Debunking HuffPo’s Chris Lane Killing Narrative

e40ff790a23a2edfd04f4bb6412cdefbIn “Reinforcing the Self-Serving Myth that Blacks Kill Whites Because They’re White,” Earl Ofari Hutchinson—Huffington Post writer, MSNBC contributor, and a co-host for Al Sharpton’s radio show—addresses the cold-blooded murder of white Australian Christopher Lane by black teenagers in Oklahoma.

Although “there is not a shred of evidence or even the hint that [the] killing of Lane was racially motivated,” Hutchinson asserts, right-wingers imply otherwise.  Theirs is a “false, self-serving,” and “cheap ploy” to marginalize “civil rights leaders” while promoting the “myth” of a national press determined to conceal an “epidemic” of black-on-white killing.

In reality, the “miniscule” number of whites murdered by blacks each year consists of victims of “garden-variety street crime” who are “perceived to have valuables…that poor blacks aren’t likely to have.”

To Hutchinson’s analysis several replies are in order.

First, contrary to his assertion, there most certainly is evidence that the punks that murdered Lane were motivated, at least in part, by animus toward whites.  According to The Daily Caller, one of the suspects, James Edwards, had tweeted the following just a few months ago: “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.” Shortly after George Zimmerman was acquitted of any wrongdoing in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Edwards tweeted that he had “knocked out 5 woods”—i.e. “peckerwoods,” a derogatory term for whites.

Second, Ilana Mercer, the daughter of a South African rabbi and former anti-apartheid activist, is also a World Net Daily writer who recently established beyond doubt that, sadly, the “epidemic” of black-on-white violence is anything but a myth.

In “Who’s Killing Whom? Speak Up, O’Reilly!” Mercer commends Bill O’Reilly for noting that blacks, at just 13 percent of the population, constitute nearly 40 percent of those convicted of violent crimes and 36 percent of all murderers in America.  However, she is quick to castigate the Fox News star for failing to comment on the color of interracial crime, of “deflect[ing] from the white-hot issue of black-on-white violence.”

“You see,” Mercer remarks, “blacks are also more likely”—far more likely—“to murder whites than the reverse.”  Citing Bureau of Justice Statistics data, she concedes Hutchinson’s point that whites and blacks both are much more likely to be murdered by members of their respective races than by those of another race.  Yet she immediately observes that “a hell of a lot of whites are killed by blacks, while few blacks are offed by whites.”

Regarding “stranger homicide”—you know, the kind of killing to which Chris Lane succumbed—Mercer draws our attention to the fact that “blacks murder whites four times more often than whites murder blacks.” The real white-on-black murder rate is most definitely even lower than statistics suggest, for Hispanics are identified as “white” when they are perpetrators.  However, when they are the victims of interracial violence, Hispanics are treated separately from whites.

The phenomenon of black-on-white murder is no myth. It is a reality as pronounced as it is hideous.  Doubtless, the Hutchinsons of the world identify it as “myth” because it fails to accommodate their self-serving myth, the fiction that always and forever blacks are the prey, not the predators, of whites.

This brings us to the next point.

Even in conceding that blacks do indeed murder whites more often than the reverse, Hutchinson still can’t resist interpreting this fact in the light of his myth of perpetual black suffering: Whites “are perceived to have valuables… that poor blacks aren’t likely to have.”

Notice, Hutchinson is hereby legitimizing what he in other contexts he would surely decry as “racial profiling.” He tells us that black criminals seek out white victims because they “perceive”—they assume—that, because the latter are white, they will also have “valuables.”

So, without realizing it, Hutchinson undermines his own argument and inadvertently acknowledges that, after all, there is a racial angle to black-on-white murder.

Hutchinson’s analysis is also wide of the mark in his predictably leftist compulsion to identify criminality, including the most cold-blooded and horrific of murderous activity, as a function of poverty. But while poverty can account for why a poor man would rob another, it emphatically does not account for why one would murder another.

Nor, for that matter, does it account for other species of black-on-white violence—like rape.

In her World Net Daily article, Mercer reiterates some telling figures that she first visited in her book, Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2005, blacks “were responsible for 36 percent of the 111,490 incidents in which whites were raped.” At the same time, “not one black woman or man—0.0 percent—was ravished by a Caucasian.”

If only Mr. Hutchinson was right, if only the black-on-white violence of which the poor, unsuspecting Chris Lane was the most recent victim, was a myth.  It is not. It is an evil of the first order that all decent people, and God-fearing folks especially, must repudiate unequivocally.

And we must be just as resolved to repudiate Hutchinson and his fellow ideologues—people like Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and, yes, Oprah Winfreywho, in spite of being well positioned to decry this wickedness, have actually sought to fuel the flames.

Dripping from their hands is the blood of many innocents.

