even the beds of our daughters? Even while they prey on our elderly and helpless? To hell with that, wake up & fight back.

  • ytdontplay

    Notice the victims? All are elderly, young, women, and weak men. Notice the way they were assaulted. Most likely by a sucker punch. Black men especially, are chickenshits.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      They routinely employ these kinds of tactics. They go after soft targets in an effort to terrorize white people. You will never hear of them going after a white motorcycle club or a rugby team. They go after children, the elderly, the gays and anyone they outnumber. They also don’t stop kicking just because someone has lost consciousness. Nope, when you drop, they kick even more. They WANT to cause injuries that last the rest of their victim’s life. Yes, they are chickenshitts, but their guerilla tactics are effective because white Americans have been conditioned to reject unity by decades of media propaganda. The same message that empowers these worthless blacks. A tipping point is approaching that will rival all the whining they do about the 50s and 60s. They have started a war they can’t possibly win. But their math skills are so bad, they think they’re a majority.

      • glpage

        “They have started a war they can’t possibly win. But their math skills are so bad, they think they’re a majority.” What is especially sad is that the black leaders exhorting them on should know this, but seem to be pushing for it.

      • Drakken

        It is only a matter of time when the law of averages comes into play that one of these kaffirs runs into the wrong cracker who won’t lie down and just take it, he will open fire and let God sortem out. Then watch as the race grievance theater crowd stirs up the kaffir crowd and the race riots ensue, at that point, the armed amongst us will say enough is enough and go hunting. These kaffirs really don’t know or understand they are opening Pandora’s Box to their own demise.

        • Libsuckbigtime

          I can definitely see some white suicide bombers doing a number on some black communities if this BS continues. Maybe next time a psycho freak decides to open fire in a crowd, he will go to the ghetto and do his thang.

          • Drakken

            The whites don’t do suicide bombings, especially if they value the Judeo/Christian Western Civilization. They will group together and do whatever it takes to protect them and theirs from harm though.

        • logdon

          ‘one of these kaffirs runs into the wrong cracker who won’t lie down and just take it, he will open fire and let God sortem out’.

          The kaffir was Martin and the cracker was Zimmerman and the result was, yep you said it,

          ‘Then watch as the race grievance theater crowd stirs up the kaffir crowd’.

          The rest of the Pandora’s Box is yet to come

          • ytdontplay

            logdon: That’s a stretch referring to a afro-mestizo peruvian as a “cracker.”

          • logdon

            It was a hypothetical analogy.

            And after all,elements of the press did call Zimmerman a ‘white Latino’. In other words attempting to smear him as a dumb trigger happy cracker.

            For me the worst was Obama’s, ‘if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin’ thus blatantly and quite ridiculously attempting to prejudice the trial.

            Post trial there has been an upsurge in race based black on white assaults and homicides.

            It could be argued that Obama’s inflammatory statement has provoked this.

    • AbleWitness

      When mercenaries are brought in to put down wars in Africa, they recruit locals. Invariably, they find out that they have made a huge mistake. Africans will wear civilian clothes under their uniforms so that they can desert. They cut the buttstocks off their rifles to make them look “cool”. Only a small minority of them have any endurance or courage. Over 3000 white South African farmers have been killed since the ANC took over. Gangs swarm white farms raping, killing, and torturing. This is why white farmers arm themselves with battle rifles; they know the enemy attacks in packs.

  • nomoretraitors

    “All decent Americans”
    Well that disqualifies most of the left

  • Juaniita

    It sickens me that the leader of our great country do not speak out against ALL hate crimes. He and his Zombies (the AP) only reports white on black crime, OH and “white” Hispanic on black crimes. A hate crime is a hate crime period!! Where is the NAACP, or the slim ball Al sharpen?? Hummm??!! Our founding fathers and all those who died for equality are rolling in their graves

  • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

    It may surprise you to discover that I agree about the curse. No not the silly misreading of the Curse of “Ham,” but an implied curse stemming from the Tower of Babel.

