Raped and Murdered for Being White

8736065_115316923725Whatever respectability Al Sharpton is thought to have achieved in recent years, some of us know all too well that he is the same demagogic agent of the Racism-Industrial-Complex (RIC) that he has always been.

Some instances of Sharpton’s, and the Industry’s, glaring racial double standards are less well known than others.

A little more than 20 years ago, with an army of camerapersons in tow, Sharpton descended upon my hometown of Trenton, New Jersey to weigh in on a “police brutality” case.  Both the officer and civilian in question were black, but this didn’t prevent “Reverend Al” from making a racial issue out of the incident.

The officer was eventually acquitted by a jury.  But by this time, Sharpton was long gone.

Interestingly, however unsurprisingly, at about the same time, Trenton was engulfed by a real racially-oriented crime that neither Sharpton nor any of his fellow agents ever thought to acknowledge. Only this time, the perpetrators were black and the victim white.

On the morning of December 17, 1992, Kristin Huggins, a 22-year-old Temple University graduate and artist, drove into Trenton from her suburban home to paint a mural at a private club.  While in the parking lot, she was greeted by 39-year-old Ambrose Harris.  Harris, who was on his bicycle, was in search of a car that he could use in a robbery. Huggins’ Toyota MR2 caught his eye.

Without further ado, he held her up at gunpoint and ordered her into the trunk of her tiny compact vehicle.  Waiting for him at the end of the driveway was his accomplice, 29-year-old Gloria Dunn.  With Huggins stuffed in her trunk, terrified, Harris and Dunn drove around the city for a bit before they returned to the scene of the kidnapping where Harris retrieved and hid his bike.

Harris and Dunn then drove Huggins to a wooded area under a city overpass.  Harris ordered her from her trunk.  He told her to take her off her clothes.  According to Dunn, Huggins “didn’t take her clothes off.  She was nervous and shaking and said, ‘What are you going to do?’”  Harris, Dunn continued, told her to “shut up” and called her a “bitch.” Kristin [Huggins] “said she was a virgin and had never had sex before.”  But Harris “didn’t care.  He grabbed her and she started trying to take her clothes off.  She pushed her sweats down to her knees.”

Harris then proceeded to sodomize his captive as she cried in pain and pleaded with him to stop.  When he finished, he told her once more to shut up and ordered her back into her trunk. Then Harris grabbed his gun and asked Dunn if she wanted to “watch” as he killed Huggins.  Dunn said that she was only helping Huggins out of the trunk as Harris had commanded when he shot his victim in the back of the head.

Dunn testified that Huggins’ head, wrist, and leg were thrashing.  Harris put an old mattress over her body and tried to wash her blood off of the ground with water from a puddle that he scooped into an empty beer bottle.  The criminals left for Harris’s home and then returned to the location of the rape and murder with a couple of shovels with which to dig Huggins’ grave.  But to make sure that she was dead, Harris shot Huggins one more time in the face.

Harris, who had spent the previous 16 years in prison and who was in police custody as a suspect in four other rapes committed over a four month period when they suspected him of having murdered Huggins, kept silent for two months as police searched for Huggins’ body.  It was Dunn and her sister who lead them to it.

Yet the reader would be gravely mistaken to think that it was any sense of civic responsibility or guilt that motivated them.  By this point, a $25,000 reward had been issued for anyone who could aid in locating Huggins.  Dunn and her sister concocted a story according to which the latter was a psychic whose occult powers informed her as to the whereabouts of the fallen artist.

Harris is vermin among vermin. Yet he also hated whites.  Dunn admitted that before he knew for certain the racial identity of the driver of the Toyota MR2 on which he set his sights, he told her that if the driver was black, he would only “tie” him up.  But if the driver was white, then he would kill him (or her).

During his trial, Harris spit on the courtroom floor, grabbed his crotch, flipped off Huggins’ grieving parents and told the court that they owed him an apology.

Police representatives had complained that during all of this, many bystanders in the black neighborhood from which Huggins was taken knew what was happening to her and yet refused to volunteer any information.

