Why Islam Leads to Violence


On September 11, 2001, America became aware of Islam.

As Robert Spencer, Pamela Gellar, and others have shown, as far as Islam is concerned, neither this infamous attack nor others before and since are anomalous. Rather, from its origins in the seventh century to the present, from Muhammad to bin Laden, Islam has been animated by a violent impulse.

Authors defending this thesis invariably allude to the military conquests of the Prophet, the particularly harsh punitive measures by which Islamic societies deal with transgressors of Islamic law, and any number of passages from the Koran calling for the death of unbelievers.  And to be sure, all of this supports their case.

But while such writers may have shown that Islam sanctions violence and oppression, to my knowledge, no one has yet to question, much less explain, why this is so.

Yet when we consider that, historically, geographically, and, most importantly, theologically, Islam is remarkably continuous with both Judaism and Christianity, we should see that this is a question that must be raised.  After all, Jews, Christians, and Muslims are of one mind in affirming the divine origins of the Hebrew Scriptures, monotheism, the personal nature of God, God’s justice and compassion, the creation of the world, the orderliness and goodness of the world, and the irreducible individuality of the human person.

Despite these fundamental similarities, it is the followers of Islam alone that have never stopped slaughtering in the name of their God.  Why?

To answer this, I think that we must shift focus from the substance or content of Islamic theology and toward its form or style.

As some critics have plausibly argued, monotheism, being a sort of one size-fits-all concept, expresses a moral universalism that, like all such universalisms, can and has bred arrogance and intolerance in those who endorse it.  Judaism and Christianity, however, have tempered this vision.  Islam, though, has not.  In fact, it is precisely in the Muslim’s objections to Judaism and Christianity that this becomes most clear.

From the Muslim’s perspective, neither Judaism nor Christianity is truly monotheistic.  Judaism has always revolved around the historically and culturally-specific experiences of a particular people—i.e. “the Chosen People,” the Jews.  And Christianity, with its doctrines of the Blessed Trinity (God is Three Persons in One) and the Incarnation (God entered the flux of history by becoming a man in Christ), compromises monotheism even further.

Islam, on the other hand, steadfastly eschews the messiness of all of the contingencies of time and place with which Judaism and Christianity are ridden.  It refuses to trouble itself with “the earthiness” in which its predecessors are mired.  That this is true is further gathered by the glaring structural differences between the Koran and the Bible.

The Bible is a historical narrative.  It is this narrative framework that constrains the range of interpretations that the text lends.  It is the Bible’s sequential ordering of events, its meticulous attention to details, to context, that informs its message regarding the One, True God.

The Koran has no narrative.  Rather, it is essentially a collection of divinely issued moral precepts that, devoid as they are of context, are meant to pertain to all peoples—everywhere.  In ignoring the context of its emergence and development, Islam also neglects the contexts of those upon whom it seeks to impose itself.

This explains why Islam has not, cannot, assimilate to any institutional arrangements that allow a separation of some sort or other between the eternal and temporal spheres.  It is this that accounts for why Islam appears incapable of co-existing for long with any and all potential competitors.

The robustness, indeed, the aggressiveness, of Islam’s universalism stems from the highly abstract character of its theology. That this is the case is borne out by considering that Islam’s disregard for context, for particularity, is shared by the least likely suspect: the modern Western secular ideology.

From at least the time of the eighteenth century to the present, the Western world has been besieged by one sort of utopian fantasy or another that has left blood in its wake.  In fact, it was precisely in response to the abstract ideology of the French revolutionaries that modern conservatism arose.  The great Edmund Burke credited “the armed doctrine” of “Liberty, Fraternity, Equality,” with fueling the Jacobin’s lust for “universal empire.”  Had he lived, Burke would have doubtless seen that all “doctrine” that is divorced from the nit and grit of everyday reality, whether that of the Jacobins, socialists, communists, or fascists, is potentially “armed.”

And he would have recognized that Islam, with its abstract ideology, and regardless of its focus on God, can only be armed to the teeth.