    • NCIAC

      Thanks, Juliette–As a white guy who was inspired by MLK, I’ve seen that man’s inhumanity to man is part of who we all are as a fallen race–the human race. It is incontrovertibly true that black-on-white crime is heinous, and that it is disproportionate. It’s also true that any person of any race, left to devolve to his basest nature, will go just that way. (See the classic, Lord of the Flies) The right question to ask is not whether Blacks are worse than Whites, but how do we fix it? Have we not all known persons of other colors who were fine people? If it can be so, what can each of us do to help it be more so? The answer is not in a government program. It’s in the love of God and the miracle of His Spirit living in each of us.

      • Drakken

        Please by all means tell the rest of us when your reach that utopia, it is too little, too late for liberal fantasies of fixing, it is FUBAR. God helps those who help themselves and obviously the black community has zero interest in helping themselves other than helping themselves to the taxpayers generosity.

        • Sandy Jones

          You said it. They have zero reason to go to work. Our tax dollars pay for everything. EVERYTHING. Makes me sick.

          • Rocky Road

            Well take comfort in the fact that most of your tax dollars that go to welfare are received by white welfare recipients.

          • Sandy Jones

            Why would anyone take comfort in anyone having to collect welfare. You may. I don’t. Very stupid comment.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Blacks, though less in numbers, have disproportionate higher levels that are on welfare than whites.

  • Rocky Road
    • Drakken

      Unfortunately, your premise is the exception not the rule, blacks are far more violent than their white counterparts and you making excuses for the black community and excusing their behavior really does say it all.

    • John Gilbani

      More often than not, blacks can survive unscathed in a white neighborhood.

      The opposite is not the case.
      Blacks are predisposed to be violent.

      Go to a black neighborhood and discover this fact first hand.

  • Rocky Road

    “Of course, what is said here is true. Still, that blacks constitute a small minority of America and yet comprise, overwhelmingly, the majority of perpetrators of interracial crime is, or should be, more than enough to convince the thoughtful that black-on-white violence is a very real problem.”

    Being that whites outnumber blacks 6 to 1, a black criminal through random chance based solely on the population difference would encounter potential white victims at a rate 6 times greater than a white criminal would potential black victims. So the overall greater violent crime in black communities (about 7 times greater than white communities),combined with higher random chance of black criminals encountering whites, totally explains the greater black on white violence.
    In truth, blacks are actually far more than 6 times as likely to encounter whites due to other social factors beyond demographics (the estimate is actually 19 times greater). Thus, blacks commit violence against whites at a rate significantly below what would be expected based on the general level of violence in black communities and the rate of chance encountering. So clearly, black on white crime is simply the overflow of crime within the black communities and not some specific targeting of whites. Blacks seem more inclined to target other blacks and 85% of all violence directed at whites comes from other whites.

    • Libsuckbigtime

      But you are OK with the 15 of innocent people including babies who ARE killed by blacks. There is often racial slurs thrown prior.

      If it happens to me or mine, I will murder their black arse or my survivors will.

    • JVR

      Rocky Road — you use stats in a misleading way here. The underlying question you fail to address is why there is so much black criminality. There may be good explanations for that, but you do not give any.

      A large rate of black criminality will automatically explain why there are so much white victims of black criminals.

      BTW, you should really look at other divided societies. The norm is that violent crime happens inside communities — most people are murdered by someone they already know. This is as true in India as it is true in virtually every other part of the world. In the case of black crime in America, the statistic on white victims is completely at odds with this.

      I am not saying that there are not valid explanations, but that your pure mathematical approach assuming complete randomness distorts what is really going on. A comparison to other populations (say looking at Asians in the US and who their victims are — are they Asians, or whites?), will give a reference point for looking at the rate of black-on-white crime.

      • Rocky Road

        Well, being that 85% of white victims of violence are victimized by other whites, the stat is actually not at odds with the trend. Each year, 1 in 400 whites are victimized by blacks with many of these being simple assaults. This is statistically small.

        Consider that in 2010, 704 whites were killed by blacks compared to 413 blacks killed by whites. Since 704 is less than double 413 and whites outnumber blacks 6 to 1, any given black person is more than 3 times more likely to be killed by a white person than a white person is likely to be killed by a black person:
        Comparing interracial violence is a case of comparing something very small to something very, very small and has little value.

