Hating Valentine’s

[Editor’s note: This article is reprinted from our Valentine’s issue of Feb. 14, 2012. It has been slightly updated and edited to fit this year’s day of love.]

Today, Thursday, February 14, is Valentine’s Day, the sacred day that intimate companions mark to celebrate their love and affection for one another. If you’re thinking about making a study of how couples celebrate this day, the Muslim world and the milieus of the radical Left are not the places you should be spending most, if any, of your time. Indeed, it’s pretty hard to outdo jihadists and “progressives” when it comes to the hatred of Valentine’s Day. And this hatred is precisely the territory on which the contemporary romance between the radical Left and Islamic fanaticism is formed.

The train is never late: every time Valentine’s comes around, the Muslim world reacts with ferocious rage, with its leaders doing everything in their power to suffocate the festivity that comes with the celebration of private romance. Imams around the world thunder against Valentine’s every year — and the celebration of the day itself is literally outlawed in Islamist states.

In Pakistan just a few days ago, for instance, supporters of Jamat-e-Islami, Pakistan’s main religious party, took to the streets in Peshawar to  vehemently denounce Valentine’s Day. Demonizing it as “un-Islamic,” the Muslim protestors shouted that the day of love has “spread immodesty in the world.” Shahzad Ahmed, the local leader of the student wing of Jamat-e-Islami, warned that the organization will not “allow” any Valentine’s Day functions, warning that if Pakistani law enforcement did not prevent Pakistanis from holding such functions, that the Jamat-e-Islami would stop them “in our own way.”

This Islamist outcry in Peshawar against Valentine’s Day reflects many other protests and outcries against the day of love throughout the Muslim War this year. It is a mirror image of what transpired in Aceh province in Indonesia last year, when Muslim clerics issued a stern warning to Muslims, the younger generation in particular, against observing Valentine’s Day. Tgk Feisal, general secretary of the Aceh Ulema Association (HUDA), stated that “It is haram for Muslims to observe Valentine’s Day because it does not accord with Islamic Sharia.” He added that the government must watch out for youths participating in Valentine’s Day activities in Aceh. One can just imagine what will happen to the guilty parties caught celebrating their love for one another.

The Saudis consistently punish the slightest hint of celebrating Valentine’s Day. The Kingdom and its religious “morality” police always officially issue a stern warning that anyone caught even thinking about Valentine’s Day will suffer some of the most painful penalties of Sharia Law. This is typical of the Saudis of course. As Daniel Pipes has reported, the Saudi regime takes a firm stand against Valentine’s every year, and the Saudi religious police monitor stores selling roses and other gifts. They arrest women for wearing red on that day. Every year the Saudis announce that, starting the week of Valentine’s and until a certain day in the future, it is illegal for a merchant to sell any item that is red, or that in any way hints of being connected to Valentine’s Day. As Claude Cartaginese reported at Newsreal Blog about Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia two years ago, any merchant found selling such items as red roses, red clothing of any kind (especially dresses), toys, heart-shaped products, candy, greeting cards or any items wrapped in red, had to destroy them or face the wrath of Saudi justice.

Christian overseas workers living in the Kingdom from the Philippines and other countries always take extra precautions, heeding the Saudis’ warning to them specifically to avoid greeting anyone with the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” or exchanging any gift that reeks of romance. A spokesman for a Philippine workers group has commented: “We are urging fellow Filipinos in the Middle East, especially lovers, just to celebrate their Valentine’s Day secretly and with utmost care.”

The Iranian despots, meanwhile, consistently try to make sure that the Saudis don’t outdo them in annihilating Valentine’s Day. Iran’s “morality” police consistently order shops to remove heart-and-flower decorations and images of couples embracing on this day — and anytime around this day. In Pakistan, as mentioned earlier, the student wing of the fundamentalist Islamic party Jamaat-e-Islami has traditionally called for a complete ban on Valentine’s Day celebrations. Khalid Waqas Chamkani, a leader in the party, calls it a “shameful day.”

Typical of this whole pathology in the Islamic world was a development witnessed back on February 10, 2006, when activists of the radical Kashmiri Islamic group Dukhtaran-e-Millat (Daughters of the Community) went on a rampage in Srinagar, the main city of the Indian portion of Kashmir. Some two dozen black-veiled Muslim women stormed gift and stationery shops, burning Valentine’s Day cards and posters showing couples together.

In the West, meanwhile leftist feminists are not to be outdone by their jihadi allies in reviling — and trying to kill — Valentine’s Day. Throughout all Women’s Studies Programs on American campuses, for instance, you will find the demonization of Valentine’s Day, since, as the disciples of Andrea Dworkin angrily explain, the day is a manifestation of how capitalist and homophobic patriarchs brainwash and oppress women and push them into spheres of powerlessness.

As a person who spent more than a decade in academia, I was privileged to witness this grotesque attack against and “deconstruction” of Valentine’s Day at close range. Feminist icons like Jane Fonda, meanwhile, help lead the assault on Valentine’s Day in society at large. As David Horowitz has documented, Fonda has led the campaign to transform this special day into “V-Day” (“Violence against Women Day”) — which is, when it all comes down to it, a day of hate, featuring a mass indictment of men.

So what exactly is transpiring here? What explains this hatred of Valentine’s Day by leftist feminists and jihadis? And how and why does it serve as the sacred bond that brings the radical Left and Islam together into its feast of hate?

The core issue at the foundation of this phenomenon is that Islam and the radical Left both revile the notion of private love, a non-tangible and divine entity that draws individuals to each other and, therefore, distracts them from submitting themselves to a secular deity.

The highest objective of both Islam and the radical Left is clear: to shatter the sacred intimacy that a man and a woman can share with one another, for such a bond is inaccessible to the order. History, therefore, demonstrates how Islam, like Communism, wages a ferocious war on any kind of private and unregulated love. In the case of Islam, the reality is epitomized in its monstrous structures of gender apartheid and the terror that keeps it in place. Indeed, female sexuality and freedom are demonized and, therefore, forced veiling, forced marriage, female genital mutilation, honor killings and other misogynist monstrosities become mandatory parts of the sadistic paradigm.

The puritanical nature of totalist systems (whether Fascist, Communist, or Islamist) is another manifestation of this phenomenon. In Stalinist Russia, sexual pleasure was portrayed as unsocialist and counter-revolutionary. More recent Communist societies have also waged war on sexuality — a war that Islam, as we know, wages with similar ferocity. These totalist structures cannot survive in environments filled with self-interested, pleasure-seeking individuals who prioritize devotion to other individual human beings over the collective and the state. Because the leftist believer viscerally hates the notion and reality of personal love and “the couple,” he champions the enforcement of totalitarian puritanism by the despotic regimes he worships.

