Muslims Against Hamas

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Hisham, the founder of Muslims Against Hamas. He is a Palestinian born in Jabaliya, in the Gaza Strip. He is protecting his full name for obvious reasons. Visit his “Muslims Against Hamas” page on Facebook here.

FP: Hello Hisham, thank you for joining Frontpage Interview.

I would like to talk to you today about your new organization Muslims Against Hamas.

Let’s begin by you telling us a bit about your childhood and then about your teenage years when, it appears, things began to change for you.

Hisham: The mechanism by which Hamas terrorizes the citizens of Gaza is relatively simple. It is based on the creation of external and internal enemies rarely real and most often fictitious. Repression of opponents, executions, torture are the most used means by the militants to keep the population under pressure.

In fact, the presence of a dangerous enemy keeps alive the fear of people who accept Hamas as a necessary evil and they do not rebel. However, many of the people of Gaza do not know that Hamas uses their fear with cynicism. Interrogations and trials of the enemies are very often false and designed for the intended purposes.

FP: How did you manage to escape? Why did you decide to escape?

Hisham: I must say that I was lucky in my case. A relative of mine worked in the smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. I started working with him and when I decided to escape he helped me a lot. I had made arrangements with an Egyptian family friend who helped me to enter into Egypt. Then it was all quite easy.

I decided to escape to study and go to college with peace of mind. At first I wasn’t even thinking about starting my battle against Hamas, but when you see things from another point of view, everything changes.

FP: Did you put your family at risk at all? Do you miss your family?

Hisham: The biggest problem was leaving my family. I was afraid to put them in danger, and also I did not want to leave the most important people in my life. But they were the ones who supported and encouraged me to get my way. I cannot even explain how much I miss them. If they were with me, my life would be perfect.

FP: Why did you decide to denounce Hamas?

Hisham: I decided to denounce Hamas recently. I was surfing the internet when I came across a video of Mosab Yousef. Mosab is the son of one of the founders of Hamas, Hassan Yousef, who had the courage to rebel and to denounce the crimes of the organization. I was impressed by him so I became interested in his cause. I recommend everyone to read his book “Son of Hamas.” Thanks to him, I realized that I, in my small way, could do something to try to change the disastrous situation in Gaza.

FP: What is your goal?

Hisham: Since I live out of the reality of Gaza, I began to perceive a great misinformation and a lack of a deep understanding of the events regarding the Palestinian problem. The media are only interested in the conflict between Israel and Palestine; they ignore issues such as Hamas and Palestinian internal struggles. So, my main goal is to bring to light the problem of “Hamas” to stimulate the interest of the public.

FP:  Are you a Muslim? How do you view Hamas in an Islamic context and Islamic Law in general?

Hisham: Lately, my relationship with Islam is very confrontational, nevertheless I am certainly a Muslim. The main problem for us young Muslims in Gaza is to have lived the religion according to the dictates of Hamas. We all know that there are different approaches to Islamic tradition. I’m talking about Shi’ism, Sunnism, Wahhabism. The difference lies in the various interpretations of the Koran. Starting from these facts, we can understand how it is possible that an organization like Hamas could justify his crimes through the religion. They can do this by simply applying their interpretation of the ancient texts.

FP: If you had the power to replace Hamas with a style of government you supported, what kind of government would you choose for the Palestinians to live under?

Hisham: I wish there was a democratic government, of course. I wish there was a state capable of guaranteeing equal rights to citizens and able to protect them. A government that knows how to be a guide for the population and that can make the right choices. Certainly, not the one that tortures civilians and exploits its power for mad purposes. I hope with all my heart that I could see such a miracle before Hamas leads all the inhabitants of Gaza to martyrdom at the outbreak of the next war.

FP: Why do you think the mainstream media and international community ignores the crimes and viciousness of Hamas?

Hisham: Honestly, I have no idea. And this is what scares me the most. I do not want to think that there are persecutors more important and more terrible than others. Maybe some people think that being silent in front of Hamas crimes may help the Palestinians to gain independence. There is nothing more wrong than this. Independence will begin only with the collapse of Hamas.

FP:  When you say you wish for a “democratic government,” do you therefore oppose an Islamic state/Shariah law for Palestinians? Or do you think that democracy and Shariah are compatible and that HAMAS has just implemented it in a bad way?

Hisham: I’m not a naive person. Sharia and democracy are two opposite concepts. Sharia law should not be the law of the state, simply because it is not democratic and it does not guarantee equality to citizens. There are many reasons why no one should be forced to follow Islamic law. One of these is that, as I said before, there are various interpretations of the ancient texts. Therefore, there can be no Islamic law that fits with all the different traditions. A democratic law would ensure respect for the opinions and peaceful coexistence.

FP: Do you support a Palestinian state that also accepts Israel’s right to exist and that does not engage in terror against it for the goal of exterminating it?

Hisham: At this point we all should have realized that there can be only one solution: peace. I cannot deny the merit of Israel that guarantees the rights of the Arabs inside the country. This shows that coexistence is possible.

Nevertheless this is a futuristic topic. My idea is that the internal Palestinian issues must be resolved as a matter of urgency as they are the direct cause of all the others.

FP: Thank you Hisham, for joining Frontpage Interview.

To those readers who are interested in Muslims Against Hamas, check out Hisham’s Facebook page here.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Interesting, but I still need more information before I can get excited about this. It would certainly go a long way towards world peace if a majority of Muslims spoke and acted on this position that sharia is totally unjust and incompatible with democracy.

    • Rebas Thgil

      Might be a precursor to 'muslims against sharia'……just trying to inject a little optimism for the weekend.

      Next up: muslims against the caliphate. Better yet: muslims against islam.

      • US Muslim

        Dream on…

        The Caliphate has been dead for over 1,000 years. Its time has passed.

        "Muslims against Islam"?? How does "Christians against Christianity" sound? Or "Jews against Judaism"? You sure are delusional…

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "The Caliphate has been dead for over 1,000 years. Its time has passed."

          You must be Shia if you don't recognize the later caliphs. Just goes to show that Muslims are more confused about Islam than any so-called Islam-o-phobe.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Muslims against Islam"??

          Ironic, isn't it? Islam is a totalitarian ideology. We don't like that. We're not holding our breath that you'll understand since you proudly proclaim to be one of the deceived.

          "How does "Christians against Christianity" sound?"

          Silly. Why do you suggest it?

          "Or "Jews against Judaism"?"

          Even more silly. Judaism doesn't cause problems from totalitarian adherents.

          "You sure are delusional…"

          One of us is.

        • Rebas Thgil

          You merely demonstrate your ignorance of the inquisition of Rome, the Spanish inquisition, and the Reformation started by Martin Luther, as well as the Jewish civil war(s) during the occupation of Jerusalem by the Roman Empire to name a few examples.

          Yeah, muslims against islam would be a first glint of intelligence among the suckers of the foreign government posing as a fake religion of peace. In contrast to that, shia and sunni demonstrate just how stupid they can be – killing each other for their 'same' religion. But that comes as little surprise considering that they venerate as the best example of a human being a murderous booty conquest driven greedy pedophile.

        • gray man

          "The Caliphate has been dead for over 1,000 years." you need to get your facts strait. The last caliphate ende in 1924.

          • US Muslim

            Nice try. What ended in 1924 was the Turkish Caliphate…which can, in no way, be compared with the Rashidun Capiphs…Ali was the last of them, after which the Islamic world split into Sunni and Shia camps. I do not recognize any of the caliphs after that because they failed in what they were meant to be from the beginning.

