Obama: The Anti-Post-Racial President

barack-obama-race304During the 2008 presidential campaign, legions of commentators from across the political spectrum did their best to convince themselves and the electorate that the election of America’s “first black president”—then Senator Barack Hussein Obama—promised to usher in a new era of race relations, a “post-racial” epoch.

Judging from a Gallup poll conducted shortly before the election, voters bought it: over half of all Americans were confident that interracial relations would dramatically improve because of this “historic” event.

In the wake of his election, this number soared to seven out of ten Americans who entertained high hopes for the future of race relations in America—and the world.

Obama was going to “fundamentally transform” America by redeeming it of its historical transgressions, namely, its treatment of its black citizens.

Even someone as ordinarily sensible as John McWhorter endorsed this nonsense.  McWhorter argued that the presence of a black man as “uniquely poised” as Obama in the Oval Office could inspire troubled black youth to aim for success.

Obama, not unsurprisingly, spared no occasion to both fuel and exploit these hopes.

Five years later, how silly the true believers in Obama’s “post-racial” America should feel.

Obama, on the other hand, looks not so much silly as deceitful, and possibly even treacherous,  for not only did he fail abysmally to deliver what he implicitly—and repeatedly—promised; race relations are actually worse in many respects now than they were prior to Obama’s election.

And they are worse to no slight extent precisely because of Obama.

Even prior to his election Obama had the distinction of introducing to the nation the toxic “black liberationist,” his pastor and “spiritual mentor” of over 20 years, the close friend of Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan, the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright.  But it was in 2009 after he became the 44th President of the United States that Obama began to further spoil the well of racial discourse when he insisted upon springing to the defense of his (black) friend, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  The latter had a confrontation with white police officers in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and although Obama himself publicly conceded that he knew few if any details, he nevertheless couldn’t resist criticizing the police.

While black-on-white violence has been a problem for decades, it seems to have intensified during Obama’s tenure as president.  For instance, black-on-white riots have returned to America under Obama’s watch—although now they aren’t referred to as “riots.” Rather, we call them “flash mobs,” and they have erupted in cities across the nation.

Yet the “uniquely poised” Obama has said not a syllable to ameliorate either the violence or the racial animus underlying it.

In fact, he and his fellow ideologues in the Democratic Party have worked overtime to fuel the perception—a perception that remains all too pervasive among blacks, and the black underclass in particular—that his opponents—i.e. at least half of the nation—are “racist.”

Most recently, during one of the most racially-charged news events that America has witnessed in quite some time, Obama exacerbated, rather than diffused, tensions. By now it is, or it should be, common knowledge that black 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was not some innocent, hapless kid that “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman arbitrarily gunned down for kicks. The latter, it has been established in a court of law, shot Martin to death in self-defense.  This, however, did not stop Obama from lending arms to the campaign to transform Martin into the next Emmet Till.  Long before any facts were in, Obama made the now infamous comment that if he had had a son, the latter would look like “Trayvon.”

The implication was unmistakable: Trayvon Martin was indeed killed in cold blood because of the color of his skin.

Our president is contemptible.

He is indeed “uniquely poised” to do much for the sake of racial harmony, but, instead, he uses his position to worsen them.  At every turn, Obama tries to legitimize the truly poisonous fiction that white America has it in for blacks, while saying nothing about the all too many black-on-white atrocities that occur so frequently under his watch.

The latest such outrage occurred last weekend in Syracuse, New York.

James Gifford, a 70-year-old white man who by all accounts was among the most civic-minded and gentlest of souls, was entering a 7 Eleven when he was randomly attacked and beaten to death by black 18-year-old Romeo Williams.  Upon beating Gifford to the ground, Williams walked into the store where, according to local police, he proceeded to “celebrate” the pummeling to which he just subjected the unsuspecting Gifford. Then, Williams returned to his prey. Gifford was still lying on the pavement, just where Williams left him.  Williams then proceeded to finish him off as he continued to beat him.

As of Wednesday, September 25, Gifford died from his injuries.

And as of the time of this writing, Obama has uttered not a peep about it.