The famous twentieth-century novels of dystopia, Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We, George Orwell’s 1984, and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, all powerfully depict totalitarian society’s assault on the realm of personal love in its violent attempt to dehumanize human beings and completely subject them to its rule. In Zamyatin’s We, the earliest of the three novels, the despotic regime keeps human beings in line by giving them license for regulated sexual promiscuity, while private love is illegal. The hero breaks the rules with a woman who seduces him — not only into forbidden love but also into a counterrevolutionary struggle. In the end, the totality forces the hero, like the rest of the world’s population, to undergo the Great Operation, which annihilates the part of the brain that gives life to passion and imagination, and therefore spawns the potential for love. In Orwell’s 1984, the main character ends up being tortured and broken at the Ministry of Truth for having engaged in the outlawed behavior of unregulated love. In Huxley’s Brave New World, promiscuity is encouraged — everyone has sex with everyone else under regime rules, but no one is allowed to make a deep and independent private connection.

Yet as these novels demonstrate, no tyranny’s attempt to turn human beings into obedient robots can fully succeed. There is always someone who has doubts, who is uncomfortable, and who questions the secular deity — even though it would be safer for him to conform like everyone else. The desire that thus overcomes the instinct for self-preservation is erotic passion. And that is why love presents such a threat to the totalitarian order: it dares to serve itself. It is a force more powerful than the all-pervading fear that a totalitarian order needs to impose in order to survive. Leftist and Muslim social engineers, therefore, in their twisted and human-hating imaginations, believe that the road toward earthly redemption (under a classless society or Sharia) stands a chance only if private love and affection is purged from the human condition.

This is exactly why, forty years ago, as Peter Collier and David Horowitz document in Destructive Generation, the Weather Underground not only waged war against American society through violence and mayhem, but also waged war on private love within its own ranks. Bill Ayers, one of the leading terrorists in the group, argued in a speech defending the campaign: “Any notion that people can have responsibility for one person, that they can have that ‘out’ — we have to destroy that notion in order to build a collective; we have to destroy all ‘outs,’ to destroy the notion that people can lean on one person and not be responsible to the entire collective.”

Thus, the Weather Underground destroyed any signs of monogamy within its ranks and forced couples, some of whom had been together for years, to admit their “political error” and split apart. Like their icon Margaret Mead, they fought the notions of romantic love, jealousy, and other “oppressive” manifestations of one-on-one intimacy and commitment. This was followed by forced group sex and “national orgies,” whose main objective was to crush the spirit of individualism. This constituted an eerie replay of the sexual promiscuity that was encouraged (while private love was forbidden) in We, 1984, and Brave New World.

Thus, it becomes completely understandable why leftist believers were so inspired by the tyrannies in the Soviet Union, Communist China, Communist North Vietnam and many other countries. As sociologist Paul Hollander has documented in his classic Political Pilgrims, fellow travelers were especially enthralled with the desexualized dress that the Maoist regime imposed on its citizens. This at once satisfied the leftist’s desire for enforced sameness and the imperative of erasing attractions between private citizens. The Maoists’ unisex clothing finds its parallel in fundamentalist Islam’s mandate for shapeless coverings to be worn by both males and females. The collective “uniform” symbolizes submission to a higher entity and frustrates individual expression, mutual physical attraction, and private connection and affection. And so, once again, the Western leftist remains not only uncritical, but completely supportive of — and enthralled in — this form of totalitarian puritanism.

This is precisely why leftist feminists today do not condemn the forced veiling of women in the Islamic world; because they support all that forced veiling engenders. It should be no surprise, therefore, that Naomi Wolf finds the burqa “sexy.” And it should be no surprise that Oslo Professor of Anthropology, Dr. Unni Wikan, found a solution for the high incidence of Muslims raping Norwegian women: the rapists must not be punished, but Norwegian women must be veiling themselves.

Valentine’s Day is a “shameful day” for the Muslim world and for the radical Left. It is shameful because private love is considered obscene, since it threatens the highest of values: the need for a totalitarian order to attract the complete and undivided attention, allegiance and veneration of every citizen. Love serves as the most lethal threat to the tyrants seeking to build Sharia and a classless utopia on earth, and so these tyrants yearn for the annihilation of every ingredient in man that smacks of anything that it means to be human.

And so perhaps it is precisely on this Valentine’s Day that we are reminded of the hope that we can realistically have in our battle with the ugly and pernicious unholy alliance that seeks to destroy our civilization. On this day, we are reminded that we have a weapon, the most powerful arsenal on the face of the earth, in front of which despots and terrorists quiver and shake, and sprint from in horror into the shadows of darkness, desperately avoiding its piercing light. That arsenal is love. And no Maoist Red Guard or Saudi fascist cop ever stamped it out — no matter how much they beat and tortured their victims. And no al-Qaeda jihadist in Pakistan or Feminazi on any American campus will ever succeed in suffocating it, no matter how ferociously they lust to disinfect man of who and what he is.

Love will prevail.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our Frontpage readers.


Editor’s note: To get the whole story on Islam’s and the radical Left’s war on private love, read Jamie Glazov’s United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror.

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  • Miranda Rose Smith

    They're right in saying it's un-Islamic. It's SAINT Valentine's Day, remember, folks? They're wrong and fanatic and intolerant in trying to prevent Christians or assimilated Jews from observing it if they feel like it.

    • MaryS, CA

      There is nothing "loving", and certainly nothing "saintly" about Islam. It is probably one of the most violent religions in the world. We have a Savior and God who loved us so much that He sacrificed His own Son on the cross to reconcile us to the Father by taking the wrath of our sins upon Himself. You can't say that about Islam and Mohammed. They take the wrath of 'allah' out on everyone else but themselves. They have a fake god, and a fake savior neither of which has love in their hearts for anyone but themselves.

      • Mary Sue

        Considering their "god" is a sociopath, no wonder there is NO love in Islam. At all. It is a foreign concept to them.

  • Herb Benty

    Wonderful article! The Truth does indeed set you free and LOVE will prevail because my Bible says GOD IS LOVE and except for the willfully blind you can plainly see that fact all around. We love because God loves us. Have you ever had a really good look at the fruit and vegetable section in a large grocery store- God loves you. How about those Valentines flowers….bees do not need them, they are for our eyes, as they were intended. To muslims: Love is part of what you are missing, and being persecuted for your faith or murdered for it is martyerdom. Murdering innocents is a Satanic LIE. REPENT……LOVE YOU.

  • Miranda Rose Smith

    In Orwell’s 1984, the main character ends up being tortured and broken at the Ministry of Truth for having engaged in the outlawed behavior of unregulated love.

    It was the Ministry of Love.

  • Mary Sue

    Totalitarianism comes full circle. They lure people in with the promise of sex without strings attached, and clamp down at the last, and Low Information Voters don't even realize it!

