Shahina Siddiqui’s Muslim Contribution to Canada

siddiquiLast week I called Manitoba’s announcement of Islamic History Month “an extraordinary act of dhimmitude.”

Of course, that’s not what the Chairwoman of Islamic History Month Canada, Shahina Siddiqui, calls it. She says that it is an opportunity for Muslims to “celebrate, inform, educate and share with fellow Canadians the Muslim cultural heritage” in order to “help build a more inclusive, compassionate and multicultural Canada.”

Let’s put aside the fact that for some Canadians, the Muslim cultural heritage, with its appalling record of violence, hatred, bigotry, and barbarity, is something we’d rather not share (for evidence-based  confirmation of this description, consider the work of Bat Ye’or, Sir Martin Gilbert, Robert Irwin, Steven Emerson, Efraim Karsh, and Ibn Warraq). Let’s simply consider Ms. Siddiqui’s own record as an advocate for Islam.

In her personal history as a Muslim spokesperson, Siddiqui is a vivid illustration of a certain kind of Muslim contribution to Canada, of which I offer a few highlights.

Ms. Siddiqui is litigious. In 2004, she was responsible for a lengthy human rights complaint against B’nai Brith Canada for its hosting of an anti-terrorism conference for police, firefighters, and paramedics. Siddiqui lodged the complaint, which was investigated and ultimately dismissed by the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, because she felt the B’nai Brith-sponsored event was biased against Muslims. She had not actually attended the workshop, which was given by an internationally respected counter-terrorism organization, but she had spoken to a couple of people who did attend—and felt that in focusing on Muslim terrorism (gasp!), the event promoted hatred.

Given that in our time, Muslims are a majority of those who commit acts of terrorism and that they usually do so specifically in the name of Islam, it is hard to imagine how any legitimate counter-terrorism event could address terrorism without a sustained focus on Islam; nonetheless, Siddiqui took advantage of Canada’s hate speech legislation to hound B’nai Brith into a costly defence, and the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, to its everlasting shame, saw fit to pursue the complaint for five years before finally dismissing it for lack of evidence.

This is a Siddiqui modus operandi, it seems, labeling anti-terror activism as “hate propaganda” and seeking to censor it. In 2006, she led the charge against the Canadian premiere of Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West, a sober documentary film detailing, mostly through interviews with Islamists and secret tape recordings in mosques, the “indoctrination to jihad” taking place amongst Muslims worldwide. In an attempt to have criminal charges laid against the Jewish sponsors of the film, Siddiqui filed a complaint with the Winnipeg police hate crimes unit, stating that she wanted police “to be aware who the sponsors are and what they are doing.” It is not clear if Siddiqui actually watched the film before calling for the criminal prosecution of its sponsors.

Ms. Siddiqui has also made notable contributions to discussions of Islam. When Aqsa Parvez was killed by her father, Muhammad, and brother, Waqas, in 2007 because she rejected Islamic behavior codes, Siddiqui was distressed by news coverage assuming it was an “Islamic thing” (though Muhammad Parvez himself believed it was). She wrote in her capacity as Executive Director of the Islamic Social Services Association that Parvez’s murder was no different from any other case of family violence in Canada, and she castigated an unsympathetic host culture for failing to “support” the Parvez family: “And herein lies the crux of the matter: How do you maintain pride in your roots if your values are demonized, ridiculed, and condemned? What, if any, recourse does a parent have when the values of their family are labeled as un-Canadian and unjust by members of society, from schools to service providers and the justice system?”

The implication that Aqsa’s father killed her because his “values” were “demonized” by non-Muslims does not address why so many Pakistani fathers in Pakistan—where presumably their Muslim values are affirmed—also kill their daughters in alarming numbers, but it does neatly make the case that non-Muslim Canadian society owes Muslim-Canadians (more public funding for Muslim social services, in this case) in order not to be held responsible for future violence.