          • Rebas Thgil

            No ones time need be wasted here on the caliphate subject if people would simply realize that I was referring to the current movement among several upity muslim groups in Europe who are pushing for a new global caliphate. Key word here: current events.

  • kafir4life

    muslims killing muslims….nothing wrong with it at all!! according to islam, if you're the wrong style of muslim, or just. not. quite. musim. "enough", it's cool.


    allahu snackbar.

    • AdinaK

      While there are indeed individual Muslims who eschew the barbarism of fellow Muslims, it is entirely true that without an Islamic reformation nothing will "cure" them –… …so in broader terms, the above may be the answer to what this Muslim is seeking.

      While he may not be able to articulate it, it is also the case that Islam & its relationship with blood is the root core –

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel – <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    • Rebas Thgil

      Self-correcting problem, eh? Celebrate with a bottoms up at the kalluha snackbar.

      • kafir4life

        EXACTLY!! I'm proposing that each muslim kill one muslim each day. The problem WILL self correct. muslims can't even complain about it because they do it all the time anyway. If some one is the wrong "style" or not muslim "enough", they're all for it, and we should support them.
        Honor killings? Heck no!! It's just religiously mandated closure of explosive factories……

  • biff henderson

    How are you going to further Jihad if sects are at each other's throats? Nothing to see here. Move.On.

  • PAthena

    Hisham is a brave man. Good luck to him!
    He should check out the history of the names "Palestine" and "Palestinian," for he is an Arab, not a ":Palestinian." The names meant "land of the Jews' and "Jew," from the time the Roman Emperor Hadrian, in 135 A.D., after defeating the last Jewish rebellion under Bar Kochba, changed the name of Judea to "Palestine" in order to eradicate all memory of Judea and the Jews. (He outlawed Judaism and renamed Jerusalem "Aelia Capitolina," his gens name being "Aelius.)
    Clling Arabs "Palestinian" is the consequence of Soviet propaganda – Gamal Nasser, ruler of Egypt, and the Soviet Union in Cairo in 1964, founded the "Palestine Liberation Organization" (P.L.O.) which came to fame when it massacred the Israeli athletes at the Olympic games in Munich in 1972, which caused Arabs to be called "Palestinians."

    • Arlie

      PAthena – all you have written is the truth. How do we keep this truth alive and dispense it to the world? The forces of disinformation and those who do evil are re-writing history. They are so loud in their lies that the truth is obscured and unheard.

      Hisham left Gaza for Egypt – it's probably worse there than Gaza now. I wonder how that's working out for him. There are not many Arabs that have not been fuel with lies and hate.

  • David K

    According to Walid Shoebat, Mosab Youssef is a double agent, telling a much different story in Arabic to his native people from the one he publicizes in the west. I have met Walid twice and have come to trust him. that means that this article and Mosab Youssef are subject to doubt.

    • Lady-Dr

      As I see it, and I could be wrong, this young man read Mosab Youssef's book and took it at face value. He may not know that Youssef was a double agent. Most Moslems, of all stripes are not well educated, and those that get a degree or two often only know about one subject, usually something technical. So they are not educated, they are trained (there is a big difference).

      I give him full credit though because he is thinking and that in itself is rare because Islam does not permit thinking, only responding to the agenda. I hope that he will have an opportunity to read, to educate himself and will come to understand the real meaning of democracy. He sounds full of promise.

  • rightwingcanadian

    Mohamed would hate these Muslims because there not violent bigots like he was.

    • US Muslim

      You're no right winger…I am. Pathetic of you trying to use the "right-wing" platform in order to advance your own ignorance of Islam and Muhammad. Just as the German Nazis did when they rode the backs of traditional German conservatives in their rise to power. Your fate and theirs will be the same.

      • rightwingcanadian

        well Mohamed was a bigot,a pedophile,a warlord,a mysogynist and created Islam and Allah to exuse his heinous acts p.s go eat a bacon sandwich.

        • US Muslim

          And so were all of your ancestors over multiple generations. So what's so bad here?

          • rightwingcanadian

            well Jesus and Abraham weren't pedophiles,warlords or mysoginists and didn't create Judaism and Christianity to achieve their objectives.mmm pulled pork.

          • US Muslim

            Abraham was a warrior, and had sexual relations with his servant Hagar. Jesus said in the Bible that he "brings a sword".

            What exactly is the Biblical definition of a "pedophile"?? I know adultery has been clearly defined.

            Wanna eat pork? Be a man and eat it raw, OK? Yum…

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Abraham was a warrior, and had sexual relations with his servant Hagar. Jesus said in the Bible that he "brings a sword". "

            And the moon is worshiped by Muslims. But really we should be focusing on salient facts and not trivia.

            "What exactly is the Biblical definition of a "pedophile"??"

            That's a good question because it's not explicit. What screws you however is that the Bible teaches respect and good judgment. Sex with children is harmful to them. We don't treat them as objects. Any adult that engages in sex with a person who they can influence as an authority figure, particularly if they are not even considered an adult, is a pedophile. So I would say the implicit age for Biblical pedophilia would be at least 14 or 15 if we are talking about sex with a peer. But I am not aware of any explicit instructions. Mohammed was still a pedophile because he sexually molested his sex-slave wife from age 7, and penetrated her about 3 years later. Certainly any sexual behavior, like ejaculating through masturbation between the legs of a female who is not yet menstruating is pedophilia by ANY definition, other than psychotic Muslim definitions, because they will let their heads explode before they think critically about anything connected with Islam. Frankly, it's so disgusting I never get used to confronting sick apologists for pedophilia like you.

            "I know adultery has been clearly defined."

            Really? How many wives are allowed according to the Bible? How many husbands may a women keep?

            "Wanna eat pork? Be a man and eat it raw, OK? Yum…"


          • US Muslim

            Me, brainless? You don't have the brains to know what sarcasm is. And you call me brainless? Ha-ha. Keep it coming…and don't forget to look in the mirror every now and then.

            Marriage between post-pubescent girls and older men was commonplace for millennia before the 20th century. And not just among Muslims, but even among Jews, Christians, Hindus, etc. yes, even today, though it's not as common as it was up to about 100 years ago. The reason that it's just so taboo nowadays is because we here in the West know better. But that happens to be the case just here in the West…I grew up in a Christian community in Africa where getting married at the age of 16 was not illegal.

            Polygamy was allowed in the Bible, and a distinction was made between polygamy and adultery. The latter was considered to be the act of having a sexual relationship with someone who was either married to someone else, or not married to you or was not your slave or servant. Most, if not all, of the great prophets and heroes of the Old Testament were involved in polygamous relationships. Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon, etc. etc. Adultery, on the other hand, was considered to be a crime and punishable by stoning.

            Even if I were to tell you that I'm no apologist for pedophilia, you would repeat the same old tired lines, so I wouldn't waste my time. You're not worth it.

          • Rebas Thgil

            At age 6 for betrothal and at age 9 for her mudhamman lap dance, Aisha was PRE pubescent in all liklihood, not 'post' pubescent.

            The larger point here is that there is no way that a moral thinking person can interpret from the record of mudhamman that he was an individual of superlative moral fiber, let alone Divine substance and therefore he doesn't come close to deserving to be revered as the best example of what a human being should be. In total contrast, the human race has already been introduced to that Person who is the best example of what a human being should be. He was not a polygamist. He did not marry any 6 year olds. He did not lead murderous conquests for plunder of booty and killing off the males of the vanquished while taking the women and children into slavery. In the final analysis, islam's prophet was a debased greedy murderous sex driven evil and lousy excuse of a human being, and the 1400 year old intelligence test shows over a billion flunkies globally falling for such a ridiculous ruse.