    • slider 96

      Oh get a life Mary Sue , or even better , get a boyfreind .

      • Mary Sue

        ROFL. Dude, Soviet Russia happened EXACTLY THAT WAY. Learn from history or be doomed to repeat it.

    • Questions

      Oh, really? Do tell. Totalitarians, Islamic ones especially, don't promise people no-strings-attached sex. They simply warn people against it, and back it up with severe punishment. Piety always militates against laughter.

      • Mary Sue

        I'm talking about the Leftists, who are in bed with the Islamists, not the islamists themselves. But the Leftists themselves will do the cracking down even without the Islamists' help.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Oh, really? Do tell. Totalitarians, Islamic ones especially, don't promise people no-strings-attached sex."

        They regulate it completely, or try to. Did you read the article? No strings attached for the men as long as they obey the property rights of other equal status Muslims.

        "They simply warn people against it"

        They warn people who are beyond their immediate control that some day they may not be (beyond control). Their totalitarian collectivists. That's not "simply warning," it's threatening people.

        "Piety always militates against laughter."

        Says you and coercive freaks.

        • Questions

          I'm not into coercion of any kind. Maybe you've got a reading comprehension problem.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "I'm not into coercion of any kind. Maybe you've got a reading comprehension problem."

            Keep re-reading until you figure out; it's you.

  • slider 96

    Oh give it a break Jamie , the radical RIGHT and most likely the radical CENTER and any number of assorted morons no matter what the stripe HATE VALENTINES DAY .
    On this " Day of Love " you have run out of ideas , and found it appropriate to write this ludicrous piece .

    • JoJoJams

      What an idiotic comment!! LMAO @ you!! "radical right"?? "radical CENTER"?? Wow! This nation has been center-right since it's inception, and the overwhelming majority have been Christian. For over two hundred years, never was a "theocracy" imposed on this nation, and Valentine's day has been embraced by nearly everyone – other then loony lefties. It's you loony lefties that LOVE to throw up strawmen arguments and delusional "reality". Let me guess: You're a twenty something child still living at home…. "Me thinks she doth protest too much!" LMAO!!

      • Charles

        Please go easy on slider 96, JoJoJams. Poor thing has probably never received a card or gift on this special day. The left only trades herpes as a symbol of their affection.

      • slider 96

        No radiacl right ? What do you call McVeigh ? or all those boys running around in the woods in Idaho ? White Supremacists , Neo Nazis , Sovereign Citizens , what rock have you been living under . You're full of sheet about valentines day , and Christians fall on both right and left , anfd both go to extremes . You dont ghave an original thought in your brainwashed head . You're a tea party parrot , who'll believe whatever these pundits tell you , you are lead by the nose . You are the one wet behind the ears , making noises mimicking the 'alleged journalists here . Who ya kidding little man .?

        • Mary Sue

          McVeigh was no right winger. Using all this tea-party disparaging rhetoric makes you unoriginal, while you parrot the Democrap Party talking points. You're a scrub.

        • Fritz

          Radical center? I still can't wrap my head around the concept of someone militantly in favor of being ideologically noncommittal.

        • Fritz

          As for Neo Nazis, I guess you weren't aware that "Nazi" was the German nickname for the "National Socialist German Workers Party". You also mention white supremacists, how about Black supremacists/separatists like the "Nation of Islam" or the "New Black Panther Party" ? Those are anti Semitic, racist, and pro Democrat?

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Let me guess: You're a twenty something child still living at home…"

        All leftists think and act like delusional children.

        • Questions

          Taunting, bullying, aggressive assertions with no evidence — that's about what passes for thinking in your quarters.

          As for Timothy McVeigh, he was a textbook radical Rightist, extreme libertarian on one hand and extreme authoritiarian in his hatred for those not sharing his views. A more pure anarcho-Rightist could not have been invented — think of him as Murray Rothbard on a massive steroid overdose, minus any intellectual curiosity. He was the utter opposite of a modern egalitarian liberal.

          • Western Canadian

            Just because you are willing to lie about him, does not make him right wing. You sound like the PC ‘cartoonist’ who did the drawing (based on a photo) of a first responder holding a dead child, and the caption something like ‘G D you right wing radio’. He was shown to be a fool and a hater when the first responder in the original photo, was revealed to be a Rush L. fan.

            Taunting, bullying, aggressive assertions with no evidence — that’s about what passes for thinking in your quarters.

            You were looking in a mirror when you keyed that gem, right, bozo??

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "As for Timothy McVeigh, he was a textbook radical Rightist…"

            Which textbook is that?

            "A more pure anarcho-Rightist could not have been invented"

            You obviously have no clue what it means to be on the political right.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "As for Timothy McVeigh, he was a textbook radical Rightist…A more pure anarcho-Rightist could not have been invented…"

            left (adj.) c.1200, from Kentish and northern English form of Old English lyft- "weak, foolish" (cf. lyft-adl "lameness, paralysis," East Frisian luf, Dutch dialectal loof "weak, worthless"). It emerged 13c. as "opposite of right" (the left being usually the weaker hand), a derived sense also found in cognate Middle Dutch and Low German luchter, luft. But German link, Dutch linker "left" are from Old High German slinc and Middle Dutch slink "left," related to Old English slincan "crawl," Swedish linka "limp," slinka "dangle."

            Replaced Old English winestra, literally "friendlier," a euphemism used superstitiously to avoid invoking the unlucky forces connected with the left side (see sinister). The Kentish word itself may have been originally a taboo replacement, if instead it represents PIE root *laiwo-, meaning "considered conspicuous" (represented in Greek laios, Latin laevus, and Russian levyi). Greek also uses a euphemism for "left," aristeros "the better one" (cf. also Avestan vairyastara- "to the left," from vairya- "desirable"). But Lithuanian kairys "left" and Lettish kreilis "left hand" derive from a root that yields words for "twisted, crooked."

            As an adverb from early 14c. As a noun from c.1200. Political sense arose from members of a legislative body assigned to the left side of a chamber, first attested in English 1837 (by Carlyle, in reference to the French Revolution), probably a loan-translation of French la gauche (1791), said to have originated during the seating of the French National Assembly in 1789 in which the nobility took the seats on the President's right and left the Third Estate to sit on the left. Became general in U.S. and British political speech c.1900.

            The right sits on the side of the establishment. You can't get further from anarchy sitting on the right you silly person.

    • Mary Sue

      Radical Center is an oxymoron. The Center by definition cannot be radical.

      • slider 96

        You are an oxymoron Mary Sue , go find yourself somebody to love . It was rhetorical genius.

        • Mary Sue

          No it wasn't, it was nonsensical. I have all the lovin i need tyvm for asking.

          • slider 96

            yea , I can tell by all the nice things you say .

          • Mary Sue

            you can't tell s*** if a cow pooped on your face.