Ms. Siddiqui also offered clarification on a more recent Muslim-Canadian controversy: the Toronto school cafeteria (Valley Park Middle School) that becomes a mosque-space closed to non-Muslims every Friday, and in which girls and boys are separated and menstruating girls placed at the back of the room. In an opinion article in the Toronto Star, Siddiqui dismissed objections to the mosque, which began operation in 2011, ascribing the opposition to “secular extremists and gender Nazis,” and claiming that the controversy “reflects to what depths we have sunk when it comes to fear and hatred of Islam and Muslims.” It seems that when it comes to “demonizing” those with different “values,” Ms. Siddiqui can slug it out with the best of them.

Siddiqui’s defensiveness about Islam is understandable, if regrettable. Many people, after all, would be more than willing to outlaw criticism of their own and to have “offensive” people punished by the state. Siddiqui has learned well how to work the Canadian system: file human rights complaints, accuse critics of hate crimes, and claim that her cultural practices have been viciously misrepresented. Her aggressive style of advocacy may, from a Muslim-supremacist point of view, make her the ideal person to head up Islamic History Month Canada.

But an exemplar of tolerance she is definitely not. Siddiqui’s attitude to the non-Muslim majority is suggested in an interview she gave to Sound Vision, an Islamic website (a tip of the hat to Blazing Cat Fur for alerting me to this source). In discussing why she established the Islamic Social Services Association, she explained the dilemma of many Muslim women in Canada as follows:

“Majority of the abused Muslim women, if you ask them, why didn’t they turn for help, all they needed to do was call 911, they’ll say that ‘I don’t want him to go to jail, I don’t want to end up in a shelter where my children and I will be exposed to an un-Islamic lifestyle.’ So there is a fear that if they go to mainstream social services, they won’t be able to preserve their faith and their children will be lost in mainstream society. So they’ll choose the lesser of two evils.”

It is surely telling that Siddiqui’s account of Muslim revulsion at non-Muslim society contains no hint of disapproval or objection. Is this a woman who advocates the integration of Muslims into Canadian society? On the contrary, Siddiqui seems to sympathize with an attitude that sees beating or even death at the hands of a violent husband as “a lesser evil” to mixing with non-Muslim society, where one’s “children will be lost.”

With such comments and actions as evidence, it’s hard to feel that Shahina Siddiqui models the Canadian qualities of “inclusion” and “compassion” that she identified in her Islamic History Month press release. On the contrary, her comments imply a conviction that Muslim culture is superior to Euro-Canadian culture and that Canadians must adapt to Muslim values and doctrines or be judged guilty of criminal hatred. Thanks for “sharing,” Ms. Siddiqui—but no thanks.

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  • Stormin Norman

    Everyone of these kinds of stories leaves me with such a despairing feeling. We are completely lost and the social and institutional empowerment of these groups and individuals is a demonstration of our utter confusion and weakness. If we really don’t want to live in the way that our forebears intended fine…let’s just get it over with quickly.

  • itaintmojo

    If using Canadian social services is so repulsive to this woman she should never have moved to Canada in the 1st place. Or after having found out that its repulsive to her after moving to Canada, she should now leave, and go back to a country that practices her Sharia law. As it is, Muslim families are changing the way things are done in Canada, in some very strange ways. Recently in Quebec it was reported that doctors are being asked to write out certificates of virginity. Of course these articles never mention who is requesting these certificates, but wink , wink, I connected the dots. People like this Siddiqui woman should either get with the program of the country they are moving to, or get kicked out if they have complaints about Canada. Immigrants should be screened for Sharia, and told before they are accepted, that Canada is not Sharia, and that if they expect to be free to practice Sharia they should turn right around and go back. After all, I can’t go to Saudi, and impose one single thing on their society without being arrested and severely punished for it. Don’t expect tolerance, if you have none for others. And don’t move to lands with a different culture than the one you came from, and try to change things to look more like where you came from. If you liked it so much where you came from, then just stay there.