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  • Paula Douglas

    Hutchinson is off base in all the ways described and more. People who blame crime on poverty have it exactly backwards. Poverty doesn’t lead to criminal behavior: there are plenty of decent, honorable poor people. But criminal behavior is virtually guaranteed to keep you in poverty.

  • Damo1234

    The analysis starts by looking at Edwards’ tweets, and then stops talking about the case entirely. All else aside, let’s clarify the Lane case. Edwards is black, and he made racist tweets. Jones, the driver, is white (this has been corroborated by several sources, including the Duncan Police on more than one occasion. I suspect they’re getting annoyed that early reports used the wrong photo of Jones and ended up calling him black. Jones’ family’s photos are available). Lunas, believed to be the shooter, is biracial. His white mother married a white man and he was raised in a household with two white parents and two white siblings. His step-father and half-brother died this past year. The three killers shot Chris Lane (who is white), on the way to the home of Chris Johnson (who is black), who they had threatened to kill earlier. There are definitely cases where a victim is targeted because they are white. In this case it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

    • jakespoon

      Luna is a “black hispanic.”

      • Damo1234

        That is incorrect. Lunas is half white. His white mother is not of Hispanic ancestry.

        • jakespoon

          How did he get black,then. I don’t care if his mother is green,the photo identified as Luna shows a black darker than Barack Obama.

          • Damo1234

            I do not understand your confusion. Luna is half-white-half-black. The half-black part is what makes his skin dark.

          • ziggy zoggy

            My skin is dark. Am I half Black?

        • Kimmie Smith

          “Lunas, believed to be the shooter, is biracial. His white mother married
          a white man and he was raised in a household with two white parents and
          two white siblings.”

          You said his mother is white and his father was white, where does the black come in? You’re saying he’s half white and other half what, white??

          • Damo1234

            He grew up with a white step-father.

          • ziggy zoggy

            I grew up with dogs and cats. Am I canine or feline, you blithering idiot?

        • ziggy zoggy

          Dumb@$$ 1234,

          His racially mixed mother is of Spanish ancestry as her name proves, you ignorant lack wit.

          • Damo1234

            Her maiden name is Bumpas.

          • ziggy zoggy

            And George Zimmerman is White.

            Lick my big White balls, you racist lowlife.

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      What do you mean, “In this case it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny?” Yes it does. Edwards’ racist tweets show very well he hates whites. You point out that one of the perpetrators is biracial; THAT by itself doesn’t absolve someone of a tendency to race hatred.(Assuming that your description of Lunas’ family is correct) His stepfather and half-brother died? Lots of people have family members that die, but they don’t go out and shoot people. You say that these punks threatened to kill Chris Johnson, who is black. There’s a great deal more black on black crime, than white on black crime. But in the past few years, there’s been a sharp spike in black on white murders. Just this morning there was a news item, that Jack Belton, an 88 year old World War II veteran, was murdered by two young blacks, ages 16 and 19, in Spokane, Washington. Are you going to say that these two don’t hate whites either?

      • Damo1234

        Given that I do not possess very many facts regarding the other case, I’m not going to say anything about it at all.

        Edwards made racist tweets. He is not the suspected shooter, he is not the driver. The driver is white. Lunas being biracial does not mean that he cannot possibly be racist against whites, but being half-white and growing up in an all-white family makes it less likely, as does the fact that he was out that night with a white teen, planning to kill a black teen.

        • TheOrdinaryMan

          The attack on Delbert “Shorty” Belton appears to have been entirely random. The Spokane police said its very unlikely that Belton knew his assailants, or that they knew him. Very, very bad.

          • danlbrau

            Well, there are two things the attackers knew about Belton. That he was white and defenseless. That is how racist cowards like his killers operate.

          • ziggy zoggy

            They chose an elderly White man. random my @$$. And what do the Spokane police know? Cops are some of the least educated government employees in the country. Mailmen are better educated and more reliable.

        • nacho475

          there are plenty of white people who identify with blacks and hate themselves because they are white and not black. (in the hood they are called “whiggers”) this is further perpetrated by schools that teach that white kids that they should be ashamed of their skin color and that white privilege is oppressing everyone else. not to mention that black kids are told that because of white privilege they have no chance at becoming anything in this world.

        • ziggy zoggy

          The three Blacks were not planning to kill a Black teen. They planned to kill a White and that is what they did. They could have killed the “Black teen” if they wanted to but chose otherwise. And they were NOT arrested on the way to kill Johnson, you lying sack of racist $hit.

          Suck my White &$$.

    • Aizino Smith

      Who cares what color the mother or stepfather is.

      What matter is the culture the kid grew up in. Was it middle class values or gang culture?

      There is the old say that peer pressure has about as much influence on a person';s life as parents and they each have about a 3rd with the last 3rd left up to the individual. It is like the while nurture versus nature debate. both are important and both are about equal.

