Oprah and Five Racial Double Standards

owIn Florida, a 13-year-old white boy is savagely beaten on a school bus by three black thugs. Yet the incident gains not a fraction of the attention paid by the press of the whole Western world to Oprah Winfrey’s claims to have fallen prey to “racism” while perusing a fancy boutique in Switzerland.

The racial double standards accentuated by the juxtaposition of these two events couldn’t be more glaring.

Winfrey is a billionaire, one of the wealthiest, most famous, and, to the extent that she’s done more than rub elbows with the biggest names in Hollywood and American politics, one of the most influential human beings on the planet. If anyone qualifies as “privileged,” to use the left’s lingo, it is Winfrey.

The Florida boy who was beaten senseless, like the shop clerk whom Winfrey accused of “racism,” is an obscure figure of modest means. Again, parroting the left, he is among the “powerless” or “voiceless.”

The racially-oriented cruelty to which Winfrey has allegedly been subjected consists in her having been denied the opportunity to inspect a nearly $40,000 pocketbook.

The cruelty to which the 13-year-old from Florida was subjected was a vicious beating by three black cowards.

Within the last couple of days, Winfrey’s “victimizer” has staunchly rejected her accusation.  Immediately thereafter, Winfrey began backpedaling, going even so far as to apologize for all of the attention that this incident has received.

Winfrey, you see, was less than fully truthful, if she wasn’t outright dishonest, about her treatment at the proverbial hands of the white shop clerk in Switzerland.

The 13-year-old, however, really did suffer at the literal hands of his assailants: he was beaten mercilessly and then robbed. The incident was caught on video and his tormentors have confessed to the charges against them.

Still, Winfrey’s non-incident throws the world off of its axis while the plight of this poor 13-year-old is neglected. The media rushes to elicit sympathy—and guilt—for another alleged black victim, even if she happens to be among the most fortunate human beings to have ever lived, and even if the “indignity” to which she was supposedly subjected is not exactly the stuff of which the annals of human suffering are filled.  At the same time, the media rushes just as quickly to suppress the deeds of black victimizers—even when they engage in acts of sheer barbarity.

Moving beyond these two events, there seems to be no end to the racial double standards.

First, loudly and proudly, we’re all supposed to decry racial discrimination when the discriminators are white and those discriminated against are black. To do otherwise is to betray one’s “racism.” However, unless one loudly and proudly endorses so-called “affirmative action”—racial discrimination in favor of blacks—one is “racist.”

So, the “racist” is he who seeks to place blacks at a disadvantage with respect to whites. No less of a “racist” is the person who refuses to give blacks an advantage over whites.

Second, it is “racist” for a white person to render judgments about “black America” on the bases of the actions of individual blacks.  This explains why, say, “racial profiling” is held by the professional “anti-racists” to be morally obscene.

Yet it is not “racist” for blacks (and whites) to complain endlessly about the transgressions of “white America.”  Very few white Americans—including Southerners—owned slaves or had anything but contempt for those whites, like the men who beat and murdered poor Emmet Till, who aspired to treat blacks cruelly. Moreover, if not for the gallant efforts of legions of white Americans, the injustices of the past would be the injustices of the present.

And yet whites are judged collectively while blacks are freed of such an oppressive restraint.

Third, when whites flee those areas that lower and underclass blacks begin to inhabit, it is called “white flight” and chalked up to “racism.”  But when blacks do the same, it is called “movin’ on up” and applauded.  Though as John Perazzo noted in The Myths that Divide Us, at least as many blacks fled the chronic dysfunction of the black underclass in the 1980s and beyond as did whites in preceding decades.

Fourth, for the scandalous rate of criminality and violence among blacks, young black men in particular, an explanation in “root causes” is always sought out. Yet “root causes” are never, ever invoked when it comes to accounting for “white racism.”  It is understandable, even justifiable, that blacks should harbor a violent, even murderous, rage toward whites for centuries of oppression.  But that whites may be wary of blacks is chalked up as the species of some raw, uncaused prejudice.