Sharpton never returned to Trenton again that year.  Neither he nor any of his fellow demagogues in the Racism-Industrial-Complex ever uttered a peep about this outrage, a crime so horrid and so sensational that it most certainly would’ve achieved national notoriety had the races of the perpetrators and their silent abettors, on the hand, been reversed with the race of the victim, on the other.

But this is exactly what we should expect from Al Sharpton and his Industry.

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  • Waiting

    This is truly sickening. And sharpton has never deserved to be called “reverend.” That title should be reserved for only ONE as He alone is deserving of reverence. But even the idea that those who only care about things that will bring them money and infamey would claim to follow Christ is disgusting; and referring to themselves in such a manner shows he/she/they do not understand God. “God is not partial,” so said the apostle. Causing trouble by using race shows they do not understand the Father or follow the Son.

    My sorrow for the young woman and her family. I cannot begin to imagine their pain.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Actually, no one is deserving of being called “reverend” according to the New Testament which condemns the use of honorific titles (Matthew 23:6-12), but I see your point.

      As a note, the New Testament recognizes terms such as ‘elder,’ apostle,’ ‘overseer’ and ‘pastor’ as functional terms that are descriptive in nature; they describe one’s task or function. They were not used as formal, lofty or official titles. The apostles of Christ used lowly and unofficial terms to describe themselves which stands in contrast to our traditional religious titles as “Reverend,” “Father,” “Priest,” and on it goes.

      • Waiting

        The ONE I was referring to as deserving of being revered is The One True God. No imperfect man, however they may live, is worthy of being revered, and none deserve the title of “reverend.”

        Even Jesus said that his followers should not call him “good” as in “Good Teacher,” but that only The Father is “Good.”

        But this person who insists that he is “reverend” and is called such by some, has no true knowledge of the Father. He is only in it for what he can get out of it, looking for others to glorify him on earth. Something Jesus said not to do.

    • Major

      He is a “reverend”… He reveres and preaches hate.

  • Tag

    If it wasn’t for double standards Sharpton and Obama would have none at all

    RIP -Kristin Huggins

  • Watcher

    This negro POS is still living on the taxpayers dime in a NJ prison. He murdered a white POS biker while they both were in prison for murder. Bring back public hangings for trash like this.

  • Justice NOT ALLOWED in USA

    Did you know in India and those other countries, people like that blsack guy would have his willy cut off and rot with infection in a cell that has a 2 in slit for a window light.

  • Rick

    Sharpton, Jackson, and now obama are the worst of the racists.

    • Christopher Riddle

      Don’t leave out HOLDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Major

        Don’t leave out his fraud boss either.

        • Christopher Riddle

          Believe me,I DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyra Nelson

    Thanks for writing this. Every single one of these depraved acts needs to be exposed to the light of day.

  • RAS

    Shame on Liberals, the silly lily whites, and the DNC for
    embracing and legitimizing the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. These
    race hustlers have divided this nation and brought more hatred and suffering to
    both black and white Americans then imaginable. They and their adopted political
    party, at both the national and local level, can take full responsibility for
    the widening gap between the races, a gap that was well on the way to being
    closed by the action of real leaders like Rev. King. Think back to one of Obama’s
    last speeches when he said, “Vote, vote, vote revenge.” What was this all

    • BS77

      Sharpton and Jackson have no shame, no moral integrity, no ethical standards…appalling people, no question about it.

  • Charles Martel

    Why isn’t there a website for victims of black crime? Because it would require servers so large they would need a complex the size of Jeff Bezos’ warehouse.

    Only one SBPDL do you always get a clear picture of these savages.

  • WhiteHunter

    Too bad this poor girl didn’t have a gun. She would have had a decent chance of “capping” both of these killer-baboons before they could harm her. Then just drive away and say nothing, ever, to anybody.

    But that’s just daydreaming of perfect justice in a non-existent perfect world.

  • mattogilvie55

    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are the ones who should be shot in the head.

  • Ellen’s Political Corner

    It’s going to get a lot worse with the black youth in America. Our Imperial President has just told schools to look the other way when blacks are disruptive or commit crimes during school hours!