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  • κατεργάζομαι

    Israel first became a nation in 1312 B.C.(E.), two thousand years before the rise of Islam!

    The term "Palestine" came from the name that the conquering Roman Empire gave the ancient Land of Israel in an attempt to obliterate and de-legitimize the Jewish presence in the Holy Land.

    The name "Palestine" was invented in the year 135 A.D. Before that, she was known as Judea, which was the southern kingdom of ancient Israel.

    From the moment the Jewish People re-established sovereignty in their ancient homeland, they sought genuine peace with all of their neighbors. Unfortunately, their neighbors did not wish to share a peaceful existence with them.

    The Jews did not displace anyone!~

  • Michael Copeland

    Islam obliges Muslims by force to revere their book. Its spokesmen persist in comparing it with the Bible, which is revered voluntarily. The trap for the unwary to fall in to is to be caused to assume that the two are comparable. They are not.

    The Bible is a library of historical accounts, rules, parables, poetry, and letters authored by varied erudite contributors over a huge time span. It has also undergone careful vetting by committees of editors deciding what is to be included.

    The Koran, a short book containing numerous contradictions and repetitions, was brought to the Arab world through the agency of one man, a leader who authorized his followers to lie. It has almost no context. It reports some of what he said and did, though it needs much explanatory help from the books of traditions. It is much more comparable to The Little Red Book of Chairman Mao. It commands violence and forced conversion.

    "Does Islam, or does it not, force people by the power of the sword to submit …? Yes”, explained Osama bin Laden.

    The Koran instructs, in the imperative, over and over again, “Kill the unbelievers wherever you meet them …. Until the religion, all of it, is for Islam’ (9:5, 8:39).

    Walid Shoebat’s question for the West is:
    “What part of “kill” don’t they understand?”

    • Viktoria

      and let's not forget that at one point even the prophet questioned whether these 'divine' messages he
      was receiving were in fact from heaven. also, ask Walid about who allah is cuz he'll explain to you
      that he is not GOD! that even the koran calls allah the great deceiver.

  • Common Sense

    All I know is that Islam passes the Duck Test – looks violent, acts violent, sounds violent – then you better believe it's violent!

    • Lan Astaslem

      islam is not violent and if you keep insisting it is the muslims will chop your head off!

      • Pontotoc Bill

        Then you need to read the quran. Islam is most definately a violent belief system.

        Quran 9:5 When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent and take to prayer and render the alms levy, allow them to go their way. God is forgiving and merciful.

        Slay the idolaters? Sounds violent to me. And everyone is an idolater if they are not Muslim.

        Try again, Lan.

        • Defcon 4

          Lan was being extremely sarcastic, or didn't you catch the last clause in his sentence: "the muslims will chop your head off!"?

          • Pontotoc Bill

            Then, I missed the sarcasm. I apologize.

          • Lan Astaslem

            just so you know, Lan Astaslem is arabic for "I will not submit to islam"

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Islamic violence is Sharia Law rooted. And it is impossible to extricate one from the other, regardless of all the verbal gymnastics by their mouthpieces (via CAIR) and their leftist enablers.
    And it will come a point, in the near future, where it will be untenable to veer away, especially when additional urban jihads explode within western cities, chiefly in America.
    To wit, a DEEP understanding of the question posited, why does Islam lead to violence, is contained within this policy paper – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/13/islam-blood-a

    The theological, cultural and political underpinnings of Islam are laid bare within.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • popupblocker

    If Curistendom is so peacefull , why is it then that Christian nations slaughtered the natives of whole continents and stole their land, ran a worldwide slave industrie, started both world wars and were responsible for the holocaust?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "If Curistendom is so peacefull , why is it then that Christian nations slaughtered the natives of whole continents and stole their land, ran a worldwide slave industrie, started both world wars and were responsible for the holocaust?"

      Christianity never had any guidelines for government. We have separation of church and state. You never heard this before?

      In any case, we also have due process. No slaughtering was done without careful consideration of what the most just action would be.

      That's a difference that matters. If you can't understand that, your views on the matter are worthless.