        • Hawk

          Hey 96. Is that the best comeback to Mary Sue? How old are you anyway.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        All radicals are counter-culture and can be considered leftist. The right is for conservatives…the establishment. How do you radically conserve something?

        Leftists just wanted to paint conservatives in a pejorative way, so they started describing lunatics who they disagree with as "right wing radicals" without any rational reason to do so. Radicals they agree with are called "heroes" those they don't agree with are "right wing." That's how simple their worldview is. Hitler is a right wing national socialist because they disagree with him. Hitler did not favor the establishment, he became the new establishment.

        And let's face it, we can't fit every feature of political or any ideology in to a left-right dichotomy, so the child-like mind simply reassigns things to fit the simple way they view the world. Hitler had more in common with the left than the right, but you will NEVER get ANY leftist to see this.


    • objectivefactsmatter


  • slider 96

    So the lackeys above , on this "Day of Love " , express their HATE for the people who HATE Valentines day , and everyone else inbetween . Wonderfull .

    • Conniption Fitz


      To disagree or reveal a wrong or a danger is not hate, it is really the opposite – love.

      Just as GOD's Commandments are not hateful, but warnings and a show of protective concern and love for us.

      Truth, Love and Life are inseparable. We must respect all three for our own sakes and for the sake of our society. To do otherwise is destructive, as we see today and throughout history.

      • slider 96

        Yea I can tell by the fine examples here .

        • Mary Sue

          You wouldn't know love if it ran up your legs and bit you in the man-bits.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Yea I can tell by the fine examples here"

          It's very obvious that you have no clue.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "To disagree or reveal a wrong or a danger is not hate, it is really the opposite – love. "

        Leftist trolls have other definitions of love based on delusion and their own dogmas. Love to them is obedience to their ideology. They live in their own worlds.

    • AnOrdinaryMan

      So are we "lackeys" supposed to lie down, and let the Muslim and Progressive fanatics steal everything we hold dear? Because if we stopped them, we would be "haters"? You don't make any sense, man.
      Too bad; if any Islamic thought police show up at my book & card store, they'll be escorted out, pronto.
      By the way, to supplement your 6th grade education, its spelled boy-F-R-I-E-N-D.

      • slider 96

        You already are haters , and lackeys , sucking up whatever is tossed in front of you . And Mary Sue still needs a boyfreind . And no , no islamic police are gonna show up at your book and card store ….or do you think the evil Obama's next target is valentines day .
        And YOU are a buisness owner ??? Imagine that ! GROW UP !

        • JoJoJams

          Slider – I pity you and YOUR hateful soul!! Wow!! You are one bitter sick puppy! What? Your girlfriend dumped you and now you're loveless on valentine's day? Delusional bitter child. YOU need to grow up….. Now, go upstairs and get a hug from your mommy.

          • slider 96

            Save your pity , I dont hate you , but I mock you , as you well deservre aucking up nto this ridiculous NON-NEWS NON ARTICLE . STRAWMAN .

          • Mary Sue

            What about all the straw men you are currently burning on your lawn there?

        • Mo_

          Show me the hate in this article.

          (Projection, much?)

        • Drakken

          You sure do sound like a whinny little malcontent to me. Need a cookie to help you feel better?

          • slider 96

            You are the ones whining and hanwringing in your parqnoid delusions . I just make fun of you fools .

          • Mary Sue

            says the dude who whines in paranoid delusions about the Eeeeevil Tea Party, which threatens Coffee forever!

          • jmz

            coffee party…lol…that was the biggest joke from the left if i ever saw one. and still yet more proof that the lefts policies and life is nothing without us or someone telling the left what to do or think.

          • guest

            just wasting the bandwidth with your hollow nonsense, in the same manner like your idol in the WH does on a broader scale

        • JacksonPearson

          Here, you don't need a Valentine, so just suck on this: http://i55.tinypic.com/2u4h6l3.jpg

          • slider 96

            Talk to Mary Sue bout that dunce .

          • JacksonPearson

            Why? … When it's a sucker for you: http://i55.tinypic.com/2u4h6l3.jpg

          • JacksonPearson

            So Mary Sue has you mumbling, sitting in a dank corner, sucking on your pacifier http://i55.tinypic.com/2u4h6l3.jpg and talking to yourself, LMAO? You're the DUNCE!

          • Mary Sue

            I love it! Jackasses can't argue with me so they go directly to taunting personal attacks. I WIN!

          • JacksonPearson


          • Mary Sue

            You just lost the game.

        • Mary Sue

          No I don't. :p

        • Mary Sue

          Um, dumbass, some Islamist troll in Canada haxed a site in Ottawa to make it into an anti-Valentines "***k Valentines, I'm not yours, you're not mine" message. At the bottom, the CTV screencap showed that it said "We are Muslims Soldiers off (sic) Allah". It's an Islamist Hate Crime against Love!

          Given the god of green cheese is a sociopath that wouldn't know love if it bit him in the a$$, I'm not surprised.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "And Mary Sue still needs a boyfreind"

          That's powerful logic for a guy who never graduated from trolling AOL.

          "And no , no islamic police are gonna show up at your book and card store"

          They already do when they have the power to do so. You're clueless as always.

          "or do you think the evil Obama's next target is valentines day .
          And YOU are a buisness owner ??? Imagine that ! GROW UP ! "

          Projecting your simple mind on to others doesn't help any of your silly arguments.

          0'Bama is a sharia-socialist you ninny. You can't actually follow along because the facts don't line up with your delusions. 0'Bama personally has no problem with Valentine's Day.

    • Mary Sue

      The god of The Moon Is Made Of Green Cheese cannot Love.

    • jmz

      you didnt read this article did you..admit it, because your replay is pure nonsense and a poor attempt to sound wittly and intelectually superior. the only 'lackey' is you matey

  • fiona

    1 Corinthians 13
    4 Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,
    5 Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil;
    6 Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;
    7 Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.
    8 Charity never faileth…… KJV

    Charity is Love, Love is Charity. Love is selfless not selfish that is what feminists and Muslims don’t get.

    • LibertarianToo

      "Love is selfless not selfish that is what feminists and Muslims don’t get."

      This is the exact opposite of the point made in the article. . . .

      • fiona

        Yes I kind of got that but when you truly love someone you put their needs above your own. that is what true love is – selfless. It is not based on mushy feelings. You choose to love someone even when things are going bad.
        Matthew 5 ;43-48
        Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. …

        • LibertarianToo

          Valentine's day celebrates erotic love. The collectivists who want us to subsume ourselves in their causes can't stand that "nation of two" who just want to be left alone, and couldn't care less if the workers unite or Allah is served or the ceiling falls in.

  • figment newton

    You know what would really piss off the left and the muslims? Have SAINT valentine's day everyday.

