Why Americans Should Know and Care About South Africa

Front Page Magazine recently published a particularly important article, Arnold Ahlert’s, “The Gruesome Reality of Racist South Africa.”  In painstaking detail, Ahlert goes where angels fear to tread in exposing the murderous, borderline genocidal, conditions under which white South Africans are systematically forced to labor.

The very same Western media that campaigned tirelessly against the apartheid of the old South Africa now refuse to utter a syllable about the cruelty and injustices that plague the new.  In light of the ubiquity of this cowardice, Ahlert’s courage is that much more salient—and that much more commendable.

Yet while they are few, there are other voices in the wilderness.  One such voice belongs to that of former South African resident Ilana Mercer.

If you find Ahlert’s analysis engaging, then you are guaranteed to be riveted by Mercer’s, Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa.  The latter supplies readers with an intimate account of daily existence in South Africa that at once confirms and deepens Ahlert’s analysis.  Upon reading Mercer’s work, what one discovers is that life in South Africa isn’t as bad as Ahlert says. It is dramatically worse.

The author is blunt: “If the sanctity of life is the highest value in a civilized society, then the New South Africa has little to recommend it…Democratic South Africa is now preponderantly overrun by elements, both within and without government, which make a safe and thriving civil society impossible to sustain.”

Mercer meticulously documents crime data.  Yet she is also well aware—painfully aware—that statistical abstractions threaten to conceal and depersonalize the flesh and blood human beings who have been victimized by the predators who have taken over “the Rainbow Nation.”

In chapter one, “Crime, the Beloved Country,” we are introduced to twelve-year-old Emily Williams.  At 7:00 one school day morning, Emily and her mother went to Emily’s friend’s home to pick her up for school.  But they didn’t expect to stumble into the middle of an armed robbery in progress.  As a result, little Emily was murdered.  Not unlike many others, her family subsequently fled the country.

Then there is twenty year-old Rene Burger, a medical student who was abducted from the parking lot of the hospital where she was attending classes. The three men who kidnapped her would soon take turns raping her at the point of a knife.

We are also told about Noah Cohen, a boy whose father, Sheldon, had been waiting in his car for his son to finish soccer practice.  The younger Cohen left practice just in time to witness the elder get shot to death in cold blood by three thugs.

Perhaps the most disturbing of victims with whom Mercer acquaints us is “Baby Tshepang.”  “Tshepang,” she explains, “means ‘have hope.’” In 2001, when she was just nine months old, Tshepang was raped and sodomized by a twenty-three year old man.   Whether it is the elderly or infants, children or adults, Jews or Christians, professionals or students or farmers, attacks against whites defy age and class in post-apartheid South Africa.

Mercer concedes that while “case studies do not a rule make,” she is quick to note that “you’d be hard pressed to find a family in democratic South Africa whose members have not been brutalized.”  This includes her family.

The author reveals that her sister’s partner now finds herself “suffering permanent neurological damage after being brutally assaulted by five Africans.”  Her brother was “burglarized and beaten in his suburban fortress at two in the morning by an African gang.” Her father’s neighbor was gunned down at “point-blank” range in front of his little daughters as he opened his own garage gates.  Her spouse’s colleagues had been murdered, a former professor of his beaten to death with an umbrella by a disgruntled African student, and his aunt raped and pummeled to “within an inch of her life.”

Yet in addition to having lived—and loved—in South Africa for much of her life, Mercer’s reflections have the added advantage of being shaped by the concern to prevent her adopted homeland—America—from making the same catastrophic mistakes that placed her native homeland in such dire straights.

Namely, Mercer identifies “politically dictated egalitarianism” and “affirmative action” as the culprits that have ruined South Africa and that could very well spell the same fate for America. She writes that the former is “a microcosm” of what the latter could one day become if it continues to “subordinate” the traditional reason for its “institutions” to “politically dictated egalitarianism [.]”  Unless it does this, “reclaiming them from the deforming clutches of affirmative action will become harder and harder.”  Affirmative action “flouts justice in every respect,” for it is “preferential treatment, enforced by legal fiat and rooted in the characteristics of a group (race) rather than the value of the individual[.]”

Mercer thinks that her old homeland has probably already reached the point of no return.  As for America, however, it “must once again embrace merit and individualism” if it is to head off the plight of South Africa.

Decent people everywhere should be aware of the suffering and death that are part of everyday life in South Africa. But as Ilana Mercer’s Into the Cannibal’s Pot makes clear, those of us in the United States have another reason to pay attention to events there: from post-apartheid South Africa, there are lessons for America to be gotten.

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  • UCSPanther

    I do not think history will remember Nelson Mandela fondly once the full impact of the monster he helped created is fully understood. Robert Mugabe was once regarded as a hero by the left, but his legacy in Zimbabwe speaks for itself…

    I fear that when the shabby multicultural construct flies apart around the west, we will find ourselves in perhaps a worse ethnic/race war nightmare than what the people of the Balkans suffered when Yugoslavia tore itself apart and defined the process of "Balkanization".

    • Lisa

      Maybe in a few hundred years it will be decided by historians that Mandela's legacy is blood, but for now, and I believe the near future, the multicults write (rewrite) history. Take MLK Jr. for example, the reality of what he helped to create is uncontrolled black violence and affirmative action that denies meritocracy. MLK, Jr is now a saint.
      The aim of the Cultural Marxist movement is to destroy Western civilization and bring down the white man. Their movement has succeeded beyond even what they imagined. Who would have thought a race of people would willingly invite and accept their own destruction?

      • defcon 4

        MLK NEVER advocated violence of ANY kind whatsoever. MLK also expressed his support for the Jewish state of Israel.

      • Dominic

        Wow. Can I now say that you're a racist?

