Soviet Crimes Against the Jewish People

stalin1Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Irina Tsukerman, the coordinator for Soviet Crimes Against the Jewish People, a new initiative which focuses on the digital documentation of sites and narratives connected to Soviet persecution of Jews, as well as sites and stories associated with acts of resistance.

FP: Irina Tsukerman, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

I would like to talk to you today about your new initiative, Soviet Crimes Against the Jewish People.

But let’s begin with you telling us a bit about your background and what inspired you to start this effort.

Tsukerman: I was born in Ukraine, when it was still part of the Soviet Union. I grew up seeing many of the things associated with Communism – bread lines/food shortages, expectation of conformity in every aspect of one’s thinking and behavior, poor quality of services and whatever products we had, envy of the West, coupled with abject hatred towards it. I was also acutely aware of my Jewish identity. On the one hand, my family has always been proudly Jewish; on the other hand, my parents had the “Fifth Paragraph” in their passports, which divided the population by ethnicity by the State and allowed for official discrimination under the quota system. We moved to the United States in 1995, and, growing up, I continued to maintain my interest in both my Jewish heritage and the culture of my country of origin. I heard many stories from my grandmother, parents, and many others about what life was like through the decades.

I also read many books and watched movies which exposed and poked fun at the Soviet system. Those issues were on my mind as I went through the public school system in New York, and to my horror, realized that the history of the Soviet Union was presented in a very distorted, dismissive, and apologetic way and most people really did not have much of an idea of what had actually gone on.

As I grew up, I watched how social policy increasingly leaned towards political correctness and superficial multiculturalism. The Soviet Union was also supposed to be a very internationalist state, yet one of the most popular accusation against Jews was “cosmopolitanism and Zionism.” It became clear to me that when you purport to be accepting of everything, you end  up becoming increasingly intolerant, and my prediction eventually came true.

Being very active in social networking sites, I noted that many people were willing to give up the marketplace of ideas and report each other to the website domain for comments and articles which offended their sensibilities. Having gone to law school and having assumed that at least people who are trained to think critically would see through collectivist mentality and embrace an individualist way of thinking, I eventually realized that nothing could be farther from the truth. Lack of basic education on life in Communist states and idealization of collectivism in school and other programming has brought both the general community and much of the secular Jewish community in New York to the point that such mentality has come to be welcomed and embraced without much questioning.  Having more degrees did not make anyone more individualistic.  When I was approached by Jason Guberman and asked to coordinate this project, I saw it as an opportunity to show to the public at large, and the left-wing (and often quite illiberal) Jewish community, the real story behind the idealized socialist veneer.

FP: So what is the project all about and what is your main aim?

Tsukerman: The project seeks to peel away the false notion that the Soviet Union was somehow preferable to Nazi Germany, and further, that it was certainly better for the Jews. Through digital documentation of personal narratives and sites, connected to the persecution of Jews on the basis of their ethnic and religious identities, we will show that the Soviet Union was actually the equivalent of Nazi Germany in terms of its motivations.

The fact that it was less efficient should not take away from the evil intent with regard to both a “Final Solution” for the Jews, that was in the works but interrupted by Stalin’s death, and the way it has treated its Jewish population throughout the 72 years of its existence. In addition to showing that the National Socialist state and the Internationalist Socialist States were flip sides of the same coin, we will show that collectivist mentality anywhere can lead to similar results. We will memorialize the victims, survivors, dissidents, and their supporters through the creation of a digital museum/database. None of the Soviet perpetrators ever stood trial for their atrocities. At least, this project will preserve history and expose the truth.

FP:  What is the relevance of this issue today?