    • Uncle Samuel

      Christianity did NOT start out as a conquering religion. Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world." Jesus refused to become a military, political leader or to implement his spiritual kingdom by force.

      Christianity has been hijacked from time to time by secular people who loved power, who had political agendas (ie, the sexual agendites who have taken over the Episcopal church). The Church got coerced and misaligned with Emperors and Kings, but still is not meant by God to be more than a means for salvation of souls…through the work of the Holy Spirit, not force.

      Most of the wars and genocides have been done by those with secular or political interests, not religious groups. Communist and Nazis have killed the most. Islam is a combination of political and religious and the murders of Islam are second to the Communists and Nazis. Christian entities that have perverted true Christianity have far fewer murders on the scorecard.
      The Holy Spirit brings true conviction of sin, repentance and draws people to Jesus, to love Him, obey His Word, The Bible and love and serve others.

      • Uncle Samuel

        Constantine was the one who first organized and ordered the Christian church to be a hierarchy of power so that he could control it for his own purposes. Constantine made the church over in his image, rather than Christ's. After that, the church had wealth, security and the violence (burning at the stake, etc.) and political intrigues that marred its history…a tendency that has continued until this day in the hierarchical church.

      • 11bravo

        " the murders of Islam are second to the Communists and Nazis."

        Don't forget the 70 million Hindu's killed by Islam!!

    • Dude

      Did anyone see what just happened here?

      Rather than to prove with scriptures that Christianity is violent (which he can't because it isn't) he points at some Christians and says ''Look how bad these people are, therefore all of Christianity is bad!''

      Now that doesn't make any sense already, but now he thinks both World Wars and the Holocaust had religious motives. They didn't. The First World War was all about comparing dicksizes and had nothing to do with religion, the Second World War was about a funny guy with a mustache trying to exterminate the Jews and conquer Europe and so was the Holocaust.

      Yes, western countries wage(d) war and yes we (have) commit(ed) violent acts, but that doesn't say anything about christianity. At all. Inform yourself by reading the Bible and you'll see.

    • Defcon 4

      The supply side of the "worldwide slave industrie (sic)" was, in Africa, islamic. Furthermore, the British ENDED slavery in the Indian sub-continent.

    • ratonis

      What a dope.

  • Paul B.

    I can't agree with this. There are plenty of abstract philosophies/theologies which advocate peaceful coexistence. Whether they do so successfully or not is another issue, as indeed I believe that in order to be viable in the long term a philosophy must deal with man's sinful, fallen nature, as does Christianity.

    Islam's violence problem is not that it is abstract, it is in the content of its precepts. And indeed, there is a historical context to its principles as well, as Muhammad's doctrine conveniently followed his personal needs season by season. Unfortunately for the world, the progression did not go from warlike to pacifist, but the reverse.

    It's also dangerous to cite the similarities of the three monotheisms, while not noting their immense differences. The character of the god of islam is markedly different from that of Christianity's God.

  • Jaladhi

    Islam is violence – plain and simple. There is no divine message here. It's the concoction of epilectic madman of Arabia. Just apply Occam's razor here and all violent, murderous behaviors of Muslims fall in plcae!!

  • Raymond in DC

    "After all, Jews, Christians, and Muslims are of one mind in affirming the divine origins of the Hebrew Scriptures, monotheism, the personal nature of God, God’s justice and compassion, the creation of the world, the orderliness and goodness of the world, and the irreducible individuality of the human person."

    Ah, but Islam doesn't see these things as Jews and Christians do. The Hebrew Scriptures, they insist, have been "corrupted" from their original text, whereas the Quran provides the corrected teachings. There in fact is no consideration of the "individuality of the human person", rather a distinction between the "believer" and the non-believer, as individuals and as communities. Not surprisingly, there is nothing equivalent to the Golden Rule in Islam, no "love your neighbor as yourself". Muslims do not see an ordered universe governed by law and reason, but an arbitrary universe where things happen according to the "will of Allah".