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  • Jason

    Simple solution. Republicans, if you want to change race relations in America, get a black candidate nominated. You have had a proud history of black representation, and it’s a horrible, HORRIBLE shame that the Democrats have usurped black voters from the party that produced the Great Emancipator.

    By bringing in a like minded black candidate, you will gain the freedom to talk more openly about race, and be able to talk about solutions to the problem of race relations, on all sides, instead of just treading lightly, or treating it like an elephant in the room. I dont know much about blacks in the current GOP, but surely there is at least one suitable candidate?

    • joe

      If you are unaware of current black adherents to the GOP, then you are as simple minded as your ignorant “simple solution”. And guess what, idiot, those black conservatives are labeled Oreos and House N–ggers by the democrats and by the congressional black caucus and by academia and by the media. There is no “simple solution” to the unbridled ignorance that pervades our society. The solution is having the moral integrity and civic decency to embrace fundamental truths about liberty and the operation of a Republic. Then our great nation wouldn’t saddle itself with a pathetic miscreant like obama to lead it – a miscreant for whom you no doubt voted.

      • Jason

        I did not vote for Obama. I dont even live in the US. I am an Australian conservative, and I speak from local knowledge, where an Aboriginal Chief Minister has successfully completed an intervention into Aboriginal communities. I admit I dont have as much knowledge of US policies as I would here, I just suggested what has worked here.

        • joe

          In my many decades of life, I can well remember when Australia was a land of rugged individuals and a land of unimaginable promise. Last I heard, those rugged individuals surrendered their arms to the government and are now toying with how best to accommodate shari’a law. I suppose that’s the bright idea of leaders from your “Aboriginal communities.” If you know nothing about our country, perhaps it’s best to leave off the destructive commentary. We have a president who publicly stated: “I don’t have all the facts, but . . . blah, blah, blah. It’s a destructive mentality that embraces a dolt who starts out stating how ignorant he is and then proceeds to become the most officious SOB in the room – and we fawn over that. As a nation, we too have been seduced by stupidity. We got the president we deserved – a man steeped in utter ignorance, a race baiting dwarf – and we’ve become his sycophantic pygmies. We are watching our own demise and cheering it on. Electing another president simply based on the color of his/her skin is not a “simple solution”; it’s another stupid solution.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Well written.

          • joe

            Thank you very much.

      • WhiteHunter

        Right on, joe. The idiot stands convicted and condemned by his own words: “I dont [sic] know much about blacks in the current GOP….” He sure doesn’t: Guess he’s never heard of Dr. Ben Carson or Col. Allen West. But as you point out, they’re dismissed by the hard Left as “Oreos” and….
        And there’s his condescending sneer that if we brought in “a like minded black candidate,” we’d “gain the freedom to talk more openly about race.” How solicitous of him to remind us that we need his “permission,” which of course is conditional on our meeting his idiotic ideological criteria. If giving the Left everything they want elected Republicans, then John McCain would be sitting in the Oval Office today.

        • joe

          It is so frustrating watching this great nation implode. I have become a heartbroken old man because I know I will not leave it a better place for my children and grandchildren, and I am powerless to change the impending outcome. That is our new standard of ‘exceptionalism’. That is the legacy of obama.

          • WhiteHunter

            You took the words right out of my mouth.
            Ronald Reagan needed just two years of his first term to repair the damage done by Carter and restore our prosperity, our national unity and self confidence, and our reputation as an ally to be admired and trusted and an adversary to be respected around the world. This time I don’t think that will be possible, even if Hillary is defeated in 2016 (which is not a sure thing, by any means): the damage inflicted by Obama is too deep–that is his real “legacy.”
            He is the most divisive, destructive, polarizing president we’ve ever had, and the first who, arguably, hates America. He has struck mortal blows against every American institution, from the military and the Boy Scouts to the economy and even the IRS and the Supreme Court. He has stirred up racial hatreds to an intensity never before seen in our lifetimes. He has betrayed and grievously alienated our longtime allies and emboldened our most dangerous enemies to the point where they threaten, taunt, and sneer at us with impunity.
            Not even another Ronald Reagan could undo the devastation he would inherit from this arrogant, race-baiting, narcissistic tyrant.