      In this case, I say peer pressure won out.

      It might not have if in addition to parents we had great national leaders that promoted middle class values. Look at the movie “October Sky”

      On top of making a living, finding a girlfriend etc, those guys wanted to do more than that. They wanted to do more than just exist. they were inspired.

      Where is inspiration now? Bill Clinton? All he did was do Monica, as money other women as he could and make as much money thru politics as he could (over 100 million). Jesse Jackson? Mr I have a child out of wedlock and being sued for sexual harassment by a gay guy?

      This isn’t about the parents. It should be be it is it. The parents lost out. Either they were to worried about themselves or they were to bogged down with the rat race trying not to get run over. Don’t know. But clearly these teens were influence more by gang culture than mainstream American culture of the Golden rule & working hard /pay your own bills.

      • Damo1234

        Since you asked why Luna’s family matters, I’ll elaborate. His mother is white and works with special needs children. His stepfather worked on oilfields and died in a motorbike accident last year. His white half-brother died not long afterward as a result of a serious reaction from a spider bite. These tragic events do not excuse what he did – people lose loved ones all the time without resorting to violence – but they explain why his family was unable to be a good support net, and why he was so angry at the world.

        And this is hardly the first age when murderous thugs were glamorized. America has long had a love affair with the likes of Al Capone and Bonnie and Clyde. We’re a country born of rebellion, with a tendency to romanticize our criminals.

        • ziggy zoggy

          Nothing you claimed proves that those murderers’ “parents” couldn’t provide a “good support net.” Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde were not back shooting “thrill killers.”

          The only one glamorizing these racist animals is you and the usual suspects. Maybe you can become pen pals with them and have a gay marriage with one?

    • Aizino Smith

      “Lack of strong positive relationships with parents increases involvement with deviant peers, which increases adolescents’ risk for a variety of problems”

      Gang culture.

    • ziggy zoggy

      If the cops say Jones is White it must be true? These are the same liars who claim it wasn’t a racially motivated hate crime. Eating donuts doesn’t make them population geneticists, you hopeless ret@rd. The anti-White trio didn’t murder the Black Johnson. They murdered the White Luna. Post a photo of Jones’s parents if you expect us to believe your lie that they were White.

      You are a racist POS trying to blame Black depravity on Whitey. The only black Johnson you care about is the one you’re sucking right now.

      • Damo1234

        They didn’t kill Johnson because the police showed up to arrest them.

        • ziggy zoggy


        • ziggy zoggy

          Cute photos. They don’t show the cops catching your butt buddies on their way to murder a Black “teen.”

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “The real white-on-black murder rate is most definitely even lower than statistics suggest, for Hispanics are identified as “white” when they are perpetrators. However, when they are the victims of interracial violence, Hispanics are treated separately from whites.”

    I’ve known this for many years but it still pisses me off to no end.

  • adumbrate

    This all started with Obama’s beer and the quote “acted stupidly”. Keep the minority populous on constant edge while trying to erupt a country from its founding…instructs the community anarchist.

    Calculated chaos…there are bills to pass, unravel. We should not let up the pressure on the RINOs – they are dazed and confused – falling prey to the chaos.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    So it’s a ‘false, self-serving’, ‘cheap ploy’ intended to reinforce the myth that Blacks kill Whites because they’re White if we think a self proclaimed racist killed a White guy because he was white?
    But it’s not a ‘false, self-serving’, ‘cheap ploy’ to reinforce the myth that Non Blacks kill Blacks because they’re Black when they claimed that Zimmerman hunted down Trayvon simply because he was Black???

  • nomoretraitors

    “It is an evil of the first order that all decent people, and God-fearing folks especially, must repudiate unequivocally”
    That’s why the grievance industry doesn’t repudiate it. Because they are neither decent nor God-fearing.

  • nomoretraitors

    “Earl Ofari Hutchinson—Huffington Post writer, MSNBC contributor, and a co-host for Al Sharpton’s radio show”
    His credibility is destroyed right here and now

    • mikeh420

      Adding that silly Wanna-Be-African middle name didn’t help much either.

  • Lanna

    Evil has no conscience, a society with no honest leader, immorality championed, lawlessness, joblessness, corruption, and Ungodly principles can expect the moral decline of their youths, they have no purpose in life, except getting attention through violence. Black on Black crime in Chicago has caused people to be alerted to the new norm. Don’t think there aren’t people prompting youths to desperation by violence also.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Desperation? They do it because they like it.


    So tell me again why slavery was bad, anything is better than the rabid animals that hate everybody and everything….?

    • Race_Dissident

      It was bad because, among other things, it interjected blacks into western civilization. The greedy slavers got rich and the rest of are getting screwed.


        How true….

  • A_Perspective

    So what does “not a shred of evidence” have to do with reality? Looks like they missed the #HATE THEM hash tag. Lame at best!