Tsukerman: The issue is universal, and the project can serve as a model for any oppressed minority under any collectivist and anti-humanitarian regime at any point in time. The dangers of collectivism have shown themselves again and again through the ages, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Castro’s Cuba being only some of the examples that one could site as evidence. Today, the world is facing just as many dangers from collectivism as it did in the 20th century. Russia itself is attempting to reemerge as a global force, by wielding influence over its former states, such as its intervention in the Ukrainian elections in recent years, as well as its invasion of George, and by lending support to such regimes as Assad’s Syria and the now-deceased Hugo Chavez, and their ilk. Islamism (however you want to call it… extremism/jihadism/fundamentalism) is nothing if not collectivist and anti-humanitarian at its core.

If you look at the Iranian regime, under the religious guise, it espouses the same collectivist, totalitarian principles that the Soviet Union professed under the name of communism/socialism. Even in the United States, there is a growing tendency towards collectivist mentality – from the ever-present political correctness, to the dissolution of our basic economic principles. Obamacare, which few people really understand, is but one example. Mayor Bloomberg’s thankfully failed attempt to ban large sodas for the benefit of humanity is another issue. Federal regulation of such minutiae as food in school, and the general tendency to try to fit everyone in the same box regardless of his individual needs, is very disturbing. I think it is natural and easier to lean towards collectivism, without thinking about the evil of such ideology and the results it brings about.

FP: Share with us the tactics and techniques you are employing to achieve your goal.

Tsukerman: Our first exhibit is scheduled for August. We will digitally document 25 sites and stories connected to Soviet Crimes against Jews, using photography, video, Google Earth technology, and 3D panoramas to capture   the places that may otherwise become extinct to history. We will also present oral narratives by survivors and dissidents, which will hopefully memorialize their stories as well as inspire individuals facing the dangers of collectivist regimes elsewhere today. We are also interviewing the supporters of dissidents abroad, such as those who worked on the passage of the Jackson-Vannick amendment, and individuals who smuggled in Jewish prayer books and subversive literature to the underground meeting places, such as apartments where the dissidents met and underground synagogues.

In addition, our website will feature an extensive database linking to books, articles, and other projects, and resources that contains more detailed historical information on these events. We are seeking to collaborate with heritage organizations to create digital and heritage trails of sites connected to dissidents, that visitors could follow if they wish, whether they are in the area, or from the comfort of their own desk. Our goal is to make this project very much a collaborative effort with other organizations that are working on similar projects in other countries, such as former Soviet satellite states. Ultimately, we aim to be as informative and educational as possible and to have a very broad base of support and audience.

FP: You are also looking for assistance right?

Tsukerman: Absolutely. We are looking for:

Sources of information: Witness accounts, anyone with a relevant story about persecution by the state on the basis of their Jewish ethnicity, religion, or identity, and/or acts of attempted resistance/dissent. Anyone with access to archives, such as KGB documents or trial transcripts, photographs, video images of any sort, who would be willing to share those documents with us, would be great.

Anyone, who would be able to identify important sites, such as prison cells, location of psychiatric hospitals, gulag barracks, underground synagogues or apartments or other places where secret meetings by dissidents would be held, would be very helpful. And of course, any connections to other individuals, whether survivors, relatives of victims, dissidents, or their active supporters in the United States, would be great to interview for the project.

Sources of advice: Academics with a background in Soviet or Soviet Jewish or Communist history, who would be willing give us occasional feedback or serve on our advisory board, as well as individuals in the broader community, such as those who were active in the political community or major Jewish organizations, or anyone else, who has relevant knowledge and background and who could give us suggestions as our project develops.

Interns and volunteers: We are already getting many great interviews, documents, and research material. We need fluent Russian and English speakers, preferably with document translation experience, who could help us translate and transmit the archive documents, as well as write up site summaries for the exhibit we are launching in August.

Additionally, volunteers both in the United States and abroad, who could help with interviewing our subjects on video, taking photos of sites, and helping with relevant archival research are a priority right now. We have many great leads and hope to see many enthusiastic volunteers, interested in helping to bring this information to the public. Other volunteers with skills such as website design would also be very helpful.

