Why Americans Shouldn’t Fall for Amnesty

7baathe-gang-of-8While discussing “comprehensive immigration reform”—i.e. amnesty—on Sean Hannity’s television program last week, Ann Coulter had some choice words for Florida senator and amnesty apologist Marco Rubio.

Referring to Rubio as “the Jack Kevorkian of the Republican Party,” Coulter maintained that, Rubio’s assertions to the contrary aside, the country’s illegal immigrants will be on a “pathway to citizenship” long before any meaningful improvements in border security could be expected to occur.  “If Congress was really serious about 100 percent border security,” she said, “they would enforce E-Verify and build a fence.”

Of course Congress is not in the least bit concerned about border security.  But before we see that this is so, there is something more fundamental to bear in mind.

Border security is not a bargaining chip.  It is as much of a non-negotiable in the governing of a nation as fidelity is a non-negotiable in marriage.  Whatever obligations a country’s government can be said to have, there is no duty more basic than that of border security, for unless its borders are secured, the integrity of the country is imperiled.  Similarly, a marriage promises to dissolve unless its most essential obligation, fidelity, the promise of each spouse to “forsake all others,” is discharged.

Spouses, just by virtue of being spouses, owe one another fidelity.  Likewise, governments owe it to their citizens to secure their borders.

Whether border security attracts or alienates voters is of no consequence: a country’s borders must be secured.  It is conditional upon nothing other than the relationship that obtains between a citizenry and its government.

There are still yet other considerations having nothing to do with its details that militate decisively against the Rubio-Schumer amnesty plan.

For starters, pro-amnesty politicians constantly tell us that our immigration system is “broken.”  This is a lie, for the problem is not the laws that constitute “the system” but our government’s refusal, over a span of decades and decades, to enforce those laws.  To put this point another way, if the system is “broken,” it is because politicians, both Democrat and Republican alike, broke it.

And what this in turn means is that the very same people who broke the system now want for us to trust them to construct a brand new indestructible one with which to replace it.

The American citizen who buys this is as big of a fool as one who would trust a man who burned down his house to build him a new one that is fire-proof.

Secondly, our government has proven itself either unwilling or unable to secure our country’s borders.  But not anymore, to hear the Gang of Eight and other amnesty apologists tell it.  If only—if only!—we pass “comprehensive immigration reform,” then the government will finally, at long last, fulfill its constitutional obligation.

As if to strengthen their case, Rubio and his allies spare no occasion to list all of the conditions that they swear the country’s illegal immigrants will have to satisfy on their “pathway to citizenship.”

Just a moment’s reflection readily reveals just how patently absurd is this line.

Our elected representatives are trying their best to convince us that while they failed to secure America’s borders in the past when immigration law was simpler, once the law becomes more complex, this failure will be rectified.

In other words, when their responsibilities were few in number, they were too much for our politicians to handle.  Now, they tell us, all they need is more responsibilities to not only do the job that they pledged to do, but perform it perfectly. This is like a person who fails to discharge his duties as mayor of a small town attempting to persuade us that if only we elected him to the presidency of the United States, then he would become the best mayor ever.

Common sense has delivered its verdict: not for a single moment can any person with an IQ above room temperature, least of all a conservative devoted to liberty and all too aware of the incompetence and inefficiencies of Big Government, endorse the Gang of Eight’s so-called “comprehensive immigration reform.”

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  • bluffcreek1967

    The main reason people shouldn’t fall for amnesty in America is because the dominant white race and white culture of our land will slowly fade away as a result of millions and millions of third-world Mexicans replacing us. Whites are guaranteed to become aliens in our own land.

    Illegal immigration is wrong not simply because it erodes at our national sovereignty and violates our immigrations laws (although these are certainly true), but because it threatens the founding stock of our nation – which is white.

    Contrary to popular opinion, the Mexican invaders will not be as ‘tolerant’ and accommodating as white Americans have been toward them once they fully dominate in numbers. It will be payback time.

    Our white American culture will be placed on the back burner and eventually fade away as it is replaced by a third-world, non-white Mexican barrio culture. Are you so naive to think it won’t happen? Think again, and consider what these same Mexicans have made of L.A. County in Southern California. These people will not uphold our American customs, culture and values.

    “Opposing Illegal Immigration: It’s About Our Race and Culture,” http://www.ambrosekane.com

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cynthia-Curran/100002510899902 Cynthia Curran

      Yeah, and the Republican elite including the national chairman went to Santa Ana Ca in nearby Orange County. Santa Ana has been voting for Loretta Sanchez for years.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Exactly. The Republicans, after all, are not called ‘The Stupid Party’ for nothing.

  • sashamanda

    Letter to the RNC: “The CBO report is out, and it states amnesty will increase unemployment and lower wages for working class Americans. With the major economic and social burden falling on Blacks, Hispanic Americans, and poor and working class Americans, how can you call yourselves the party of opportunity? Read the blogs, people who thought you were champions of the free market are rapidly coming to the conclusion that you are the party of crony capitalists.”

    Contact the RNC at http://www.gop.com. Tell them you will work to defeat anyone who votes for amnesty and you will never vote for anyone who supports amnesty no matter who is running against them.

  • onecornpone

    Coulter also said that those “taxes” Rubio and his Gangster Bros are claiming illegals must pay, will actually result in them collecting a fortune in EIC (earned income credit), a significant net loss for our U.S. Treasury.

    Additionally, seems I heard somewhere that the CBO projects that illegal immigration will proceed at 75% of the previous levels, even if this legislation is passed.

    What is the point of having this monumental fight, for only a 25% decline in activity?

  • okokok
  • Nabuquduriuzhur

    I wrote the following yesterday. It seems appropriate here:

    I’d feel a lot better about the whole thing if the powers that be were not lying about the numbers.

    In 2008, the official number was 30 million. It was reduced to 12 million shortly before the campaign to help the Democrats win. Why is an obvious question. The other 18 million at the time didn’t just go home.

    In the years since, it’s averaged 6 million coming into the nation per year. It’s really picked up since the Amnesty debate started with the Schmuck8. The actual number must thus be somewhere around 60 million, does it not?

    That doesn’t count their kids. In 2006, some 80% of kids were born in
    this nation to illegals. That should have been a wake-up call about

    1. the number of kids they were having, and

    2. our lack of kids by our native population.

    It has been estimated that 13 million live in California alone, alongside the 37 million official population. The state has gone bankrupt trying to bribe them for their votes. For example, they passed the dream act when they were 22 billion in the deficit hole with more than 500 billion in debt.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cynthia-Curran/100002510899902 Cynthia Curran

      If you believe that please tell the RNC not to run to Santa Ana Ca. Instead you should support less liberals folks there in Orange County and San Diego who are try of the Hispanic pandering of the RNC.