Finally, blacks commit a vastly larger share of interracial crime than that perpetrated by whites.  Relatively rarely are they charged with “hate” crimes. For example, five black guttersnipes in Knoxville, Tennessee carjack, abduct, rape, torture, and murder a young white couple, but because some of the assailants had white girlfriends and because, as far as could be determined, none of them had used any racial epithets in connection with their victims, race is deemed not to have played any role whatsoever in this outrage.

Every effort is made to discern the intentions of black perpetrators.

Such is not the case when it comes to whites.

According to the doctrine of “institutional racism,” white society is incorrigibly “racist”—even if white individuals have the best of intentions. More exactly, even if whites are consciously well meaning toward blacks, subconsciously they entertain the most degrading of stereotypes concerning them.

There are more racial double standards that could be listed. Space precludes it here.  Still, these five are plenty enough to get going that “honest” discussion of race that Eric Holder says he wants.

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  • Hard Boiled

    all the hate coming from the black have made many white people afraid of them, and personally i see segregation coming fast and furious as a result. many communities are locking themselves down, and more on the alert of who comes in their neighborhood. they are going out in teams instead of alone if they can, or just not patronizing stores they know are in black neighborhoods. oh some are still brave, as they dont have the means to do otherwise, and those are the ones who are being brutally attacked. black wanted whites afraid of them, they got it with all their hatred and brutality. keep up the good work! There are good black people, and they are being treated just as unfairly as white people, called uncle tom, ousted for wanting more out of life. Im married to a good black man, he’s never hit me or called me anything disrespectful, no children, no baby mama drama, educated, a good job, no bad credit, owns his own home. black people call him a unicorn, heard of but rarely seen,

    • samantha657

      as Ray replied I’m alarmed that a mother able to get paid $5819 in a few weeks on the computer. did you see this site link w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

      • Hard Boiled

        thats a scam site, sorry you fell for it.

    • Paul of Alexandria

      I know many good black people like your husband, a few in my church, and yes – they keep a low profile. “If you aren’t for us, you’re against us” is the motto of the left.

    • tagalog

      We already have segregation, self-imposed by black people on black people. I say if that’s liberty then by all means be as free as the times permit.

      • Hard Boiled

        They had white people in those neighborhoods. the taxes in many of them became outrageous, then the crime moved in, so the whites left but the blacks stayed. nobody segregated them, but the democrats in that area made damn sure the whites left. ;)

  • onecornpone

    Poor Oprah! She’s just a sneeze away from being totally, completely irrelevant. Perhaps that $40 K purse would have taken some of the sting out of her anticlimactic funk, brought on by watching the POTUS she bought and paid for, go off the rails.

    Wha’da’ya wann’a bet that “boutique” sent her that damn expensive purse in three colors – for FREE!?!

    • m4253y

      nope, in fact, the shop owner who originally came out apologetic has now stood up and challenged the cow’s claims and is openly supporting her clerk who denies the lies of the cow.

      this is why the cow is now relenting…her stunt to promote her movie using the muslim in chief’s racial divide and conquer isn’t working for her…whities like me are not buying anything she is selling and her movie is a subsequent flop…just like the muslim in chief’s popularity.

      • onecornpone

        Yes, the shop owner is finally speaking out (too little too late) in support of the employee, however that does NOT mean that THE Oprah wasn’t amply compensated privately, to STFU and go away quietly.

        She has a movie?

        Why would anyone want or need to know that factoid? Pop culture obsession is the first sign of moral decay. IMO we should all invest real energy into NOT knowing what dysfunctional, disjointed, insufferable folks like THE Oprah are doing.

        • m4253y

          i hear you brother, i do try, i really do. keep the faith

        • laura rubin

          the store should take the case to court. are you mpling oprah is blackmailing the store? what “comp”??

          • Hard Boiled

            some of these dingalings are being compensated by the government to stir up as much “oh ive been discriminated by a whitey again!”

        • Hard Boiled

          that is why she pulled this stunt, because she has a movie that is racial as well, and she is trying to drum up publicity for it. that’s all this is about. and yes, i am sure she was compensated, just like Sharpton and Jackson. But wait! why do you think those two vultures didn’t get involved? O got pwned by a lowly clerk, and they didn’t come to her rescue? its because she is a liar and attention whore.