  • lisag

    In some ways it really does not matter why the crimes are committed by young black people. Men need to stand up and tell them to stop it. From the President on down the message needs to be loud and clear on how to be civil in society.

  • Clare Spark

    Earl Ofari Hutchinson built his power base out of Pacifica radio’s KPFK (Los Angeles station). He had the unequivocal support of local communists on the local board of the Pacifica Foundation. Here you see the fruits of his ascendancy. He is a bright fellow with a devoted following.

  • Stuart (Austin, TX)

    Jack, I applaud what you’re doing here and the strength of your argument, but I worry that you will suffer unnecessary loss of credibility due to a simple error on your part, perhaps a typographical one. You twice refer to the “Bureau of Justice,” when there is no such entity in the United States. It is actually called the “Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice STATISTICS.” Fix the error before locking horns with the Left, or they will beat you over the head with it.

    • tlk244182

      Nancy A., above, makes another point about the credibility of the stats. Perhaps you could help here as well. I suck at online stuff and cant find the truth about these rape statistics, although NOW (not that I trust their numbers) says 600 women per day were raped or sexually assaulted in ’06.

    • knowshistory

      perhaps he meant “ministry of justice”, which is located right down the street from “ministry of truth” in Oceania.

  • kafir

    If they didn’t kill Lane because he is white, then what was their motive? Because he had valuables? If that is the case they still killed him because he was white because of their racial profiling of him as having valuables. You morons on the left need to take a debate course and learn how to form an argument that can stand, your lies are all too transparent to anyone outside of the hood.

    • nomoretraitors

      If they did that, they wouldn’t be libtards

    • tagalog

      What continues to boggle the mind is that libbies persist in viewing themselves and their ideology as the intelligent approach to politics and social analysis, while they still call conservatives “the stupid party,” despite overwhelming evidence that the opposite is the actual case.

      • knowshistory

        there is no conservative party. what the liberals refer to as the stupid party is the republican party, and there is plenty of evidence that on this one issue the liberals are exactly correct. the evil that democrats do out of hate for our country and our legal population, the republicans repeat due to breath taking stupidity.

        • tagalog

          The term “stupid party” comes from the writings of John Stuart Mill, and he wasn’t talking about ANY political party when he coined the term.

          He was talking about conservatives.

  • Ken

    Of course this is a HATE CRIME. Call it like it is. STOP this myth that only white’s commit Hate crimes. I’m waiting for the President to tell us ” this could have been my son”.

  • birdonawire

    Wasn’t the leader of the gang a white guy.

    • Kimmie Smith

      the white guy was the driver of the car.

      • nickshaw

        Apart from the fact that he was described as “mixed race” in the police report, sometimes race can be tolerated when you’ve got a car and driver’s license.

        • tagalog

          I don’t know about “white guy” or “black guy” or “mixed race guy,” but your point about tolerance under some circumstances was great.

        • Damo1234

          The police have stated one is white, one is biracial, one is black. The DA has stated that Jones is white, Luna is half-white-half-black and Edwards is black.

          • ziggy zoggy

            The President of the United States says he’s Black. Does that make it true, you d1ckless racist?

          • Damo1234

            President Obama’s father was black and his mother was white. He can be called black or biracial. Both are accurate. The latter is more accurate.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Wrong. His father was mixed race and it is incorrect for Osama and you racist turds to claim the Jihadi in Chief is Black.

            Blacks are far and away the most criminal and underachieving segment of American society. They have the lowest I.Q.s, too. You must be so proud.

    • Alfred E. Neuman

      No. He’s also charged as an accessory after the fact, not as a killer. May want to inform yourself, going forward, so as not to appear so utterly ignorant.

      • Damo1234

        There were three people in that car. One drove, Jones, who is white. One shot Lane in the back. One did neither, and is being charged as a killer, while Jones isn’t. The only reason Jones is being charged as an accessory and not a killer is that the police agreed to lesser charges and in return he agreed to testify against the other two.

        • ziggy zoggy

          Did the Oklahoma police tell you that or are you just talking out of your @$$ again?

          • Damo1234

            After the three saw Lane jog by they got in Jones car and he drove after Lane while one of the others pulled the trigger. The police have stated that he is “cooperating,” and it is he who told police the three were “bored” and simply wanted to kill someone, so he cannot claim not to have known what they were doing. Why is the driver receiving charges lesser than those of the person that neither shot Lane nor drove the car? He’s the one “cooperating” according to the police.

          • ziggy zoggy

            You don’t know if your buddies told Jones they murdered Lane out of boredom at all, much less if they did so prior to the murder you are trying to excuse.

            How would I know why the driver has a lesser charge? I don’t just make things up like you do. Racist @$$hole.