    • gamaa

      That’s her ‘ pot of gold ‘ sister Siddiqui’s outfit ISSA { Islamic social service association } is a sharia compliant social service that also has a ( wait for it ) ‘ sensitivity training ‘ gimmick. All things Islamic are to rendered sacrosanct in the public psyche and any criticism is a sharia crime of blasphemy .
      The problem is with this type of “enforcers” of the faith they self appoint as spokes-person and become the go-to for a clueless MSM !
      Thus ennobled and enabled these type of fundamentalist keep the Muslim community observed and suppressed and the ideology rules damn our secular governance !

      • justinburch505

        Everytime the press present this creepy creature as if she is the best spokeswoman for Muslims, we should all call the reporter and tell the reporter this woman is one of the radicals and inappropriate to consult as a spokeswoman.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Multiculturalism is the opposite of united we stand. As it’s a stealth divided we fall campaign. Indeed, it’s a leftwing agenda for the self-destruction of cohesive civilizations and societies, as it plays on the fact that all civilized people naturally want to be perceived as being tolerant and peaceful. However, multiculturalism takes it a step further, as it also morally equates what are in reality our natural enemies as being morally equivalent with our selves. Thus, there are no more enemies in a multicultural society, only intolerant bigots and racists. Indeed, multiculturalism has destroyed the fabric of countless civilizations through the millennium, including the once great Roman Empire, and today it is fast at work destroying Western Christian-Judeo civilization.

    Given that in our time, Muslims are a majority of those who commit acts of terrorism and that they usually do so specifically in the name of Islam

    Don’t fool yourselves; it’s not terrorism that Muslims perpetrate. Muslims are jihadists, i.e., mujahideen (holy warriors) waging jihad (holy war) in the cause of Allah to ultimately make Islam supreme. Indeed, it’s not terrorism we have to fear, instead it’s jihad (holy war) and Muslims wage it both violently and non-violently via stealth and deception. For instance, an example of violent jihad is the recent Boston Marathon Bombing and the actions of Shahina Siddiqui herself are an example of non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad.

    Thus, the solution is simple, trash the cult of multiculturalism by outlawing, banning, and reversing mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage ASAP on the grounds that it is really stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad for the strategic purpose of demographic conquest. As Muslims never ever assimilate and integrate, because assimilation and integration in Islam constitutes blasphemy and is a capital offense. Indeed, zero Muslims would translate to zero jihad and a peaceful and tolerant society.

    • Western_Canadian

      Don’t be fooled by this blatant and failed stealth jihadi, his straight from the mosque lies about jihad not including terrorism contradicts both mad mo (if he existed) himself, the bloody and unholy koran itself, and the words of the non-existant allah, who should have stayed a pagan moon go.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Don’t judge this moonbat too hard, as he is a victim of the Canadian public school system.

        • Western_Canadian

          Actually, the US school system is a shambles, much worse than the Canadian, and has been for years (high school graduates who cannot even read their diplomas?? Very rare in Canada, much more common in the US). Your stupidity and ignorance are once again on prominent display, as you know nothing about the Canadian educational system. You do not know if I am a product of the public, seperate, or private portions of the system…. or when. Again, you demonstrate that you have a sickeningly low grade and inferior mind. The US is cursed with national teachers unions, which are the enemy of quality education and the students under their influence. On that point alone, the Canadian system is superior… We only have local unions…. confined to provinces or cities. Something that reformers in the US have been trying to match, for decades. You are obviously a product of the US system…. you’d have to be, to be so ignorant, arrogant, and stupid. You know, sort of a mini-me to obama….

          • defcon 4

            I seem to remember a Canadian rabbi being strong-armed by Muslime police officers in Canada. Strong-armed into dis-inviting Pamela Geller from speaking at HIS synagogue. I seem to remember nothing being done about it either.