          • US Muslim

            You're seeing the life of Muhammad through the lens of a 21st century person. Back in his time he was far better than the majority of those around him. His marriage to a 9 year-old at the time raised no eyebrows. His conduct during times of war were exemplary at the time.

            So what religion do you follow? It apparently holds you back from looking at anything outside your comfort zone with any sense of objectivity…sure sucks to be you.

          • Rebas Thgil

            What religion do I follow? Religion is a poor substitute for having an active communication with the Ultimate Authority, and as such is for the birds. Or for people who sell themselves short.

            Either it's for real or it's a waste of time and energy. I look at all sorts of things inside and outside of my comfort zone, and consider that Old Testament principles are a solid basis for grounding anyone's objectivity. But one has to add to that that we don't live in Old Testament times. There is a New Covenant that makes great sense in light of the human condition. Surely it has to suck to be caught up in a modern day death cult that rejects that.

          • US Muslim

            Sure is a nice way to try to hide your true beliefs. I have no apologies to make about mine. You wanna believe that I'm part of some "death cult"? Go ahead. At least I don't have to lie to myself about other people's beliefs in order to justify mine.

          • Rebas Thgil

            Observing the day-to-day evil manifestations of islam can hardly be construed as lying to myself about other people's beliefs. Your people act on their beliefs and it is readily known to the rest of us. If you want islam to not be recognized as a death-cult then make islam not a death-cult. Then we are back to where I started – muslims against islam.

          • rightwingcanadian

            well Mohamed explicitly said fight the infidels and in the Quran its page after page of kill mame wage war and that pedophilia is ok and actually I've heard you can eat raw meat if you properly clean it.

          • US Muslim

            Read my above comment and PLEASE respond with something intelligent…I should be embarrassed by even having this conversation with morons like yourself.

          • Rebas Thgil

            Sura 2: 191, 216, 244, 5:33………….just skimming the surface……

          • US Muslim

            They ask thee, (O Muhammad), of new moons, say: They are fixed seasons for mankind and for the pilgrimage. It is not righteousness that ye go to houses by the backs thereof (as do the idolaters at certain seasons), but the righteous man is he who wardeth off (evil). So go to houses by the gates thereof, and observe your duty to Allah, that ye may be successful.
            Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! Allah loveth not aggressors.
            And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. And fight not with them at the Inviolable Place of Worship until they first attack you there, but if they attack you (there) then slay them. Such is the reward of disbelievers.
            But if they desist, then lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

            Trying to take things out of context again?

          • Rebas Thgil

            The experience of the Egyptian Copts shows that islamists in that area have already defined the context. There is no "taking out" that I can do which would rival the historic and contemporary definition of context by your fellows.

          • US Muslim

            That doesn't mean that the Islamists are right. They couldn't be more wrong.

            If there's anyone the Islamists hate more than Copts, it's Muslims like myself who refuse to toe the Islamist line.

            Their allies in the West include 2 groups of useful idiots: Islamists and their apologists in the West, and non-Muslims who hate Islam and Muslims. I believe you fall into the 2nd group. I fall into neither.

          • Rebas Thgil

            Hardly. I would be more well defined as a non-muslim who has read enough of the koranimal's guide to truly uncivilized 7th century behavior to recognize a base debauched copy-cat religion, and feel that the innocents should be rescued from that death-cult while the islamists should have their weapons cut off. I would even suggest that the worst of them have that done without the benefit of anesthesia.

          • US Muslim

            Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that ye love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, ye know not.

            Do you disagree with the above statement? Could the West have defeated Hitler by singing peace hymns?

            Fight in the way of Allah, and know that Allah is Hearer, Knower.

            Again, do you disagree with the above statement? How exactly would you "fight in the way of God"?

          • Rebas Thgil

            Seems very clear to me that 2:216 was an admonition to muslims about warfare against….everyone else – and not an admonition to the Allied Forces about Hitler. But it's not just the way your people treat the Copts, it is also well documented in islam's treatment of people of many other faiths.

            There is no context for "fight in the way of God" in light of several other viewpoints such as the beatitudes of the sermon on the mount.

          • US Muslim

            Historically, Muslims have been far more tolerant of Christians, Jews and other religious minorities than Christians have been. What's happening nowadays in Arab/Muslim countries is an abomination in Islam…Muhammad clearly stated that "persecution is worse than slaughter".

            May I remind you that the command of God given to Joshua was to slaughter anything that lived within the walls of Jericho? That seems to have been the blueprint of Christian wars against their enemies, including fellow Christians. How the USA and Israel fight wars nowadays is more in line with what is in Islam than how Arabs fight wars.

          • Rebas Thgil

            Well, that was God giving the command to Joshua after all. I'm sure He had His reasons, which in fact are alluded to in the Book. Who gave your sunnis and shia the command to kill each other at any opportunity?

            We've seen how arabs fight wars. Let's see now- concerning their war on women, oh yeah- they rape them at the drop of a pin, and for the slightest of reasons like protesting for reasonable human rights or not wearing their clothes just right. Concerning their war on goats, oh yeah – they whisper in their ears while…….

          • Rebas Thgil

            Oh, and yes, I disagree with the above statement.

          • US Muslim

            So your way of fighting, for lack of a proper blueprint, would be to slaughter everything that moves. And Hallellujah! You'll enter Paradise because you're "saved".

          • Rebas Thgil

            The thought of a muslim defining a 'proper blueprint' is marginally entertaining..but mostly just plain dumb..and assuming my rational of fighting -absurd.

          • US Muslim

            The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom;
            Save those who repent before ye overpower them. For know that Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

            Can you tell me what happened to those who opposed the prophets of Israel? What the consequences of those who did so were afterwards? The same thing happened to those who opposed Muhammad. To me, that was no coincidence.

          • Rebas Thgil

            It's no coincidence that mudhamman was an envious person who felt compelled to copycat old testament judaism and garnish it with a side of taqiyya, murder, deceit, plundering, rape, polygamy etc. etc.

            It is rather strange, though that here in the *21st century* there are so many of your people who are still entangled in such old testament mentality.

          • US Muslim

            You just have to lie about Islam, Muslims and Muhammad at every opportunity. Is that what the Old and New Testaments teach you to do? In such a case, I would have to be a complete moron to accept either as God's Word.

            I happen to know better. You're simply projecting your own beliefs and tactics unto Islam and Muslims. I learned about "Taqiyya" from Christians, not Muslims. And historically, Christians have practiced it time and time again…you've got quite a cheek to make it sound like something so evil and that Muslims practice it.

            You'll never get what you want from me. My mind in in the 21st century. Yours is in the 10th century.

          • Rebas Thgil

            Is it lying about islam, muslims and muhammad at every opportunity or is it simply pointing out some of the realities delineated in the koran about these that muslims today would prefer to keep buried from the general public?

            I learned about taqiyya from the koran…you had to have Christians explain your koran to you? Marvelous. Christians have no prime book directive to actively practice anything that parallels taqiyya. Muslims do. Read your own koran if you must check on what i am saying. Your logic is fraying around the edges and cracking in the middle.

          • US Muslim

            Abraham's wife was also his half-sister. So what does that make him??

          • Rebas Thgil

            Ishmael's source of really screwed up genes.

          • US Muslim

            Now you're showing how much you know!