    • Solo712

      If the debate is “interracial violence” then statistics on intra-racial assaults and killings are irrelevant. What is relevant is white-on-black vs black-on-white numbers. And if attacks of one racial group on another, relative to the population of the perpetrating group, are significantly higher for one than the other then we have a significant social problem that needs to be addressed.

      • Rocky Road

        I disagree. Interracial violence is very rare. That fact makes it less of social problem just by itself. Just because one form of rare interracial violence is rarer than the other rare form doesn’t change this. It appears that people want to make it a social issue in order to incite racial animosity as opposed to addressing a social problem.
        Drunk driving is social problem because it results in 10,000 deaths every year. A white person is 75% more likely to drive drunk than a black person and white drunk drivers kill black drivers 10 times more than black drunk drivers kill white drivers. Thus, should we make white on black intoxication homicide a social issue?

  • Edie_VA

    While living in Brooklyn five years ago, (son commuted to college), occasionally I would meet my son at Union Square and then we would go buy groceries at Trader Joe’s.

    One day when I met him at Union Square he looked disheveled and had a torn sleeve. I said “What happened to you”. He said a (black) guy cold-cocked him and knocked him down. The next evening when he got back from class he said he saw the guy again at Union Square. I asked if anything happened and he said, Yes, I went up to him and knocked him down.

    Why pick on my son? Easy target, about 155 lbs, tall, young, willowy, and with fair skin and naturally blonde hair.

  • charlie_peligro

    if this country can put a man on the moon, it has the resources and man power to send them back to africa, but they wouldn’t want them back.

  • JVR

    I am pretty sure that the violence here occurs as part of a process of establishing dominance. In other words, the violence is a psychological process whereby animals (and in paricular primates (including humans)) establish dominance. This is part of our non-verbal communication, deep-seated and even unconscious, and hard wired by evolution in all of us.

    The impunity and violence of the attack does not only elevate the perpretator to a dominant position, but psychological all of those who share his station. In other words, the violence break out of a group psychosis, and the inability of the victim’s group to fight back is as significant as the violence dealt out by the perpetrator’s group.

    BTW, the same has been happending in South Africa since Mandela took over. Violence on whites were rare before 1994, but since then tens of thousands of whites have been gruesomely murdered as the new rulers establish their dominance.

    Now along these lines I do note that American demography is also being inverted. This is will be an interesting development.

    • LoJoFo

      In other words, this is terrorism.

      • minaka2

        Sure, a few strategic brutal crimes can cow the majority with whites vacating public spaces they perceive as dangerous, finally afraid to budge from their homes where safety is still not assured with the increasing number of home invasions.

  • Libsuckbigtime

    I know…. I see young teens and adults who go on aid missions and teach villages how to dig wells for water vs walking miles for it. I mean… these people lived there since beginning of time and it takes a kid to show them how to do simple things. Not one black nation exists that isn’t bleak.
    To be honest, I am hispanic and most of those countries kinda suck too, but not to the degree Africa does. Asians are a mixed bag. SOme countries are sleek and modern with little poverty, but others are pityful. Don’t get it.

  • John Davidson

    We can no longer compromise with a political party that tolerates this sort of activity.

  • kazzer66

    These cowards never pick on those who can fight back.

  • Ampersand

    This is not a new problem. In the early 1970s I experienced in 1year … 1. Big black man on the bus jumped up and yelled at 2 small Chinese kids sitting behind him “talk English you chinks” and hit the boy a crushing blow to the head, 2. Three black hoods got hopped up and shot three kids aged 14, 12 and 21, In my neighborhood, 3. Friend went to a party in the Fillmore district with a black”friend”. When he left, 5 black guys broke all the fingers on both hands.

    Oh, I forgot 4. Two black men broke into my upstairs neighbor’s apartment and raped her. There are more …. SF had about a 10 to15 pct. black population at the time … I never saw any similar crimes committed by white people during this period. This has been going on for a long time. May be getting worse e
    With breakdown of black families and race baiting by our Prez and those he empowers like reverend Al.