          • Major

            In a word…we are at War.

      • Charles Martel

        I figured your were being sarcastic.

        The simple fact is not all cultures are the same. We cannot expect a culture that has and is still taught that whites are the devil to be able to fairly represent those devils. We do not need a black person to stand up to black racism. We need whites to take up for themselves.

        I do not fear the term racist. It does not set me back and put me on the defensive. I am on the offensive. Here is an offensive statment proven accurate over and over in study after study, blacks on average do not have IQ levels as high as whites. They are incapable of maintaining a prosperous civil modern society withou massive outpouring of funds in the come of charity and taxation.

  • Charles Martel

    Expanding further on Jason’s comment that a black republican would save us, read the latest article from Paul Kersey at SBPDL about the new mayor of Jacksonville Ms. Compared with a genuine conservative previous black Jacksonville Ms. Mayor, Frank Melton who tried to reform his on people only to become hated by them.

    Give us what we want not what we need.

    “Frank Melton is about as solid a black elected official as you’ll get (never confuse this, though: black people will have nothing to with the salvation of whites in America; putting faith in people like Ben Carson and Allen West is suicidal), and he came to be hated by the people he tried to lift up, so every voice could sing.”

  • Charles Martel

    How,many of these do you have to read about before you take action.

    “Clarksville, Tennessee, Hate Crime: Black Woman Steals White Realtor’s Balloon for Her Child, and When Realtor’s Boyfriend Demands It Back, Calls Black Men to Come Kill the Whites (They Tried, but Their Aim was Bad); Local Media Misrepresent Story, National MSM Ignore It”

    There are plenty of pro white organizations that are not filled with hatred towards other races. Yes, it is possible to love and support your group without hatred towards others. The Jewish community has plenty of pro Jewish organizations and hey are never called bad racist for this. It can be the same for white groups. We do have to be careful because there are people who will infiltrate and try to make us look bad and hateful just as there were people who showed up at TEA party events trying to make them look like nazis.

  • fistdeyuma

    It is clear to me that the Democrats have no interest in solving the problem of racism in America. They work to make it worse, because then the Liberals turn to the Democrats for the “fix”. They have programs that are sure to cause blacks more misery and then blame Republicans when they cause blacks more misery. It is all about votes, money and power. If a race war helped that cause then they will push for a race war.
    The Democrats attack the “rich” and then tie the Republicans to them. Republican stand against programs that help the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class; and the Democrats attack the Republicans as racist and uncaring for not support them.
    After the last election I understood that our nation is doomed. The takers, power brokers, ignorant, stupid and evil have enough votes to do what they want; regardless of the destruction they cause.
    I has some small hope that the Tea Party movement would change that but they have gone the way of all groups that oppose big government. The hammer of racism has pounded them to death. To many belonging to a Tea Party is the same as belonging to the KKK. Why? Because, according to the Democrats, the only reason they oppose Obama’s wonderful policies is because he is black. You see, Democrats can read minds, and understand the real reason people do things. Of course we know that they can only see into their own minds, and that is where the racism resides.
    They have a sure thing fall back for failure. Blame someone else. If it succeeds, even for a short time, they claim credit. Look at the cash for clunkers program. This was held as an example of government working. When later data proves that the program did nothing and indeed harmed the market; it because a Republican program. When that lie fell on is face turned to an old standby. It is “old news”. Amazing how Bush so called scandals are repeated to this day but Obama’s all to real scandals are called either phony or old news.
    People are getting away with out right lies; lies proven with a simple view of two different video clips, one saying one thing, the other lying about saying it. And still the Liberals and Democrats say we can trust them, they have out best interest at heart. No, they have their own interest at heart and will destroy anyone who gets in their way.

    • liza dany

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      • Major


      • Sheik Yerbouti

        Naturally educated people will want to look into this. We LOVE MLM and pyramid plans, they are the cornerstone of our leftist economy now.