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    This is why Americans should care about S Africa – https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1ZbceEb0oLDYmdqN

    Working in concert with its underwriter, Israel Institute For Strategic Studies – http://www.martinsherman.net/ is not for nothing. Read the policy paper linked above.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Mary Sue

    Ok I have a message for all the idiots like Whateverman, Dennis X, etc, who would DARE to justify all this criminal activity in the name of Revenge and "What goes around comes around:

    1) Show me the white gangs that drove around during Apartheid South Africa doing the same thing these criminals are doing

    and 2) If you think the activities of these criminals described in the story are justified in ANY way, you are a sick f*** that needs therapy and to have your head examined. End of story.

    • jacob

      You are wasting your time even answering these pieces of…work postings, being as they are, of
      the legions that not only elected Obamba but had the chrome plated brass balls of even reelect
      And does anybody thinks learning of the South African white people plight will rattle cages in this
      good old USA, I got news for him, just watching the way most everybody, Congress parasites
      included, are saying AMEN to everything this President dishes out…
      Which brings me to my principle, that people made out of sugar end up eaten by the ants….and
      which goes for "President" for life Castro of Cuba, "President" Chavez of Venezuela and why not,
      "Presidents" Mandela of South Africa and Mugabe of former Rhodesia….

    • Dennis X

      Do your homework and read the history. No one cares when the bully gets his ass kicked. This site didn't care when Blacks were being murdred, you only care now because the victims are white.

      • Guest

        You may be right. I certainly don't give a crap because I have lived among the inhuman monkeys most my life and fully understand why they can't run a single successful anything in the world without the white man's help.

        You think I am full of BS, then take your self righteous A$$ to east St. Louis and walk there at night .

      • Lan Astaslem

        denny boy, slavery predated this site by two hundred and fifty years. What about the slavery going on in savage muslim cesspools TODAY?

      • Mary Sue

        um, I did.

        What have these white farmers to do with the GOVERNMENT that implemented Apartheid? Instead of taking it out on the farmers, maybe the criminal gangs should be oh I don't know, hunting down those actual people that did it, not the farmers who are functioning as scapegoats.

        I find it disturbing that you think ALL the whites in South Africa are de facto guilty and that whatever criminal acts are committed against them are perfectly OK with you and justified. You sir are a sick, sick man.

        Who says I don't care when blacks are murdered? I do. I care when ANYBODY is murdered, you bigot.

      • Mary Sue

        BTW blacks are being murdered every day in Chicago, BY THEIR FELLOW DEMOCRATS! They're murdered by the black/hispanic gang members, and by the politicians that won't allow them to defend themselves.

        And you know who DOESN'T care about that? THE MEDIA PARTY AND THE DEMOCRATS!

    • Ghostwriter

      Thanks a lot,Mary Sue. Those like WhateverMan and Dennis X are vile bigots,no different from those like David Duke. Both black and white bigots should be shunned like the plague. They're idiots who have no respect for anyone other than themselves. I wish they'd disappear from this website. They'd improve the discourse here immensely.

      • Dominic

        Ghost, I agree with you. There are many white and black South Africans who fought against Apartheid, and many white and black South Africans who fight against the current chaos (very often the same people). We should be making common cause with them and not with these venomous slimeballs.

        • Ghostwriter

          Thank you,Dominic. You're a MUCH needed voice of sanity on this subject.

          • Dominic

            Believe me, my pleasure. I cannot bear seeing this crap on a site supposedly defending capitalism and civilisation.


            It breaks my damn heart to see the failures of the new South Africa – but, but, there is one thing: you hear the toughest, hardest criticisms of the failures, corruptions and troubles being published openly in the South African press and from the highest levels of the ANC. You didn't see anything like that from the National Party or under Apartheid believe you me.

  • david elder

    These comments tally precisely with what I heard here in Australia when we were visited by Peter Pollock the great South African cricketer prior to the ban his country experienced as an anti-apartheid measure. These conveniently distant idealists did nothing to curb intertribal violence by blacks against each other, let alone against the whites whose presence was essential to get the country on its feet. The idealists also failed to see that most of the banned cricket team were British and anti-apartheid. Pollock's comment was: they had absolutely no idea what was really going on.

    • Mary Sue

      Yeah, the Era of the Low Information Voter started back then already.

  • Dominic

    Oh, for Chrissakes…

    Look, I know that idiot lefties yell "racist" at the drop of a hat, but please, please take the following on board about Ilana Mercer:

    1. She defended Robert Byrd as "an old southern gentleman".
    2. She calls herself "agnostic" about evolution but absolutely believes in there being evolved racial differences.
    3. She has claimed that the AWB is not a Nazi movement (go and look at its flag, which she insists is NOT Nazi) and refers to the "ANC mafia", and also that the salutes at Eugene Terreblanche's funerals are not a certain salute and the result of left-wing bias in the Daily Mail.

    How does this look to you? Doesn't this look a little like the people who have nothing good whatsoever to say about Israel and defend HAMAS and Hezbollah and then get all indignant when you say they are anti-Jewish?

    Frontpagemag should have nothing to do with someone like Mercer.

    • Roy

      Well Dominic…….

      You are of the type that didn't stop the ANC and it's affiliates when they "seemed" burnt people with tyres, "maybe" beat them to death with stick, bricks and such, "didn't" take into account their anthem ("Kill a Boer, Kill a white") was serious, or their association with violent groups was just a "setup"….


      If you didn't take face value seriously then, why now with a distantly segregated partial group of a minority??? What can these 10 000 odd do to 50 000 000???

      • Dominic

        In point of fact, no, I wasn't. I'm not sure the ANC would have listened to a kid who was years away from shaving. On the other hand, here are some people who did condemn that stuff:

        Nelson Mandela. Archibishop Desmond Tutu.

        Yeah, marginal figures I'm sure.