  • MarilynA

    The Civil rights movement organized blacks to assert their power. governments passed special legislation favoring them out of fear of being boycotted, picketed or condemned as being racist. The black on white violence going on today is just an extension of the power play. Sii-ins, boycotts, and other non violent protests have just about gotten them all they an get. They now have preferential treatment in hiring, education and welfare benefits. Violence designed to put the fear of God into Whitey if he doesn’t bend over and give more is just the next step.

  • Marvin E. Fox

    We Americans need to treat criminals as people without race that may be guilty of crimes that include another race. We muddied the clear waters of ‘crime is what criminals do regardless of race,’ when we introduced hate crimes that were only considered when crimes were committed by white people against black people or some other minority. That action allowed increased protection for the minority and decreased legal protection for white people.
    Those protected by Government can use the protection to tyrannize those the government blames. A crime may indeed be a product of hate; but the hate cannot establish or deny the extent of the crime. The Extent of the crime is established as a result of legal investigation.
    Equality under the law is a constitutional Imperative. Hate laws have no basis in constitutional law. Hate laws are a product of political favoritism used to increase a politician’s possibility for reelection.
    Marvin Fox

  • Rocky Road

    But if race is relevant to discussions of American slavery and segregation, then it most certainly is relevant to speak of race in connection with most interracial violence in America at present
    This is actually a rather odd statement. American slavery and segregation were legally sanctioned institutions specifically based on race. There is no law permitting or encouraging black people to victimize whites. Practically all black perpetrators of violence against whites are punished fully according to the law and such black perpetrators inflict significantly more violence against other blacks while white perpetrators inflict significantly more violence against white. Addressing the high level of violence in the black community is one thing, but addressing specifically black on white crime implies that white victims of blacks deserve more sympathy than all other victims.

    • soundnfury

      No. Actually, all it suggests is that black-on-white crime should not be whitewashed any more than violence against blacks during slavery or Jim Crow days. Is that so hard for you to understand?

      • Rocky Road

        A better suggestion would be to not hyperbolize black on white crime for purposes of demagoguery.

        • Guest

          Hyperbole? Hardly. Hyperbole is what you do when you go to town on the story of Trayvon’s death. The rate of black-on-white crime in this country has reached a level that far surpasses the Jim Crow days with the lynching of blacks & Republicans. If these were white-on-black crimes, we would no doubt here the Sharptons & Jacksons playing up this lynching theme. But you know that, don’t you?

        • soundnfury

          Hyperbole? Hardly. Hyperbole is what you do when you go to town on the story of Trayvon’s death. The rate of black-on-white crime in this country has reached a level that far surpasses the Jim Crow days with the lynching of blacks & Republicans. If these were white-on-black crimes, we would no doubt hear the the black “civil rights hucksters” playing up this lynching theme. But you know that, don’t you?

          • Rocky Road

            Are you talking about the recorded number of lynchings?
            You do realize that the number of blacks killed by whites since Jim Crow has also far surpassed this recorded number of lynchings. In 2010, around 400 blacks were killed by whites. If we take a conservative number and say that 300 blacks are killed on average by whites every year, that would come to nearly 10,000 blacks killed by whites since 1980. That is twice the number of blacks recorded to have been lynched during the more than 100 years of recorded lynchings.
            Of course, it is important to note that most blacks killed by whites during Jim Crow were not lynched and there were no statistics on interracial crime during that period.

          • soundnfury

            Black-on-white crimes far exceed the opposite, so if you are going to be fair, you need to include the numbers of whites murdered or victims of violent crime by blacks.

            * Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.
            * Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.
            * Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.
            * Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.

          • Rocky Road

            “But even if we compute the white totals as Taylor does, without breaking out Hispanic victims of “black crime,” his position is without merit. In 2002, whites, including Latinos, were about 81.5 percent of the population (3). That same year, whites (including Latinos) were 51 percent of the victims of violent crimes committed by blacks, meaning that whites were victimized by blacks less often than would have been expected by random chance, given the extent to which whites were available to be victimized (4).