    As to God's "justice and compassion", I'm reminded of Inigo's retort to Vizzinni's repeated use of the term "inconceivable" In The Princess Bride. "I do not think that word means what you think it means." Justice and compassion – and, I'd add freedom, as documented by Bostom in "Freedom versus Sharia" – mean something very different under Islam.

    • Jon MC

      For example Freedom or "hurraiya" in Islam means "the freedom to fully practice Islam".
      Thus, to elucidate, in a 2010 (?) PEW poll, >80% Egyptians saw no contradiction between simultaneously believing in "religious freedom" and killing apostates from Islam.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Unlike other religions Islam first and foremost alone compels its adherents to submit to the will of Allah under the pain of death. That's not faith or belief. That's coercion, which makes Islam a cult! Add to that the fact that the will of Allah is also sharia, which is Islamic law that also imposes totalitarianism upon all Muslims and non-Muslims alike, then that makes Islam more a totalitarian movement like Communism and Nazism than it does Christianity, Judaism, or any other religions for that matter. In fact, the sole purpose of Islam is to make the world supreme for Allah via the imposition of sharia, as jihad, i.e., holy fighting in the cause of Allah to make Islam supreme, is Islam's highest pillar and a holy obligation incumbent upon all Muslims. In any event, bestowing upon Islam the status of religion equal to Christianity and Judaism isn't religious tolerance. Instead, it's suicidal insanity. Islam may meet the definition of being a religion in Islamic civilization, but that doesn't mean it passes muster in Western civilization.

  • Chezwick

    Jack is absolutely correct, 'it's the theology, stupid'.

    It ain't "libido", "oppression", "lack of education", or any other of the usual suspects. The elephant in the room, the REAL "root cause" (that time-honored expression of the Left that actually means dissimulation/obfuscation), are the particulars within the theology.

    And any moron who claims Islam ISN'T a religion, is oblivious to the fact that the vast majority of suicide bombers are in no way coerced…they are volunteers, absolutely eager to fulfill their religious obligations and die in the service of Allah.

    I wish someone would do a movie on the afterlife of a suicide bomber….instead of the virgins, they'd just have to experience – over and over, for all of eternity, the pain and suffering of the families of their victims.

  • Lan Astaslem

    islam is 7th century savagery by, of and for bloodthirsty monsters.

  • Marty

    islam can not exist or function unless it employs violence. Since muslims cannot tolerate an opposing point of view, they, like communists and fascists, must brutally destroy any opposition. The impulse to be violent is why christians are being decimated and expelled from their remaining communties in the arab middle east, iran, and turkey. Interestingly, the only country in the region where the number of christians is growing is Israel.

    • PamM

      That's because Israel is the only country in the region that isn't Muslim, so in Israel the Christians are not viciously persecuted.

  • http://twitter.com/historyscoper @historyscoper

    Duh, why doesn't the writer get to the point. The Quran isn't a new Bible. It's more short and sweet, a field manual for jihadists that in its true Arabic form is a Satanic musical score a la the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil" that turns believers who recite it over and over into Terminators. Instead of computer programs in robot brain chips, the Quran programs the tender mind of a child to believe that Allah is commanding them to spread his rule over the Earth by all means possible, and being the One True God is always right, or rather, his final prophet Muhammad is, so how can you argue with God, just take up your weapon and follow the leader. The Quran in short inculcates pure hatred of non-Muslims, and love of fellow Muslims, but only in so far as they prove their loyalty by jihad, the ultimate act of worship.

    That's why our current world that appeases a resurgent Islam is wrong, and needs to be changed. For starters, the U.N. needs to oust all OIC members, declare Islam a criminal organization, and make it a world crime to give a Quran to a child. Only I have a plan on the table, the Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam. Read it and spread the word if you care about the world.

  • Ian

    Funny how there are still Christians in the Middle East today, after all those centuries of savage, blood thirsty, wicked Muslims conquering the Middle East. If Islam really commanded for all Christians to be killed, then why weren't they all slaughtered within the first few decades of Islam's take-over of the Middle East? Why would a man as evil as Mohammed, a war criminal, pedophile and rapist, even think about sparing them under the dhimmi system, the most lenient system in the entire world at the time (as opposed to Christian ruled Europe, where percieved infidels like Jews were slaughtered without a second thought)?