        Now I'm guessing you're a yank – well, your founders hunted the native americans for sport and kept slaves. So I'll guess we'll just give up on the whole American experiment. How's that moral superiority taste now? Revolutions always have problems.

        With respect to the new South Africa, we should be supporting what is good in it, and opposing what is bad, not retreating to the evil swamp of racism and supremacism, which is EXACTLY what Mercer peddles. You can be as critical as you want of South Africa without making excuses for neo-Nazi ratbags and Klansmen and the rest of the rotten herd she plays around with. You know, it is actually possible to do that. You could, I don't know, go along with the scores of people from the highest levels of the ANC who are speaking up about this and trying to get it under control.

        How's that for an idea?

        • http://twitter.com/aJVRa @aJVRa

          I do not think you have reason to twist reality by stating that "the scores of people from the highest levels of the ANC who are speaking up about this and trying to get it under control…" The killings were predicted as long ago as 1960, they realised in 1990 or thereabouts, and continue to this day, while the ANC mean at the highest level drones "Kill the Boer…" Even Saint Mandela sang this, together with ANC leaders such as Peter Mokabam, Julius Malema, and the scores of others who eggs on the killings (while the disarm whites with legislation). The biggest crime of the West is that they (the West) did not allow people to defend themselves as they worked to impose the ANC — and now that thousands of people have been murdered, now they look the other way as if this is normal. There is nothing normal about this sort of thing, and Genocide Watch in involved for good reason with this. The ANC men are NO different from Samora Machel, whose Frelimo specialised in burning people alive (checkout the Wikipage on Machel to see what a truly godlike man he was).

        • AnOrdinaryMan

          Are whites supposed to give themselves up to be raped, robbed and murdered, because there was slavery in America 150 years ago? I suppose you're in favor of reparations for slavery. No way Jose. You're forgetting America fought a four year long civil war, that killed 700,000–which included 360,000 white Union troops–to end slavery. Since I don't blame the current generation of Germans for the Holocaust, you haven't any right to blame present-day Americans for slavery.
          Why don't you confront the uncomfortable truth about Desmond Tutu and the truth of Mandela's "paradise"–present-day South Africa? By the way, read what Thomas Sowell says about slavery, that it got Africans to America; and they refused to go back to Africa.

          • Dominic

            Here's an idea: how about you get it through your thick skull that in South Africa the majority of victims of this barbarism are not white? I guess they don't count in your book.

            I repeat: what those of us who actual are concerned about South Africa, and who care about it, and who don't just want to sneer "the blecks can't govn themselves" should make common cause with those opposing this barbarism.

            I know more about this than any parochial corn-fed US dimwit does. I need no lectures on the lands of my youth, thanks all the same. It breaks my heart to see this happen, but that does not license apologising for racism and tyranny.

    • poetcomic1

      Which just raises an interesting point in her favor. The backlash to progressive insanity in Italy, for instance is a true classic anti-semitic buffoon in the Mussolini mold getting 1/4 of the vote. I, myself, could never conceive before these 'Obama Years' of thinking of myself as a White man with white interests. We have been FORCED to do so by non-white racists.

      • Dominic

        Yeah! Root causes! Just like 9/11 was nothing more than backlash because of US foreign policy!

        Do you even listen to yourself? And for that matter, can't then the black killers in South Africa claim that they are nothing more than a backlash against Apartheid?

    • shavager

      C"MON Dominic–Nelson Mandela WAS and IS a COMMUNIST! The African National Congress is a COMMUNIST ORGANIZATION–what would you expect but RACIAL MURDERS, unrest, ever-growing economic stagnation and eventual collapse into a violent end for this country, which BY THE WAY WAS FOUNDED BY THE BOERS–there was NO South Africa until the Dutch moved into the area and began building cities and businesses in an area of scattered tribes but no national government of any kind. WHERE THE MONEY AND SUCCESS RESIDES—THE PARASITES WILL MIGRATE TO!

  • logdon

    'from post-apartheid South Africa, there are lessons for America to be gotten'.

    Are you suggesting that black paradises are not quite as pristinely non racist as we are lead to believe and that if the boot were on the other foot, whites would have been the slaves?

    Or that, specifically if (or when) a US demographic tipping point is reached where blacks outnumber whites a similar scenario will emerge?

    If the SA experience is the yardstick then evidence proves that you are right.

    However to the left and that includes most of the msm and soft left rino's, evidence, unless showing what they want it to show is always discounted and as soon as the chant of racist raises its hypocritical head it's game over.

    That's the level of discourse within western elites and opinion formers where shrieking emotion, no matter how fake or contrived is now the arbiter and it's facts be damned.

    Is this what the Freedom Riders had in mind?

    Somehow, back in those days when true morality had its own truthful honour, I doubt it.

    • Roy


      "pristine" – good word that will have to look it up…… um…… uh…… Nope, not here in our dikshuniree….

      "whites would have been the slaves?" – nope, genocide would have been meted out before the word was created….

      Nope – forget the stats of populace!!! Look at the abolition of your 2nd Amendment, and the bypassing laws running around your Constitution (as here in SA). When the NRA is defunct, and the ratio of respectable, law-abiding gun owners is 20% below criminal gun ownership….. then phone or email me, I'll tell you what happens next (if you make it).

      YARDSTICK!!!!!!! We're the experiment of the Western world, and it's enforced intentions on an issue they had no inkling of….. You're VERY correct that what occurs here will be there. We knecklaced people first (death by burning tyre), were first to create businesses with hijacking cars and trucks and loads, hell, we even hijack buildings (sometimes lucky enough to catch the owners and subdue them to a free earning on their salaries while holding their families hostage over extended periods of time).

      Yep, racist is the new anti-white….

      True, but facts have NEVER been able to overturn propaganda….

      Freedom Riders??? Which ones, the new or historical ones??