    • MarilynA

      Worse yet, white children are daily subjected to psychological child abuse by being taught their ancestors were evil, robbed, pillaged, and genocided other peoples and races to get what they had, and our country is evil. because is was founded by evil white slave owners

  • Guy Ralstin

    This story definitely moves my blood – time to start warming up to the old oak tree and have some public hangings.

    These sick monsters don’t deserve life on our dime…

    Here’s another story that may get your blood boiling…

  • bluffcreek1967

    Unfortunately, there’s always a double-standard when it comes to black-on-white crimes of murder and mayhem. Whites in the West have been so deceived by multiculturalism and have been so deeply shamed into white-guilt that they have become fearful of saying the obvious.

    Whites want to blame black criminal pathology and their degrading culture on everything else (e.g., poverty, lack of education, welfare state) than what it really is – namely, the nature and low IQ levels of blacks worldwide coupled with an ignorant and backwards culture that glorifies everything that’s uncouth, violent and low-brow. In spite of the obvious, most whites still don’t get it. That’s because they don’t spend enough time with them, don’t live in their neighborhoods, and don’t know what blacks are really like beyond the ‘soft’ TV image of them. Reality has a way of showing otherwise.

    “When Are Blacks Going to Apologize to America?” http://www.ambrosekane.com

    • Disapp

      Do you have proof that all Blacks have low intelligence
      quotient levels and different natures from other people groups? The
      German citizenry during the Nazi Era were very intelligent, but they ignored or consented to brutal murder of millions of Jews. The Japanese citizenry were very intelligent during the Imperial Era, but committed many atrocities against Whites and other Asians.

  • MarilynA

    Add to the anti white racism list of victims the Americans killed in Benghazi while our black President refused to send in trained rescue squads to save them and the way the FT Hood shooter is being handled with kids gloves while his victims are being denied the assistance and aid they are entitled to. In both cases all the victims were white while the attackers were members of a nonwhite protected class. And the way the Justice Dept. sent taxpayer paid community activists to Florida to organize lynch mobs to go after George Zimmerman for defending himself to keep his brains from being bashed out on the sidewalk. Why hasn’t our first black president spoken out about the increasingly violent black mobs who are roaming the street in our large cities attacking, robbing and killing vulnerable whites? Our President is a white hating racist. That’s why.

    • Major

      I guess it’s because he’s more black than white?

      • shaunthebrummie

        one drop of black blood makes you a chimp

    • Jack Meoff

      I was wondering where all the morons were gathering,thank you for solving my dilemma.

  • TANY


    • Major

      Guess you didn’t read the article to the end then?

    • Veracious_one

      Hey Tany. pay attention to the facts and stop listening to your homies…
      Harris is vermin among vermin. Yet he also hated whites. Dunn admitted that before he knew for certain the racial identity of the driver of the Toyota MR2 on which he set his sights, he told her that if the driver was black, he would only “tie” him up. But if the driver was white, then he would kill him (or her).

    • shaunthebrummie

      shut it WOG

  • Seek

    Al Sharpton is scumbag-in-chief of the Perpetually Aggrieved Anti-Racism (i.e., Anti-White) Coalition. Why anyone, much less President Obama, gives him a platform is a national outrage.

    I know Trenton very well, having lived in New Jersey for a good while back in my 20s. The white victim of that black thug could have been me.

    • Major

      I’ve wiped better off the bottom of my shoes.

  • becky21k

    Sounds like the definition of the N-word to me. Why do we not just shoot clowns like this in the street and send a bill for the bullet to whoever’s responsible for their estate?

    • Major

      Estate? You mean the government plantation they’re on? Yep….send the bill to the disuniter in chief.

  • chill311

    why would you live in the ussa much less in new jersey. what a cesspool

    • Major

      Did you know that Newark, NJ has the distinction of being the most unfriendly city in the country? Yes…Newark…finally numero uno in something. Do you know why all the guys in Jersey wear moustaches?

      They want to look like their moms.

  • Mekus Milkdud

    stuff like this is why whites do not trust blacks and do not want to live near them or send their kids to school with them. blacks (even good law abiding ones) will stand behind black criminals before they would help a kr@cker. “Police representatives had complained that during all of this, many
    bystanders in the black neighborhood from which Huggins was taken knew
    what was happening to her and yet refused to volunteer any information.”