      • Matt Hines

        Oprah is as irrelevant as it gets. Just a fat overblown cow who continues to milk the system. That store is brave. They’ll probably get a visit from Obama’s Islamofascists.

        • m4253y

          the day of reckoning for her and her a$$wholes will come

  • ziggy zoggy

    All true but you’ll never convince the billionaire diva that racial double standards even exist, much less that American Blacks are far more racist than Whites.

    • m4253y

      you don’t have to Ziggy ole’ boy, the double standards are right at the top of their playbook and man they use it like an audible at the line…and they always score a touchdown with the lame stream media as their officiating crew… they can’t lose.

      for now ;-)

  • bearmountain

    Wait folks. Dear Leader is going to make all well. Their is a new diversity program coming forth from Dear Leaders scribes concerning neighborhoods having enough po’ black folks in them to establish a balance of black and white. Matters not a lick if they can AFFORD to buy a home in said neighborhood, matters only that they are there. Another sterling example of what FAT BLACK WINFREY purchased. I am most certainly a racist now. And that sucking sound you hear is usins’ being flushed down the toilet.

    • m4253y

      scary s*it bear…this social neighborhood engineering s*it is no laughing matter. it is as communist as it gets, right at chapter one of their manifesto. i would mention that it is Unconstitutional but when has that mattered to the muslim in chief and his boy tonto holder?

  • TRAV1S

    Oprah came across as an ugly American tourist. She let her side down.

    • m4253y

      hopefully when you say her side you mean ‘her people’ and NOT the American people at large?

      • Hard Boiled

        those that support her. not all do, so dont clump all of the people on her side. she is an attention whore. ive never bought her magazine, ive never looked at her book club list, ive never watched her show. so im not on her side, im not in her club, and her people doesnt include all AMERICANS! She let her side down, racist white liberals who think they are black, and blacks who are just as racist as the racist white wannabe’s.

        • m4253y

          couldn’t have said it better nyself

  • Itsy_bitsy

    The double standard continues to gain power! Now not only (as in this case) do we bend over backwards not to “judge” the illegal, and many times brutal, behavior of many blacks against whites, but in Islamic jihadism against Christians and Jews, or Homosexual against Heterosexual! All black violent and aggressive behavior is ignored, as quietly the people in power also work to elevate “gayness” above that of those who refuse to acknowledge it’s “superiority”, and in our schools we are allowing Islam to be taught while refusing any real information on Christianity or Judaism religions! If we show any refusal in complying we are automatically label and punished as “bigots and racists”!

    • m4253y

      itsy, then don’t back off if you believe…i never do and never will…Freedoms AND Liberties FOR ALL, NOT SOME!!! As per the Constitution.

    • laura rubin

      who is “we” speak for yourself & millions of others. guess the “we” is weak, or do they just agree w/it? its easy to manipulate people, right? SO? im called a bigot, big deal.

      • Itsy_bitsy

        We is the government, the bureaucracy, the schools, the media! So I guess you could say it isn’t most of us, but it certainly holds the power, supposedly in the name of all US citizens! But most of us know what a crock that is! Most of us are just too busy trying to keep our heads above water!

  • m4253y

    Good article though i seriously question one paragraph that stands out…”It is understandable, even justifiable, that blacks should harbor a violent, even murderous, rage toward whites for centuries of oppression”

    EXCUSE ME????

    how can you rationalize that statement based on the frame of reference time-wise, that any blacks born in the last 25 years (the preponderance of the criminals at large and incarcerated) could have any real experience other than genetic of having experienced the oppression you speak of??? I am sure you would agree, like all races, these past experiences are generally watered down over time.

    What you missed was the generational root cause that HAS BEEN passed on in the black communities…little need for education, wanting and receiving increasing government hand-outs and then experiencing the subsequent frustration OF THESE NEW GENERATIONS OF THUGS WHO fill the prisons and welfare ranks. Why?