      Doubting the TRUTH is what led this world to the calamity it is now in!!!!!

  • Dominic

    I should very much like to see those down-dinging me answer these points. The failures of post-Apartheid South Africa break my heart – this is the land of my childhood and youth – but the response to this is NOT to start pining for Apartheid or start allying yourself with fascist scum like the AWB. Both of which charges can be laid at Ms. Mercer's door.

    Her spiel is exactly like those rancid lefties – Michael Moore, George Galloway – who take the side of the killers and murderers in Iraq and justify the Ba'ath tyranny. Incidentally, look it up: she was also in favour of leaving Saddam Hussein alone.

    • patron

      I see an absence of apartheid support in that article. Instead it shows the hypocrisy of American leftists who only care about human suffering when it supports their beliefs of white colonialism and evil capitalists.

      American big government advocates seek a return to the civil rights movement. It's their golden age of power and moral superiority. They cling to the past because everyone involved in their social protests movements have been revealed as disgusting criminal monsters.

      • Dominic

        Please read: I was referring to Mercer, not this article, which is a review, not Mercer's work itself. Mercer constantly defends and whitewashes Apartheid.

        There are many people who are not out and out racists and white supremacists who are saddened by what has happened to the new South Africa. Many of them are members of the ANC or dformer members who have quit in anger (something that Mercer curiously fails to mention). If you want to criticise the new South Africa, there are plenty of ways of doing so, that do not require euphemistic drivel about the AWB and other whackjobs.

        • patron

          Left's old tactic of calling racist when they loose on the issues appears again

          The left's selective outrage, rooted solely in their own selfish interests, makes me cynical, not sad.

          • Dominic

            1) I'm not a lefty, 2) you don't bother answering my points. I'd love to see you even try to explain how Mercer's different from scum like Moore and Chomsky.

      • EarlyBird

        "I see an absence of apartheid support in that article."

        You sure a lot of reactionary white racists getting all misty-eyed about the 'good ol' days" when white rules with an iron fist and kept the scary black man away.

        This article, and much more so the responses, mostly reek of xenophobia and outright racism. It's disgusting.

  • Tim

    I have read the article and agree that the facts are probably correct as presented. However, I am white and have friends who are black. I do not fear for my life, even though the crime rates are horrendously high here. I live in this beautiful country. Should we revert to apartheid? Never! Is life as precarious as this article suggests? For some, yes. but not for most of us. Can things get worse here? Yes. Do I know of people whose lives have been shattered by crime? Yes. Am I thinking of emigrating? No. Do I think SA will degenerate to the level of Zimbabwe? I hope not.
    There is a growing level of crime in many countries, not least the US. If I speak to Irish friends, and ask them if life is as dangerous as the media make out, they laugh! Ditto those who live in 'warn-torn' Israel

    • Dominic

      Thank you, Tim. Please see above – Mercer is a particularly rancid case.

    • Radegunda

      " Is life as precarious as this article suggests? For some, yes. but not for most of us." — Ah, so as long as it hasn't hit you, there's no problem? Life probably didn't seem especially precarious to the above-mentioned victims until the violence hit them or their families.

      I can't think of any close relatives or friends or associates of mine (here in the allegedly violent U.S.) who have been the victims of violent crime. A place where an average person can think of multiple relatives and friends who have been violently attacked is certainly a troubled place.

      And no, crime is not actually growing discernibly in the United States overall right now — only in places with strict gun control and/or illegal alien populations. Crime growth in Europe tends to be closely associated with the influx of Muslims. (But I suppose it's rancidly racist to point that out obvious fact.)

      • Dominic

        Ah, I see. So, some blasted fool who doesn't know the country and doesn't live there knows more than those of us who do know and love it.


    • Mary Sue

      reverting to apartheid won't fix the problem, of course. the problem is the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction.

      • Dominic

        You are quite right, Mary Sue. The solution is a return to the original ideals of the revolution – and I'm guessing I am one of the very few people here who has read Long Walk to Freedom but in it Mandela praises Jefferson and defends capitalism against communism.

        Let me guess. That wasn't mentioned by Mercer. Of course not.

        • http://twitter.com/aJVRa @aJVRa

          Dominic– Mandela was a member of the South African Communist Party http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/nelson-
          Chek the Telegraph article above out yourself. In Long Walk to Freedom he did what Commies do regularly, lie about this — say things people want to hear — and then quietly implement social totalitarianism. This is how they operate. No wonder the Western World is in such deep trouble, if you are an example of the quality of political thought going on there, then you deserve defeat.

          • Dominic

            Leaving aside this one single historian – You know WHY so many people in SA joined the Communist party? Because it was one of the very few that had an officially non-racist policy. The indelible shame of the United States was that it was for so long on the side of a racist tyranny. And you're surprised that the Commies took advantage?

            So, if Mandela was such a communist, why did he oppose communism on taking office? Why does he defend capitalism and Jefferson in his book?

            Can you even begin to imagine how much better things would have been had there been an international capitalist support for ending Apartheid? The reasons that things are so bad is precisely people like you.

          • http://twitter.com/aJVRa @aJVRa

            Either Mandela was or was not a member — and the evidence is that he was. There is no point in rationalising it. Many opponents of apartheid were not members.

            You seem not to realise how deeply the SACP infiltrated the ANC — to the point that Thabo Mbeki gave a speech entitled "The National Question" (do you know who else gave a speech with title, and when?), and constantly referred to "Colonialism of a Special Type" (do you know where that notion came from?).

            As I said, if you reflect the standard Western thinking, then you lot will be defeated, and your assumptions that Western Leftism is a universal ideology will be shown to be wrong.

            As for South Africa, I take it that you fully support the cultural and physical genocide waged by the ANC men on Boers?