          • Western_Canadian

            I would strongly suggest that you not try telling me ( a CANADIAN) or anyone else what is and is not going on in Canada….. The single islamic (RTC) thug passing himself off as a member of the police, IS BEING INVESTIGATED FOR HIS BEHAVIOUR. Might result in a nasty letter of reprimand in his file, or, we all hope, his dismissal for cause. Though why YOU would want anyone to be banned or anything else, for having an ‘opinion’ different than your own…..

    • Western_Canadian

      “Indeed, multiculturalism has destroyed the fabric of countless civilizations through the millennium, including the once great Roman Empire”
      More proof that this stealth muslim is an uneducated blowhard… the Roman empire died BEFORE this millenium…. as for it being MC, guess you had to be there..
      This blowhard (OBYM, also known as jihadimydaddy) should be banned, it would double the average IQ of posters here.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Actually, I never heard of jihadmydaddy but I’ll just assume it is one of your made up names for me. In any event, you just illustrated how you can simultaneously give me two down votes at the same time, as you obviously have two sign-on names and apparently two different accounts setup where only one is supposed to be allowed. Indeed, your old name in which you are signed on right now is Western_Canadian and your new name is Northstar, and every time you come on here you always seek out my posts specifically to taunt me, as taunting me is your new hobby. It must suck to be you and oh yeah, Canadian.

        • Western_Canadian

          My my, you are full of yourself, are you not?? Surprising, since we all know what else you are full of, and it’s amazing that there is room for anything else. I do not log in, I sign in as a guest. Can’t vote. That you have negative votes is no surprise, as your posts are garbage. I do not post as anyone other then Western_Canadian, your pathetic snivel about me being Northstar, is typical of a loser like you: Most people have the occasional wine and cheese party, you would rather have a whine and snivel party, where you can feel sorry for yourself.
          Truly amazing, how quickly you got back on to check to see if you had any answers to your pathetic and ignorant posts…. guess it is easy for you to do that, not having a life, a job, or anything or anyone else to occupy your weak little mind…. Typical low grade troll… nothing better to do, nothing else to do at all.
          I do not specifically seek you out, as your posts bring on an urge to vomit. Your stupidity and ignorance are so extreme, that reading your repetative, low quality swill, is quite hard to do. The only reason why I bother with you at all, is to alert newbies here that you are NOT an example of the anti-jihad movement, but are a bloviating jerk. You are to commentary, on this or any other issue, as michael moore is to quality, fact based journalism with a sound basis in integrity: A polar opposite, an enemy, a mockery. It does not suck in the least to be me, I am vastly better educated then you (which wouldn’t take much), more intelligent (ditto), and no doubt much better looking as well. Does it suck, being Canadian?? Not even close. We have a very proud military history, and went to war against hitler years before the US did. Our battle honours are with very few equals. Scientific/medical breakthroughs, tech development… we do ourselves proud. Unlke the US, we have a thriving economy,much lower unemployment, much less racial discord (in spite of US interests financing such vile attitudes, to maintain an oil supply monopoly…) We currently have a political leader who, for all his shortcomings, is not merely head and shoulders about the thug in chief infesting the white house, but miles above him. Our media is only around 70% hard left corrupt, unlike yours which is about 90%. Some of the bravest and best informed voices heard in the US warning about islamic jihad (which includes and is dependant on terrorism, according to mad mo, the unholy koran and allah), are Canadian… It must really suck to be an ignorant moron and genetic lout, as you are. I actually feel sorry for you…. and sorrier for people who take you seriously. Oh, and by the way, we are making headway in reclaiming some of our rights, regarding medical access, political accountability, and several other things that the US is very sadly losing ground on…. We have not supplied weapons to Mexican drug lords, or betrayed international allies, as the US is doing, We are clipping the wings of left wing ‘human rights’ commisions, while the US has obama/holder aiding and protecting the worst criminals within your borders. ’nuff said.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            Whatever Northstar!

          • Western_Canadian

            Again, you prove how weak minded and pathetic you are. Something you have a great deal of practice at doing.