    • tim sweeney

      and take a guess who gets 400 death threats a minute over the internet? George Zimmerman’s family, that’s who.

    • Chubby Freen

      If she’d shot and killed her assailants, you can be sure “the community” would have been on their Obamaphones calling the cops…

  • Mekus Milkdud

    this is why it is not safe to raise a family around blacks http://conservativebyte.com/2013/08/social-engineering-obama-to-police-diversity-in-your-neighborhood/ but they just keep putting poor blacks in white communities

  • Mekus Milkdud

    crimes like this and the one in knoxville tn get covered up because “it makes blacks look bad”

  • Mekus Milkdud

    http://www.news4jax.com/news/man-21-arrested-in-may-killing/-/475880/21389536/-/c8isr6z/-/index.html blacks are never charged with a hate crime for killing whites but they sure do rape and murder a lot of whites

  • Harry Black

    Is the outrage here about rape and murder? Are you equally outraged that Texas, that utopia of conservative morality, has a prison rape culture second to none in the US? What do you make of this horror? See http://truth-out.org/news/item/18058-state-sanctioned-rape-in-texas-business-as-usual. Or is this article just another exercise in bashing Al Sharpton and inciting hatred (as in so many of the preceding comments).

    • logdon

      Harry, you miss the point.

      Sharpton and his not so merry men will go to any lengths to gin up anger over the Martins of America merely because they are black, yet when a white is murdered they don’t give a damn.

      Guilt doesn’t matter. They are black, the perpetual straw man victim so even if they are guilty they’re still innocent and only driven to crime by whitey’s horrid racism.

      In other words, according to Sharpton and now seemingly Obama and Holder, they bear no responsibility for anything, it’s all whitey’s fault.

      In my book that’s the real racism. Blame whitey.

      • Harry Black

        We can go around in circles forever about racism–in a sense it’s an endless trap. But saying Sharpton is a racist (I’d peg him more as an opportunist) is one thing, the racist commentary (white on black as above) here is another. It demonstrates how ingrained white racism is and how it remains part and parcel of American conservatism, Tea Party division and mainstream. Racism solves no problems of course, only exacerbates them. And while any form of racism is to be abhorred, four hundred years of white racism, which until relatively recently was considered respectable opinion in the US, not to mention a long sad history of “scientific” racism, which continues, is worthy of attention and remedy. We are a long way from the days of Martin Luther King and the struggle for black dignity (“I am a man”). Given the current political climate–e.g., massive voter suppression, civil rights rollbacks, Stand Your Ground murders, etc–Sharpton strikes me as a minor villain compared to, say, Rick Scott of Florida or Pat McCrory of North Carolina.

        • Mlm46

          Massive voter suppression? I guess that’s how Obama got elected twice!

          • Harry Black

            Obviously, dear sir or madam Mim, you haven’t been reading the papers. The SCOTUS recently eviscerated the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and FL and NC immediately got to work on voter suppression–demonstrating the need for the very law the SCOTUS had knocked down. Obama was elected a second time DESPITE attempts at voter suppression in Florida (again, read a newspaper) and elsewhere.

          • Mlm46

            Oh, I read the papers, many with different points of view, and also news programs with different views so I know what is being said out there! There is only one way to make sure that everyone is eligible to vote and that is to REGISTER! If you can prove you are an eligible voter, show your ID. We all need ID for many transactions. If you say that some poor people can’t get ID, then how do they get their GVT checks? Also if you are so worried that some people are stopped from voting, then on voting day, there should be a group of people that check on the REGISTERED voters and help them get to the polls. That is what my father did when he volunteered to pick them up and take them to the polls if they had no way to get there. Anyone who is serious about contributing to the election process should make it their business to be able to prove they are eligible. It’s that simple!