          • Dominic

            Okay, so Mandela may have joined it in the past, and despite denouncing Communism for decades, that's an indelible black mark on him. What are you doing on David Horowitz's site again?

          • http://twitter.com/aJVRa @aJVRa

            I am sorry to disappoint you when you say that "The reasons that things are so bad is precisely people like you…" I have no control over South Africa, or over the criminals the ANC invited to live in South Africa by abandoning border control, or over the millions of Mozambicans and Zimbabweans who fled to South Africa after they screwed up their own countries (once bread-baskets).

            Things are so bad in South Africa because of the ANC and because of the Western Left who in their malevolent urges, selected this band of violent thieves to rule South Africa. They marketed, supported and promoted them, and so they are responsible for the outcome.

  • Lisa

    Are there any mainstream "conservative" media reporting this? I don't know because I can' follow each and every one but it seems that the main purpose of Fox News and talk radio is just to bash Democrats. They will not help us out by telling the tales of South Africa, therefore they are not helping America by warning us of what is to come. The budget is meaningless when we are having to worry about our very survival.
    Oscar Pistorius' father just told the Telegraph that the ANC is unwilling to protect white South Africans; his own family immediately issued a statement to distance themselves from the truth.

    • Kelly

      I am working on getting the news about what is happening to whites in SA out to conservatives. They need to be BOMBARDED with personal accounts of South Africans who have been or know of someone who has been attacked. We need to get the pictures of the murder scenes out too – not to sensationalize, but to get people out of their trance and wake them the hell up. If enough people in SA and America start screaming about this, they WILL talk about it. A "lesson learned" angle needs to be taken on it, such as "this is what happens when you allow yourself to be disarmed. If we can weave the gun control issue in to it, they might be more open to talking about and we can kill two birds with one stone.

  • http://twitter.com/theoprinse @theoprinse

    Good article ! Here is the reason why the very same media ??? – which is left from the outset – now refuse to utter a syllable about the cruelty and injustices that plague the new Zionist Apartheid of emeritus bishop desmond Tutu.
    The Dutch monarchy of Beatrix von Amsberg abdicating on april the 30th – making way for queen Maxima Zorreguieta who's father like pope Francis (jezuit cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio) helped murder thousands upon thousands of Argentines under Videla is now under investigation and to be put on trial – favoured the murderous communist regime of Camp Quatro Nelson Mandela's ANC. http://www.deondernemer.nl/UserFiles/Image/2012/2

  • Gwst

    The Heart of Darkness lives. Unfortunately, it has been exported around the globe, and continues to be.

    Anyone who thinks it's a fiction or a fairytale or "racism", is part of the problem.

    • Dominic

      Here's a thought: if you don't want to be thought "racist" don't go along with people defending the Klan, the AWB, race-theory, or calling blacks "savages". Sound fair?

      In the same way I'm not even going to start discussing Israel with someone sucking up to HAMAS and Hezbollah, I am not going to listen to any criticisms from people peddling this sort of filth.

  • http://twitter.com/aJVRa @aJVRa

    The vicious killings of my people started with the rise of ANC to dominance.

    • Dominic

      Ah, "your people". Right. Well, a) the majority of the victims of the criminals in SA are blacks (funny how you don't seem to care about those, and b) did you ever open your yap during the Apartheid years?

  • http://twitter.com/aJVRa @aJVRa

    As with most historical events, the ANC did not come from nowhere. They were created, nurtured, enabled, supported and painted as heroic liberators in the Western media, and also by South African Liberals (whose selling out of their own must rank as one of the most stupid and malevolent and hypocritical politics in human history).

  • http://twitter.com/aJVRa @aJVRa

    Amongst the international enablers of the ANC one must also count Sweden, Holland and Australia (Australian prime ministers of various stripes went out of their way in helping Mugabe rise to rule, as well). Also the Commonwealth generally and the IOC in particular are responsible — they campaigned relentlessly for the ANC in the 1980s.

    • Roy

      The MOST active vocal and fiscal supporting countries for the ANC were New Zealand, Britain and France.

      The rest were 2nd out of the stalls……

  • http://twitter.com/aJVRa @aJVRa

    Inside South Africa it was South African Liberals who must today answer for their politics — these hypocrites emigrated in 1994 when the ANC took over, but prior to that worked fearlessly and persistently to install them as rulers. Their emigration, to steal an idea from Lenin, proves that they feared the ANC more than the National Party Security Apparatus, because they challenged the latter, and fled the former. Who were they? They include the UDF, prominent South African Liberals in Houghton whose families are now overseas claiming the moral high ground for their leftist politics.

  • http://twitter.com/aJVRa @aJVRa

    Even Ilana Mercer's anti-apartheid family turned up in the USA. Mercer's book is astonishing in its scope, given her descent from SAcan Liberaldom whose main preoccupation since British conquest was to defeat the Boers and Anglicize them – – the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa was only the latest and last manifestation of the grand old anti-Boer project of the Colonial British. It is noteworthy that Afrikaans Institutions built by Boers were the first to be colonised by English when the ANC took over. In the 1980s the English Left and the ANC were partners in an old war against the Boers — today that English Left is largely out of South Africa.

  • Dennis

    Consider the following quotes:

    Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

    Mao Zedong
    Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/m/maozed

    Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.
    Napoleon Bonaparte
    Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/n/napol

    Are the peoples of the World deceiving themselves in some perverse Kumbaya historical moment or are we all being manipulated by a perverse power-mad and wealth-obsessed global cabal of satanic players?