    I don't subscribe to the commercialism that is foisted on us by the industry of buying cards, candy, gifts, etc for "celebration" sakes. but showing love, gratitude to your significant others (family ) would do well to fly in the face of subversion.

    You can't fight the darkness with more darkness.

    "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."
    John 3:16

  • Aisha2

    I issue a FATWA. Anyone who doesn’t like Valentines Day gets smacked in the behind until he or she apologizes and starts acting like a human being.

  • Looking4Sanity

    You always hate what you can not have. Poor Imams! No wonder they're so cranky all the time.

  • Adam

    Andrea Dworkin looks like an overweight male truck driver and Hanoi Jane always the hypocrite, will jump on any liberal issue that put her in the news. The feminists who are against valentines day are typically ugly, fat and jealous. On another note Saint Valentine was beheaded, the Islamists should appreciate that.

    • Questions

      Andrea Dworkin died several years ago. And she is about as relevant to this debate as Jimmy Hoffa.

      • Mary Sue

        Feminazis still idolize her.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Andrea Dworkin died several years ago. And she is about as relevant to this debate as Jimmy Hoffa."

        Another clear indicator of your poor logic.

  • slider 96

    Oh please people , give it a break .Anyone who knows anything about Isam knows they hate EVERYTHING WESTERN . 20 years ago article have been written about the Saudis ban on even symbols for Valentines day .
    This article is a dogwhistle strawman if ever there was one . " the radical left " HATES Valentines day …yea ok . so do Jehovah Witnesses , Mennonites , and several of the over 2000 christian sects . But the term" radical left " servesJjamie's purpose , the lackeys go where they are lead ,- extrapolate radical left , to the left , to the Democrats , to anyone who didn't vote for Romney and finally to your Grand Nemesis and BOGEYMAN Obama . Obama 's the one you hate , just say it instead of these ridiculous roundabout ways .

    • JoJoJams

      …..the only one extrapolating here is you. Who mentioned Obama other than you? Look in the mirror, son!! The only one here fitting your delusional ravings…..is YOU!! LMAO!

    • Softly Bob

      A typical non-argument if ever there was one. Yes, Jehovah's Witnesses and certain other Christian sects may despise Valentine's day but only because they don't agree with false Christian imagery. They don't despise Valentine's day because it represents personal love, which is precisely what this article is about. Your point therefore is invalid and stupid.
      Are you saying that Jehovah's Witnesses see Valentine's day as a "manifestation of how capitalist and homophobic patriarchs brainwash and oppress women and push them into spheres of powerlessness?" No of course not. So why have you replied to this article with such an irrelevant comment.
      Go and view a website more akin to your tastes as you're obviously out of your depth looking at this one.

    • Drakken

      Thy doth protest to much window licker!

    • Mary Sue

      Last I heard, Obama was actually going to go celebrate Valentine's Day, so p*ss off.

    • sucmydic

      HEY slider why don’t you go and slide of a roof. Your comments are nauseating. My eyes are bleeding.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Oh please people , give it a break .Anyone who knows anything about Isam knows they hate EVERYTHING WESTERN…"

      Yes, and that doesn't mean we can't pursue the reasons further to learn more about it? No it does not.

      If you really want to understand, read the article again till you do. I don't think you want to understand. Oh yes, you're one of the weak trolls that occasionally makes a big effort to use some kind of logic based on your own poor reading comprehension. Carry on I guess.

  • slider 96

    And tell me WHY is Jane Fonda's picture up there ? Because Jamie knows basic psychology .Pictures associated with words = planting ideas and attitudes in the minds that are bendable . Fonda screwed up 40 years ago , has profusely apologized , and I'm sure she's not radical Left or hates Valentines day . Besides where's all your "christian love " .Fiona likes to thump the Bible , but does not follow it -to forgive , even after the sinner [Fonda no doubt] -repents. If that's the case why not a picture of the Draft Dodger Ted Nugent ? Chiken-hawk extraordinaire .

    What you have here is an ongoing spectacle of hypocrites . Have fun children .

    • LibertarianToo

      Oh my god! I was tending to be on your side until this post. Jane Fonda's "apologies" were of the "I regret if anyone was offended" variety and wouldn't fool a 5-year-old. She is the scum of the earth, and is as far, far left as it is possible to get while still grabbing that capitalist cash with both hands.

      • slider 96

        LOL…do you thimnk I post to get your approval ? or win you over ? I'm herev to mock you . You people are already a lost cause . . If she's scum, of the earth what would you call Nugent ? Indeed what would you call David Horowitz ?? Do you know where he stood in the 60'and 70's ?
        Such ignorance here is jawdropping .

        • Mary Sue

          Trollin' trollin' trolling'
          keep trollin trollin trollin, troll-hide!
          Don't need no understandin'
          just whips and chains and brandin'
          please leave your mark on my backside…

    • thomas_h

      "Have fun children ."

      But we do, we do, poor frothing-from-the-mouth Slither!

      It is you, a lonely suffering loony, consumed by hate, envy and resentment that obviously have no fun in your wretched existence. Which, I must admit, adds considerably to our fun.

      Now, go get your real-size, inflatable Fonda doll from the attic and pour her a few beers. The b*tch is cheap so I have no doubt she will be yours tonight.

    • Softly Bob

      Ted Nugent is not an irrational Leftist, hence no picture of him. I would have thought that was obvious to even the dumbest of idiots.

      • slider 96

        He's a draft dodging chicken hawk , a moron who rubbed feces over himself to get declared 4 F . If you can forgive that , without an apology from him , then you can forgive Fonda , who has apologized , and on more than a few occaisions . Libertarian's talking out the opposite end .

        • Mary Sue

          or maybe he actually WAS crazy? Oh no that can't be it. Oh wait, he's a teabagger, he HAS to be! :p

    • Drakken

      You do know that having a liberal meltdown as your having leads to more communist ideals, silly child.

    • Stephen_Brady

      There's no statute of limitations on treason, slider. The Hanoi b**** shall have her day before the firing squad, if America is still America.

      • JacksonPearson


      • slider 96

        Go tell that to Ted Nugent and David Horowitz .

        • Mary Sue

          both of those repented of their leftism. What is your excuse?

          • JacksonPearson

            Shhh, don't bother him while he's sucking on his pacifier!

        • Stephen_Brady

          Why? They already know that the traitorous daughter of one of America's most beloved leftie actors could be subject to trial for treason.

          Or do you mean that Ted and David themselves are "traitors" for having seen oppression and terror that has characterized Marxism from its very beginnings?