    • nickshaw

      The police report said he was “mixed race”.
      I take that to mean he was probably “identifying” as black.
      As someone else we know of mixed race.

      • Damo1234

        The police report said no such thing. Jones is white, and the police have stated that more than once. The DA specifically made a distinction between Jones being white and Luna being half-white-half-black. Photos of Jones family have been available for days now. Stop spreading false information.

        • nickshaw

          If I’m wrong, does it make any difference to the thrust of the story?
          The shooter is black. He made his opinion of whites known on social media.
          That he might have hung around with a white kid means nothing other than the white kid had wheels and could be taken advantage of.

          • Damo1234

            It makes an enormous difference. First, we don’t know whether Edwards or Luna was the shooter. What we know is that Luna is biracial and grew up in an all white household (his white stepfather and half-brother died in separate tragic accidents last year). Edwards, who is black, had a white girlfriend, had been staying with the white Luna family, and was driving with Jones to the home of a black teen they had previously threatened to kill, and they were arrested there when the teen’s father saw them and called the police fearing for his son’s life. Jones is the one that confessed saying “we” (not “they”) had decided to kill someone because they were bored. The lived in a predominantly white town, where if you decided to kill someone at random they’d probably be white. You are acting like Jones somehow didn’t know what they were doing that night when his actions and his own words indicate otherwise. He’s being charged with a lesser crime because he agreed to testify against the other two.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Your Black buddies didn’t kill Lane at random, you $hit eating racist. They chose him. You claimed they killed him because he was on his way to Black Johnson’s house but you keep contradicting that by claiming they chose Lane at random. Fuck you, you racist POS.

          • Damo1234

            There’s no contradiction. The three had recently obtained guns believed to have been stolen by an associate from a pawn store in Stiggler. On the night in question it is believed that they tried out the guns by shooting and killing a donkey. They then went to sit on the porch of a house that local criminals sometimes used as a hangout. They decided they would kill someone because they were bored. Lane jogged by. He had been visiting his girlfriend and the most direct route home passed by the house the three killers congregated at. They got in Jones’ car, followed him, and shot him. They then went to the parking lot of a hotel where they spent time trying to hide the evidence and smoking marijuana. Later they drove to where Chris Johnson lives and sent him a death threat via facebook. Chris Johnson’s father, who was working on his car in a carpark across the street, saw them and saw that the three had guns. He called the police who were by then looking for Jones’ car, having obtained surveillance footage showing it driving away from the scene of the crime. The police arrived and arrested the three.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Thanks for proving that you’re a lying racist. You have claimed your buddies murdered Luna because he was on his way to Johnson’s house and also because it was a random shooting. Like all racist lefties, you want to have it both ways.

            Your buds sat outside Johnson’s house and didn’t try to kill him. Nice try.

            Blacks commit 15 times more murders than Whites even though there are 7 times more Whites in America than Blacks. The shooter was as Black as a lowland gorilla. You are a racist POS to blame yet another Black on White atrocity on Whitey.

          • Kimmie Smith

            “Later they drove to where Chris Johnson lives and sent him a death threat via facebook.”

            So they drove over to the guy’s house that they intended on wiping out because he told them he wouldn’t join their gang and proceeded to go inside his house to send him a death threat on his computer???? Uh huh……

          • Damo1234

            Why would they need to be on his computer to send him a death threat? It can even be sent from a smart phone. I don’t know how they did anything, I know that Chris Johnson called his father saying that he’d received a death threat on facebook and feared for his life, his father was in the parking lot across the street working on his car and saw the boys were indeed there in their car, and he called the police.

          • Damo1234

            Why would they need to go in his house? You can send someone a message from a smart phone.

          • Kimmie Smith

            So you’re saying they drove over there to his house and then sent him a death threat from their phone? What did they do, sit in the driveway and send the threat? What’s the point? They’re already there at his house, they already had a plan to knock him off, so please tell me why someone would drive over to that targets house and just sit there and send a death threat on FB on their phone???

            Sorry, I ain’t buying it, makes no sense whatsoever what you’re saying.

          • Damo1234

            I don’t know if they sent if before they drove there, while they were driving there, or after they got there.

            You’re saying “it makes no sense” as if you’re dealing with intelligent people that do sensible things.

            The shooting took place at about 3:00. About half an hour later the car pulled up to a courtroom and Edwards got out so that he could sign papers with his Juvenile probationary officer. They shot a man knowing that half an hour later they’d be at the courthouse and at least one of them would be in the District Attorney’s Office. “Yeah, that’s a good idea, let’s kill a man then drive over to where there’s going to be lots of police”. They may have even been smoking marijuana when the car was in a hotel parking lot (caught on tape) for ten minutes right before going to the courthouse. Nothing done that day makes a lick of sense. But I don’t see the point in assuming Chris Johnson lied. He says he got the threat and told his father who in turn called the police, who showed up to arrest the three teens. What would Johnson have to gain from lying about this?

