Miley Cyrus, Saturday Night Live and Double Standards

mileyRegarding Miley Cyrus’s sketch on SNL the other night, in which John Boehner was caricatured as gay and Michele Bachmann was, to say the least, over-sexualized, I couldn’t help but wonder: What if a (conservative) pop singer did the same thing to left-wing politicians? We already know the answer, of course. The pop singer would immediately be scathingly denounced for his/her homophobia, misogyny, bigotry and hate.

However, it’s perfectly acceptable to suggest that there is something wrong with being gay — and engaging in the sexualization and objectification of women (one of the Left’s favorite topics) if the targets are conservative and the people engaged in the mockery are liberals.

And the media, naturally, overlooks this pernicious hypocrisy and double standard every time.

As someone who fled as a child with his family from a totalitarian socialist country, it always intrigues me to witness who can and cannot be ridiculed in a supposedly free society. For instance, in Cyrus’s SLN skit, replace Boehner in the video with Obama and Bachmann with Hillary. Would Cyrus ever dare engage in such a thing? Even the thought would obviously horrify her and her liberal milieu. And even if she dared to do so — and sacrificed everything in her professional life for this sacrilegious act — SNL and NBC would never allow the skit to air.

Think about this. Think about what it means that a video by Cyrus mocking Obama and Hillary the same way her SNL skit mocks Boehner and Bachmann is simply unfathomable. Consider what this reality means about the Left and its power and its tyranny — and all of it masquerading, as always, behind the face of tolerance and progress.

This ugly phenomenon reminds me of the years I spent in academia, where I was confronted daily by this same pathological virus. I remember how I once announced in a graduate studies lounge that my favorite American president was Ronald Reagan — and how I considered capitalism to be the best economic experiment in history. This was the end of my existence as a human being in my colleagues’ eyes and world.

Not that I cared much, since their friendship didn’t matter to me, nor did I need or desire membership in their “club.” But one thing is for sure: I was now a monster in their eyes and many opportunities in academia had been crushed for me because of my thought crime. Interestingly enough, though, it was they who were considered the open-minded liberal people in society and I was the closed-minded “fascistic” one – even though I accepted them as humans despite what I found to be their wrong-minded views, though they couldn’t offer me the same courtesy.

At one particular academic party I attended, a very typical incident occurred that symbolized well the time I had spent around leftists. I was standing by a table with snacks on it. As I dipped a chip into a sauce bowl, one particular woman did so simultaneously in another bowl and looked at me, saying suddenly: “Oh I just saw Michael Moore’s movie, incredible, really, really incredible.” I didn’t know this woman, and she didn’t know me. But she assumed, of course, that I agreed with her about Moore’s leftist hate-America message and with anything else she would or could possibly say about it. She nodded at me while praising Moore as if I had already nodded in agreement, which I had not done.

That image has forever stayed with me. For me, it was extremely weird, perverse and scary; but not for anyone else in the leftist camp. For me, the thought of my behaving in such a way toward anyone else is simply baffling. I try to picture myself approaching a person at a party that I do not know and to begin telling them how I have just finished reading Bush’s memoir, “Decision Points,” and how absolutely awesome it is; and I say this to the person on the assumption that they are completely invested in their passionate empathy toward me and my subject, as I speak. The dynamic is just absurd — for a million reasons. But for the Left, and for the totalitarian world that they inhabit, this is a normal and everyday thing.

There is an infomercial on late at night on cable about a supposed remedy for baldness. The commercial begins with a woman approaching a man wearing a Yarmulke. She says, “Tony [or whatever his name is], I didn’t know you were Jewish.” And he laughs and says he is not Jewish, but that he is hiding his bald spot. The commercial transitions into selling a product, and at the end of it, the guy doesn’t have to wear his Yarmulke anymore.

But I can’t help wondering: Why didn’t they make this commercial about a guy sitting in a kufiya, the Muslim head covering for men, and a woman saying: “I didn’t know you were Muslim”? Could they make a commercial of this sort? The answer is obvious. We know why, and we know very well why.