          • slider 96

            LOL…oh really ? I see you haven't got a clue .Here's a clue for the clueless . It was never about marxism with Horowitz OR Nugent . I can tell you were in your diapers when Dave was doing his thing with Ramparts and Ted with his fecal draft dodging routine . You dont know what you're talking about scrub .So tell me how do Nugent and Horowitz rate redemption but not Fonda ? I've heard no apologies from Nugent , nor other than a book renouncing a past held philosophy , no apology from to the public .
            Personally I don't NEED apologies , and apparantly you screwballs do , but you are selective on whose you accept , and that based totally on your resentment of their presently or past held views .
            GROW UP .

          • Stephen_Brady

            In my diapers? Not likely …

            I served in Vietnam 1968-69, DELTA/2/501/101st.

            Horowitz and Nugent rate redemption because they know they were in error, served an evil system of thought, and have PROVED; themselves, time and again.

            LOL? You weren't even a stain on mommy's and daddy's bed when I was hunting Charlie like deer, in the Ashau Valley of South Vietnam. Be glad for the anonymity of the internet. Laugh at me, you lamebrain, in real life, and I would skullf**k you. I would definitely give you an attitude adjustment you would never forget. You'd make Gomer Pyle look like a true man …

          • Mary Sue

            Fonda never renounced. Forget apologies, it's renouncement of commie beliefs that counts.

    • Ghostwriter

      My mother doesn't like Jane Fonda or the stunt she pulled. She was involved with the anti-war movement but there were things that she didn't like about the movement. She always thought that stuff like that lost any sort of moral authority the anti-war movement ever had.

  • logdon

    Here's what they have to say in Aceh about Western corrupting influences.

    'Tgk Feisal, general secretary of the Aceh Ulema Association (HUDA), stated that “It is haram for Muslims to observe Valentine’s Day because it does not accord with Islamic Sharia.” He added that the government must watch out for youths participating in Valentine’s Day activities in Aceh'.

    If the name rings a bell, Aceh was at the epicentre of the Boxing Day Tsunami and suffered the most devastation.

    Western response as the images of destruction and tales of tragedy beamed into our homes was quite unprecedented and the largesse of everyday people poured millions and millions into the coffers of aid.

    It was without a doubt the most massive display of empathy, sympathy and shared grief ever. And remember the recipients were Muslim, the very same religion which had orchestrated 9/11 and had bombed its way around the world since.

    Here are some stats.

    About US $14 billion was raised internationally. The scale of the generous public response was unprecedented, not only in the amount of money raised but also in the proportion of funding from the general public, and the speed with which money was pledged or donated.

    US $ 2.5 billion at least, was added to the above amount by Governments of affected countries.

    US $190 million was donated by the population of the affected countries recorded through formal channels. There is no reliable estimate of the economic value of the contribution of the affected population to their own survival.

    The contrast is immediately observable. Almost seven times more from Europeans and Americans than their own governments .

    So what's my point? As if you haven't guessed.

    They'll accept the generosity of Western lucre with all the filthy influences of the dirty dollar, or tainted euro and polluted pound with hand stretching impunity. But heaven forbid (in their eyes quite literally) any sign of that evil western culture of expression of love and affection.

    We rose above our post 9/11 grief. We allowed compassion to overcome resentment and hate and consequently saved thousands from death and lingering squalor.

    Meanwhile even the most innocuous of our celebration days, a day of love of all things, is haram because it doesn't conform to shariah.

    That's the difference folks and no matter what disinformation and obfuscation the vast left wing/islamist conspiracy tries to pump out, it's there in stark black and white.

    Or should that be the green of the greenback?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Or should that be the green of the greenback?"

      Muslims invented money, including the US dollar. All things good in the West were stolen from Islam. They owe it.

      That's what they're actually thinking.

  • Rostislav

    My heartiest Valentine's Day wishes to all the charming ladies of the FPM's most elegant circle of commentators, God bless you! Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

    • DebbieOhio912

      You're making me blush, Rostislav! You have a nice day too..

  • http://www.clarespark.com clarespark

    The anti-Valentines mob probably hate women too, like these symbolist poets I analyzed here: http://clarespark.com/2009/10/23/murdered-by-the-…. "Murdered by the mob: Moral mothers and symbolist poets."

  • Chezwick

    Thought crime be damned, I love my woman dearly.

  • trickyblain

    Know what else radical Muslims hate?

    – Gay marriage
    – Women in combat
    – Gun control
    – Nontraditional values
    – Pork
    – Obama
    – Hollywood
    – Liberalism

    • Questions

      Which is exactly why Muslims should be opposed. The term "radical Muslims," by the way, is a redundancy — Islam, by its very nature, is a radical rejection of all things Western.

    • LibertarianToo

      I hear you. But remember -A stopped clock is right twice a day.

    • Mary Sue

      Yeah, so? Leftists will NEVER take issue with any of those to Muslims.

      • trickyblain

        Well, I'll bring them up next time I'm chatting with an Islamic fundie. But you don't run into many here in NorCal and I don't plan on visiting Qatar anytime soon.

        • Mary Sue

          Who needs Qatar? Dearborn is close enough! (ok yeah Michigan is a gazillion miles away but still)

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Well, I'll bring them up next time I'm chatting with an Islamic fundie. But you don't run into many here in NorCal and I don't plan on visiting Qatar anytime soon. "

          I'll be happy to show you around. YOU may not run in to many. They're there.

          And any college campus promoting lies about Israel will have Muslims behind it.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          28-year-old Matthew Llaneza of San Jose

          Matthew offered to show you around too.

    • mercenarygrip

      You're wrong, they LOVE gun control. It helps them to keep the masses in line, if they are unable to defend themselves.

      • trickyblain

        Nah, not really. Pakistan, Afghanistan and the other "Stans" have virtually no gun laws. You can buy a full-auto AK for virtually nothing. You can get a new one in Egypt for about $300 (Here in the US, I paid over $1k for my semi-auto AR built from parts). Folks in Iraq walk around with AK's slinged and 9s holstered. Iran (Persians) has some controls, but nothing like the laws in Europe or Aus. For the Arab world, the gun culture is strong.

        • Mary Sue

          More like the Murder culture is strong…they'll use acid, for crying out loud.

          • trickyblain

            And FPM writes an article condemning people who, today, are protesting those barbaric attacks on women. In fact, you're commenting on that article now, Mary Sue.

          • Mary Sue

            No, the article condemns those who hate valentines day. The strange bedfellows of Islamism and Leftism are trying to co-opt and/or destroy the original intent of the day.

            So I'm commenting on a story. Nobody here (except maybe a few islamist or leftist nut jobs) would condemn protests against barbaric attacks on women. Leftists, you see, don't tend to protest against the Islamic barbarism against women so much.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "And FPM writes an article condemning people who, today, are protesting those barbaric attacks on women."

            They're not being condemned for opposing violence but for using this supposed theme to protest a holiday.