  • slhancock

    I fear we are well on our way, unless God intervenes, to being exactly like this, or God-forbid, worse. This administration incites riots, hates whites, will not try any cases by whites, is looking for any way to bring chaos to the streets. I feel Obama would love nothing less than to see white blood spilled in the streets to match the book of Revelation's description of the Day of the Lord, when blood will flow up to the horse's bridles. He has been filled with hate since birth, and he sees nothing but the need for revenge for his perceived wrongs. When someone hates like he does, no amount of death or blood is enough. This is an insatiable hatred he holds. Plus, there are too many that are way too willing to be his evil warriors. The Bible says that in that day, the persecution of both Christian and Jew (and anyone else who lives a godly life) will be worse than, and unlike any other time in the history of mankind. SA is a precursor of what is to come. It will be bloody and hellish, but it will come, I'm afraid. I have been praying that God will remove this man and his whole administration from office BEFORE the 2016 election. Only God could pull that off, and it is unlikely to happen, but I pray for it nonetheless!

  • EarlyBird

    Dear God!

    If Front Page Magazine hasn't already put you hysterical idiots on red alert expecting to find hordes of scimitar wielding Muslims descrating your Baptist church in Mississippi, they now want to keep you up at night with dire warnings of what's happening in South Africa.

    "It's only a matter of time folks, until white Americans are being terrorized by marauding black men! And it's because a "lefty" media and affirmitive action!"

    I imagine the FPM editors sitting around each week spitballing new terrors for its readers.

    "How about we report on gay, Muslim Marxists stapling Jewish boys' yarmulkes to their heads in France, and the French government refusing to do anything about it because they have national healthcare?!"

    Horowitz: "Make them environmentalist, gay Muslim Marxists, and write it up!"

    • defcon 4

      WRT your first sentence TurdBird, maybe you should be making that argument to:

      i. the Hindus of Bangladesh
      ii. the Christians of Pakistain
      iii. the Coptic Christians of Egypt

      then dunk your head in a large bucket of freshly squeezed camel urine.

      • Dominic

        I happen to agree with both of you. Defcon4, you are quite right – to pretend that Islam's Jihad isn't a problem is the most grotesque parochialism. However, the fine internationalism of that statement is utterly negated and ruined when it comes with the sort of racism we are seeing everywhere here.

        • EarlyBird

          Dominic, I absolutely am aware of the Muslim scourge and am not making light of it. I am appalled, however, at the outright racism of many on this particular thread.

          Generally too, FPM's articles are basically propaganda meant to whip of the most absurd fears in Americans about Muslims. Everything is written in the most white-hot, alarmist language as to be absurd.

          • Dominic

            We're not disagreeing about this article, let alone the comments in't.

            I disagree with the latter part; when I hear of the persecution about Christians in the lands of my birth, I know damn well that if FPM doesn't cover it, no one else will.

  • http://twitter.com/aJVRa @aJVRa

    Dominic–I do not think you have reason to twist reality by stating that "the scores of people from the highest levels of the ANC who are speaking up about this and trying to get it under control…" The killings were predicted as long ago as 1960, they realised in 1990 or thereabouts, and continue to this day, while the ANC men at the highest level drone "Kill the Boer…" Even Saint Mandela sang this, together with ANC leaders such as Peter Mokaba, Julius Malema, and the scores of others who egg on the killings (while they disarm whites with legislation). The biggest crime of the West is that they (the West) did not allow people to defend themselves as they worked to impose the ANC — and now that thousands of people have been murdered, now they look the other way as if this is normal. There is nothing normal about this sort of thing, and Genocide Watch is involved for good reason. The ANC men are NO different from Samora Machel, whose Frelimo specialised in burning people alive (checkout the Wikipage on Machel to see what a truly godlike man he was).

  • charlotte

    If you want to know what is really going on in South Africa, read the shocking articles at this website which documents the violence and updates it daily: http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com.au/

    You can scroll down and read. It is sickening.
    Dr Stanton of Genocide Watch has determined that South Africa is at stage 6 of 8 stages of genocide: http://www.nl-aid.org/domain/human-rights/south-a

    South Africans are being murdered most brutally.Children too are being raped and kidnapped by Nigerians as sex slaves. The ANC has done nothing to lift millions out of poverty, but have only enriched themselves. Mandela's grandson took over a goldmine and all the workers are now jobless as he didn't know how to run it. Radioactive tailings are being dumped in rivers and streams near this mine. The place is finished.

  • limelite001

    Ah Dominic – you sound like a true Lefty, who lives in lala-land. It's because of people like you that South Africa is in the mess it is today. How about a little truth about what Apartheid was, or don't you understand that basic? It was a system where every black tribe lived in their own areas, RULED by their own people, for the following reasons:
    1. The different black African tribes in SA were continuously attacking each other;
    2. So that the whites could live in peace, without the fear of being attacked, raped or killed by the savage blacks.
    Now, you may want to white-wash the levels of violence that the South African blacks exhibit (yes, stick your head deeper in the sand); however, the new South Africa has been a complete and utter failure. Sure, keep sprouting about the original "struggle" all you like, but where do you live today? If you're still in South Africa then that would be a surprise. You see, people like Alana high-tailed it out of the country when they realised that, contrary to their expectations, blacks didn't turn to be warm and cuddly hard-done by nobles. Instead, they turned out to be EXACTLY what the whites knew they were – murderous barbaric, unintelligent beings. So, no surprises there. And then the world some-how expected that SA would turn out to be this marvelous civilised country under black rule, when they couldn't even keep pavements clear of grass?

    So, the world will one day truly understand why Apartheid was implemented. It was not only for the protection and self-determination of all the black tribes, but to protect the minority white population from being victims of predators. And that is the plain and simple truth. And if you want to have a further conversation about the standards of living of blacks under white care, and blacks under black rule, why then I would be more than happy. Bottom line is that today their conditions are worse than they've ever been. At least under the whites, they had access to a good education (even though they didn't appreciate it), healthcare, abundant cheap food, and a civilised police force. Today? Not so much buddy. But, feel free to return to SA to experience the joys of living there. It's just so easy to preach hey!