          • Harry Black

            Well I read the news today “Oh Boy.” And what I learned is that voter suppression is not just a question of having a certain ID, but also reducing or eliminating early voting, write-in voting, shortening voting hours, creating confusing rules about voting places, voter intimidation, etc. You know very well Ms/Mr Min that these practices are designed to reduce minority turnout. In Florida many of these new rules were in place before the 2012 election and people ended up having to stand in line for hours to vote. Still, the instances of voter fraud are virtually nil. But ultra-conservatives made voter fraud an issue for the sake of their voter suppression program. Check out this article from that socialist rag, US News and World Report: http://www.usnews.com/opinion/articles/2012/04/24/the-myth-of-voter-fraud And then tell me again with a straight face that fraud was or is a problem.

          • Mlm46

            I tried going on that link, but was told it couldn’t be found. I will try again later. Anyway, I believe our politicians (Dems & Repubs alike) are keeping us all divided. Americans suffer and they continue to stay on the gravy train! I believe we came a long way from the past racewise, but there are those who continue to roil the waters. I don’t believe that Obama has helped with his remarks. A lot of the reporting by the media has been blown out of proportion. Be careful what you believe from the media! It works both ways!

          • Harry Black

            A civil answer. Thank you. The link worked just now, but you can also find the page in question by googling “voter suppression us news and world report.” I agree that the politicians keep us divided, but the Republicans have been responsible for most of the current divisiveness. Remember Sarah Palin’s Obama “is not one of us.” And don’t forget all the race baiting and Muslim hating right here on FrontPage. Moreover, when you say “Americans suffer and they continue to stay on the gravy train,” are you saying you oppose Social Security and Medicare? Without them, the Tea Party would die off tomorrow!

          • Mlm46

            I read the article and am still not convinced that voter suppression is any bigger than voter fraud. You still need to be registered to vote. Why don’t the people that are concerned make an effort to help those that have a problem getting ID, getting them to the polls, etc. I cannot agree that the Republicans have been responsible for most of the divisiveness. There has been worse said by other politicians, rap singers, Sharpton and Jesse. What I mean by the gravy train, is the politicians who make laws and then get themselves exempted, vote themselves raises, go on lavish vacations, don’t pay their taxes, while many Americans are without jobs and struggle to get by day to day. I don’t oppose SS or Medicare. It’s a good idea until they run out of money! You and I are not going to agree about these things, but that’s OK. This whole discussion was based on the story written about a terrible rape and murder and the fact that there was not a big outcry! That is a shame.

          • Harry Black

            Voter fraud is a non-problem. As a recent article put it, “voter fraud is even rarer than being struck by lightning or winning the
            Mega Millions. But disenfranchisement of minority groups is very real.” See http://www.policymic.com/articles/6319/voter-id-laws-study-voter-fraud-even-rarer-than-the-odds-of-winning-mega-millions. I disagree with your other points as well (save for those having to do with political corruption), but I won’t my time rehashing what I’ve already written.

          • Mlm46

            The fact that you didn’t show any empathy for the victim in the original story shows volumes! You have tunnel vision! It’s definitely a waste of time!

          • Harry Black

            Back to the usual FrontPage abuse, eh Mim? You didn’t show empathy for Trayvon Martin’s family. That speaks volumes to me. And what proof do you have that I don’t feel empathy for victims of injustice, even you Mim, since you’re a victim, of FrontPage’s corporate friendly, anti-people agenda.and now argue against your own interests when you toe the Horowitz party line.

          • Mlm46

            You still have tunnel vision! This whole story was about the lack of outcry for this victim that was abducted, raped, tortured and murdered! That was not the case with Trayvon Martin! That was a terrible tragedy and am saddened for his family but the anguish this young woman endured is much more shocking. I don’t know why you are on this forum, but I like reading different stories. I don’t subscribe or agree to everything that is written here, but I know when I see hypocrisy! You don’t need to feel sorry for me-you don’t know me or my interests. There was never a guarantee that life is fair, but sadly it isn’t. Get over it! Enough said!