            "The most popular martyrology associated with Saint Valentine was that he was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire…"

            It was about romantic relationships that lead to marriage and children. It may have morphed today, but that's due to those making the protests. It's clear what they're protesting but you just didn't read carefully enough. They claim traditional male-female relationships are akin to slavery.

            It's pretty absurd, especially in 2013 in the USA. Yet do they ever protest or open their mouths when Muslims rape, murder or mutilate women? No they don't. Never.

            But nobody will be surprised that you don't get the point.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Nah, not really. Pakistan, Afghanistan and the other "Stans" have virtually no gun laws."

          To be clear, virtually everyone advocating gun control wants to control those guns owned by others. Muslims are pro gun control in the West without any intention of turning away from owning their own. Of course sharia followers are not opposed to owning any weapons personally. They're pro gun control for controlling the guns presently owned by future dhimmis.

  • Loyal Achates

    Hilarious that you can begin by condemning Muslims for violence against women and then pivot immediately for attacking liberals and feminists for trying to raise awareness of violence against women.

    • Loyal Achates

      *immediately to


      You seem to have trouble with reading comprehension.

    • Mary Sue

      Feminazis don't simply raise awareness of violence against women. Feminazis hate valentine's day because they hate men. That's what we're objecting to, not their raising awareness by Co-Opting Valentine's day. Pick another day!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Hilarious that you can begin by condemning Muslims for violence against women and then pivot immediately for attacking liberals and feminists for trying to raise awareness of violence against women. "

      Another leftist with poor reading comprehension.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "…pivot immediately for attacking liberals and feminists for trying to raise awareness of violence against women."

      If they were "trying to raise awareness of violence against women" they wouldn't lie constantly about Islam. That's why most of it occurs in the West and elsewhere.

  • cxt


    Very well put! A good read and excellent point/s. :)

    Great back-up to the story itself.

  • urscary

    This is a very very scary place. All of you are terribly frightening.

    • Loyal Achates

      Nah, for me coming here is like visiting the zoo.

      • Western Canadian

        Except you were banned from all zoo’s because of your sadistic attacks on the small aniimals.


      If you're scared because you're part of the Progressive Left, then I'm glad to hear it. You should be scared – your side will eventually lose the battle to establish collectivism if arguments like Glazov's are left uncensored, because you cannot meet them.

      • trickyblain

        Arguments like "the left hates love" are meant for knuckle-dragging morons with no critical thinking ability.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Arguments like "the left hates love" are meant for knuckle-dragging morons with no critical thinking ability."

          You're just a dupe who doesn't understand the arguments.

        • Mary Sue

          Um, "critical thinking" =/= "uncritically accepting every left wing argument while kneejerkingly discarding every right wing one".

    • Mary Sue

      Allah should scare you more.

      • slider 96

        LOLOL….you people are frightening to those who just become aware of your rants . After a while , They'll see you for the hatefull ,paranoid , non-thinking fools that you are .
        Nothing to be afraid of at all , and a great source of amusement .

        • Mary Sue

          You don't know me. Don't say I can't play with my little toys!


    This has to be one of Glazov's best articles, a timely discussion of exactly why the Left/Islamic alliance hates romantic love and feels threatened by it.

  • Mark Koenig

    Jamie is exactly correct here. Not long ago an Iranian imam spoke about how evil music is because it draws one into a "hypnotic state" and presumably away from the worship of their evil deity, Allah. All beauty in Islam and in totalitarian societies is to be banned, purged, stamped out. But as Jamie also notes – Love will prevail – it is a lethal weapon against the forces of evil. And since God is love – God will prevail in the end.

  • Lou Ellen Brown

    Very enlightening. Thanks for writing this, Jamie, and for allowing a repost. I have never understood how mutilating a person one is supposed to love is considered honorable behavior. I think when the Caliphate is closer to worldwide control, I will opt out, so to speak, as I will bow to no humanbeing.

  • Anamah

    Happy Valentines to everyone!!!

    • cathy

      Happy Valentines Anamah! Happy Valentines everybody!

  • cathy

    School Bans Valentine’s Day Cards, Candy
    February 14, 2013

  • cathy

    Allen West: When tolerance is a one way street, it will lead to cultural suicide

  • slider 96

    And since none of you here are supreme beings , , lol…no one will find any love here either , just bitter dreggs and animosity .

    • Mary Sue

      YOu're projecting again, backslider.

  • Silverio Facundo

    Saint Valentine is strictly a Christian/European celebration. And in 2013, St. Valentine is an immensely commercial endeavor, where love and friendship are second to consumerism and shopping. It is one of many western values that starting from a good idea or a special moment, has degenerated into yet another way of forcing people to buy, consume and spend money.

    As much as we can blame and dislike muslims for many ills in the modern world, their disdain of St.Valentine shouldn't be one of them. There's no requirement that other religions/cultures/countries should celebrate this day. It is their right of not wanting to be penetrated by an alien, Western value which has no meaning to them. Of course saudis or pakistanis, for instance, hate everything un-islamic. But to castigate them because they don't want the February 14 custom to invade their country is wrong. Their argument against it is as valid as the American people not wanting islamic sharia penetrating the USA.

    So although in general I tend to agree with what Glazov has to say, I think this time he went over the bridge.

    • gerry

      Who is "they", in having a right to not be penetrated by Western culture? I have many Persian Muslim friends who love st. valentine's day, and christmas as well. They say, that they have a right to celebrate these customs because they are about love, and love is universal. Moreover, they say, that they have a right to interpret their religion in a metephorical way, and those Muslims with an extreme interpretation of Sharia have no right to tell them what to do.

      • Silverio Facundo

        I have many muslim friends living in the U.S. and the U.K. who love Eid al-Fitr and Ramadan as well. They say that they have a right to celebrate these customs because they are about islam and family values and charity, and all these are universal. Moreover, they say, they have a right to interpret their religion in a metaphorical way, and those Christians with an extreme interpretation of democracy have no right to tell them what to do.

        So next time the neighborhood mosque speakers start blasting the word of allah at 5:00 in the morning or 500 muslims stop in the middle of Madison Av. to lift their asses to allah at the peak rush-hour, they have a right to interpret their religion as they wish and no one can say anything to them.

        Not wanting sharia and muslim customs in Main Street USA is as valid and legit as not wanting St. Valentine in Baghdad or Mecca. I'd rather not have any muslims in my neighborhood in Anytown USA if that means that they won't have to submit to Christmas or St. Valentines in their neighborhoods in Cairo. I can live with that.

        • gravenimage

          Silverio Facundo considers romantic love to be indicative of "Christians with an extreme interpretation of democracy", and believes that this should be prevented in Muslim lands even with violence. Sickening.

    • Mary Sue

      Their right to disdain Valentine's Day stops at our right to celebrate it. The MINUTE they IMPOSE their views on others, that's when they are rightfully condemned, just as any Christian who allegedly imposes their morality on society would be condemned.