            FYI, Ishmael's mother was Hagar, slave of Abraham and no relative of his. It was Isaac, father of the Israelites and Edomites, who was the son of Abraham and his wife/half-sister, Sarah. So, by your logic, Jews have "really screwed up genes". Tsk, tsk…

          • Rebas Thgil

            Now you're showing how much you have yet to learn. Abraham and Sarah were clearly of advanced age, well past child bearing years and the record indicates very clearly that the conception of Isaac was only through Divine intervention. Don't fool yourself for one minute in thinking that the genetic roll of the dice in that event was left to chance. The modern day proof in the pudding is very clearly the intelligence quotient bell curve of the Jewish race in comparison to the other races of the world. It is in fact elevated. The modern day proof of how Ishmael's genes turned out are manifested on a regular basis through the depradation of the islamist existence. No, by my logic Jews have a Divinely intervened gene set and islamists are sorry out of luck in that department. Tsk tsk sucks to be them.

          • US Muslim

            I see…someone writing Mein Kampf in reverse. And it sure ain't me.

          • Rebas Thgil

            I didn't personally test any Ashkenazi, but why is hitler such a center of comparison for you?

          • US Muslim

            I doubt you tested anyone at all. Perhaps you should get yourself tested first.

            Let's see…Hitler claimed that the Aryans were a genetically superior race, and that the Jews were an inferior race. Your claim that " Jews have a Divinely intervened gene set and islamists are sorry out of luck". As a Muslim, I am inclined to believe that God created all humans to be equal, and that we are all equal in His sight. Obviously, you don't…that makes you a bigot of some sort. I certainly don't have any intention of subscribing to your sorry-a$$ so-called "religion", whatever it may be…it obviously teaches you to lie and be an ignoramus.

          • Rebas Thgil

            There is no request for you to subscribe to that which I do not have. You are the one who appears to need to have a religion and are quite satisfied to have a piss-poor debauched copy of an obsolete religion to serve that need. Read your own koran rather than rant at me about lying about it.

          • US Muslim

            Besides, only 20% of Muslims are Arabs/Ishmaelites/Edomites. The rest are South Asians, Malays, various African tribes, Albanians, Bosniaks, Azeris, Persians, Kazakhs, Turks, Turkmens, Tajiks, etc. Did you know that?

          • Rebas Thgil

            Yes and there is no mystery to that in light of the coerced conversions via the sword over the centuries. The mystery is that even the Catholics got over the inquisition, yet islamists continue to dwell in the 7th century.

          • US Muslim

            "Coerced conversions"?? My ancestors were either migrants to the Ganges delta area or were converted by the efforts of missionaries early on. As were the Malays and the people of Mindanao and the Indonesians. I don't believe that the majority of Muslims' ancestors were converted "via the sword"…such a concept is contrary to the commands of God in the Qur'an. That sort of stuff appeared centuries later and led to the downfall of Muslim rule in Spain.

          • Rebas Thgil

            Yeah……muslim missionaries. They were cooking up meals for the poor in between tearing down the ancient other-religion temples of the area, killing the men, raping the women and making slaves out of the children. That is soooooo funny, but putting all kidding aside, I'll give you credit for the possibility that some folks just blindly kow-towed to islamists when they invaded the area of your ancestors for lack of anything else new or interesting to do. They should have read the fine print.

      • Rebas Thgil

        What rightwingcanuck said.

        Funny you should mention nazis….who, if they rode anyone's back, it was the 13 Waffen-Gebirgs-Division der SS 'Handschar i.e. muslims. Jihadists / sharia-ists are the nazis of today, not canucks.

        • US Muslim

          As if that was the only division that they relied on. What about the vast majority of German people who were Christians? They freely support Herr Fuhrer Hitler. Hitler was an evil man, no doubt about that. But he couldn't have gotten his evil deeds carried out had it not been for the millions of Christian Germans who elected him to the Chancellory, and then carried out his evil orders.

          • Mary Sue

            What about the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who had the backing of all the "palestinians" plus a whole pile of others, who was dubbed "Hitler's Mufti"?

          • US Muslim

            The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was an evil man…but who put him in power in the first place? The British were in charge of that area at the time. The majority of Arabs in the area didn't like him at all, and didn't want him. He was seen as a troublemaker and unqualified to lead. He was a raging anti-Jewish bigot from the get-go. After WWII he was shunned by Palestinian Arabs, even when Egyptians saw him as some sort of hero.

          • Rebas Thgil

            Useful idiots abound. If they didn't then we wouldn't have Obamunist for president and there wouldn't be over a billion muslims in the world.

          • US Muslim

            You're comparing apples with oranges. Islam has been around for 1,400 years. It'll be around long after you're gone from this life, sorry to say. :) But Obamaism has only been a media-created phenomenon since 2004, when both TIME and NEWSWEEK run gush pieces about him after the re-election of GWB. I will always be a Muslim. But I hope to see the end of Obamaism in my lifetime and will dedicate the rest of my life to bring an end to it, for the sake of my children and for the sake of this country.

          • Rebas Thgil

            Go ahead and be a muslim the rest of your life, but life is too short to spend it stuck in an unproductive rut. If you are smart enough to recognize the bane of obamunism, then you ought to be able to look up over the edge of the rut and see that there is faith with redeeming value, and islam it's not.

          • US Muslim

            You obviously don't know much, do you? You didn't even know that Ishmael's mother was not Abraham's half-sister. It was Isaac's mother who was.

            "Unproductive rut"? Did you ever go to school? You don't even know Biblical basics, stuff that I have known for more than 25 years. I came to this country with a bag and a suitcase. That was 22 years ago. Since then I evolved from being a socialist leftie to a strong advocate of free markets, the US Constitution and the US Military…on top of 2 BS degrees in engineering and over 10 years of experience in the IT field. I have been educated by Christians. I have studied Judaism, Christianity and Islam both in and out of school. And what I have seen and known has led me to believe that Islam is the True Way.

            So what's your background? Perhaps it's YOU who's stuck in an "unproductive rut"…get out of it by reading the Bible first, in addition to books by multiple authors of varying backgrounds, even idiots like Robert Spencer. His drivel makes for good comedy…it's almost funny to watch a delusional, self-aggrandizing quasi-intellectual waffle on about the "evils of Islam". It would be funny if he didn't have so many sheeplike followers and admirers. Hitler had his own sheeplike followers and admirers, too…and that's what made him more dangerous and evil.

            So maybe it's you who needs to look over the rut. I'm the one flying over the likes of you. I'm perfectly at ease and in comfort being a Muslim…you would have to kill me before you can convert me to anything else.

          • Rebas Thgil

            I answered you above concerning Isaac's parentage. Read and learn. College? Engineering and Medicine but so what? Rational analysis comes from many quarters. Now you're becoming comical. Robert Spencer's work is based upon the analyses of several esteemed islamic scholars. He's just tossing islam back up to islam in a very revealing analytical approach. So good for you that you advocate so many American ideals. Now, as your irritation surfaces I'm sure that you have to be asking yourself if you are really worth converting away from the islamist death cult. And I am sure that you have the sensation of flying if you feel the need to repeat it so much. Pigs certainly sense some aspect of bouyancy when they are floating in mud or whatever that stuff is….

          • US Muslim

            All Robert Spencer did was quote "scholars" whom he chose to believe and disregard those he didn't agree with. He can always count on sheep like you to nod your heads up and down every time he opens his mouth or writes some scribble.

            You make no distinction between Islam and fundamentalism. Reading your garbage reminds me of some punk college kid who moves back in with his parents after partying throughout his time in college. Truth be told, you've got a LONG way to go before you can even remotely understand what Islam is all about, in spite of its powerful yet simple message.

            Like I said before…you'll never get what you want from me. And I don't expect anything worthy of being classified as honest or wise from you.