All inquiries can be sent to me at and will be answered promptly. I am coordinating the project and will be happy to answer any questions, provide additional information, and listen to any feedback, suggestions, and advice. We have a detailed brief to distribute to anyone who is interested.Our website,, is currently in development and we are hoping to launch it shortly. It will feature our first exhibit, information about the project, and link to many relevant resources.

FP: Irina Tsukerman, thank you so much for joining Frontpage Interview and we wish you the best of luck in your project.

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  • Chezwick

    In 'Conversations with Stalin', Milovan Djilas recounted just how antisemitic ole Uncle Joe actually was. After he made a particularly vulgar joke at the expense of Jews, Stalin noticed Djilas's discomfort….and said defensively, "Milo, you TOO are an anti-semite." Djilas could only force a smile so as not to inflame the situation.

  • Omar

    Check out the historical documentary, the Soviet Story. This documentary exposes the Soviet Union's role in helping Nazi Germany instigate the Holocaust. The link is here:

    • You Know Who

      Chrstanity is also to balme:

      • Omar

        Voldemort, how is Christianity to blame for the Holocaust? Hitler despised Christianity too. Check this link out for the truth:… .
        The main force supporting the Nazis in the Middle East were the Islamists, who were led by Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the father of so-called "Palestinian" (invented people) nationalism. Al-Husseini was a close ally of Hitler and frequently visited Berlin during World War II to discuss setting up concentration camps for Jews in the Middle East. Al-Husseini was a rabid anti-Semite. The scary thing is that many so-called "Palestinians" revere him as a national hero despite his legacy of racism and bigotry. So you see, Islamism has been at war against civilization for a long time.

        • You Know Who

          Nice link. The propaganda by the christian churches in regard to their role during WWII in Fascist Italy, Yugoslavia, and Nazi Germany has so conditioned their believers that most of them believe that christianity played an honorable role at best, and only a silent role at worst. Yet there seems little recognition that the very framework of the beliefs owned by the Fascists and Nazis came from their christian upbringing from church, school, and christian traditions. The entire anti-Jewish and racial sentiments came not from some new philosophy or unique ideology, but rather from centuries of christian preaching against the Jews, gypsies, and heretics. This comes especially true for European countries, for the christian practice of crusades, inquisitions and holy wars occurred in their own backyards

          • Omar

            What about the constant propaganda that radical Islamists often yell out in front of crowds? Today, the Islamists are among the most anti-Semitic people in the world. Islamist fanatics like Hasan Al-Banna (who founded the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 and who translated Mein Kampf into Arabic in the 1930s) and Hajj Amin Al-Husseini (the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem) were close allies of Hitler and the Nazi regime in Germany. Today, Iranian puppet Maumoud Ahmadinejad routinely denies the Holocaust and repeatedly calls for the destruction of Israel. Egyptian dictator Mohammed Morsi and his party wants to turn Israel into an Islamist country. But of course, Islamist-friendly trolls like you ignore these facts because you focus too much on a small group of extremist fanatics that do not represent society.

          • You Know Who

            Hitler worked CLOSELY with Pope Pius in converting Germanic society and supporting the church. The church absorbed Nazi ideals and preached them as part of their sermons in turn Hitler placed catholic teachings in public education.
            Each April 20, Cardinal Bertram of Berlin was to send “warmest congratulations to the Fuhrer in the name of the bishops and the dioceses in Germany with “fervent prayers which the catholics of Germany are sending to heaven on their altars.” (If you would like to know more about the secret dealings of Hitler and the Pope I recommend you get a book titled: Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII, by John Cornwell)

          • Omar

            Why don't you read about the real history of the Muslim Brotherhood and its connections to Nazi Germany. Why do you excuse Islamist totalitarian propaganda and barbarism?

          • You Know Who

            I have. You have pointed it out as well. You just ignore the role christianity played.

          • Omar

            Oh really? So why didn't you mention the influence that Nazis and Islamists had with each other before and during World War II?