    • Chezwick

      You know very little about history.

      1) Islam never "commanded for"all Christians be killed"….just subdued and consigned to second-class citizenship (dhimmitude).

      2) Muhammad was not alive when the Muslims came out of the desert and conquered Persia, the Levant and Egypt. In HIS lifetime, all non-Muslims were either killed or expelled from the Arabian peninsula. Obviously, he was the epitome of "moderation". It was The Pact of Omar that became the blueprint which codified relations between Muslim conquerors and their dhimmi subjects. The liabilities and depredations against the dhimmis were so severe that conversions to Islam became the only way to escape them. Dhimmis went from being an overwhelming majority to a small minority over a few short centuries.

      3) After the French revolution, Jews flourished in Christain Europe (or at least the Western half of it). They became financiers, scientists, artists, etc. They lived with rights and prerogatives NEVER granted them in the Muslim realm.

      • Ian

        And yet they are still around today…the depredations of dhimmitude must not have been too bad, if Christians were able to survive for all those centuries.

        • Lan Astaslem

          It's because the uptick in islamism is relatively recent – about twenty years. There's plenty of muslim on Christian violence – Nigeria and Egypt are often cited in the news. You're either ignorant or willfully blind.

    • Defcon 4

      Yeah there are still Christians in the Mid-East today and their population is shrinking rapidly. Shrinking because of entrenched, pervasive, dogmatic islamofascist persecution, rape and murder. The Christian population of the Mid-East will go the way of the Jewish population of the Mid-East and N. Africa — at least in places like Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon — and for exactly the same reasons: Islamofascism.

    • Drakken

      You certainly are not paying attention to current events are ya Sparky, the christians are being slaughtered all over the muslim world and here you are showing the rest of us that you are a product of our current education system, if your the best our society has to offer, were truly f**ked.

    • Johnny

      Easy, Ian. You can solve this question by reading the Quran directly.
      You will see, as I did, that the adherents of Islam are COMMANDED to do all sorts of savagery to their non-believing neighbors, and in fact to spread Islam with the sword.
      Followers of Christ are repeatedly commanded to "love your neighbor as yourself." If you can find anything like that in the quran once, much less repeatedly, I would like to know of it.
      If you are unable to read (the quran), then I submit you also have trouble thinking, hence writing anything of substance.

  • Rob

    I think that is a huge mistake to call islam an abrahamic religion that shares the same god & lineage. It is only muhammad, the koran, and muslims who make this connection, and then destroy it as well. It would be like me saying that my new (and final) religion called Robism is part of the abrahamic lineage. Just because I say it down not make it so. Right? This is part of the big lie. Just because the book that I wrote says that I'm a prophet does not make it so. Just because I plagiarize parts of the old testament does not mean that our god is the same and that I am now a part of the club. And finally, it doesn't give me the authority to condemn the parts of the plagiarized book to assert dominance over them. Islam is a total farce and an evil ideology. The sooner we all realize this, the sooner we can jump out of the pot that is killing us.

  • Rob

    corrections: i think that it is a huge mistake….
    just because I say it does not make it so.

  • kaz

    islam is remarkably continuous with both Judaism and Christianity" sure, dude. jews invented an invisible singular god to replace the obviously fake idols worshiped by their ancestors. their god was a mixture of authoritarianism, justice, good, revenge, and a profound craving for obedience and worship. but bad things kept happening. to maintain the myth of the people chosen by that all powerful god, the jews had to claim that they were being punished for going against gods will. a neat invention. now will someone explain why the unifying characteristic of all gods, including the gamut from graven images to the invisible all powerful, all knowing one god, is that they all have an insatiable need for worship by humans?