    • Vet 63

      Playing the race card is sole purpose of dividing this country!”UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL” As long as you have want “Bs ” ! They don’t seem to understand THEY WILL NEVER BE ACCEPTED!
      You will always be white and they will always be black that’s the way it is.

      • fistdeyuma

        I could not disagree more. The color of your skin means nothing, nothing at all. It is attitudes like yours that allows the Liberals to keep this as a divisive issue. Hate begets hate and anger. Stop seeing people as a group and start seeing them as human. It anyone should never be accepted it is you.

        • http://www.facebook.com/dougsaint.carter Doug Saint Carter

          Skin color must mean something since blacks are obsessed with skin color 24/7 in a largely divisive manner.
          Liberals are taking advantage of this attitude and nurture it for political leverage,

          • fistdeyuma

            I agree that a majority have been fooled into thinking the Democrats are their savior. They have fallen for scam after scam. However their race has nothing to do with it. It is the culture they have been exposed to.
            As proof I offer the fact that black who immigrate to the US with nothing but lint in their pockets move to middle class and above in a very short time. It is not the race that harms them, is it the “vote for us and all your troubles are over” message that entraps them. The peer pressure to not “act white” is very strong.
            We must act to save them; which means defunding the programs that have trapped them.
            A women was tossed off welfare in the 90’s when the system was reformed. She had a nice life. Paid for apartment, free food and nothing to do but go down to the beach, relax and read.
            Forced to work she not only succeeded but excelled and today is a millionaire. She stated that the best thing that ever happened to her was being tossed out of welfare.
            The system is a trap, a trap that need tough love to get out of.

  • SassySerf

    You said it: Our President is contemptible. He is also a Muslim operative, an agent of anti-American entities and has no interest in making America a better place. Au contraire

  • herb benty

    ObamaDems would love a war between blacks/whites, which would verify their mantra that America is racist, while eliminating some of the opposition. This crises would allow for more heavy-handed oppressive policies and we would have arrived at the leftist’s goal- Totalitarianism. But those evil, racist nasty whites refuse to start mass killing of blacks, even in the face of black atrocities against innocent, unarmed whites. How long this is maintained is the question but these killings of innocent whites is on purpose with a purpose. I do not believe for one minute that these black murderers were not encouraged by someone. Or am I becoming unhinged?

    • Vet 63

      No your not becoming unhinged! Your are a realist! As long as you have Marxist teaching in the school systems this what you get! It started in the 30s with Roosevelt .” The new deal” if W.W.11 had not come along the depression would have lasted a longer.
      After W.W. 11 we were tired of war, along came Korea, Nam and a string of “Police Actions”. That’s when things started to change in the 60s ” free love ,drugs , people looking Utopia,the loss of morals,God and common decency. We became a country of hurray for me screw you!
      These are the same people that are in Government today they become narcissist. Look at Obama a drug user, dog eater need I say more.
      Fifty years ago they would have a snow ball in hell of a chance of holding office.
      As an after thought has anybody seen “BO”?

  • Charles Martel
  • PouponMarks

    “From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs.” His actions and inactions are deliberate and calculating. He is a Marxist and Communist. His brain runs on Alinsky software, as well as Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory, and of course his own narcissism and psychopathology.

  • Stendec

    Obama is a hate-filled man with “black rage” boiling just beneath the surface. What people saw five years ago was a facade to enable him to get elected, just as all politicians put on a false face. A politician’s false face, however, must be recognized as being so far afield of what his true core beliefs are as to be virtually polar opposite. Consequently, Obama came to the American people as a Trojan Horse, and the voters responded as citizens of Troy. It is now that he no longer has any political price to pay that we begin to see the true monstrosity of this man.

    • Recondobilly

      I feel its more of a disdain for freedom and Christianity and America as a whole. He was steeped in it as a child and an adolecent. But your point is well taken. The arrogance can barley hold back that rage now..

      • Gislia Jackson

        The “tragic mullato” figure was a staple in literature for a long time. A creature not capable of accepting his place, as he was neither black nor white. Obama identifies with his black half, not his white half. This makes him miserable and evil, as he can not fit into either category. Hence his temper tantrums, rage, etc. He doesn’t fit, and he rages against the world as a result.