          • You Know Who

            You have already pointed that out. No need to do it again.

            Hitler was still a christian


            1941 The Grand Mufti meets Hitler

            Google Images “arab nazi salute”

        • You Know Who

          . Moreover, the wars conducted by Providence, approved by god, appears so often in the bible, and practiced by christians throughout the centuries has disciplined christians to believe that they could engage in offensive war honorably and even worse– morally. One must remember that the catholic raised and protestant conditioned hitler took his cause of war for an expanded Germany and his fight against the Jews, for Providence's sake, and a fight for the Lord. He appealed to his fellow German christians to put him in power and he achieved popular support. I find it unimaginable that Hitler, without this religious foundation, could have churches, politicians and citizens electing him into office, much less have acted against the Jews.

          • Omar

            This is so ridiculous. Everyone knows that the Islamists allied with the Fascists in Europe during World War II. Today, the radical left in the West and around the world are in an open alliance with radical Islamists. That's the reality.

          • You Know Who

            Jewish persecutions: banning Jews from working for public office, the enforcement of wearing yellow badges, the Jewish ghettos, burning of synagogues, and the extermination of Jews remind us of the atrocities committed by Nazis in WWII. However the atrocities above do not pertain to Nazi actions but rather the practices of catholicism, centuries before Hitler came into power.

            The seeds of christian hatred for Jews begins from the readings of theNT and the persecutions began when the church first held power to enforce its dogmas. The biblical Paul, for example, put the blame of Jesus's death entirely on the Jews. In the first epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians (2:14-15), it says, "the Jews who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets…." Also the gospel of John, makes it clear that the Jews represent an enemy (and John 8:44 puts the devil as the father of the Jews). Many prominent priests used Paul's epistles and the gospels as biblical justification for Jewish persecution.

          • Omar

            What about the Islamist hadith that says "The hour of judgement will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them. When a Jews hides behind the rocks and trees, the rocks and trees will cry out "Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew hidden behind me, come and kill him." Islamist anti-Semitism goes way back, even before the European pogroms like the Spanish Inquisition. Also, people mention Judeo-Christian values when mentioning about Western-style democracy. There are no Islamic values in a Western-style democracy.

          • You Know Who

            What about it? Hitlers hatred for the Jews come from his christian education


            Sadly, you are BOTH correct.

  • retired

    Rabbi Maze,in Moscow,Pleaded with Leon Trotsky (Lev Davidovitch Bronstein) to help the Jews of Russia who were being murdered in pogroms across the new Soviet Union.Trotsky told the Rabbi he would do nothing for the Jews.He told the Rabbi that he was not a Jew,he was a Communist revolutionary.He told the Rabbi that when their were no more Jews,only workers,there would no longer be a problem.Rabbi Maze replied "Trotsky makes the revolutions,and the Bronsteins pay the bills".The Jews,to this day,are still paying the bills for the radical,statists of the world,both left & right!

    • Andy

      This is an absolute lie. Pogroms were before the revolution. During the Revolution and the Civil War, the Zionists commissioners destroyed all the nations of Russia, including the Jews. I advise you better to study history. Trotsky was a representative of Rothschild, whos mission was submission and looting of Russia, that almost happened under Yeltsin.

  • retired

    Hey ,Americafirst,Are you The last of Fritz Kuhns "Bund Boys" or does your narrow little mind get it's talking points from the Stormfront skinheads?What the heck would a dirtbag like you know about the Talmud,one way or another?What you need is a jar of petroleum jelly to help you relax & get rid of your anger!

    P.S.Jerks like you go crazy,foaming at the mouth,when you see a Jewish sounding name among all sorts of other names.There were Jewish Communists,The other 98% of the Communist conspiracy were non-Jewish individuals from all over the world,from all ethnic groups


      Anti-AmericaFirst thinks that Mao was a JOOO.