    • Johnny

      Don't know kaz, maybe the confusion is that you were bred in a liberal gobligook university with all kinds of "new history" being cited. Religion has been a part of most civilized societies, as has been marriage and family, however all religions are NOT the same. Some worship the creation instead of the Creator, such as paganism and moon worshippers (the early Islam). Some worship the dark side, as do wiccans and voodoo followers. Some worship ignorance and disbelief, as do you.
      But Christianity and Judaism worship God, the Creator. Islam claims to worship God, however is engaged in brutal savage war against the most innocent of those who disagree.
      Ask yourself which society you, as an athiest, would rather live under in 2013: Judeo-Christian or Islamic? Islam has ZERO tolerance for YOU, especially if you convert away from Islam – you are subject to death if you do so.
      If you feel so brave that all religions are equal, I challenge you to move to Mecca, Saudi Arabia and walk around telling people how moronic you think a belief in God is.

      • kaz

        the disappointment. i thought you were going to explain why all gods have an insatiable appetite for worship by humans. instead, you point out the obvious fact that islam is evil. wow. and next you may discover that water is wet. it is you that is obliged to pretend that allah is real, because he so resembles the god you worship, but cannot explain why an all powerful god needs worship. you move to mecca. in mecca, you will not feel the need to attack friendly atheists who despise islam. i would prefer to move muslims to mecca. that is a lot better place for them than any civilized country.

    • Smote

      From which hair salon did you receive this… umm 'wisdom'?

  • kaz

    then along comes christians. same god, they say, but the one god is actually 3, and one of them allowed himself to be crucified to expiate the sins of the world, but would not lift a hand to free his nation from roman rule. i got news for you. it is a lot easier to forgive sins than to get rid of romans. then additional restrictions on human behavior, the injunction to turn the other cheek (what a great gift to unbelievers), and a continuation of claiming gods beneficience for every good thing, but the bad things? god works in mysterious ways. sure. we continue to worship a god that created lice, mosquitoes, ticks, smallpox, plague, drought, flood, etc.

    • Pontotoc Bill

      You missed the point, little one.

      God is One, not three. The Holy Bible tells us that God is one, but Three manifestations of the One God. Like water is water, but if cold enought it is ice. Room temp, water is liquid, High temp, water becomes steam. No change in the water, it is still H2O (two hydrogen and one oxygen), but the way water manifests itself is different.

      • kaz

        you are missing the point. you dont mind attacking me, since i dont share your silly superstitions, but you will not attack islam, because you do share the same superstitions. i am willing to help in the struggle against enslavement and genocide by islam, and you are willing to submit. you deserve slavery and genicide, but i dont, and you resent that. grow up, little one. your holy bible tells you that your invisible all powerful all knowing god that wont do one thing to protect you, and never revealed one useful thing is 3 in one. like that ubiquitous household oil, only less useful. your friend mohammed's holy scriptures tell his people to kill you. that is the fact you should be paying attention to.

    • Johnny

      don't get confused kaz. YOU do NOT worship anything other than ignorance, so don't say "we" continue to worship. and don't blame God for what humankind did. the creation was mucked up by humans, not by God. do you really believe that humanist "morality" or moral relativism, yea even your own homegrown version of morality, will lead to superior results once God is shoved aside? show me. families breaking up, poverty worse than ever, individual liberty being stripped away, all under the totalitarian liberal athiest Saul Alinsky guidepost. Nothing your ilk has ever done has ended well, including communism and naziism (naziism, an extreme outgrowth of Darwinism). You can't point to a result better than the civilized Judeo-Christian world, and yet here you are condemning it with no superior replacement.

      • kaz

        my "ilk" wants to kick muslims out of our country. your "ilk" wants to love muslims to death. your own death, and that of your children. so creation was "mucked up" by humans. yes, you have to believe that, in order to maintain your myth of the all powerful all knowing, loving, forgiving, creator who created everything perfect, except for endowing man with a nature certain to "muck up" everything. nice scenario, but it will get you genocided if you attempt to follow certain new testament injunctions to love your enemies, and turn the other cheek, after that god you so love allowed the invention of a competing religion that practices hate for infidels, slap the other cheek, then cut the throat. btw. who was it that created mosquitos? man, or god?

        • Pontotoc Bill


          Again, those who disagree with your comments want to love (cooperate) with Muslims? Just because someone disagrees with you and practices Christianity; you attack them as loons.