        • Discusted

          And the American people as a whole are the one’s that have to suffer. The black Americans say they just want to be treated as any other but if you dare utter a word about them not doing their job properly or say they are not qualified for a certain job then you are labeled a racist. They want to be called a special name they want to have all their selective programs like NAACP, Black Entertainment Network, Miss Black America, and so on. What if we had The White Entertainment Network or Miss White America all hell would brake loose. How can they be considered equal when they refuse to act as equal.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Obama doesn’t suffer from race, he uses it. Growing up he would surely have caught it from both sides. Most black Americans would have called him a “Zebra” or an “Oreo”. Imagine growing up with that.

      It might explain why the situation for black Americans really has not improved. He used them for votes, that’s all. Every other stunt (like the “if I had a son….” thing) was just to bolster his IMAGE among the largely ignorant black American population. Sure, I’ll be called a racist for saying such a horrible thing. But I have a LOT of proof of this. Like 2 election cycle in the high 90% range voting largely on color with nearly no regard for issues.

      Using them as he did made him the darling of leftists who clearly pushed this imposter upward. I personally doubt black Americans will ever realize how badly they have been played by Obama and democrats. Even if ot does dawn on them, I doubt they would ever admit it. That’s part of the leftist legacy that has been imprinted on them. It’s just not possible for leftists to admit they could possibly have been wrong. That, oddly enough, is a strength of theirs. It makes disposing of problems amazingly easy.

      They will dispose of Obama the same way they did Carter, by erasing the problems from all discussion and touting only the “success” stories (even if they aren’t true). Sun Tzu would have been impressed by leftist democrats. And puzzled by wimpy republicans. Republicans these days are so concerned with being “right” about everything that they fail to see the how readily is forces them into leftist traps. Right is fine, but not very strategic.

      We have many more decades of this leftist race show ahead of us. Get used to it America!

  • JacksonPearson

    Barack Hussein Obama II, is in need of check up, from the neck up.

  • Major

    A pure porch monkey ( remember Bush was a chimp so what’s fair is fair, eh?)…he does make a decent looking lawn jockey though…we should give him a weed eater and a mower. You want me to respect him? Cause he’s the “potus”? Not this guy…he’ll never deserve it.
    He’s no more a cic than the pope is.

  • Stoneyjack

    Haven’t heard from the mainstream media about this. No mobs marching for “Justice for James Gifford”. No white preachers howling in front of world’s breathless press. What’s wrong?

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    The author of this piece pulls his punches. I’ve been saying for three years that Obama has set American race relations back by sixty years. When it comes to race he is filled with resentment which he cannot hide. Perhaps he hated his white mother for not having genes powerful enough to make him look white instead of black. Like many offspring of racially mixed parents he may have suffered identity confusion. As a single individual, he has brought more division to America in every way possible than anyone in history, and racial division is right up there on the list.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.winston.5872 Steve Winston

    Wake up America. The Democrat party’s mission is to inflame black / white racism using it as a political tool to excite the base and get out the vote. The race hatred and division between white and black is what the Dems work to inflame and want!

  • PAthena

    President Obama appointed Eric Holder as Attorney General, a black racist. He refused to prosecute the case of the New Black Panthers who, in Philadelphia, tried to intimidate voters going into polls. This was caught on video and not even defended, but Holder refused to prosecute.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dougsaint.carter Doug Saint Carter

    Spot on Article. I was one of the few that predicted race relations would get worse. No matter how much better off blacks become, their racial attitude gets worse. So having a black president at this time was bound to worsen relations. What I didn’t foresee was a black president that justifies blacks racially divisive attitude for votes. As an ethnic population, blacks have put a price tag on their friendship. Of course that price tag can never be met, and even if it were, are we to believe blacks would stop their ongoing, never ending grudge culture towards whites overnight? To further understand why race relations are stalemated, everyone should read my book, Black Americans In The 21st Century: Integrating Or Segregating. It too, is spot on.

  • antioli

    The looney let installed Obama. He is exercising their plans and dreams. He is but a mindless puppet