            As for the claim that blacks victimize whites at rates that are far higher than the reverse, though true, this statistic is meaningless, for a few obvious but overlooked reasons, first among them the simple truth that if whites are more available as potential victims, we would naturally expect black criminals to victimize whites more often than white criminals would victimize blacks. Examining data from 2002, there were indeed 4.5 times more black-on-white violent crimes than the reverse (5). While this may seem to support Taylor’s position, it actually destroys it, because the interracial crime gap, though seemingly large, is smaller than random chance would have predicted. The critical factor ignored by Taylor is the extent to which whites and blacks encounter each other in the first place. Because of ongoing racial isolation and de facto segregation, the two group’s members do not encounter one another at rates commensurate with their shares of the population: a fact that literally torpedoes the claims in The Color of Crime.

            As sociologist Robert O’Brian has noted (using Census data), the odds of a given white person (or white criminal for that matter) encountering a black person are only about three percent. On the other hand, the odds of a given black person (or black criminal) encountering a white person are nineteen times greater, or fifty-seven percent (6), meaning the actual interracial victimization gap between black-on-white and white-on-black crime is smaller than one would expect. In 2002, blacks committed a little more than 1.2 million violent crimes, while whites committed a little more than three million violent crimes (7). If each black criminal had a 57 percent chance of encountering (and thus potentially victimizing) a white person, this means that over the course of 2002, blacks should have been expected to victimize roughly 690,000 whites. But in truth, blacks victimized whites only 614,176 times that year (8). Conversely, if each white criminal had only a three percent chance of encountering and thus victimizing a black person, this means that over the course of 2002, whites would have been expected to victimize roughly 93,000 blacks. But in truth, whites victimized blacks 135,931 times: almost 50 percent more often than would be expected by random chance (9).

            Indeed, given relative crime rates as well as rates of interracial encounter, random chance would have predicted the ratio of black-on-white to white-on-black victimization at roughly 7.4 to one. Yet, as the data makes clear, there were only 4.5 times more black-on-white crimes than white-on-black crimes in 2002. In other words, given encounter ratios, black criminals victimize whites less often than could be expected, while white criminals victimize blacks more often than could be expected.

            Lies About Hate Crimes — More Fun With Racist Math

            Taylor’s claims regarding hate crimes are even more ridiculous. So, for example, The Color of Crime asserts that blacks commit a disproportionate share of racial and ethnic hate crimes against whites, while white-on-black hate crimes are far less frequent. But the data simply doesn’t support such a claim.

            From 1995-2000, blacks were 65 percent of racial and ethnic hate-crime victims, while whites were 21 percent of such victims (10). Adjusted for population, any given black person was nearly twenty times more likely to be the victim of a racially motivated hate crime than any given white. In 2001, there were approximately 4.6 times more white-on-black than black-on-white hate crimes (11), despite the fact that whites were between six and seven times more available in the population to become victims. Considering that blacks are much more likely to encounter whites than vice-versa, this last statistic is especially alarming. After all, if blacks are nineteen times more likely to encounter whites than whites are to encounter blacks, any given black person would have nineteen times more opportunities to commit an anti-white hate crime than a white person would have to commit an anti-black hate crime.

            Since blacks are roughly one-sixth the size of the non-Hispanic white population, in order to determine the expected ratio of black-on-white hate crimes relative to white-on-black hate crimes given random chance, one must multiply the 19:1 black-on-white encounter ratio by one-sixth. Once this computation is made, we find that differential rates of encounter and population availability would predict that if levels of racial hatred were equal between whites and blacks, and the willingness to commit a hate crime were equal between the two groups, in any given year there should be 3.15 times more black-on-white hate crimes than white-on-black hate crimes. That in truth there are nearly five times more white-on-black hate crimes than the reverse suggests that blacks are much less likely to commit an anti-white hate crime than would be expected and whites are far more likely to commit an anti-black hate crime than would be expected.”


          • ziggy zoggy

            American Blacks target Whites for violent crimes. Whites do not target Blacks.