    • Dominic

      First time I've been called a "lefty", but I would infinitely rather be an old labour lefty than an apologist for racist tyranny. Which is exactly what you are.

      • limelite001

        Oh Dominic, you silly thing you. First time you've been called a Lefty? Really?? A sanctimonious know-it-all like you? Shocked I tell ya. Racist tyranny…..so predictable. I see you didn't address any of the points I made in my little monologue because you can't, can you? Where do you live these days Dom? Come on, fess up. No side-stepping the truth, or are you too embarrassed to admit you're preaching from far, far away, from the struggle dream-land? Far far away from the violence, death and typical African government? Haha.

        • Dominic

          I certainly know far more than you. You see, unlike rancid "paleoliberatarians" I defend capitalism as the best system for _all_ people, not just those with white skins.

          Here's a memo: your time is over. The time when you could hold any sort of power was seventy years ago. You can just squirm in your own bile and malice; the days of the racialists are over and they will never come back.

  • robert

    Why in the hell isnt the UN not sending troops to stop this genocide,& why isnt our government not sending troops to stop this.This is an injustice of epic proportion,if the tables where turned troops would have already been over there.Please help these people who are hated & having every crime comitted against them.

    • Lady_Dr

      DUH! The UN – the most useless, corrupt organization on the planet. Besides it is whites getting killed there, the UN doesn't care (although they don't care about blacks killing blacks in a genocide either). This is an injustice, brought about by the 'virtuous" left.

  • Lillith66

    I had three family members murdered, I do not live there anymore!

    • EarlyBird

      Lillith, that's a horrible tragedy. But please note that the reason this article is being published on this site is not to draw attention to the reality of black on white violence in S. Africa, but to make white Americans terrified of black Americans for no reason whatsoever. It's simply racism dressed up as journlism, another attempt to keep conservatives in an absolute grip of terror. It's repugnant.

      • limelite001

        Yeah EarlyBird, stick your head deeper into the sand. Do you know the black on white crime statistics in America? 3% of whites attack blacks. Whereas it's 45% of blacks on whites. And remember that blacks are around 12% of the population. No mate, this is a WARNING of how your liberal media and liberal government covers up the truth of black crime around the world. There are many many violent attacks on whites by blacks in America and the media is down-playing the issue on agreement not to report the truth. See, they're worried that white people will think that all the crime is being committed by blacks if they report the race of the perps all the time. It's the truth of course, but not for your little innocent ears. So, go ahead and keep covering your ears and believing that everyone is the same and it's just racist to keep picking on blacks, but don't get a fright one day when you become a victim because you were to dumb to heed the warnings. Go back to watching MTV so that you remain as innocent as you come across as. It's all a conspiracy……

        • EarlyBird


          There is no wave of rampaging Scary Black Men ravaging America's white population. There is far, far more black-on-black crime than black-on-white. And in general, nationally we are enjoying the lowest rates of violent crime since the early '70s.

          So what's the big "warning" coming out of South Africa for America? Nothing at all. It's just more hysteria-creating, bigoted garbage from Front Page Magazine, another thing to work "conservatives" into a frenzy about how the sky is falling. (It's always falling, isn't it?)

          No go back to watching wrestling in the comfort of your double wide, you ridiculous, frightened little twit.

  • Ghostwriter

    Sorry,limelite001,but the brutalities of apartheid are too well-known to be hidden. Saying that all blacks are violent is stupid and wrong. When I was growing up,I saw on news reports just how violent South Africa was under apartheid. Whitewashing it won't help anyone. I can't justify the violence that's been going on down there but groups like the AWB aren't going to improve things any.
    Edward R. Murrow once said of South Africa,"The Union of South Africa is a melting pot of the races where nothing melts,not even the human heart." While that quote was done in the days of apartheid,it would also apply today,because of all the violent crime that's happening down there.

    • Dominic

      Ghostwriter, thank you. I can understand the bitter disappointment and a desire to rectify things in south africa, but what people like limelite are peddling is the most toxic and open racist garbage. It is exactly like those lefties who giggled and yelled for the killing in Iraq to go on (something that Mercer also does). There is no justification whatsoever for pining for a return to Apartheid.

  • Dominic

    HAH! It turns out that Mercer is all upset that her rancid and racist views are coming out.

    "First up is the lie that I lionized Eugene Terre’Blanche, the murdered leader of South Africa’s Afrikaner Resistance Movement. In the “War on White South Africa,” I had reported on the manner in which the controversial 69-year-old Mr. Terre’Blanche was bludgeoned to a pulp with pangas and pipes by two black farmhands. At the time of his death, the old Afrikaner had not threatened anyone."

    "Controversial", eh? The way Hassan Nasrallah is controversial? For chrissakes, can anyone really not see this for what it is?

    Nice to see that I've managed to get under Mercer's skin. Once more, she went further than moan about Eugene Terreblanche's murder (funny, don't remember her ever saying a peep about the AWB's victims), she denied that the AWB's insignia was a Nazi one, she pretended the salutes were anything other than the Hitlergruss, etc.

    So. Mercer has nothing good to say about Mandela or Dr King, and nothing bad to say about Eugene Terreblanche and Robert Byrd. Gee, I wonder why. Maybe the same reason that she's all hot for the British BNP? The same reason she calls for racial based immigration policies? The same reason she's a columnist for the white supremacist site VDARE?

    • Dominic

      Since there's never a bad reason to kick fascist pests, I will draw your attention to this line in Mercer's self-pitying self-important screed:

      :"That we libertarians defend the life of a non-aggressor offends them."

      "A non-agressor"? I strongly invite you to look at the life of Terreblanche and the history of the organisation he founded. This is like the wretched Norman Finkelstein defending HAMAS.