          • defcon 4

            Don’t brag too loudly, Ezra Levant is once again defending himself (at great personal cost to himself) against a civil lawsuit alleging hate speech against muslimes in Canada.

          • Western_Canadian

            Since I didn’t say we had attained perfection, your assistance offered to the bloviating jerk makes as much sense as his posts do. I am aware of Ezra’s ongoing fight, and will help out financially when I can… And since the US has Pam filing lawsuits on an ongoing basis, I’d say we are in similar, if not the same, boat(s).

      • defcon 4

        Um, I’m sure OYM meant millennia, not millennium. What kind of people commonly want to ban people based on a difference of opinion?

        • Western_Canadian

          Given the louts bad habit of trying to impress people with his writing skills(?)and failing badly, even he doesn’t know what he meant. As for banning, him, I repeat that it would double the average IQ of posters on this board, as he is a moron. Idiots like him, who repeat the islamic lie about terror being un-islamic, should be called on it, and shut down. There might actually be people here daft enough to take his blather seriously…

          My very first post in answer to him, consisted merely of pointing out that the unholy koran etc. proved his assertion to be false. His reply was that I made no sense. (IIRC)His next reply to a similar mild response, was his usual sub-juvi name calling. He is a moron, and banning morons tends to make sense.

  • N. Wasse

    I just do not get it this woman’s Hindu ancestors were killed raped and enslaved by her Arab masters and then she moves to Canada from some Muslim hellhole and she is praising Islam and claiming that Canada has a Muslim heritage!

    Is she nuts?

    But again Pakistanis are more Arabs than the Mufti of Saudi Arabia himself

    • Softly Bob

      A massive dose of Stockholm syndrome. These people are victims of abuse and are actually mentally ill. In fact, Islam is a mental illness and should not be molly-coddled, reformed, appeased or sanctioned. It should be quarantined and disinfected.

      One day (if it doesn’t get us all first), Islam will exist no more. It will be confined to the pages of history and seen as the greatest human plague to have ever existed – making smallpox and bubonic plague look like minor head colds.

      • defcon 4

        Did the Black Death kill more people than Islam? I’d figure the answer would be yes, but then again, there weren’t that many Europeans in Europe back then.


          I am trying, and still trying, to find the reference that suggests that the black death was actually an early effort at bio warfare…. not much to the report, but interesting. And since islam has murdered over a quarter of a billion…. islam wins the death competition.

    • Drakken

      It’s called centuries of inbreeding, so what else do you expect from these bloody savages, best thing you can get for this thing is a rope.

  • rebecca

    After the attacks on New York City in 2001, the “human rights” group at my high school invited S. Siddiqui to speak to us. She spent her time explaining to us what expectations we would be required to meet if we lived under islamic rule. She’s a committed islamist. Don’t believe anything she says about multi-culturalism…it’s only a strategy to allow her supremacist ideas to gain a foothold.
    Oh…the reaction to her talk? Confusion among the do-gooding student body.

    • defcon 4

      “islamist” the meaningless word coined by islam0nazis to try and bifurcate islam into a “moderate” and “radical” component that doesn’t exist.

      • justinburch505

        Well I kind of agree with you defcon4 but then there are those Muslims who just live their lives in North America and then there are Muslims who actively join, endorse and work to bring sharia law into the set. This sweetie is one of the activists. She is likely also part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s sisterhood wing because among her other associations is she was a “consultant” to the Canadian Branch of CAIR, she has been a frequent female role model for Islam Online and guest speaker for the Muslim Student Association both in Canada and in the USA. That makes her far more alarming, and far more worth closely observing, than say your average joe Muslim just trying to make a living in Canada.

        • Drakken

          It is going to come down to them(muslims) or us(infidels) choose wisely.

        • defcon 4

          If the majority of muslimes didn’t support the persecution of people of other faiths, it wouldn’t be going on in every, last islamic state on the face of this earth today.