At the gym I go to, there is a particular fellow who is very fond of making fun of Christians and Christianity. The other day he said very loudly in front of many people in the locker room: “Christians are all fanatics.” He said this with great bravado and derision. I found it interesting that he didn’t look around with any discomfort or apprehension while he said it or afterwards  — just to check who was around. It was very clear to him, and to everyone else, that nothing bad would happen to him.

I tried to picture him saying the same thing, in the same manner and with the same volume, about Muslims. It is so obvious he would never dare do this. But one could argue that, in terms of what just happened in a mall in Nairobi, that there might be a lot of cause for him to do so.

Leftists save their criticism and ridicule for those groups they know will not harm them, which, in turn, raises the question of why these groups would be the target of their disdain, when one would think that a group that would hurt you and engage in violence toward you would merit more of your attention, analysis and criticism.

But that’s the world of the Left, where John Boehner and Michele Bachmann are smeared in comedy sketches with slanders that liberals would never allow to be directed toward themselves or toward any of the figures they worship as tyrants and before whom they prostrate themselves like slaves. They engage in this charade all in the name of concepts like democracy and liberalism — the concepts that their behavior is, tragically, annihilating right before our eyes.


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  • Joseph X.

    “Waaahhh. The lefties get away with thing we can’t. It’s not fair. Waaah.” Some lady told me she likes Michael Moore. More whining. What if I told her I liked Bush’s memoir (!). (This shows a serious sign of mental degradation, but that’s whole other topic.) More conservative crying at how unfair America is. When are conservatives going to stop hating America?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “What if I told her I liked Bush’s memoir (!). (This shows a serious sign of mental degradation, but that’s whole other topic.)”

      Behold another leftist crackpot.

      “More conservative crying at how unfair America is.”

      Nobody said it wasn’t fair. You’re just a bunch of robots on the left. But your programming won’t allow you to understand the rational criticism.

      “When are conservatives going to stop hating America?”

      Hating the left is hating America…up is down, left is right…in your world of delusion. It’s like you don’t even know what “conservative” means.

    • m4253y


      isn’t that the rally cry for a want-to-be, disenfranchised, government dependent?

      you know, types like you that live and breath literally by the grace of your government and not by your own volition?

      seeing as you view ‘unfair’ then you must be commenting from the fair side. so, what is it that you have done with your life for the greater good of America?

      let’s start with that shall we? you know, your love of America. share with us your vision.

    • laura

      i speak my mind no matter where i am @ the moment. since i am not in the middle east or in a muslim area, i say anything i choose. doute that mr. glazov is repressed either.

      • Gislef

        Since Mr. Glazov didn’t say he is repressed, not sure what the point is…

    • nomoretraitors

      Just remember that the next time your minders whine about how the rich aren’t paying their “fair share”

    • Cold_Drake_80

      They don’t hate America. They just hate any difference of opinion, freedom of speech, assembly, et al. They hate anyone who doesn’t look like them or practice their version of sky daddy worship. They hate government when it isn’t killing people since they like watching blood and dead bodies on their HD TVs.
      Aside from that they love America.

      • mattogilvie55

        You just described liberals, except for the last sentence.

        • Cold_Drake_80

          That’s all you’ve got? Total fail even by the virtually non-existent standards of FPM. You need to at least try.

          • michelletherese


          • Cold_Drake_80

            Well, you’re an ignorant tool without an idea in your head.

          • mattogilvie55

            Since I’m talking about liberals, that is all I need. Instead of talking about liberals, we should be getting rid of them in order to save America from their evil.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            Now come the calls for genocide. How very FPM of you.

          • mattogilvie55

            So what? You won’t do anything about it. You don’t have the nerve, junior.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            It’s nice to see at least some form of honesty on this website. You are a bigoted, sociopath – in short – a monster. The truth may not set you free from your own insanity but it at least lets us know what kind of beast we have to deal with.

          • mattogilvie55

            Don’t ever call me a liberal again, junior. I”m better than that. Then again, all conservatives are better than that.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            I would say you’ve been reduced to childish name calling but as a grinning slave of the right wing that’s clearly all you are capable of.

          • mattogilvie55

            Hey, you’re the one who trying to insult me by calling me a liberal. In the world of human beings, aka conservatives, them’s fighting words.

      • ziggy zoggy

        You just described the Obamaburo.

        • Cold_Drake_80

          Hey, cyberstalker still as hate filled and deranged as usual?