          BTW: Can you prove that God does not exist? I can't prove He does, only it is a matter of faith. If you cannot prove God exists, then you also, are just taking a belief with faith.

          • kaz

            a matter of faith. and faith is believing something you damn well know is not true. if i am wrong about those who love muslims to death (their own), who is it that is inviting muslims to invade our country, and paying them to do it? no, i cant prove that god doesnt exist. cant disprove the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, the peaceful muslim, or the patriotic liberal either. but i have never seen any evidence that any of them exist.

          • Pontotoc Bill

            Faith is NOTj believing something you know not to be true.

            Faith is believing in something that is not provable. Big difference, little one.

            You really need to educate yourself, buddy.

    • popseal

      To know the unblemished character of any religion, examine the lives of the founder and the first generation of disciples. Too much after that is 'affected'. Mohammed was a killer and Jesus the opposite.

      • kaz

        nah. to know real character of a religion, examine the lives of its followers. the followers of mohammed are very much like mohammed: lying murdering raping monsters. the followers of jesus are very unlike jesus. they are much more like the pharisees. they talk a lot of holy nonsense, but dont practice it. above all, they are cowardly. islam is dangerous, so they very carefully avoid "islamophobia", and encourage islamic immigration into their countries. noone can say they arent kind and generous to people who are proven to be willing to cutt their throats. but let an atheist state his lack of beliefs, and all that christian kindness is suspended, and the attack is on. you see, atheists dont blow up christians. those holy protected wonderful peaceful muslims do. so keep on giving muslims a free pass, and attack those atheists.

  • kaz

    then comes mohammed, a desert psychopathic arch criminal, who is smarter than abraham and all thepartiarchs, as well as jesus and the apostles, and everyone else that worships a god that hates them and helps unbelievers. mohammed invented a religion makes cardinal virtues of what other religions consider to be cardinal sins. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! finally, a god that likes his chosen people, and hates all others. mohammed's god allowed mohammed to murder, steal, rob, rape pillage, enslave, and torture. now thats a real man's religion. no surprise that every criminal in the world flocked to the new god, and that great host of archcriminals conquered most of the civilized world in a few years.

  • kaz

    our modern muslims, the followers of the one god that really loves his followers, have not been as successful as the muslims of old, who killed, conquered, raped and enslaved at will, but not for lack of trying. they have given up all ideas that their god actually has any power, because after 1400 years of killing for their god they have to have noticed that their god never ever does his own killing, but lets the faithful do his killing for him. still, they have a religion that allowed them to rape, kill, enslave, and rob, and who would not like that? christians and jews also continue to peddle their snake oil, but they have to have noticed that god loves muslims much more than them, because god keeps allowing muslims to kill and enslave them. yes, there is so much continuity, but allah offers a much better deal.

    • Defcon 4

      Bzzzzzzzzzzzttttttttttt. Wrong. Islam is now practiced around the world in practically every country on earth. That was not true in the past history of islam.

      • kaz

        you wont get any argument from this site, def. they have already surrendered to the evil that you are rather ineptly trying to promote. you might try putting away that holy quran long enough to learn to read, comprehend, and compose posts that make sense.

  • kaz

    the insolvable problem for christians and jews is that they cannot defend themselves against the god of rape and pillage, enslavement and murder, pedophilia and beastiality, without admitting that their own god is just as fake as allah. so they continue to attempt to practice their religion, and attempting to coexist with a religion whose holy scriptures direct its faithful to murder, rob, and rape the misguided faithful of all other religions. this is a prescription for genocide, a prescription that muslims worldwide have proven again and again to be willing to fill. one religion wants to kill all others, the others wish to be killed raped and/or enslaved by islam. this death wish explains the importation of muslims into countries previously populated by infidels. at least the victims of genocide dont have to admit their god is fake.