  • BloodShedVictim

    PLEASE help us!!! We are DESPERATE!!! Most white South Africans are desperately trying to get out of South Africa BUT WE CANNOT since NO OTHER COUNTRIES WANT US!!! WE NEED REFUGEE STATUS or something similiar. We live in fear of our lives every single day. We are over taxed and treated terribly!!! We have no means of defending ourselves (since our guns have been taken away). We cannot find employment no matter how qualifed we are (since the powers that be are told not to hire any whites under any circumstanes, I have heard this been said a million times with my OWN TWO EARS. If anyone does not believe us, we beg of you, come to South Africa for a few weeks and see for yourselves. I AM DESPERATE TO GET OUT OF HERE BUT HAVE NOT YET FOUND A WAY!!!

    • Kelly

      Is it possible that you can be sponsored by another family? What are you doing to get the word out here in America? Too many of us are clueless as to whats going on over in SA. I am doing what I can to get the word out, but it carries much more weight if it comes from someone who is actually living through it. If there is a way we can privately contact each other, I'd be happy to offer up some suggestions on some conservative talk show hosts that might talk about it, but they need to be BOMBARDED with letters and first hand accounts of how bad it really is….

  • Phoenix

    I'm American, black and voted for President Obama, TWICE. I've obviously stumbled into a RACIST, White supremacist, fear mongering forum masquerading as a news. I am against all forms of violence, but I have to say suck it up people. You white folks want to bitch and moan about inequalities after less than two decades of apartheid repeal while black people the world over are still suffering the effects of colonialism and white oppression. Jesus H Christ, get over yourselves, your skin is pale, your eyes are blue or green and your hair and nose is straight, that's it!! For that you want some kind of medal, trophy special treatment?? SERIOUSLY, Do you hear yourselves!!??? Disabled people in the special Olympics have to have some sort of skill to get a medal and you all seem to expect an award because you look IN YOUR OWN OPINION what; more attractive??!! Good GOD people, grow up, suck it up and acknowledge that you're wrong!! You people messed up the entire world. You've ravaged, pillaged and raped the continents of Africa, North America ( I've lived here almost me entire life and have yet to see a Native American), South America, Parts of Asia ( India, China etc) and the West Indian Islands. You want to talk about thugs and gangs and violence? WHO MAKE THE GUNS IN THIS WORLD? WHO EXPORTS THEM TO DEVELOPING COUNTRIES? If your bed is lumpy, tough luck!! You made it (or your grandparent, great grandparents and other ancestors did), so now lie in it. After SEVERAL HUNDRED YEARS of discomfort then you can bitch and moan. Until then, enjoy your comeuppance. The gall, self importance and entitlement of you people is mind blowing!!! GET OVER YOURSELVES!!

    • Dominic

      Phoenix, I think that by this stage I have proved that I am absolutely against this ridiculous article. However, you are just as bad as the worst of these racist twerps. _You_ are just their mirror image. You think it's all down to the colour of the skin – which is an American rather than an African way of thinking. You lot deserve each other.

      In point of fact, the people of Africa who are still in Africa are descended from those who captured and sold your ancestors into slavery. You modern americans, because that is what you are, got back at them by doing things like voting for Clinton who was complicit in enabling the Rwandan genocide and who destroyed Sudan's only pharmaceutical plant.

      So you and these idiots deserve each other. For my part I stand with anyone interested in fighting for a common future rather than moaning about the past and obsessing about skin colour. Get over it.

    • Kelly

      Anyone who is black and dumb enough to vote for Obama TWICE has gotta be a racist themselves who only voted for him because he is BLACK since the man is useless as tits on a boar hog for an American of any color. Get over YOUR self.

  • Fed Up

    South Africa is nothing like America, what's happening here has no similarity to what is or could happen there. We have affirmative action against the minority groups, in favour of the majority. We have a 9% white population, the second largest group of people. Yet we provide the food. The hand that feeds is being bitten right now! Does anyone understand what that means? 50 million hungry hateful vengeful uneducated and misinformed people are focusing their combined attention (white hate is their only common denominator) on 5 million defenseless people. Racist Americans do not help our cause by sympathising with our plight. Our plight is real and it here and it is now. Yet we realise it is not all black people, that black Africans too are suffering under the craziness called ANC. We do not run around in white peek hats hanging people for the colour of their skin here and, besides a few radicals like AWB, never have. Oh, and btw, please get it into your heads, Apartheid (sick as it was) never had slavery.

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  • JaOhIzzitHey

    Yeah, tragic, and that's why I left the country 13 years ago. Because I realised that its actually not normal to live behind electrified fences and sleep with a pistol under my bed. Now that I have stepped back, its easier to see that its just another of the many African countries. Get out and embrace the global village is what I say.

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  • Eugene

    Bill Cinton’s doings,,,,,he and many other Americans responsible for this genocide

    • Lucid

      No, the people who are doing the killing are responsible for the killing. That is always the case. If you are the one doing the killing, you are responsible. I am amazed how often people miss this fact.

    • ToeKnee BelowKnee

      Blaming a specific White man & Americans in general for the proclivities of the Black man everywhere he goes. What a damned liar you are, Eugene.

  • Jakob Jakobs

    Just about why we had and enforced apartheid. Pretty much the same as what the Israelis have. What we mostly tried with apartheid was self preservation. We all knew that the end of apartheid would spell death and disaster. But nobody cared ore listened.

  • Karen Smith


  • Karen Smith

    I hope other countries see just how blacks from anywhere are and not let them into their countries.

  • edbant

    I hate to watch this videos.They talk for a long time,repeating stuff over and over and sometimes explain as if for small kids.Rather let me read it at my pace and understanding when and where ever I want.Can get irritating at times.Sometimes a lot of useless info.

    • edbant

      This is regarding the medical videos.Wrong page.Sorry.Cant get it removed.