    Because of their SELF CREATED FRUSTRATION THEY LIVE WITHIN AS THE EDUCATED WORLD PASSES THEM BY…ERGO, THEIR TRANSLATION IS THAT IT’S THE FAULT OF THE WHITE MAN THAT THEY DID NOT GET OFF THEIR A$$es and utilize all of the opportunities made available to them, arguably more than those given to whites in similar economic circumstances.

    In any race or ethnic group, is it easy to see the effects of education, hard work, and family values between those who do and those that don’t.

    Mirrors are not that difficult to find should one’s self awareness seem that opaque.

    • Jack Kerwick

      You misunderstand. Far be it from ME to buy into this line about it being “understandable, even justifiable, for blacks to harbor a violent, even murderous, rage toward whites for centuries of oppression.” My point is that this is the conventional wisdom–meaning the conventional folly–among the “anti-racists.”

      • m4253y

        I thank you for the clarification Jack. My apologies, after re-reading your article (I was emotionally charged by it while reading, thank you) I subsequently realized that was your intent.

        Please keep up the good work.

        Keep the faith.

  • Joel Cairo

    Oprah Winfrey is a women of modest talents in all respects except one; self promotion. This is simply another attempt to draw attention to herself and cast herself as a victim. The incident probably never occurred as she contends. The salesperson should be believed and Winfrey should be criticized for her accusations.

    • Toa

      Listening to the interview with Winfrey, she was obviously miffed that this “commoner” didn’t swoon at her presence. She kept emphasizing that she was “in full Oprah regalia”, and yet..(gasp)… wasn’t recognized!!!???. What a cheap, petty person she is!

  • nomoretraitors

    The word “honest” should not appear in the same sentence as the name “Eric Holder”

  • Idl

    Amazing! Oprah did everything right…until she supported Obama. Since then, I’ve never seen anybody come down so far, so fast except maybe Obama himself. This woman was followed by legions of adoring fans for decades with the power to make or break people (Dr. Phil, authors in her book club etc.) Now, she’s tearing it down with her own hands bit by bit.

  • evantoo

    ALL white folk need to boycott anything Oprah has her little paws in. The black community cannot support her financial empire and she’ll soon be wishing for more Color Purple opportunities.
    I, for one, have absolutely no truck with anything to do with her.

    • BRwoman

      I boycotted anything to do with Oprah a long time ago!!!!

  • vladscam762

    Their quest for equality was abandoned long ago. Total, unquestioned control is what they are now seeking. With the help of the authoritarian wingnuts on the left, who by the way are not liberals anymore- they are Maoist control freaks, they’re slowly getting the control they want. I’m a liberal, if reformed a bit. I ditched the democratic party in 2009 because they’ve gone bat$hit insane. And we see the results of their insanity every single day in the headlines.

    • nomoretraitors

      The left has never been interested in equality. They are interested in REVENGE

    • Hard Boiled

      welcome to the sane side.

    • LoserInTheMiddle

      “they’ve gone bat—- insane”

      Unfortunately, the Democrat Party was overtaken by those crazies who insist they “know better” than anyone else how people should live – the hard-Left.

      Also unfortunately, although they are not as just-plain-crazy as the Left, the Right isn’t much better. While the Demon-rats scare me, the Republicans nauseate me.

      So, what does a person in the center do ? That is the conundrum.

      As far as the Blacks go, they bought the “I am a victim” line the Left was selling and they are now in a trap. What hope-less lives they face. Living on handouts from their “I’m just here to help” government. That sounds like slavery to me. But this time, the Blacks in this nation (not all of course, but many) have enslaved themselves – to an egregious lie.

      How that will play out over time, who knows? But it is likely to get bloodier the longer it continues.

      Such is the legacy of the hard-Left.

    • m4253y

      welcome to the side for the rights, liberties, freedoms and the upholding of The Constitution of The Republic.

  • DennisMets

    this article should be read by about everyone, and put one numerous sites

  • kikorikid

    BRAVO! You have outlined the pragmatics of
    Political Correctness-Diversity-Affirmative Action.
    It is,in effect, a racial tyranny over Whites.
    The founders discussed “Tyranny of the Minority”
    in Federalist No.10,the evils of faction

  • RedStateVet

    Excellent article. Prepare to be assaulted by the racial arsonists for daring to speak the truth.