          • Kimmie Smith

            Edwards was the shooter.

            Your comment “they lived in a predominately white town, where if you decided to kill someone at random they’d probably be white” is really reaching for an excuse.

            Jones is the only one they said was actually portraying remorse after they were caught, the other 2 were dancing and laughing afterwards. What do you call someone who says 90% of whites are nasty#HateThem???

          • Damo1234

            The district attorney’s most recent statement is that Luna is believed to be the shooter, not Edwards.

            The demographics are a simple fact. Duncan has a 90% white population and 1% black. There are more native americans there than african americans. The boys waited for someone vulnerable to jog on front of where they were sitting, the odds were good it would be a white person. Jones is “showing remorse” in order to get a lighter sentence. He drove after Lane and openly admitted that it was to hunt Lane down and kill him because they were bored. He’s no less a murderer than Luna, and Edwards is being charged with murder even though he neither drove nor shot. Jones is still receiving a lesser charge. Why? It’s almost certainly a result of the confession we know he gave, telling the police about the involvement of the other two. The police had his car on film and found a spent .22case in his car. The others could claim to have gotten in the car after the shooting, his only hope was to turn on them in return for leniency.

            Edwards’ tweet? I’d call him a racist idiot. And I’d put the emphasis on idiot, since the coward saw no conflict between his boasts about hating white people and his white friend, his white girlfriend, and his time spent living under the roof of the Lunas (a white family) while he had trouble at home.

        • ziggy zoggy

          The police and DA are spreading the usual P.C. Lies about race to protect Blacks. Why are you?

          You’re lucky blog threads are faceless. You don’t ever want to face me.

    • tagalog

      The white guy was the driver of the car.

  • Kimmie Smith

    Not a shred of evidence of racism? I just don’t understand how they can so boldly deny what has already been shown to the public with his tweet about whites being nasty and he hates them and being so proud to have knocked a few down already. How do you do that, see the facts right in front of your face and STILL sit there and deny it??

    Just like the parents of the thugs saying “that’s my baby boy and he would never do this type of thing” “he’s a good boy”

    • ziggy zoggy

      Supposedly knocked them out. The empty braggadocio of a racist coward. I’ve been to Oklahoma and any Black pu$$y like him is a liar.

      • Kimmie Smith

        I used to live there, not by choice believe me. ALL of them thugs on the street, thugs in Washington and the likes of JJ, Sharpton are nothing but pure cowards!

  • glpage

    “are perceived to have valuables… that poor blacks aren’t likely to have.” By that statement Hutchinson seems to be suggesting that robbery by blacks is acceptable. Regardless of the inaccuracies of the rest of his report, that statement invalidates everything he said. He seems to disregard the fact that Lane was not killed because he may have had something the 3 perps wanted. Also, I would be willing to bet Hutchinson, Jackson, and the other race baiters that there was no way they would have shot a black person.

  • stantonlore

    I may be wrong, but the three gangbangers killed Christopher Lane by shooting him in the back and did not rob him. Their perception that he had stuff could therefore not have been their motive. Indeed, it was to kill someone. A hated white man just happened to serve himself up so they killed him. If he was black would he have been selected and shot? I don’t think so.

    • Damo1234

      The three were arrested outside the home of a black teen they intended to kill. The driver was white, and another of the three is biracial and grew up in an all-white household. The town is 90% white – if you kill someone at random there, it will most likely be a white person.

      • JamesJ

        You better hope you don’t become a “random” victim.

      • nacho475

        they wanted to kill the other black teen because he wouldn’t join a gang.

        • Damo1234

          The three killers were sitting outside a house sometimes used by local criminals. They decided to kill someone, and the first person to jog by was white. The town is 90% white. They got in the car and Jones, who is white, drove after Lane while Luna, who is biracial and was raised in an all-white household, pulled the trigger. The assertion that this was about race doesn’t hold up. This was about three repulsive teens idolizing criminals and deciding to live out their fantasies by killing the first person that jogged by.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Dumb@$$ 1234;

            So your asinine assertion is that these BLACKS murdered Lane because was the first JOGGER they saw?

            Fuck you, you racist scumbag. America doesn’t believe your kind of lies anymore.

          • Damo1234

            The “blacks” are a white teen, a black teen, and a biracial teen raised in an all white household. And yes Lane was the first easy victim they saw. He was white. Duncan is 90% white. After shooting him the three went to try to kill a black teen they’d threatened earlier, and were caught by the police.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Bull$hit, you lying racist scumbag. Two of your pals were Black and the other one was part Black, part wigger. They were not caught by the police on the way to a Black “teen’s” house – the police had no idea they hated the “Black teen” and were not staking out his house. You are a lying piece of racist dog $hit.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Dumb@$$ 1234, They had threatened the Black kid in the past but they didn’t shoot him. They shot a White man. The driver is mixed Black and White and the other considers himself Black. He is not biracial. He is part White. They did not kill somebody at random. THEY CHOSE CHRIS LANE DELIBERATELY. They chose him because he was White. And because they envied his athleticism and good looks – something you will never hear from the media – not even sources like FPM or Fox News.