  • bana

    Valentines is pagan ..I'm christian and take no part in it.

    • Mary Sue

      Saint valentine was no Pagan. He was a Christian Catholic saint.

      • "gunner"

        @ mary sue, and bana,
        you're both about half right, "valentine's day" began as a roman holiday, celebrating love, it was co-opted by christians, as were many roman festivals. as a roman mithraic "pagan" i don't mind, i'll happily share it with you all, as a celebration of good feelings and happiness. so happy valentines day.
        as for slider, you have my pity, whether you want it or not, what a sad little life you must lead, so full of hate.

        • slider 96

          Save it gunner , I dont want or need it .Ive got nothing against Valentines day ,and I despise ALL who would limit it's celebration in any way .
          However to go off on a bend and include , along with the muslims ,[ the obvious offenders as we all know] , extrapolate to , and focus your obvious hatred on everypone elase who disagrees with you , is just plain stupid .
          So right back at ya gunner .Any novice visiting this blog would in no way recognize "good feelings and happiness " – so really who are you silly lttle people trying to fool ? You can try to play turnaround with me on the subject of hate , but that is expected from small minds .You know who you are and what you are .

  • David


    Thank you. I am 64 years old and very much in love with my sweetheart I last saw 35 years ago. This is the real connection, the real antidote to the things that are wrong now. Not just love in a general sense, but love in the real sense of the one on one joy of appreciation that makes one realize just what is important in life.

    You are right, they will never extinguish the fire of love, because it is fundamental to the human condition and because of that, those who wish to impose darkness will never prevail.

    Best regards,


  • WilliamJamesWard

    Islam hates Valentine's day as it reveals thier hideous deformity, no heart, just a black hole
    that is hellbound, empty and void, no future but death whereas love, compassion and
    sympathy will always be beyond thier heathen condition…………..William

  • Nanis

    Day of love has “spread immodesty in the world.” So what do you call immodesty when they rape women I guess there is no immodesty in that. These people bite their tounge when they talk about immodesty. Do the know they are the slaves desendents? If they were so modest then they would not be the desendents of the slave.

    • Mary Sue

      b-b-but you see, if they weren't "immodest" they wouldn't have been raped! Out of sight out of mind, you know… [/sarcasm]

  • logdon

    Here's how it works.

    In the decadent West, St Valentines Day is a day of love and romance and a celebration of personal relationships.

    It's light hearted and whether a spur for a shy suitor to declare desire or a reason for an old married couple to rejuvenate a little passion what possible harm can it bring?

    The answer within Islam could be well and truly declared by that well known Sunni Scholar and MB titan, Said Qutb.

    His book, Milestones is regarded as one of the main drivers of the Islamic revival and wherever there's an Islamic bookshop odds are it'll be there.

    As an Egyptian teacher he was sent on a mission to the USA to learn about education methods and scholarship.

    He wound up in Forties Greely, Colorado, a small town of trimmed lawns, picket fences and apple pie.

    What he saw there shocked his pious muslim mind and only confirmed his antipathy towards an immoral and corrupted West.

    However there were also other drivers and this one will come as no surprise

    "When we came here to appeal to England for our rights, the world helped England against the justice (sic). When we came here to appeal against Jews, the world helped the Jews against the justice. During the war between Arab and Jews, the world helped the Jews, too."

    It's those damned Jews again! And note his islamic version of 'justice'? Clue: it doesn't include Jews.

    But his ire wasn't confined to the Zionists. Here's another, taken from his writings (and the psychological point of this little tale).

    "The American girl is well acquainted with her body's seductive capacity. She knows it lies in the face, and in expressive eyes, and thirsty lips. She knows seductiveness lies in the round breasts, the full buttocks, and in the shapely thighs, sleek legs — and she shows all this and does not hide it."

    Even an innocent dance in a church basement is proof of animalistic American sexuality:

    "They danced to the tunes of the gramophone, and the dance floor was replete with tapping feet, enticing legs, arms wrapped around waists, lips pressed to lips, and chests pressed to chests. The atmosphere was full of desire…"

    So there you have it. Remember, this was the 1949 of the Andrews Sisters, calf length hooped skirts and a sense of morality which would be viewed as, in our age of 'whatever', draconian and repressive.

    He obviously had sexual problems, thats for sure and doesn't this latest outcry exemplify the dillema affecting the Muslim world.

    It's as if mad collective insanity has infected their minds, As many are illiterate they rely on the old grey bearded ones for guidance and this, not surprisingly is what they come up with.

    Sheer negativity.

    In Islam, unless it's striking the unbeleavers, it would seem that the answer to any question is no.

    • gravenimage

      Excellent post, logdon. Islam *hates* romantic love, even at its most innocent.

  • jehovahs witness

    the reason us Jehovah witnesses don't celebrate valentine's day is because back in the day as you m know St. Valentine married people secretly and they killed him on the day of feb. 14 and you are celebrating that day when they beheaded some one. that's also why we don't celebrate birthdays. they beheaded people for birthdays too. they even beheaded john the Baptist for someone who danced for a guys birthday party. he said you were such a good dancer I will give you anything. and he promised. so the little girl asked her mom and she aid john the Baptists head. he promised even though he was friends he could not break the promise so he killed john. and thats why e don't do birthdays and valentines day.

    • Mary Sue

      Uh no.

      I've talked to many, MANY JW's. Argued with them at length about the deity of Christ, and at one point got them to tell me why they don't celebrate birthdays.

      They told me that it was because only TWO people in the Bible were ever recorded as celebrating birthdays. Pharaoh (during Joseph's stay there), and King Herod. Since neither were "followers of Jehovah" they extrapolated (rather insanely I might add, it's a HUGE stretch and leap of logic) that this means that since "followers of Jehovah" weren't recorded as celebrating Birthdays, that this means that they did not. Even though there is no Given Commandment to NOT celebrate birthdays! You'd think something that important would be up there with Do Not Murder or Do Not Steal, wouldn't you?

      That sort of garbage is what Jesus said about the Pharisees, following Laws Made By Men. And he roundly condemned them for it.

  • FrontPgSubscr

    In REAL life, this can be a truly tough one!!! Every day, day after day, one will face
    the consequence of his choices and that of the decisions he makes!

  • FrontPgSubscr

    BETTER!! : In REAL life, this can be a truly tough one!!! Every day, day after day, one faces
    the consequence of his choices and that of the decisions he made!

    How do you DELETE a post?

  • Smote

    The best way to f**k Islam and the left? Love.

  • slider 96

    Yea , love'em and f**k 'em !
    LOL…what a strange Universe .

  • Ghostwriter

    I don't have a sweetheart but that doesn't make me hate Valentine's Day. I don't have a problem with it.