          • Rebas Thgil

            Sheep are the one who don't go read the text for themselves…So obviously I don't fit that assumption of yours.

            If there is a distinction between islam and fundamentalism to be made, then your side is losing the media coverage battle. The people you call fundamentalists are claiming that your lot is a bunch of back-sliders that aren't following the book…in between their raping women for not wearing their head-gear.. . This Koranimal Hisham el-Ashry comes across as somewhat of a cross between a monkey and a goat and an islamist. A veritable koranimal three-wayer if there ever was one.

          • US Muslim

            I've got news for you: I'm perfectly at peace and at ease being a Muslim. I have been educated by Christians and have studied ALL of the world's great religions. To me, they ALL lead ultimately to Islam. You couldn't bribe me to leave Islam…you'd have to destroy me before you can convert me to something else. You're the one who's stuck in a rut and don't realize it…I'm the one flying high over you. The view is just great from up here. I've got no problem with your religion…but you've got a major problem with mine. I pity you for it…your faith has obviously failed you.

            Tell me, if you feel so redeemed by your faith, what is your opinion of that poor Indian girl who got brutalized by those 6 guys on that bus in New Delhi? Where do you believe God will place her in the Afterlife? She was, after all, a Hindu.

          • Rebas Thgil

            The persons who have the most to worry about now are "those 6 guys". Jyoti Singh Pandey is much safer in the Creator's hands than she was in the hands of those six animals, of whom I would be surprised if I were to find out that they were not muslims. The M.O. fits too well.

            I personally would not be at ease with any religion or group identity that advocates murder, rape and plunder, but I suppose that just as there is gain for D.C. lobbyists to work against the better interests of the country, so would it be difficult to bribe someone away from potential benefits of cult-sanctioned murder, rape and plunder. That's not mixing apples and oranges. It's simply analogy.

          • US Muslim

            I've got news for you. None of those animals were Muslims.

            And I don't know of any cult out there that promotes, murder, rape and plunder. I do know that Islamists are animals. Islam doesn't teach me to do any of that. But if you believe that, you're obviously an idiot, especially in this day and age when information is freely available anywhere and everywhere. Go back to your cave and hibernate if it makes you feel better.

          • Rebas Thgil

            It's not that I'm an idiot. It's just that it is very convenient for you to cut-and-paste the parts of the koran that are to your liking and pretend that the other parts don't exist, then rail against me for pointing out the hidden content and / or the debauched behaviors of your brethren who claim to be following that book. So your ability to carry on a debate falls apart and you are diminished to the good old last ditch "you're obviously an idiot" ad hominem attack. Looks like you're done being a slightly engaging waste of time.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "You're no right winger…I am."

        Islam has no "wings." Do you even know what the reference means?

        "… ignorance of Islam and Muhammad."

        If I had a penny…

        "Just as the German Nazis did when they rode the backs of traditional German conservatives in their rise to power. Your fate and theirs will be the same."

        You've got a great future in stand-up comedy if you find the right coach and can obey Western law. Which is to say, probably not.

        • US Muslim

          Funny…I only hear lunatics like you laughing crazily at my "jokes". Maybe you ought to go back to the asylum that you escaped from and let the grown-ups do the talking and debating.

          • Rebas Thgil

            The only thing being laughed at here is how much you sound like certain other folks who have been on this and similar boards mr. grown-up debater…….Fancy yourself as some sort of master debater, or just master….?

          • US Muslim

            No, I'm just not scared of the truth like you are. I don't have to hide from it like you do. I don't have to lie about myself or others as you have to.

          • Rebas Thgil

            That is a childish tactic that doesn't move a debate forward. I have no interest in having you project your self-realization upon me.

    • Sound&Fury

      Do you acknowledge Israel's right to exist? Do you believe most Muslims agree with Hisham's position?

      • US Muslim

        I have acknowledged Israel's right to exist in peace since 1987. And moreover, I ceased to support the Palestinians in their bid for their own independent state in 2006 after they elected Hamas and took over the Gaza Strip. It was a slow but steady shift for me. And I have ALWAYS been against Hamas…simply for being a fundamentalist group, and for their desire to wipe Israel off the map. I happen to detest fundamentalists. I didn't even support the Afghan Mujahideen against the Soviets back in the 1980s…I thought the West was being incredibly naive and stupid for supporting them. I knew that they would never be permanent allies with the West, and could come back to bite them…and I was proven right time and time again.

        I agree that a lot of Muslims do not support Hisham's position. But I hope that changes over time, especially here in the West where Muslims have so much more access to information from all over, and not just spoon-fed government propaganda.

        Israel was the only country in the Middle East that openly and strongly supported the country of my parents (Bangladesh) when we were fighting a brutal war for independence against Pakistan back in 1971. They have my eternal gratitude for that, even though the Bangladeshi government shunned Israel afterwards for which I am ashamed of.

        • Sound&Fury


          Thank you for your thoughtful response. I wish you & your family much prosperity, & trust that you embrace the American dream.

          I hope that more Muslims will adopt Hisham's position over time, much like the Japanese abandoned the Bushido ideology that was responsible for their disastrous attempts to build an empire during WWII. I fear, however, given the rise of Wahhabi fundamentalism in the Islamic world, that this is wishful thinking at best.

          • US Muslim

            Thank YOU…and I wish you the same, likewise.

            You're probably right about the situation in the Middle East. And I fear that there could be a bloodbath. That part of the world is just one seething cauldron of peoples and cultures that have never mixed together properly. Israel appears to be the only place over there that is relatively calm, where people of differing religious backgrounds can actually work together and produce a vibrant economy and a political system based on freedom, along with a powerful military force. Its neighbors could learn a thing or two from it (Israel).

        • Rebas Thgil

          Yeah, what Sound&Fury said. That is a meritorious stance.

  • Drakken

    In God(not allah) you trust, all muslims are suspect period!

    • US Muslim

      Hmm…then when Lebanese and Iraqi Christians pray to "Allah" in their churches, who are they praying to???

      • Jeff

        It's quite a miracle that Christians are still in Lebanon. That can be attributed to Israel stopping the Islamic genocide of Christians in that country.

        • US Muslim

          Why? The constitution of Lebanon has not changed over the last 50+ years. The president is still required to be a Maronite Christian. Moreover, a recent survey showed that 99% of Christians in Lebanon hate Israel. Why would that be so? I myself found this to be shocking. I'm a Muslim and I don't hate Israel at all, and find hatred of Israel to be a detriment to Muslims.

      • slider 96

        When they pray and use the name "Allah " it is in reference to the G_D of Israel and Christians , not Allah of islam . It is used as a common reference ONLY . There are no similarities whatsoever between Islam and Judeo-Christian thought .

        • US Muslim

          Is that so? The God of the Old Testament sure seems more violent and bloodthirsty than anything I've read in the Qur'an. Moreover, it seems like, while going from the Old to the New Testament, God undergoes a complete change in His personality.

          You can't have it both ways. My understanding is that God has not changed…EVER. There is ONLY ONE GOD and it is Him whom I worship…the Absolute, the Eternal. If you worship something else, well…that's between you and your imaginary deity.

          • Mary Sue

            Yet the Quran says it's the same God…?

            I suppose you missed the chapter in the Quran that said "Smite the Unbelieviers"

          • US Muslim

            Very simplistic reasoning on your part…you missed the part in the Qur'an where God clearly says that there are believers from among the Jews and Christians. And how is this command any different from what God ordered Moses do do against those who worshipped the Golden Calf in his absence?