  • Dyer’s Eve

    The only reason the Oprah Windbag-Urinal incident got noticed is because the media flung itself on the matter like a hooker at an orgy. The best way to deal with ‘celebrities’ is to ignore them. Oprah had built a fortune on nothing.

    That’s the problem: we live in an age where nothing is everything. Being black is just a bonus point.

    Remember: nothing is everything.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Fortunate are those of us
    who have known and befriended normal blacks who like any normal whites focus on
    food and shelter and better things for their children. These are people, just
    people without political agendas and nastiness and hidden racist resentment.
    If not for having these blacks as friends it would be easy in Obama’s
    America to become an out-and-out racist because Obama has set back American
    race relations by five decades. His own racism has been the major part of the
    problem but perhaps equally as damaging has been his very presence in the White
    House which has encouraged black vermin, black racists to come out of the
    woodwork to assert themselves in unacceptable ways. Oprah is simply an
    idol that documents the bad taste of American TV audiences which has made her
    enormously wealthy. She is a woman whose instinct as an entertainer (she IS an
    excellent actress) has worked fantastically. Like so many other blacks,
    she thought her really big day had come when the liar king took possession of
    the White House but the new arrivals would have none of her – they needed to
    establish themselves and probably feared they would be downgraded in her
    company even though the White House was theirs. Hey, there is great dissension
    among Muslims, too, and it’s perfectly natural to have N-words pee on other
    N-words. With all her money, poor Oprah has no stature on the political
    scene and what she feels about racial relations or any other aspect of the
    American mess carries no more importance than what the lady bus driver or
    letter carrier has to say or for that matter what Obama has to say. At
    least she doesn’t say things as idiotically and often as the POTUS.

  • Gary Arciszewski

    Imagine what will happen if those three thugs get beat up by some White boys for what they did. Sharpton and Jackson would be all over it, Winfrey would use her network to publicize it. The blacks in this Country can be bigots and beat, rape ,and kill Whites but Whites retaliate and they are wrong. Lastly Zimmerman was acquitted and is a free man, deal with it America.

  • Kym Preeves

    Ahhh Oprah again.. The richest woman alive.. who could do amazing things and be a voice to those who believe they are hopeless, by pointing out how far this country has come and that all things are possible through hard work.. for all Americans…. Yet, she feels her voice is best used to make assumptions against store clerks that they are racist, for assuming she couldn’t afford something.. when the same store clerk (if it were true) would have treated me and my old white self the same way, and she would have been correct.. I can’t afford a $40,000 purse.. NOW, while I was in Walmart the cashier was black.. and she was having a grand old time talking it up to the two customers in front of me, who were also black, taking forever to get them through the line, while I waited patiently…. Lord she complimented them and talked about their food choices and was just as nice as could be.. but when I got to the register.. NOTHING.. not a word.. unless I spoke she said nothing.. and then only one word answers… Soooo my assumption, based on Oprah’s wisdom is this black cashier doesn’t like white people.. But, here is the difference.. no one cares if a black person is rude to a white person.. and it wouldn’t make the news even if she said to me.. “Yeah I hate white people”.. now would it..? If anyone cared it would be all over the news daily, because it happens thousands of times daily.. in this country.. but we are so use to it and sooooooo GUILTY, we white Americans that we shut up and keep quiet, because we have been brainwashed to think it is our duty to take it.. to make up for something that happened that WE had no part in.. Sooo due to Oprah’s actions I have now decided to CALL out the racist store clerks who treat me differently and rudely because I am white… and I believe we all should start reporting them to their headquarters and making a big stink in support of racial equality.. What ya think?

    • ziggy zoggy

      I think you have a good idea.

  • Disruptive Element

    Unless the black culture decides to change themselves and what lifestyle they hand down to their children plus stop living in the past with the racism charge there is nothing that can be done to appease their charges against us. It is not up to us to fix their lives and I am tired of hearing about it. If they do not like living with us they can all move to Detroit -that is a black city, with black elected leaders, the whole works. Quit complaining about us and move there and take charge and fix it to be the model black city. Then you will prove deserving of respect. Whenever Oprah etc. charge racism -I think hmm whites helped put you where you are. We are sick of it.