    • Johnny

      now is time to put up or shut up. what kind of pedophilia and beastiality are you trying to point to? what enslavement and murder? what rape and pillage? the world was a different place 2000 years ago, and slavery was commonplace – by those like the Romans, and others. you cannot blame Christianity for the sins of humankind, and are misguided to try it. those other claims you make – show us. give me a direct quote from the new testament of the Bible that supports your accusations. we are waiting.
      But I, I can give you quote after quote from the quran that tells followers of Islam to kill and harm their neighbors. If you are a woman, would you rather live in America or Saudi Arabia? Pick. Then follow through to test your misguided ignorance on who is doing what to whom, move there and try it. Pick Saudi Arabia, prepare to be one of 4 wives and get beaten when you get out of line, with no recourse through the court system.

      • kaz

        the pedophilia, rape, robbery, lying, and slavery are all approved by islamic scriptures, and still practiced by muslims today, not 2000 years ago. where have you been? let me say it real slow. christians and jews cannot defend themselves against the god of rape, murder, etc (thats allah, for you slow learners and poor readers) because to attack allah, an all powerful, all knowing god, would be to undermine their own all powerful, all knowing god (known as God, yahweh, etc). i would like to know why we dont just let those two fight it out, and leave us mere mortals out of heavenly cataclysms. possibly because neither actually exists.

  • Richie H

    The problem with Islam derives from it's founder who did indeed reach an "enlightened" state of consciousness, yet suffered from Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, which evoked horrific visions very similar to those of "John of Patmos"-the mentally ill hermit who wrote the "Book of Revelations". As unfortunate as it was that the Council of Nicea included that benighted 'book' in it's codified "New Testament", for Islam the inclusion of the later hellish visions as verses in the Q'uran was disastrous due to the doctrine of abrogation.

  • john

    Islam is violence, always was and will never change.

  • popseal

    Examine the personal lives of Mohammed and his first 'disciples' and we find surprise-surprise, Islam is a violent superstition founded by a known killer.

  • Smote

    “The Koran has no narrative. Rather, it is essentially a collection of divinely issued moral precepts that, devoid as they are of context, are meant to pertain to all peoples—everywhere”.

    That kind of says it all. Also, the design, if I can use that word, is by no accident. What Mohammed did in the Seventh Century was lay the blueprint for the most crushing dictatorship ever devised. A Seventh Century Arab managed to put Hitler, Lenin and Stalin to shame.

    • Elena

      It did have a narrative until Omar rearranged it. He arranged it so that the book's chapters go fm long to short, not in chronology. It would be like putting Jude of Philemon first LOL

      If you consult lists, you can reorder the koran fm Mecca to Yathrib/Medina, restoring the context of coexisting religion with violent supremacist political movement.

  • Wilmot Mather

    Islam is definitely a religion of violence. It's all in the Quran. There is no moderate Muslim out there–they are simply are being quiet so that they can get on with the rest of the world.

  • lanovelhistory

    Islam is actually dualistic. Allah canot be without Muhammad, or Muhammad without Allah.

  • Elena

    Actually, Islam's greatest mistake is worshiping the antithesis to the God of the Bible. Allah is simply Lucifer, the Satan, as described by the Bible. Allah says he is the greatest of deceivers and is known for appearing as the angel of light and beauty. He despises humanity and wants no contact with us; "Paradise" lacks the divine and is populated solely by men who get to gratify their sexual urges after having gratified their most base instincts to get to "Paradise." Islam is told by Allah to make Judaism and Christianity extinct. I'd hardly call that a "follow-up" to the ethical precepts of the Bible.

    Only in its antithesis can Islam be considered connected to Judaism and Christianity.

  • DeaconVerter

    Yes, Islam is bad ideology. Christianity used to be just as bad until a secular majority forced the Christian religion to change. Islam had no enlightenment so they are stuck in the same gear Christianity used to be in.

    • Defcon 4

      "Christianity used to be just as bad." Christianity started out as a pacifist movement. No one was slaughtered, no one was persecuted, unlike Islam, drenched in the blood of the critics of muhamMAD and Jews who refused his prophetic pretense.

  • patnaikt

    Only difference between three Abrahmic religions I see as a follower of Dharmic religion is the other two have allowed reforms over the years but Islam is still in the midst of 7th Century!