    • nomoretraitors

      Yes, I know it’s hard when liberal lying and hypocrisy are exposed.
      You liberals are liars and phonies, every stinkin’ last one of ya.
      But then I shouldn’t be surprised. You are only following your father, the devil. When he lies, he speak his (and your) native tongue for he is a liar and the father of lies.


      “When are conservatives going to stop hating America?” When are you going to stop beating your wife? If you don’t understand the logical fallacy behind these types of questions, you need to educate yourself.

      As for hating America, that’s what your side is guilty of – that’s why you cheer the “fundamental transformation” of the greatest nation in the world into something much less. I haven’t the time to waste explaining all the roots of your hatred, but basically it boils down to a free people not making the voluntary choices you think they should – and your determination to use force to make them comply with your will. You hate America because you hate freedom – take a good look at yourself in the mirror sometime.

    • michelletherese

      Hoo boy, that is deep. Deeeeeep.

    • Gislef

      The question isn’t whether conservatives think America (i.e., liberals) are unfair. The question is, why do you support liberals who are hypocrites?

  • Joanie

    Joseph…Seems to me that the pot is calling the kettle black…it’s totally the other way around as to who hates America!!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Are you still required to get a visa in advance of your arrival from your home planet?

    • m4253y

      joe, in this politically correct universe, won’t you be punished by your comrades for invoking racist overtones?

      i am sure you have given your all in love and defense of America.

      actually, can you give us a few examples of your sacrifices? one would be nice, two would be great, three or more would be a miracle.

      i am all ears, traitor!

    • bearmountain

      Joanie—get back on your med’s. You need to get out more.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Who is Joseph? Is that the voice in your head that told you conservatives hate America? I would tell you to take your meds but Obamacare is having a few problems paying for prescriptions right now.

    • michelletherese

      Do you mean Jim? John? Jared? Jehoshaphat??

  • Jim Twotoes

    Nice. A well written commentary on the hypocrisy and cowardice of the left.

    • jamieglazov11

      Thanks Jim, I appreciate it.

    • annamm7

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  • Frosty_The_No_Man

    Since the founding fathers were most certainly all Christian I wonder how the person in the gym would fare if Washington et al were at the gym when the meathead was spouting off?

    • jamieglazov11

      hmmmmmmm…..well the key is that Christians allow free speech and one doesn’t have to fear them when saying critical things about them or Christianity. Now make a cartoon about Islam and………

    • Yeah_no

      People who dont know what they are talking about should really just not talk at all. In actuality, most of the founder fathers /were not/ Christian. And I honestly dont even see why people use the founding fathers as justification for their close minded, old fashioned views. The founding fathers didnt even know what a germ was and they believed that bathing should only happen a few times a year to keep the evil sick demons away, so why should I care about their views on politics and religion?

  • davarino

    The left denigrates fly over country, calling us a bunch of rubes and rednecks. Miley and her backwoods retard father could be having sex together and the left would be praising them as so progressive and modern. Miley and the rest of the child stars promoted by hollywood vultures are turned into little poster children for everything indecent. Let Miley have an epiphany and say something in opposition to what she has done and she goes right into the rube, redneck catagory.

  • Jason P

    I’m not sure SNL wouldn’t use hype-up sex with Democratic politicians. Didn’t they do this with Bill Clinton? Certainly it is more likely with politicians of a lower rank. SNL is quite raunchy, to put it mildly.

    But joke about Islam? Humor tends to exaggerate to the point of caricature so that’s clearly out. It very rare on SNL or other shows. It used to be more common before 9/11.

    Now you’ll even get push back on well qualified statements in serious discussions. Try suggesting that Islamism or jihadism is well-founded on Islamic texts, and if not the only variant, certainly a bona fide and accepted variant (see recent elections in Egypt and Turkey). You’ll be labeled a far-right bigot and a potential Breivik.

  • Grits Burgh

    Compare the treatment of the “rodeo clown” to the reception given Miley Cyrus. That should tell you everything that you need to know.

  • Softly Bob

    Leftists attack those who won’t harm them because at the end of the day, they are cowards, plain and simple. Yes, they have the bravado and they can shout louder than anyone else, but it’s all style and no substance.