        You are a racist POS.

        • Damo1234

          They didn’t shoot Chris Johnson in the past, even though they had threatened him, because they didn’t have guns. They had only recently acquired them from another criminal who had obtained them in a pawn store robbery in another town. The driver is not “mixed black and white,” he’s just white, with blue eyes and two white parents whose photos have been available for days. Luna is biracial, born of a black father and a white mother. His mother raised him alongside a white stepfather, alongside two white siblings. They chose Lane because he was the first easy target they saw. The town is 90% white and 1% black, finding a black person is a lot harder than finding a white person.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Damnedracist 1234, those animals didn’t need a gun to murderJohnson, you racist tw@t. Not that you know what kind of access they had to guns, dumbFuck. I saw “Whitey’s” parents and they are not both White. There is a reason the murderer’s nose spreads halfway across his face and his lips are inflated to 35 PSI. Luna’s mother is not completely White. They saw “easy targets” all day long but finally chose Lane because they envied him the most. Finding a Black person is simple if 10% of the town is Black.

            You are a racist POS that will say anything to excuse Black cowardice and violence just to blame it on Whitey. You are also a hopeless moron. Stop trolling ang go back to what you do best: Sucking d1cks.

          • Damo1234

            Luna’s mother isn’t white enough for you?

            And only about 1% of Duncan is African American. There’s more Native Americans and Pacific Islanders there than there are black people.

  • MarilynA

    It was incidents such as this that created the need for the KKK. If authorities don’t face up to their responsibilities and put an end to these type of crimes against innocents they will leave the vulnerable no other choice but to form vigilante committees to do their work for them. Remember how the Guardian Angels put a stop to attacks on the NY subways. G. Gordon Liddy said it well. “To be successful you need to shoot, shovel and shut up. “

    • angel_e

      That is not why the KKK was formed. Nor was there ever a “need” for the KKK. Perhaps if they’d stuck with fighting the “progressive” movement, rather than evolving into White Supremacist organization who opposed rights for Blacks — and Murdered Blacks (and the Whites who fought for them) you might be onto something. Which reminds me…

      Why do so many Black people (such as the Sharpton minions and other racists) only remember the history of the evil White man? Why do they forget/ignore/dismiss the fact that much White blood was shed — from good White people — fighting for Blacks too?

      • MarilynA

        angel_e baby,
        You must be one of those youngsters who has been taught a revised history to fit today’s agenda. I know personally of a case in SC where a tract of land 3 miles wide and 7 miles long was either Illegally or mistakenly recorded at the court house in the wrong name during Reconstruction after the Civil War. This information came to light after an investigation when the heirs of a Judge tried to sell part of the land .he left to his children. This judge, while he was still just a lawyer, was settling an estate and discovered that the dead man did not have a legitimate title to the land, so he transferred it into his (the judge’s) name. .So let me exp0lain why the KKK was first formed. When the KKK was first formed it was not a White supremacist organization. The KKK was formed after the civil war, during reconstruction, when southern whites had been disenfranchised and they were at the mercy of illiterate blacks who were egged on and encouraged by their Carpetbagger advisers. The property of whites was being stolen and they had no recourse under the law. Outrageous taxes were levied on selected properties, knowing the owners would not be able to pay them Ergo. the Carpet baggers were taking over valuable properties for pennies on the dollar after they were auctioned off for unpaid taxes. So Bedford Forest organized some of his good old Rebel Boys and formed a vigilante brigade who righted some of the wrongs that were being perpetrated on whites., once they realized they had the power they began to abuse it, just as all other activists organizations have done. . Although they played a needed role when they were first organized, Today’s unions and civil rights organizations have become just as racist and contemptible as the latter day KKK.

  • physicsnut

    and SALON too ! same article, And Brian Lehrer too.
    you don’t get it ? before I moved out of the east village, there were 3 puerto rican punks who attacked an old ukranian guy who was about 97, and kicked his head in. Then they went ‘jogging’ in Tomkins Sq park to escape.

    why the heck do you think they do it ? Why do you think people said it was like ” a war zone ” ? And what do people do in a war ? THAT is what happens when ‘immigration’ is OUT OF CONTROL. This is the reality that nitwits like Karl Rove and Dick Morris and Zuckerberg do not care about. How come they never have to deal with it ? Do they deal with 100,000 gang bangers in LA ? Nope. Do they deal with the South Bronx being burned down so it looks like Dresden ? Nope. They think all immigrants are ‘hard working’ decent types. What a total crock. They just make up stuff to suit their propaganda needs. You wonder why people had three locks on the door, and had to put up with continual robbery and burglary. I want FRONTLINE to find out once and for all WHO BURNED DOWN THE SOUTH BRONX – and parts of the East Village.