          • nacho475

            wow just wow. please give examples of voter intimidation. it is your opinion that all of this is to reduce minority turnout. Election Day is always the first Tuesday in November. It doesn’t come up spontaneously or as a surprise. Why are you implying that minorities can’t even keep track of when Election Day is? Elections are almost always held in schools and are usually in the same place year after year. “voting day” should be one day as it used to be and if you can’t make it- mail in your ballot. how about the military who consistently never get their ballots counted and often don’t even get them sent out in a timely manner so that they are in on time. so you have to wait in line to vote – next time they can order more machines or bring a folding chair with you. long waits are nothing new. that is not a conspiracy against minorities unless whites had their own lines and didn’t have to wait. early voting should be abolished altogether for many reasons. some debates happen after early voting starts and voters are do not have all of the info that they might need to make an informed decision. Keep you eye peeled for those nonexistent instances of voter fraud. Obama supporters are being convicted as we speak for voting multiple times. I’m sure you’d like to claim racism and intimidation because Romney won all the states that require voter ID. That’s because Democrats couldn’t bus in voters from out of state or other counties to vote multiple times. THAT is why you need voter ID. It is unfortunate that you hold the racist belief that minorities are too stupid to have and show ID and can’t manage to get themselves to their voting booth on time so they need special provisions made for them.

          • Harry Black

            Rave on . . .

          • sosmartru

            We got along fine in this country for many, many years with no early voting and many less precincts. People actually gave a crap and went to the polls, ID in hand, Early voting should only be for those out of the Country. On this Country’s business,

          • Harry Black

            Yeah, “we got along fine” when minorities weren’t allowed to vote. Is that what you mean to say?

          • sosmartru

            First off, you keep bringing it back to some imagined suppression of black rights, that hasn’t happened in this country for many decades. Unlike the attempted intimidation of whites by the New Black Panthers and the clubs they stood outside the polls with to try and frighten whites away. Get over yourself, no one here gives a damn that you’re black. You are just a person like anyone else, not special as you seem to think. And my statement had nothing to do with the race of the voting public when i said “we got along fine.” We got along one hell of a lot better when the race card wasn’t the order of the day.

          • sosmartru

            I am in Florida. The lines that “peole had to stand in for hours to vote” were because the lazy jerks couldn’t walk a little further, drive a little further, take a darn bus! Florida had lots of early voting and more places to vote than any other state.

          • Harry Black

            “Lazy jerks”? But you’re not prejudiced, right?

          • sosmartru

            Er…”Lazy Jerks” can be ANY color or ANY race…duh

          • Harry Black

            Right! And you don’t have any knowledge of the way blacks have for hundreds of years been stereotyped. No, you are a careful thinker and dignified upholder of human dignity. Except, of course, when people are “lazy jerks.”

          • shaunthebrummie

            lazy = blacks

          • Harry Black

            You shaunthebrummie epitomize the problem of racism in this country. I’ve read your posts–and I felt as if I had been dumped into a cesspool of hatred, prejudice, racist and stereotyping. It’s folks like you who make holocausts possible. Bad as Front Page Magazine is when it comes to conservative politics, you are far, far worse.

          • nacho475

            how exactly is asking for a photo ID voter suppression? you need ID to buy cigarettes, booze, some cold medicines, get into many buildings and attend any Obama speech/rally.

          • Harry Black

            and on.

          • Harry Black

            Here’s a rundown on what NC is doing right now: “The bill [just passed] will require voters to show photo identification — a driver’s
            license, passport, veteran’s ID, tribal card — beginning in the 2016
            elections. Student IDs are not an acceptable form of identification. The bill also reduces early voting by a week,
            eliminates same-day registration, ends pre-registration for 16-and-17
            year-olds and a student civics program, kills an annual state-sponsored
            voter registration drive and lessens the amount of public reporting
            required for so-called dark money groups, also known as 501(c)(4)s.” If this isn’t voter suppression, I don’t know what is.

          • nacho475

            Cry me a river. None of this leads to voter suppression- no one is being PREVENTED from voting. How is it that minority registration and turnout is higher than ever in Georgia with very strict voter ID laws. You forget to mention that NC will be providing ID to the poor FREE OF CHARGE. Every state that has voter id laws provide id for free or for a very low cost. This will most likely not be a driver’s license but a non-driver ID. (NC requires you to carry auto insurance to have a driver’s license) Most states do not have same day registration- they get on fine. Election day does not come as a surprise there is absolutely no reason one cannot register to vote before election day. You only need to do it once and vote during a presidential election cycle and you don’t have to register again. You get to register in lots of places. When I got my driver’s license they asked if I wanted to register. You can register at the post office. There are volunteers that go around and get people registered that are not affiliated with the state. It is not the state’s responsibility to get people to do their civic duty. If people feel that it is too difficult that is their problem. People in Iraq brave suicide bombers to go vote it is that important to them. I find it difficult to believe that there people have no friends or family or church member or coworker that can take them to get a free id and register to vote at the DMV. And are we then required to provide free cars, gas and auto insurance to these people so they can vote?