  • Gee

    Leftist only believe in freedom of speech if they agree with what you say, otherwise you have no right to live let alone speak

  • screed-option

    Comcast, Vivendi, Universal and GE make billions off of Federal and State government subsidies through graft and corruption. Big government advocates, now in control using the Democratic Party’s political machine, have no issue with keeping the taxpayer gravy train churning out cash.

    The apathetic outnumber the informed activists about 100 to 1 in colleges. The rich and powerful mistake the desire of approval as talent. Regardless they recruit for their own greedy self interests instead of the sake of artistic talent.

  • nomoretraitors

    Hopefully Miley and her fellow degenerate in the skit will soon overdose and we’ll be done with them

  • WW4

    Yeah, SNL send up Clinton, Gore, Sharpton, and Biden pretty regularly. I think partly it has to do with who makes an easy caricature. Biden is a tough impression but enough of a public doofus that it works. Bachman, Boehner, Palin, Ron Paul and Bush are all pretty easy impressions. Romney, McCain, Cruz, Rand Paul…not so much.

    Dana Carvey was pretty gifted so he did a good Bush, Sr. But not many really could. Adam Sandler doing Iraqi Pete was pretty funny, about as close to parody, there, as most comedy gets. Bill Maher is pretty relentless about Islam on his show, though. His film Religulous is at its best during those moments as well.

    • ziggy zoggy

      How many times has SNL portrayed Obama as gay, incompetent, stupid, criminal or deceitful? Never. The caricatures of him are always kind.

      • TienBing

        Accurate, concise, clear, to the point, well structured, and clean. I’m impressed.

      • Larry Larkin

        Obama portrays himself that way well and often enough that a skit comedy show really doesn’t need to do it, merely use a bunch of news clippings.

  • JamesJ

    Smiley Virus

  • mayronhurst

    I’m not a big fan of Miley but i definitely thought this was pretty funny!!

    • nomoretraitors

      Of course you did, because you’re a degenerate like her


    Incisive portrait of the Left’s hatred and intolerance by Jamie. I would add cowardice to their sins, since as he observes they lash out mainly against groups that would never harm them or fight back. They roll over very quickly for the Islamists, partly because they see them as allies in the fight against a free society, but also because they’re afraid of them. The Left’s cowardice should give us hope – they can be beaten if only we fight them hard enough.

  • Andy_Lewis

    Ahh FPM scribe once again takes a turn down Hollyweird Lane and does a rilly bad Perez Hilton impersonation. Quite sad.

  • TienBing

    “…in the name of concepts like democracy and liberalism — the concepts that their behavior is, tragically, annihilating right before our eyes.”

    Well put. That final sentence sums up the tactics of the left and their desired results.

  • Dan

    Hi Jamie,
    Your always excellent articles, like the one above, just confirms my view of your character.
    The left’s behavior always and forever seems to baffle you, and myself, for the reasons that a truly decent and inherently good person such as yourself can understand at an intellectual level, but never fully grasp at a moral one. I agree and empathize with your feelings and views.
    Best wishes for you and your family, Dan
    BTW, I look forward to read whatever you put out there….

    • jamieglazov11

      Thanks Dan, I really appreciate it.

  • glennd1

    Reading Glazov is akin to watching an ape play with an iPad, I can’t believe he went to university, no less holds a Ph.D. The only thing worse is listening to him speak, it’s as though he has a cognitive deficit of some sort.

    • michelletherese

      When you fail to have any facts make sure and utilize argumentum ad hominem.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Are you comparing yourself to the ape or the iPad?

  • Mark Koenig

    I’ve experienced the same behavior Jamie describes here many times in groups of liberals – whether they be Washington insiders, patrons of the arts, gay people, or members of the NAACP. They automatically assume that you share their twisted world-view. I find it hilarious now, rather than irritating. I now will actually say to these people (depending on how obnoxious I think they are acting) “I’m glad you think I’m interested in your opinion. Why don’t you go share it with the rest of humanity? I’m sure they are clamoring to hear it.” Of course this results in a nasty look, to which I respond by chuckling and walking away.

  • RedStateVet

    “Interestingly enough, though, it was they who were considered the
    open-minded liberal people in society and I was the closed-minded
    “fascistic” one – even though I accepted them as humans despite what I
    found to be their wrong-minded views, though they couldn’t offer me the
    same courtesy.”