  • reader

    This would probably really hurt you, a little nazi, but there were more Jewish officers in the General Lee's staff than there were Jews in the Bolshevik Sovnarkom government in 1918. That's what one easily finds out by reading actual documents, not Nazi web sites.

  • PAthena

    Russia was anti-Jewish for hundreds of years, no Jews were allowed in Russia. When Russia took over one third of Poland in the 18th century, when Poland was divided between Russia, Prussia, and the Austrian Empire, it took over an area with many Jews – Poland, White Russia (Byeloruss), Lithuania. When Tzar Nicholas II (son of the liberal Tzar Alexander III) in 1881, he introduced anti-Jewish laws and practices, e.g. pogroms. (The musical Fiddler on the Roof is set in these times.)

    • reader

      "Russia was anti-Jewish for hundreds of years, no Jews were allowed in Russia."

      It's not entirely true. Yes, Romanovs maintained the Pale of Settlement, but there were exceptions. For example, practically the entire Jewish population of Finland descended from the Jews from the Pale who would serve in the Russian army and get wavers from the Pale. Some would even resettle in St. Petersburg, if they demonstrated particular trade skills. The Great Choral Synagogue of St. Petersburg had not been built for the Romanov's court, you know.

  • You Know Who

    What people fail to realize is stalin like hitler was raised chirstian which led them to hate the Jews. Josef Stalin's "very religious" mother named him after St. Joseph, and wanted him to become a priest. Stalin himself supposedly claimed that his father had been a priest, and he was purportedly "damaged by violence" while being "raised in a poor priest-ridden household." As a youth, Stalin spent five years in a Greek Orthodox seminary, after which he purportedly renounced his religion. In his later years, Stalin apparently embraced Christianity once more. As Stalin biographer Edvard Radinsky remarks, "During his mysterious retreat [of June 1941] the ex-seminarist had decided to involve the aid of the God he had rejected." Radinsky likewise chronicles a number of religious comrades in Stalin's immediate circle. It is evident that, whether for good or bad, religion played a significant role in Stalin's life

    • reader

      Yeah, good try, but, no, Stalin decided to resurrect Orthodox Church and Russian nationalism only when he realized that the people would not fight for Comintern – his own words to Harriman in the Fall of 1941. No religious awakening whatsoever. In fact, his new rebranded Orthodox Church would be stuffed with the NKVD/KGB operatives – as it is up to this day, actually.

      • You Know Who

        Are you denying stalin was rasied a christian and christianity had an influence on his life?

        • reader

          Stalin attended the Orthodox Seminary and later became a Marxist – like you are. He remained a Marxist to his bitter end. Something for you to think about.

          • You Know Who

            religion played a huge role in his life. You can ignore it all you want but facts are facts.

          • Omar

            Voldemort, Stalin was mainly an atheist during his rule, as the true nature of Communism is that the ideology does not like religion.

          • You Know Who

            Who in the hell is voldermort?
            He was an athesist but he never killed in the athesim now did he?

          • Omar

            That would be you. Voldemort (real name: Tom Marvolo Riddle) was the main antagonist in the Harry Potter books. In the Harry Potter series, people were so afraid of saying Voldemort's name that they started referred to him as "You Know Who". Since you call yourself "You Know Who", hence the nickname Voldemort.

          • You Know Who

            I was not nerd enough to read Harry Potter

          • Mary Sue

            neither was I and I still know who voldemort is.

          • You Know Who

            You must of been

          • reader

            "he never killed in the athesim now did he?"

            What does it mean, exactly? I believe that the all-out persecution of all religions in the USSR is well documented.

          • reader

            You're keep saying this as your marxist Hail Mary, interestingly enough. I hope it makes you feel better, because the truth abviously hurts.

          • You Know Who

            You deny the truth and facts. You have not shown anything I said is wrong.