  • Michele

    This article is ridiculous. And I’m a white southerner.

  • ziggy zoggy

    This racist Oprah scandal is nothing compared to her new scandal. She’s been arrested on drug charges at an airport. TSA checkers looked up her dress and found a hundred pounds of crack.

  • suedi

    Racism is universal, it’s not only whites, and until people like Oprah are truthful about all racism, including black racism, in my opinion, her complaints are meaningless.

  • handsomedan


  • Douglas Oscar Garner

    The apes realize if they keep pushing the issue,more whites WILL become racist,then they can make more demands from the government like tax breaks,more special rights and maybe free cars. there’s a reason why I’m armed any where I go, and I’m a waiting for them apes to attack.

  • Rocky Mountain

    Honestly speaking, It wasn’t Oprah that threw the world off its axis, its the media and that includes Fox. She makes a comment and the media chooses. In fact, and I don’t know for sure, practically everything we talk about aside from our own domestic affairs is guided, structured, and maybe manipulated by the media, not to necessarily spin it in an ideological direction, but to maximize readership and viewership. Oprah is famous, ergo, lots of coverage. Jodi the killer girlfriend is sexy, ergo, lots of coverage and too bad for an ugly killer or innocent person for that matter unless they killed, beat, or swindled a beautiful or famous person. Even our own beloved FPM has an ideological bias and, I would hope, we freely admit that.

  • Paul J White

    “According to the doctrine of “institutional racism,” white society is incorrigibly “racist”—even if white individuals have the best of intentions. More exactly, even if whites are consciously well meaning toward blacks, subconsciously they entertain the most degrading of stereotypes concerning them.”

    I took a Master’s level teaching course that was filled with reading assignments and video lessons which portrayed this doctrine. The class, taught by an African American professor and populated by an approximately 75% white, 25% black student mix, was initially very engaging and informative, with all students interacting freely. That was until a video presentation was made of an intervention-style “retreat” where white people were subjected to highly emotionally charged “deprogramming” exercises. After the presentation, as the black students slowly gathered around her in what felt like a strategically defensive posture, the professor announced that white students would be required to write a paper “confessing” their biases and prejudices. We were to acknowledge that no matter what our behavior had been toward blacks prior to the class, now that we had been made aware of the reality of institutional racism, we were to confess the subconscious hate we possessed. We could never be “good” teachers without this necessary acknowledgement of our tainted condition….

    • Rurik

      If you took that class and didn’t drop it, you have nobody but yourself to blame. It sounds like Stalin-era “samokritika” to me.
      If all Whites are born inescapably racist, why would it be wrong to say that all Blacks are born rapists and thieves? Jews? And Asians? And all Scottish Whites are skinflints? etc.
      The root problem here is academia.

  • herb benty

    “Racism”…..ugly word. I am a whitey who since childhood has known that the ONLY difference between blacks and whites is melanin in the skin. I’ve sung the “red and yellow, black and white, ALL are precious in HIS sight” Christian song for my 62 years. I don’t have a racist bone in body, same as everyone I know. The Leftists use “racism” as a VEHICLE to obtain POWER, they don’t give a damn about black people. The left create and use black frustration, sadness and anger, those feelings are usable against Western Culture.