    One of the best descriptions of Liberalism (progressivism) I’ve seen.

  • iamgobsmacked

    I think the pimps are getting their mileage out of miley. That girl I fear has some serious mental issues. Only 20 something and already looks like she was rode hard and put away wet. This goes way beyond hypocrisy, it is sick and disgusting.

  • Horowitz_Fan

    A year or so ago, I was visiting Washington D.C. with my wife and 8-year-old son. We were heading across the National Mall to get to the Smithsonian, and we passed by a stage set up for a demonstration and music. My research tells me that it was the so-called “Reason Rally” (atheism).

    As we passed across the the mall, a singer (evidently by the name of Tim Minchin, the usual left-wing Brit moron) started yowling out, over the inescapable loudspeaker system, his obscene “Pope Song”. The lyrics of that masterpiece predominantly consisted of the words “F* the mother-F*er”, over and over and over again.

    By the time we arrived at the other side of the mall, I was so beyond enraged that, if I had had a chance, I would gladly have strangled that smug little lowlife on the stage.

    The fact that my 8-year-old had to be subjected to that obscenity was one thing, but the thing that REALLY made my blood boil was the fact that that piece of crap undoubtedly thought he was being daring and courageous. Because, after all, no one EVER criticizes the Pope or the Church, so “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!” I imagined going through that idiot’s head.

    So, just like the smug unfunny long-long-long-long-past-its-shelf-life SNL, this idiot Minchin was trying to recreate, once again, something that might have been a little funny, a little daring, 40 years ago, but is now just part of the monolithic dogma of the Entertainment-Media-Academia Complex.

    God forbid that that jerk should have been REALLY daring, REALLY courageous, and have sung the “Mohammed Song” with constant repetition of the words “F* the mother-F*er”. But no, you puling left-wing cretin, that would have actually put your worthless skin in danger, and you would have spent the rest of your life crawling and hiding from jihadists.

    That idiot’s song, and the SNL skit, perfectly sums up the real cowardice, hypocrisy, and smug slogan-think of the Left.

    • Ivan Garet

      Minchin is actually Australian, born in the UK, to Australian parents who took him to Western Australia where he grew up.

      And Minchin is an Irish (sometimes Anglo-Irish) name so that might explain his subversiveness.

  • painted mule

    Re the Michael Moore fan at the snack bar…I’ve often noticed the same phenomenon….the naive and rather self-righteous assumption that everyone shares your views. Happened recently with a neighbor (in Hollywood). Funny thing, though, after I politely disagreed and we continued to chat, it became apparent that, in contrast with his loud espousal of liberal cliches, he was actually sympathetic to my perspective. Sometimes (not always!) if you press liberals to explain or defend their views, turns out they haven’t thought them through very well, or are simply echoing people they feel comfortable with. But yes, the phenomenon is especially egregious, and probably incurable for at least another generation, in academia.

  • The March Hare

    In 2004 I was at the French Asylum historical site in Pennsylvania I was in the historic La Port House shooting photographs when the curator of the site was conversing with another visitor, a teacher who was the only other person there. They were praising current liberal actions while condemning president Bush. They must have thought that since I was a photographer I must be a liberal and they could speak freely in my presence. I had been quietly going about my business when finally the teacher said confidently that he was sure that all of America was disgusted with Bush and would be swinging to the democrat party. I couldn’t take anymore and without looking up I said “Don’t bet on it”. They were startled, hemmed and hawed and abruptly shut up and left.

  • Yael

    The most impressive thing is the great lengths they go to try and rationalize their bullying, turn it into some sort of intellectual crusade.

    I can very easily picture any of my liberal arts teachers reading your article:

    “The punchline is not that being gay is wrong. They are mocking Boehner (and the republicans at large) for sponsoring that belief. By turning Boehner gay in the sketch they are pointing at how bigoted he is. The joke is to make republicans mad by comparing them to what they dislike the most.”

    Of course, that doesn’t make the sketch any less homophobic, but what do we know about it? we are privileged straight white people with conservative views.

  • Danny

    Self awareness and courage are not exactly the words that come to mind when I think about the Left.