            Your phony statistics can’t change this simple fact, you POS racist.

          • soundnfury

            Your source contradicts himself. When he suggests that “the simple truth that if whites are more available as potential victims”, the converse is also true… Blacks should be less available as potential criminals. However later, he admits that in 2002, blacks were responsible for 1.2 mil violent crimes to whites’ 3 mil. violent crimes. But again, because black makes comprise only 6% of the population, you would expect them to commit 6% of the violent crime, rather than 33%. Black crime in general is far higher than expected. Much has been written about the disproportionate rather of black victims of black crime, but until recently, not much has been published about white victims of black crime. This is not hyperbole. It’s just fact that has been swept under the rug by embarrassed media & law enforcement. No more.

          • Rocky Road

            Not really. My source as well as I do not dispute the significantly higher rate of violence that comes out of the black community. What is disputed is the notion of whites being specifically targeted. The numbers don’t support that. What is supported is that the violence in black communities often overflows into white communities, yet such violence has less of an impact than the violence committed by blacks on other blacks and less of an impact than the violence committed by whites against other whites. Violence coming from the white community does not have the same overflow due to the lower level and the smaller minority populations. I can post all kinds of brutal acts committed by whites against other whites. Remember the pick axe murders?

            I would respect more if folks simply wanted to address general violence coming out of the black community and emphasize all of its victims, but to simply want emphasis on violence by blacks against whites is an example of a racial pissing contest. Black on black victims are almost never published in the news. Black on black crime is only addressed with regard to statistics due to its statistics being so much higher than any other. You don’t see pictures of the victims and their families. Black victims are only given attention when the accused are police officers or folks functioning as figures of authority (as Zimmerman was basically doing as neighborhood watch captain). Black police officers catch the blues when they kill blacks. Both liberal and conservative sites acknowledge the little media attention given black on black violence:




  • Boerewitman1

    Welcome to the world where a black man rules. They are inconsistent, rassists and murderers. barbarians, they same that you as Americans experience at the moment, we experience since 1994 in South Africa. They are barbaristic , do I got a word for them, I don’t want to insult them further, but not even animals are as cruel like this barbarians The worst part is, they call them civilized.

    Admittedly not all the black people are bad, but the larger majority seems to be completely out of line.
    We feel sorry for you White Americans, in the past 19 years of the so called democracy about 30000 thousand White South Africans were brutally murdered. I mean brutally.
    Never give up in your faith in the living God, the Father of His Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He will never let you down.

  • Boerewitman1

    Why do you remove my comments. This is a democratic country and I am entitled to my opinion

    Check out this link

  • blastedout

    The key to all this nonsense was Holder’s 09 statement”No black on white crime will be prosecuted”….and the whole nation of white people,incl alll legislators ,stood mute…I HAVE TO WORK HARD…to get white people to even be concerned….Whites have been tromped-on by the networks to only be concerned about the rights of black people…I’ts sickening to watch

  • blastedout

    The reaction by Obama to all this? He’s contacted public schools and ..PRESSURED THEM to ignore bad behavior by black students..Thank you oh great leader

  • A Lake

    An additional counter to Objection #3 is:
    “If race is now irrelevant, then we should close down the SPLC and NAACP.”

  • ziggy zoggy

    A Black American just murdered 13 people at a Naval base. No word yet if he is a Muslim or not but he fits the profile of anti-American murderers. All of them are some combination of Muslim, Black and leftist.

    Let the excuses begin.

    • Rocky Road

      You left out white and/or right winger:

      Buford O. Furrow
      Jarold Lee Laughner
      James Wenneker von Brunn
      Michael Page
      Donnie Baker
      Keith Luke
      Jim David Atkinsson
      Richard Popalowski
      Byron Williams
      Timothy McVeigh
      George Hennard
      Steven Kazmierczak
      James Oliver Huberty
      Charles Whitman
      Pat Sherrill
      Eric Harris
      Dylan Klebold
      James Eagan Holmes

  • Kukye

    You know maybe you can quit insulting negroes by calling them their proper race. They are not “blacks”. Black is an ethnicity and an insult and is not even classified as a race.