          • reader

            Keep going. Hail Mary… I mean,

            So comrades, come rally
            And the last fight let us face
            The Internationale unites the human race

          • Omar

            No, Voldemort. You deny truth and facts. I post facts while you post leftist/Islamist propaganda.

          • You Know Who

            Show me I am wrong then. Show me anywhere where hitler hated christians. Before you go using the "table talks" be aware I can prove they are false.

          • Omar

            The link is here:

            Discover the Networks is very useful when trying to learn about the left and its ideological components.

          • You Know Who

            That site has NO FACTS to back up it's claims

          • Corey

  …. If you REALLY want to know, and not just rant against Christians, read this article and follow up by looking at the archives referenced in it here:… I challenge you to take off your prejudiced goggles and READ something that may not agree with your worldview, instead of asking to be spoon-fed. There, I showed you! Now let's see how you spin it out of your consciousness.

          • Mary Sue

            yes it played such a huge role that he became an atheist.

          • You Know Who

            No he did not. NO where does he calim to be an athesist

          • reader

            He only destroyed churches everywhere. Literally. And where exactly does he claim to be religious?

  • Bert

    "AmericaFirst" should read his own reference more carefully before shooting off his mouth. The term "Jewish" needs to be clarified as did Winston Churchill in the reference.
    There has long been a major division within the Jewish community extending back even to biblical times. There have been Jews of faith who adhere to the moral teachings of the bible. Then there have been Jewish renegades who rebelled early on against Moses and the whole idea of Judaism.
    Jewish renegades are atheists who envision the creation of a new global society that promises to bring order, peace, equality and social justice to all. Never mind that these movements lead to brutal dictatorships such as Stalinist communism. They are all too willing to destroy all who may be in their way.
    These Jewish renegades harbor a special animosity towards Jews of faith whom they regard as backward and even evil because they are not ready to join the leftist mobs. Under Stalin those Jewish renegades volunteered to be his loyal storm troopers to stamp out Judaism inside Russia. They infiltrated the Jewish community and anyone teaching Judaism to children was reported to the brutal secret police.
    Today the Jewish left also is at war with Judaism and with Israel from both inside and outside Israel.
    The legacy of renegade Jews inside Stalin's Russia has left a bitter feeling with many Russian gentiles, and others as well, towards all Jews without distinction.
    It is unfortunate that the Jews of faith, usually a minority of Jews, continues to suffer because of the sins of their renegade fellow Jews. Growing up there were even a few of these renegades among my own relatives.

    • danica

      thank you BERTH, well put!..

  • Moishe Pupick

    Tu., 05/14/13

    The cursed Stalin died on Erev Purim, The Eve of the Jewish Holiday of Purim. I read that in Biblical Hebrew, no word for "coincidence" exists.

  • UCSPanther

    Unfortunately for you, you cannot provide a satisfactory explanation to why the Soviets openly supported Gamal Nasser and his efforts to destroy the Jewish State.

    Sucks to be a Neo-Nazi who is long on propaganda, short on facts.

  • marion spekk

    Even people like stalin is not always look bad especially for his family <HR> cure autism

  • Ron Lewenberg

    Why do Nazis need to lie? And why do traitors who support America's enemies use names to portray false loyalty?



  • nguyen

    Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Irina Tsukerman, the coordinator for Soviet Crimes Against the Jewish People, a new initiative which focuses on the digital documentation of sites and narratives connected to Soviet persecution of Jews, as well as sites and stories associated with acts of resistance.
    visit vietnam

  • AlgerHiss

    And yet, there is certainly no shortage of Jews that for some bizarre reason, have a love affair with communism.

    These perhaps are the “reform” Jews? They seem to be quite hardcore leftist.

  • @triopticaonline

    Stanlin was a psychopath, the worst in history. nicki minaj

  • jon

    Crimes against the Jews?! How insulting! Lenin and Stalin had numerous key people some of whom were "Jews" (not that it really mattered b/c a loyal communist is an atheist) in power that oversaw the systematic starvation and extermination of millions of their fellow country men. Please don't ever think it was just the "jews" being singled out for persecution. High ranking party member regardless of prior religious or ethnic backgrounds committed some of the most vicious acts of murder ever committed on the planet.