          • gray man

            Yet the Quran says it's the same God…?
            Simple – the koran is a lie.

          • US Muslim

            Oh, really? Based on what? What do you know, anyway? You sure know how to convince others that you're right. And what do you believe? That the world is less than 10,000 years old? Don't make me laugh…

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Is that so? The God of the Old Testament sure seems more violent and bloodthirsty than anything I've read in the Qur'an. "

            You're brainwashed. What something "seems like" to you doesn't really carry much weight to educated people.

            If you want to understand why the differences are the same as good and evil, you'll have to open your mind up wide enough to have a conversation during which you will be expected to consider evidence that contradicts your indoctrination.

            Can you accept such a challenge?

          • US Muslim

            My mind is wide open. It's yours that's closed tight out of fear that you're wrong. And what do you know? I was raised among Christians, and had Christian teachers for the 1st 8 years of my school years. I went to a Christian college where I completed my first bachelo's degree in electrical engineering. So who would have brainwashed me? Christians? I never went to a Madrassa. My parents would never have let me go to one.

            "objectivefactsmatter"?? Please change your name to something else…it makes as much sense as "The Democratic People's Republic of Korea".

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "My mind is wide open. It's yours that's closed tight out of fear that you're wrong. "

            Great. Now you've got to show it.

            "I was raised among Christians, and had Christian teachers for the 1st 8 years of my school years. I went to a Christian college where I completed my first bachelo's degree in electrical engineering. So who would have brainwashed me?"

            If you were born a Muslim, you were brainwashed by your parents. If you were a convert, obviously whoever fed you the lies is the one who brainwashed you. I thought you were so intelligent. Create a flow chart of the things you believe and the sources for these "facts" and that will be the answer to your question about who brainwashed you.

            Muslims are told to disregard the "ignorance and arrogance" of Christians and Jews. Your social life means nothing to me. Until you denounce the liar Mohammed, this is absolute proof beyond denial that you are brainwashed. There is no reason at all to believe any claims attributed to Mohammed. My position needs no proof because you proved it before I even joined the conversation. I'm simply informing you as a courtesy.

            "I never went to a Madrassa. My parents would never have let me go to one."

            What kind of "evidence" is that supposed to be?

            "Please change your name to something else…it makes as much sense as "The Democratic People's Republic of Korea"."

            I know. It's your brainwashing again. I'm not responsible for your delusions, especially since I've spoken very clearly with you about your blatant problems. In case you missed it, you must reject all articles of faith of Islam for the real world to make sense coherently and objectively. Until then, you won't even understand what objective facts are.

          • US Muslim

            Brainwashed? Do you have something better for me? Let's hear it, because I'm not seeing it, based on your attitude. I have no problems with your personal beliefs. It's you who has problems with mine. Tsk, tsk…

            Please list my problems. Let's see what they are so I can get around to correcting them.

          • gray man

            The God of the Old Testament, never said kill everyone but jews, the God of the New Testament never said kill everyone but Christians. The god of islam has said kill everyone, who doesn't convert.
            If you think the God of the old testament is more bloodthirsty then anything in the koran, I question if you've ever actually read either.

          • US Muslim

            Let's see…when Joshua led the Israelites against the inhabitants of Jericho, the command was given to kill every living thing inside the city…men, women, children, and even the animals. In the Qur'an, the command was given to fight only those who fight against us, and to basically clear Mecca and the immediate surrounding region of idolaters. Contrast the Israelite's massacre of their enemies with how Muslims conquered Mecca, Taif and Jerusalem during the early days of Islam. The contrast couldn't be starker.

            I question that you know anything at all other than what you want to believe.

      • Drakken

        They never prayed to allah period, but nice try muslim. For the record, christians and jews do not pray to the same god as the muslim savages do. Your false god allah and mohamed his false prophet are pure unadultered EVIL.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          Sadly, some dhimmi communities are coerced to treat "Allah" as the same god of the Bible. They would therefore be "hurting religious feelings" if they failed to use the word in their worship and we know what happens then. Those who refuse die quickly and the rest remain alive to give bragging rights to "US Muslim."

          Religion of peace? The peace of death.

          • US Muslim

            You truly are an idiot. Get out of under that rock you live in.

            In Malaysia some mullahs tried to pass a law that FORBADE non-Muslims from referring to Allah as God. Where do you get your information? Robert Spencer? Your a$$?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Where do you get your information? "

            Any "Islam-o-phobe" is more trustworthy than a liar like you. But you didn't address my point at all. The etymology for the word goes back to Islam. What is the Arabic word for god?

            Let's see how much of a liar you are.

          • US Muslim

            You couldn't tell the difference between a lie and the truth. You're scared sh!tless of the truth, which is why you call me a liar in the first place. I just shout down your point whe you said "Sadly, some dhimmi communities are coerced to treat "Allah" as the same god of the Bible. "

            FYI, the Arabic word for God is "Ilah". "Allah" is simply the abridged form of "Al-Ilah".

            And if you really believed that I was lying, you wouldn't be debating with me here. Truth be told, there's no point in lying here, unless you've got an IQ of 1. Which is where I suspect you're at…having a conversation with you could lower mine. Go away…

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "You couldn't tell the difference between a lie and the truth. You're scared sh!tless of the truth, which is why you call me a liar in the first place."

            Actually, I called you a liar because of things you've said. Do you have any objective facts to back up that truth of yours? Telling me that the fact that the Earth has only one moon as proof of something Mohammed said doesn't count. You have to have objective facts, logic and reason. Got any of that?

          • US Muslim

            Let's see…how many illiterate men in history have ever authored a book, or even plagiarized one?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "I just shout down your point whe you said "Sadly, some dhimmi communities are coerced to treat "Allah" as the same god of the Bible. "

            I missed it. Please quote yourself before performing your victory dance. Is your name Barack? If you're talking about your silly reply that Christianity predates Islam, then you absolutely did not "shut" anything down. Unless you can document that the Christians used "Allah" before they were coerced, you had a bit of what is some times called a "brain fart" or lapse in logic.

            Let's retrace that conversation. How far back can you trace the etymology or use of "Allah" among non-Pagans? Islam is a Pagan religion by the way. Allah is a pagan god from the pagan temple in Mecca.

            "FYI, the Arabic word for God is "Ilah". "Allah" is simply the abridged form of "Al-Ilah"."

            Interesting how difficult it is to get a Muslim to admit this. Moving along, why is Allah also then rendered as god or God in English? Allah is or is not a proper noun?

            Muslims lie about the translation, and they also claim that Allah is the god or God of the Bible as if there is agreement among all monotheists when this is actually a claim of supremacy on the part of Mohammed who claims he "corrected" the texts of the Christians and Jews of his day. What evidence did Mohammed have? Why he had demonic dreams and a desire to rape and pillage. That was good enough for Mohammed and good enough for others wanting booty.


            Your original claim was that Allah is the same as the God of the Bible. This is false. Your evidence was limited to the fact that some people have been coerced and duped. We know already. Islam has been trying to control the world for nearly 14 centuries. All Islamo-o-phobes know these objective facts. We also know that there are zero objective facts supporting the faith of Muslims. It's pure faith, and totally in contradiction with the facts and evidence of archaeologists who aren't also brainwashed jihadis.

          • US Muslim

            We're delusional? You're the one who claims that we worship the moon, whereas the Qur'an clearly mentions that the sun and moon are simply creations of God.

            Hey, you wanna believe in lies, that's your thing. Just not mine.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "And if you really believed that I was lying, you wouldn't be debating with me here."