          • Harry Black

            “There [sic] people.:” “These people.” That says it all. (Also see also Hilary Clinton’s rundown on the NC law.)

          • sosmartru

            The only voter suppression was when the fake voters for Obama got to do it three and 4 times each, and the Republicans only once.

          • Harry Black

            Proof? Documentation? Or is this usual paranoid right wing fantasy?

    • Chubby Freen

      Those rapists–prison guards–are on trial. When’s Al Shitstain going on trial?

      • Harry Black

        Any evidence that Sharpton actually raped anyone or committed a crime? So far, no one has claimed he has done anything illegal, but demonization produces the sort of illusions and chimeras that prompt nonsensical posts like yours Chubby Freen.

        • Veracious_one

          Sharpton has instigated race riots based on lies and false evidence,,,,

          • Harry Black

            Nothing like “false evidence.” Where’s your true evidence for this Veracious_one? What race riots? Where? When?

          • Veracious_one

            One was the Twana Brawley Affair…. Al Sharpton, who led an Anti-Semitic race riot and has been responsible for causing numerous murders in racial attacks, Al Sharpton, who led an Anti-Semitic race riot and has been responsible for causing numerous murders in racial attacks

          • Harry Black

            Despicable. I agree. But he was never indicted for inciting, so legally he’s not been held responsible. Perhaps you should take him to court Veracious.

        • mkat68

          Sharpton has been faulted for playing the role of agitator during three days of riots in which African-Americans rampaged through a Brooklyn neighborhood, killing a Jewish student, after a black boy had been struck and killed by a vehicle driven by a Chasidic Jew. During the unrest, Sharpton led a march of hundreds shouting “No justice, no peace” through the streets of Crown Heights to the Lubavitcher movement’s world headquarters.

          The riots started after Gavin Cato, a 7-year-old African-American child, was struck and killed by a car in the motorcade of the Lubavitcher rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Scheerson, in August 1991. Yankel Rosenbaum, a Jewish scholar visiting from Australia, was fatally stabbed later that night by a mob. After the riots had subsided, at Cato’s funeral Sharpton referred to the neighborhood’s Chasidic Jews as “diamond merchants.”

          • Harry Black

            I am well aware of the horror of the 1991 Crown Heights riots, and I cannot in any way defend Sharpton’s tactics or his words. Still, this thread began with Chubby Freen asking when Sharpton will be arrested. So far no one has shown he actually violated a law. Being “faulted for playing the role of agitator” is not the same as breaking the law. My point is that if you want to convince anyone, you (mka68),Chubby Freen, and other right wingers have to argue from facts, not prejudice. Btw, it’s Schneerson, not “Scheerson.”

  • Erik

    Why didn’t the media blow this up like they did for that fake Sharpton?

  • nobodysaysBOO

    Such a TINY,TROUBLESOME minority, LESS than 1 in 10 Americans are BLACK FOLK!
    There are WAY more ASIANS than blacks!
    SUCH a TINY minority could be wiped out in a few weeks for attacking the MAJORITY, no sweat!

  • Dick Cabesa

    You can take the Monkey out of the Jungle, but you can’t take the Jungle out of the Monkey…

    Al Sharpton is nothing more than a “Black Racist” bent on causing hatred among all people of every ethnic background… He is truly a man of hatred of ALL white people…

    Ambrose Harris and Gloria Dunn should have been executed immediately after the Court Trial… Throw in Al Sharpton to make it a nicer execution…

  • johnnywoods

    I have one solution to prevent such crimes, Smith&Wesson.

  • Tape Operator

    The TEA Party needs to get back to its roots.

    White hoods for everybody.