    • reader

      Don't get insulted so easily, jon. I don't see anybody denying the fact that Lenin and Stalin were equal opportunity murderers, as far as ethnicity and religion concerned. I believe that this information is directed particularly at the American Jews, many of whom are closet Marxists – mostly out of sheer ignorance of history.

      • jon

        Hmm… That makes sense. I stand corrected.

  • Phil

    Let's put things in perspective. There is no doubt that Stalin was a paranoid and truly evil mass murderer. He was also a vicious antisemite but he basically also hated just about everybody because of his paranoia. He treated his relatives brutally and probably murdered his wife. However, he allowed Jews to be members of the party and hundreds of thousands of Jews fought alongside other Soviet soldiers in the war against Hitler. As bad as Stalin was, Hitler was the most evil.

  • reader

    "However, he allowed Jews to be members of the party and hundreds of thousands of Jews fought alongside other Soviet soldiers in the war against Hitler. As bad as Stalin was, Hitler was the most evil."

    This looks more as a measure of rationale than anything else. I'd put it this way: Hitler was the most irrational. That's why he got smoked first.

  • Borr

    As far as I see, Irina Tsukerman encountered in USSR such really bad things as "bread lines/food shortages, expectation of conformity in every aspect of one’s thinking and behavior, poor quality of services and whatever products we had, envy of the West, coupled with abject hatred towards it". She mentions also "fifth paragraph" and all kinds of discrimination connected to it. There was also government-inspired antisemitic wave during "Doctors' case" in 1953, when some rumours circulated about intention of Stalin to expel Jews to Siberia and that just his death allegedly prevented it. No objection, I can even add several things to this list. But why does mean a phrase " the Soviet Union was actually the equivalent of Nazi Germany in terms of its motivations" ? She obviously heard such words as Auschwitz and Treblinka. Does it mean that bread lines and even totalitarian ideology and state-run Antisemitism are as terrible as gas chambers ?

  • Irina Tsukerman

    To respond to all those who are asking why I would think that Stalin was equivalent to Hitler, let's look at his motivations. The project will show that Stalin was planning a "Final Solution" to the JEwish Question. In terms of methods, Gulags were equivalent to concentration camps, and in fact served as models. Third, Stalin and Hitler basically divided Eastern Europe among themselves. It is a dangerous delusion to believe that the pact with Nazi Germany was purely defensive.

    • Borr

      "Final solution" planned by Stalin ? Are you going to prove that ? Till now nobody succeed to do it. Some unusual activity on Soviet railways was mentioned during Doctors' case, some strange construction works near Birobidjan – and that's all ! No documents, no mentions about such intention in memoirs of former NKVD people. Do you think it is possible to remove from archives 100 % of such preparations ? You are not the first person that tries to prove it. All your predecessors failed.

      Apart from it, we know several examples of Stalin's reprisals against entire ethnic groups, mostly from Caucasus. Horrible atrocities, tens of thousands victims, one of most awful crimes of the regime, but we speak about the motivation, right ? So there was no motivation to make "final solution" of Chechen or Crimean Tatar proplem that meant full extermination. So to say "Stalin and Hitler were equivalen", you need to prove not just that Stalin hated Jews and planned to expel them to Siberia. You need to prove that Stalin hated Jews more than he hated Chechens, that he had some special hatred to Jews, unusual even for him, and planned for them even worse fate than to Chechens.

  • Life

    это пиздёшь и провокация! либеральная форма жизни живёт в России вольготно и срёт на неё переодически. будте спокойны.

  • handsomedan


  • ustinenko

    How much can you lie all the time????

  • Mahtoofislooth

    Wasn’t the first Soviet government Jewish though?