  • cerise3577

    so easy to jump to the desired conclusion… I imagine racism happens, but we have limited power to tell everyone how to think and perhaps limited right to do so. It would be interesting to ask the store why… perhaps someone who looks like her is a local con artist? Perhaps the had a ring on they thought might scratch the material… perhaps they didn’t want to be mentioned on her show….
    I walked down a Santa Monica street one day with an associate who is over 400 lbs, I was shocked and the rude remarks and behavior she was subjected to, by people of all races. A client of African American descent complained of finding the sales people in a local department store racist, she had to force them to serve her… she did not want to believe I have the same experience with them, they’d rather hang out and chat with each other. I thought it interesting that when someone of a different race than I does not give service or is rude I’m not concerned if it is a racial preference, it’s just bad service. Another associate, also African American, complains people are rude to her because she is black, and I have to wonder if she has been as inconsiderate them them as she is sometimes with me. She often makes highly offensive racist comments, secure no one can correct her without being called racist, it had become quite a tool for abuse. Last week I stood at the counter in an Asian store, being passed by while other customers were waited on, after three had been helped while waited I pointed out I was next. A woman mumbled and pointed to a man at the end of the counter… he was the only one confident with his English.
    I’m amused at the idea all “whites” are in some kind of league together to be unkind to other races… Asian stores locally hire Asian help, the Armenian store is staff with all Armenian help. is there some kind of idea that a Hungarian of recent immigration will buddy up with a second generation Irishman to hate darker people? People tend to favor who and what they are familiar with, those who follow the same religion, or come from similar heritage or locations or love the same teams tend to group? On a trip through Europe some time ago we noticed those who spoke French were the most likely to not be helpful, we just moved on to other stores or eateries. We didn’t fuss about “racism” or…. nationalism… we just took our money elsewhere.

    It wasn’t a crushing emotional experience but then I have no need to show others that I suffer… I grew up with the standard bullies at school, my mother didn’t teach me to feel abused by it, I see it as an example of who they are, not of what I am. I suspect most racism is an excuse for bullying.
    Yes, real dangerous racism happens, that requires action. Unpleasant events happen, I’ve taken more abuse and threats from ethnic “minorities” in the last years than ever before, I still think it is an indicator of the individual than of an concerted effort to abuse another race. Most rude people, are also mean to their own kind.
    Oprah, I wish you could be a good example instead of part of the problem.

  • Christopher Riddle

    Racism is so bad in America that DoPrah is only worth 3-billion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • leslymill

      she isn’t WORTH listening to

  • tagalog

    I am very partial to the idea of hunting out and articulating the “root causes” of white prejudice against black people, and thank Jack Kerwick for thinking of it.

    Since our present Attorney General is not prosecuting this type of case or that one, and as a result must have considerable time on his hands and those of his staff attorneys and investigators, I strongly encourage Mr. Holder to get cracking ASAP on winkling out those “root causes.”


    Name me one minority that is a real American and or a real Christian, just one….?

    • leslymill

      I can name MANY. YOU need to follow. The Manning Report by Pastor James David Manning. Also follow Tommy tj Sotomayor on youtube and tweeter, and I can also name Wayne Dupree @NewsNinja2012. I could literally go on and on. The difference between these and those is one tries to get by by being black the other tries to get by through character and humanity


        If they are liberal they are scum, sorry…..

  • HBH

    Its because the term “racism” exists. Its become a term meant to punish today’s generation as a whole for the sins of their father’s. Society has brainwashed people into thinking things are racist when they are not. Its no longer a term meant to bring awareness to prejudices. It has become an abused term meant to bring power to an individual, by slandering innocent people. Oprah felt foolish from her shopping trip so she attempted to the use the term “racist” in order to give herself power at the cost of this storekeepers reputation. The concept of racism today is just childish and selfish.

  • http://gossiptrash.com/ mdeaton

    Great article!

  • Twisted1

    bUMP, sorry I had to. I had a black friend in Va. When she moved to our town she asked me what schools were best. I told her and she point blank asked what Is the ratio of black kids and white. She said I hate to do this but it’s a fact that a predominately black school has more issues with gangs and violence and drugs. I myself will not tolerate real racisim. It disgusts me to see anyone be put down because of skin color. I am just tired of being told I should feel guilty for something I nor my ancestors had any part in. Even with my black friend, when her house was Toilet papered (as was 12 other homes) her first thought was racisim. She said I saw all that “white” toilet paper and thought it was s hate crime. This country needs to stop crying wolf over every perceived slight and calling it racist. Let’s save our indignation for the real racial atrocities. Let’s not judge a entire race on the actions of the few. black communities complain that whites think they are all alike. Maybe that is a bit of projection. Because a majority of the white people I know look past race and see the person. In the past 10 years I have not personally heard anyone around me say the N word that was white. But I have been told that I am a cracker, that I owe someone my seat on a bus because in their belief my ancestors owned slaves, and my personal favorite “white b&!(h”.