  • Nancy Albert

    When you take away the women, the boys, the men too old, the men in prison, the men who are decent, then you have a VERY small percentage of our population who must be working overtime to rape 110 white women a day!

  • Mike W

    The Lame stream media is 100% to fault. They start all this BS. The best thing white people can do is arm themselves, police their brass and just leave and go home.

  • angel_e

    “False narrative”? Really, Earl Ofari Hutchinson?
    Delten Belton
    Chris Lane
    Antonio Santiago
    Autum Pasquale
    Chris Cervini
    Daniel Adkins (ok, so he was hispanic but probably a “white hispanic”)
    Joshua Chellew
    David Santucci
    Christopher Newsom
    Channon Christian
    Bob and Nancy Straight

    Shall I go on? You racist, complicit tool.

    • steveday72 – details the daily account of back-on-white crime in the US.

      • JacksonPearson

        The daily, weekly list of black on white criminality is long and on going. The term non-hate crime is ridiculous. Flip the list, and the MSM libs would be going insane.

  • 1proactive2

    Good old Earl Ofari whatshisname; he must be on leave from his job at Disney when he made his comments about blacks not harming whites “too much”. He should get a copy of Colin Flaherty’s book, “White Girl Bleed a Lot”. Check out the reviews on Amazon. C’mon, Earl, time to be schooled.

  • Aizino Smith

    Earl Ofari Hutchinson—Huffington Post writer, MSNBC contributor, and a co-host for Al Sharpton’s radio show is a liar.

    See the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report which is part of the Department of Justice ran by AG Eric Holder

    Expanded Homicide Data Table 6

  • Courdeleon02

    The real enemy of this nation is liberalism. It continues to make excuses for bad behavior. It is brainwashing the people through its control of the media, the entertainment world, the public schools and colleges and use of governmental power. I fear this country is lost.

  • tagalog

    I bet more blacks kill whites for racial reasons than whites kill blacks for racial reasons.

  • Bryan Schmick

    Let’s assume that the myth is correct and black on white killings are caused by racists keeping the black people down leaving white people with more money to steal from. How does that explain the much more frequent occurrence of black on black killings?

    The more logical solution is that the gangster/rap/black culture has no problem with murder and the more available target is people in the same neighborhood.

  • grumpyoldbitch

    Why doesn’t this article mention that one of the perps is white? Another is biracial? Their next target was black. This was just a couple of assholes with a gun and murderous intent, that killed a young man who was, by all accounts, a wonderful person. It’s tragic and I hope they throw these idiots under the jail.

    • glennd1

      Moron. Two black perps and one biracial who lived in the black dominated thug culture – he’s as black as Obama is, in terms of genetics. How come reality is so hard for you to deal with?

      • Damo1234

        Incorrect. Jones is white, not biracial. Luna is biracial, with a black father. That’s why they’ve been calling Luna black, just like Obama. Luna’s mother is white, and he was raised by her and a white step-father along with his two white half-siblings.

        • ziggy zoggy

          Correct. Jones is mixed race. Luna is Black. I raised countless dogs and cats. Are they human?

          Neither are you or your buddies.

          • Damo1234

            Jones is white. Luna is biracial, with a black father and white mother.

          • ziggy zoggy

            You can lie all you want but Black Americans tend to be underachieving criminals – like your buddy who shot Lane in the back. Fuck off, you racist $hit stain.

  • nacho475

    i lived in the E. Vill too but left after i got priced out. a lot of buildings got burned to “get rid” of squatters. I had a friend who was killed in one of those fires. the buildings were so run down that it was better for the landlords to burn them down before the squatters could claim the buildings, get insurance $$ and rebuild to rent to unsuspecting NYU students for lots of money.
    i agree with the rest 1000%- politicians never have to live with the consequences of their actions.

  • knowshistory

    hanlon’s razor–“never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.” sorry, racists, the razor does not apply. the murder of Christopher lane cannot be explained by stupidity. what did the murderers know about lane? that he was white. that was sufficient. what we have here is a (gasp) hate crime. that fact would be readily apparent to even our dear intentionally ignorant liberals if the victim was the correct color.

  • curmudgeon

    How could anyone ever believe that the HuffPo is anything other than an extreme left wing propaganda machine? That’s what really boggles the mind!

  • Long Ben

    Huffpo is full of the proverbial “it”

  • The Mad Jewess

    The sweet gang banger that murdered Lane just said “HATETHEM white people
    Enough said.
    He didnt murder a black man.