            How is that supposed to make sense to a non-Muslim? You don't even understand the world outside of your totalitarian belief system that happens to be built on a foundation of pure faith, later proved to be lies by recent archaeology.

            Sad for you.

            In direct response to your silly statement, Islamic lies cause more strife in the world today than anything else I can think of. I don't want "Islamic peace." I want Western peace where individual rights are respected and liars are confronted.

          • US Muslim

            You want to confront a liar? Look at the mirror.

            My beliefs are simple: That there is only One God, the Eternal, the Absolute, the All-Merciful. Do you have a problem with that? Is that being "totalitarian"?

            If what I believe is a lie and what you believe is the truth, please make a list of lies that I believe in and why they're lies, and what the truth is. This will be an interesting read, I'm sure.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "In Malaysia some mullahs tried to pass a law that FORBADE non-Muslims from referring to Allah as God."

            This actually supports my point that Allah is a particular god. Those who adopt it in place of "god" have done so due to deception and dhimmitude. That doesn't mean all Muslims agree to this. It just means there are infinite ways to lie about Islam while using it to try to take over the world. We know you've been killing each other over petty disputes from the beginning so don't use your own internal confusion as evidence of anything.

            This proves once again the it's almost impossible for a Muslim to know their own religion as well as an "Islam-o-phobe" who can look critically at all of the evidence. Critical thinking is not allowed in Islam. Deny that you liar.

          • US Muslim

            You couldn't tell the difference between a lie and the truth. You're scared sh!tless of the truth, which is why you call me a liar in the first place. I just shout down your point whe you said "Sadly, some dhimmi communities are coerced to treat "Allah" as the same god of the Bible. "

            FYI, the Arabic word for God is "Ilah". "Allah" is simply the abridged form of "Al-Ilah".

            And if you really believed that I was lying, you wouldn't be debating with me here. Truth be told, there's no point in lying here, unless you've got an IQ of 1. Which is where I suspect you're at…having a conversation with you could lower mine. Go away…

          • gray man

            It really is simple – one of the names of allah is : the best deceiver (S. 3:54; cf. 8:30).
            There is only one deceiver – Satan.
            US muslim, you've been deceived.

          • US Muslim

            "Deceiver"?? I read "Schemer". There's a big difference.

            You obviously don't possess the intelligence to look at things in their proper context. It's you who's a deceiver here…you're obviously trying to deceive me, as well as yourself.

            God guides those who seek His guidance and mercy, and leads astray those who are against Him. But He can show the straight path to all if and when He so chooses…that's up to Him.

            You obviously have a problem with my beliefs. Well, in that case, you'll get no comfort out of me.

        • US Muslim

          You're the lying ignoramus here…it's so obvious. I have this information from a Lebanese Christian living here in the US. And my own mother, who lived in Mosul back in the early 1970s, said that it was hard to distinguish between Muslim and Christian Arabs.

          You call me evil? You possess neither the intelligence nor the faith in God to know good from evil.

          Besides, what do all the thousands of Jewish victims of the "blood libel" have to say to their Christian murderers? God WILL judge between all of us when the time comes. Are you ready for that?

          • Mary Sue

            You're calling these guys "liars" and "ignoramuses" when you JUST invoked the BLOOD LIBEL.

            Yeah, your credibility is GONE. What little there was of it.

            In your ignorance you had not the discernment to realize that the BLood libel is IMPOSSIBLE. Jews are forbidden by the Noahide Laws from eating blood! It's right there in the Torah! So they CANNOT be using blood in matzo or anything else. It is forbidden. It is Haram. Got it?

          • US Muslim

            Poor, poor Mary Sue…are you really that stupid?

            Whee did I ever say that the "blood libel" against the Jews was true? Let me explain so that dimwits like you will understand: I was explaining that CHRISTIANS used the blood libel against Jews. I KNOW that Jews aren't supposed to consume blood…Muslims have the same restrictions placed on them. And it originated not with Christians but with Hellenistic Greeks. When Christianity took over Europe, the "Greek boy" at the center of the original libel became a "Christian boy". Christians not only failed to dismiss the blood libel for what it truly was…LIBEL…but propagated it and amplified it over the next several centuries.

            I'm embarrassed to be even having this conversation with the likes of you. Did you guys finish Kindergarten?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            " I was explaining that CHRISTIANS used the blood libel against Jews."

            We're not collectivists like you. We don't call entire nations "Christians' or whatever. Christians are those who follow the beliefs and doctrines. of the Bible and Christ.

            Jews have been persecuted and in the West we don't lie about it (except for those fools aligned with Muslims…hmm). In the West, we celebrate criticism as a way to improve our lives and our societies. We expect accuracy and precision when doing so. We're tired of liars showing up and using complete fabrications along with granules of historical facts to present yet more deceptions. We've been too tolerant of liars and totalitarian enemies coming here with their evil schemes acting like they've got god while worshiping the moon.

            "I'm embarrassed to be even having this conversation with the likes of you. Did you guys finish Kindergarten?"

            If you have to ask the question, it might be you. You're a very silly totalitarian lunatic. But, we're used to that. You're not alone.

          • US Muslim

            I have 2 BS Engineering degrees from US colleges. What about you?

            And what is your religion, anyway? It sure sounds like your religion makes you very bitter, fearful and delusional. You have to lie about me and believe in them, and then turn around and call me a liar. Sure sounds like a religion I must avoid at all costs.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Besides, what do all the thousands of Jewish victims of the "blood libel" have to say to their Christian murderers?"

            Everyone but psychotic jihadis knows that "blood libel" is a myth perpetuated today by…jihadi regimes and people.

          • US Muslim

            Very convenient of you…let's ignore 2,000 years of bloody history and just focus on the last 100…

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Very convenient of you…let's ignore 2,000 years of bloody history and just focus on the last 100…"

            You can discuss any period of history you want as long as you don't lie. "2,000 years of bloody history" meaning what?

          • US Muslim

            The wars that ravaged Europe throughout the Middle Ages, the Crusades, the massacres of Native Americans including the extinction of entire tribes, the pogroms against Jews throughout Europe, the Reformation wars, the Napoleonic Wars, WWI, WWII, need I go on?

        • US Muslim

          Do Jews and Christians really worship the same God? The Jewish concept of God is a lot closer to the Islamic view. The Christian view of the Trinity, along with the idea that God's "son" came to earth to die for our sins, is blasphemous to both Jews and to Muslims. The main difference between the two is that Muslims view Jesus as a great prophet. For the Jewish view of Jesus, look up the Talmud.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Hmm…then when Lebanese and Iraqi Christians pray to "Allah" in their churches, who are they praying to???"

        You're bragging that Arabic culture has been forced on others to the extent that some feel so diminished they must use your word for a god? That is sick. Islamic liars claim that "allah" the god of cheese is really "the god of the Bible." This is among the biggest lies that Islam is built on.

        • US Muslim

          You're a moron. Arab Christians have been around longer than Arab Muslims. Does it make sense that they would suddenly start worshipping Allah after being forced to without converting to Islam in the first place?

          I don'e expect morons like you to make any sense of anything, anyway…logic and reason aren't exactly your forte.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "You're a moron. Arab Christians have been around longer than Arab Muslims. "

            That's funny. Let's see what you conclude from your own statement.

            "Does it make sense that they would suddenly start worshipping Allah after being forced to without converting to Islam in the first place?"

            I see. You only pretend to communicate in English. You're not able to follow the conversation. Reread what the thread your ranting about and then maybe we can continue to educate you. Right now we'll just go in circles if I try to add more facts that make you sad and angry.