  • RCraigen

    I got interested in this lady back when that Afghani, Abdul Rahman, who had converted to Christianity, was sentenced to death by the American-appointed government there. She had a long Op Ed in the Winnipeg Free Press playing the apologist for Sharia. I could not believe the number of distortions and lies — and at the time I hardly knew anything about these issues myself (that proved the kick in the pants I needed to do some self-educating and now I know a lot more!). Yet she receives accolades and is the media go-to person whenever there is a story about Islam in the news here.

    This story doesn’t tell the half of it. Siddiqui, for example, was one of the leaders of the almost-successful push to have a portion of Sharia Law encoded into Ontario legal code so that Muslim “sharia courts” could dole out judgements that carry the force of Canadian law, according to Sharia. She also promotes herself as a “sharia counsellor”, in that she advises on matters of Sharia Law, though she herself cannot issue fatwas because of her gender. Also not mentioned here is that she has for many years now been a fixture on the board of directors of CAIR-CAN, the Canadian chapter of CAIR.

    She is closely associated with a number of shady figures in North America. For example, she has worked alongside Ontario lawyer Faisal Kutty. Few know his name, and perhaps he likes it that way. Kutty also was on the CAIR-CAN board; I don’t know if he still has that position. During that time he was also in charge of a certain “Benevolence fund” administered in Canada, but it was American funds being administered. It was one of the channels for funding Hamas and other terror groups, under the guise of providing relief and development for third-world children; the funds were collected through the organizations indicted in the Famous Holyland Foundation trial. Shortly after the U.N. moved to designate the parent organization as a terror-funding front, Kutty made an announcement that the fund he was administering was no longer in operation. All records of it were hoovered up, and by the time the Canadian government got around to considering the motion to designate it as a terror-finding fraud, the organization no longer existed on paper, and Kutty claimed that the organizers could no longer be contacted; he was just a legal spokesman. But it was clear from the start that the fund was under his control — the only other individuals associated with it were non-Canadians living overseas. Last I paid attention, Kutty was now the director of a new fund to care for children in conflict zones. I tried to dig to find details about any specific project they were funding; none was available. But this time he has a beautiful, glossy, interactive web site saying wonderful things about the work, showing how to donate, and prominently featuring the board of directors, which included several non-muslims including one Ontario chief of police. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    What is the source or what are the sources of her income? Since she seems to spend her time in various types of litigation she cannot be earning her keep in an honest way. I’ll give odd that when you find her sources you’ll find terrorist-linked organizations.

    • justinburch505

      Yeah that’s a really good question I personally have tried to track down. She has done a lot of campaigning to raise funds for ISSA and for a long time presented herself as a “Social Worker” though she has no credentials at all for calling herself one. She has a son with connection to Pakistan. But i have never been able to figure out where she gets her salary from. She’s either independently wealthy, lives on her son)s) income or gets paid an awful lot for speaking events.

  • otherles

    A Proposal:


    All religions which deny the validity of the Constitution shall not claim protection under it.

    The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.


      An excellent proposal! Unfortunately, how many spineless politicians – on either side of the aisle – do you think would back it?

      • defcon 4

        At this point, I think it would far more likely something outlawing free speech in the US would happen. After all, if you can no longer criticise muslimes, islam or muhammad then you can’t really claim to have free speech anymore can you?

  • saris1

    Do you know why America has a black history month? Because Black people are an integral part of understanding U.S history almost right from it’s inception. Arabs are relatively new to the U.S as a group, they haven’t contributed enough to warrant a whole month. Also black history month is also a reminder of how inhuman man can be to man and we should always remember etc. — Arabs haven’t been treated bad in the U.S or Canada.

  • saris1

    Also isn’t it obvious to people? You CANNOT have a multicultural nation, a nation is it’s culture. A fragmented cultural picture is a fragmented, weak, nation. You can have a multi-racial nation, but not multicultural. –Except for food, man does multiculturalism taste good.