    Since one big Conservative website banned the use of the word “negro” I predicted to them that you are going to make matters worse and it since has GOTTEN WORSE, like I told them.

    But they hate my guts there and still want to be politically correct and polite and all that CRAP though they say we are not racist.

    That is EXACTLY what you are Mr. Farah. Address them correctly you coward.

  • DarkKnight3565

    Out of every 100 White murder victims, how many were murdered by Blacks? 2? 3?

    Hardly seems like an epidemic to me.

    • 1LTLos

      Then you are blind

      Federal Statistics of black on white violence:

      Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
      Blacks are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife.
      Hispanics commit three times more violent crimes than whites,
      but the statistics are nebulous because sometimes they are classified
      as white, so it could be far higher.
      The best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percent of the population that is black and Hispanic.
      Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime
      against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a
      Forty-five percent of black crime is against whites, 43 against other blacks, and 10 percent against Hispanic.
      Blacks are seven times more likely to go to prison, Hispanics
      three times, and the reason is clear, because from 1980 to 2003 the US
      incarceration rate has tripled, and so proves that Justice is not only
      hard won, but well served.

  • Joad

    Seems to me that the mainstream media in this nation works overtime to not divulge the horrific black-on-white crime wave taking place in America. Many sites, thankfully, offer a more clear picture:

  • Anonymous
  • Eejay

    Move to concealed carry state.

  • fuckyouall

    Humanity is garbage.

  • guest

    blacks have been doing hate crimes.. strange thing they didn’t know who their relatives were that were slaves. .. it was long ago.and the black man sold the black man to the dutch who made them slaves. no one in my family ever owned a slave as they didn’t believe in slavery nor would I have. but Sharpton, holder and oprah keeps it stiring saying whites have to die, hate by these people are keeping hate going strong even in the early 1960’s hate wasn’t this bad. only since 2008 did it start. so most with any smarts know who hasn’t let go… of hate . but who ever tries to harm you… you must stand your ground I don’t care if skin is blue. purple, yellow, green ,red, white. black, pink, brown, or grey don’t let anyone harm you as we are all people no matter the skin color period. I feel sooooooo sorry for the ones who won’t let it go. as we all should be passed what took place in the years of slavery. I saw the person not the skin color but now I see a balck person I am ready to defend Sharpton only has power if something racist is going on so that’s what got it going. control so they can be in the middle and be seen… only to cause more trouble and hate. and zimmerman was labled as white he was not he was Hispanic and black with some german not white at all. most blacks are not all black most have white blood in them. but we are all humans and that should mean something to one another but doesn’t seem to. not anyone knew one family member that was a slave or one who ever owned a slave too many years gone by. it is over and it was wrong just as some one in war was captive its over we can’t change it . hate only hurts ones self in the long run taking a human life is wrong .those who are white can’t help what their family did over a 100 years ago as whites can’t help what zimmerman did to that young boy,, but the blacks who are harming and killing innocent peolle just because they are white makes no sence to get back as these innocent people the only thing that black person see’s they are white so because the blacks are harming whites should whites go after every black they see to get even… what would be right ? stop hating and look at how things were before all this happened, crime is crime . we are as we are some are born white some are born black some are born in other countries we are all people and should be proud of who we are. but I will not allow anyone to harm me no matter their color no matter your color each should protect one self against crime… period!

  • Andrew

    Most of the real racism is coming from blacks in this country contrary to popular belief.

  • AbleWitness

    Because whites are not readily waking up and because the media is suppressing the race war that has already started, white anger is growing at a slow pace. White anger is certainly not yet boiling. Were riots to break out now, whites do NOT have the temperament to finish the task. So all civilized people out there, try to hold on. We need this seething anger to grow to absolute critical mass so that when it goes, it REALLY goes. We simply can’t go on like this; the inferiors prosecuting this war against civilized humans must be made to go away forever and forever. Prepare. I won’t live to see the day, but hopefully my grandchildren will one day live in a civilized, intelligent, and much less violent world. Crude genetics must be scrubbed away.