            "I don'e expect morons like you…"

            No doubt to the delusional Muslim mind on the verge of exploding from all of the confusing contradictions it faces, my words will make it angry.

            "logic and reason aren't exactly your forte."

            From a Muslim in full denial, this is enjoyable flattery.

          • Drakken

            If us westerners are so devoid of logic and reasoning, how come we westerners live in the 21st century with all of our achievements and you muslims still live in the 7th with all of your misery? If your muslim 7th century thinking was so great, how come us westerners rolled across Iraq in a few weeks?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "If us westerners are so devoid of logic and reasoning, how come we westerners live in the 21st century with all of our achievements and you muslims still live in the 7th with all of your misery?"

            The lunatic imam will explain that we're like worker bees that the god cheese has building booty for them to take when they are pious enough to wage serious jihad.

          • US Muslim

            You really haven't been out there or read much, have you? It's people like you who are helping to bring down Western Civilization with your ignorance. It's people like me who may end up saving it. And as far as the Middle East is concerned, Islamic Civilization declined and died off 1,000 years ago. But Islam as a religion remained, and Muslims need to understand better for themselves what God expects of us instead of following brutal dictators and ignorant mullahs and their own narrow, tailored interpretations of the Qur'an.

            The reason the West flourished is because they carried out many of the commands that Muhammad commanded his followers to do: To seek knowledge. That was what led to the rapid rise of Islam, along with contact with neighboring civilizations, for the 1st 300 years after Muhammad's passing. It was political and social decline and the calcification of the understanding of the Qur'an that ultimately led to the downfall of Islamic Civilization. The West could learn a thing or two from that…otherwise it could suffer the same fate. That's why I got really scared after I saw the results of the last US presidential elections. The re-election of Barack Obama, fully championed by a fawning press and multitudes of 3rd-world type people here is a major sign of decline, and I don't like it.

          • Mary Sue

            says the person who believes the Blood Libel is a thing, without critically examining why it's actually impossible and the biggest lie ever…

          • US Muslim

            I guess I'm not getting through to that stupid brain of yours. I KNOW the blood libel was a lie, a total lie. But it was CHRISTIANS who propagated, promoted and amplified it over the centuries, and caused entire populations of Jews, from England to the Balkans, to be massacred and expelled. So please, PLEASE explain why Christians, if they're so honest, would propagate this OBVIOUS LIE over the centuries. And if they lied about Jews in such a blatant manner, how can I believe that they could be honest about Muslims and Islam?

  • dougjmiller

    Hisham, like the majority of Arab/Moslems, is a good person. He, like so many of his people, has integrity, honesty and decency. The problem is that the the Arab/ Moslem culture is controlled by raging, hatemongering, and violent psychopaths. These bosses desire world domination and will kill every man, woman and child who stands in their way. They will kill everyone, including moderate Moslems, that they can get there filthy hands on in order to frighten the rest of the population into submission. Moderate Arab/ Moslems are an endangered species.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "The problem is that the the Arab/ Moslem culture is controlled by raging, hatemongering, and violent psychopaths."

      The problem is that the the Arab/ Moslem culture is influenced by raging, hatemongering, and violent ideologies. Psychopaths are seen as role models because of this. They become the leaders and elite of their societies.

  • EarlyBird

    This dude has serious guts. What a hero. I hope his campaign catches fire among other Pals.

  • Ghostwriter

    I hope people like him finally get some humanity into the Palestinians. They sorely need it.

  • Emmess

    Unless there is a miracle that suddenly illuminates the minds of all Arabs and Muslim, Arabs like Hisham are the "lunatic fringe" of Islam. One commentator above writes that "so many of his people, has integrity, honesty and decency". We have yet to see evidence of this. As a culture they are duplicitous and nefarious. Ismael was referred to by God as a wild ass of his men and that his "nation" would be likewise.

  • watsa46

    For the West, Jews sell very well. The rest is irrelevant.
    No miracle can save the Muslims There are "too many clerics"

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "For the West, Jews sell very well. The rest is irrelevant."

      What is that supposed to mean?

  • jmz

    i admit it sounds nice, and i would hope they would fight with us. but after so long of hearing s called 'moderates' worry more about what we call islamic extreamists vs what the islamic extreamists actually do, i have to say im sick of every last one of these muslims and more than likely vaporize every man, woman and child of islam if given the chance. The protection few real moderates are no longer worth the lives of american soldiers and civilians. If we had just grown a pair of balls and started seriously bonbing and stopped worrying about sypathizers and cowardly lefitsts we would have won and been outta there by now. islam is fighting a war against us and WE are fighting a PR campaign.

  • JacksonPearson

    I wouldn't hold my breath on the one Jamie. Why?…As sincere as this fellow may be, he's a minuscule speck, in a very tiny minority as compared to the tens of millions of Allah's soldiers whose minds are locked in the Qur'an..

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    I have often wondered what the average person on the streetin Gaza thought of the event in the picture (and the dozens of others just like it). But then I remembered the sign a woman in a black burka wore at an anti-Israel demonstration. It read: " Israelis: We hate you more than we love our children." While the average Arab in Gaza may live in fear of Hamas, his hatred for Jews and Israel trumps even his fear. What a way to live. Hisham describes co-existence with Jews and Israel as a "futuristic topic". In other words, he doesn't want to discuss it. Maybe it's just too painful for him.

    • Lady_Dr

      He probably doesn't know that much about the co-existence of Jews and Arabs in Israel. It is not like there are books in the public library, information in the media, or opportunities to go shopping in Israel. Gaza is an intellectual prison – he seems to understand and know something about that but living in Egypt (I think) isn't likely to give him many opportunities to learn more, as it is little better than Gaza.

      I don't know if it is painful for him, but he probably doesn't know enough and that itself makes it hard for him to discuss the subject. Besides he knows that most Arabas are so blinded with hatred that it it is a "futuristic topic."

  • John

    '' One Solution , Peace .'' – Peace is a result of victory , it is not a solution but the end product .

  • John


  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Eventually, his fellow muslims will catch up with him abroad someplace like in Egypt, and he'll find himself being dragged through the streets behind a motorbike by a piece of rope for being a traitor to the cause of world domination which, afterall, is islam's stated objective.

    • US Muslim

      Aw, shut the hell up…he's MY hero, too, and I'm a Muslim who supports Israel. And if you come after me, remember this: I believe in the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. I also believe that this is a right enshrined in the Sunna. And if I see anyone trying to harm him, I hope to have something with me that would save his life…and destroy all those who would harm him.

  • slider 96

    He is muslim , and resents the persecution from fellow islamists , this makes him no freind of Israel . His solution ? Eliminate Hamas and THEN proceed for the ultimate goal – destruction of Israel . Hamas is seen as an obstruction . Hamas and the P.A. have the SAME goal , just different strategies to achieve it .

  • Bernard Feldman

    Democracy must mobilize and win the propaganda front. We cannot lead from BEHIND with the Islamist. We must use our formidable advertizing talents to promote representative government and devalue Sharia Law as only applicable in the 7th century .Sharia law should be exposed for what it is to the world public via the media, again and again – as in THE TRUTH ABOUT SHARIA! BF

  • Drakken

    The only way your going to defeat islam and sharia law is by force, period. You can tell the truth to the leftist untill your blue in the face, it is an exercise in futility.

    • US Muslim

      You're never going to defeat Islam. The Nazis tried to wipe out the Jews and ended up drowning in their own blood. Looks like you Nazi-wannabes have learned nothing from the past. Your fate may end up being the same as that of the Nazis, along with the Islamists, for all that I care. Only then will we know peace.