Obituary for a Beloved Egyptian Terror Supporter

ghFew outside of Egypt and FrontPage Magazine readership know the name Amir Bedier. Any knowledge of this man, save for his family, is by extension of his two semi-famous brothers, Ahmed, a Muslim activist based in Florida, and Osama, a once high-ranking executive of Paypal and Google. This past week, though, Amir finally made the network news, but unless there were any television sets in hell, he probably wasn’t able to watch.

Amir Bedier had already escaped death once. He was shot in the face outside Egypt’s presidential palace, during the aftermath of the 2011 Egyptian revolution. An x-ray taken of his head showed the bullet lodged in his neck.

Of the incident, his brother Ahmed wrote, “Last night my younger brother Amir was shot in the head outside the presidential palace… He went there, not to protest, but to help the injured… When we asked him who he thinks shot him, he did not blame opponents or supporters of [Mohamed] Morsi… WHEN THE MEDIA CAME TO INTERVIEW HIM TODAY AT THE HOSPITAL, because he was the only critically shot but survived, he refused to see them. Because he does not want the media to use his story to fuel more hate. Amir represents the good people of Egypt, the heroes. I’m proud of him…”

In reading Ahmed’s kind words about his brother, one might come away thinking that Amir Bedier was a courageous man with an altruistic soul. But when they discover who the real Amir Bedier was and what he supported, there can be no mistaking him for anything good or generous. Indeed, Amir Bedier was a follower of al-Qaeda.

Evidence of this was revealed on his Facebook page, when a little over three months ago, Amir changed his Facebook profile picture to that of the founder of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden. He soon followed that up by changing the picture to that of Abdullah Azzam, the deceased mentor of bin Laden who is known as the father of global jihad.

Following an article written by this author about Amir and his family’s extremism, Amir changed the profile name of his Facebook site but kept all the old material. The new name of the site was/is “Accountant Ma,” which is his profession and what seems to be a much less extreme alter ego. As well, he changed his profile picture from Azzam to that of one featuring Mohamed Morsi, who had been removed from power by the Egyptian military only days earlier.

Morsi, apart from being a President of Egypt, was a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, a worldwide jihadist movement whose headquarters happens to be located in the capital of Egypt, Cairo. While serving as President, Morsi and his fellow Islamists in power instituted Sharia law, which, to the dismay of many secular and Christian Egyptians, moved Egypt towards becoming an Islamic state. This, in turn, brought massive protests, which culminated in Morsi’s removal.

Amir would use his Facebook page to promote Brotherhood protests and to post Brotherhood communiques. As well, he posted gruesome photos to his site, including that of dead bodies and a young boy with his arm torn off.

He did this up until the afternoon of August 14, when he was shot and killed by Egyptian police at Nasr City’s Rabaa al-Adawiya Square, which is considered to be the epicenter of the pro-Morsi protest camp.

According to his brother Ahmed, Amir had been attending protests at Rabaa for the past month. He would do his accounting job during the day and join the demonstrations at night. According to Ahmed, on the day Amir died, he had been protesting since early in the morning. He had left to see his wife around 1:00 pm, after sustaining injuries. He later went back to protest and was shot and killed soon after, ironically in the neck, where the other bullet remained.

Ahmed and his parents discovered the body at the local mosque, amongst possibly 200 other bodies. A video shows the father, Mostafa, who is himself a supporter of the Brotherhood and Sharia law, give Ahmed what appears to be a pita bread to eat as they stand by the lifeless body. Prior to the body arriving at the mosque, Amir had been left in the street by his fellow protesters to die, according to Ahmed, for twelve hours.

Both Osama and Ahmed described the protests Amir took part in as strictly peaceful ones; Ahmed labeled them sit-ins. Question: How do you call something “peaceful,” when it is being organized by a terrorist organization?

According to the BBC, “Before the security forces attacked, many Muslim Brotherhood supporters talked about martyrdom,” so they were more than ready to give up their lives. And when these “sit-ins” were dispersed by police, the protesters went on a rampage, attacking police stations and burning down dozens of area churches and Christian-owned shops, some of which had been marked previously by pro-Morsi forces with red graffiti.

Two days later, the Brotherhood called for a ‘Day of Rage,’ where many more lives were lost.

Today, the profile picture on Amir Bedier’s Facebook site is that of himself post-mortem in a white shroud. He’ll be remembered by his Islamist family, who distort reality and cannot describe him in anything except glowing terms, painting Amir as a saint. But to the rest of the world that knows the truth, he’ll be nothing more than just another dead bin Laden-supporting jihadi.

Beila Rabinowitz, director of Militant Islam Monitor, contributed to this report.

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  • jakespoon

    A dead terrorist. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

  • Veracious_one

    He prayed for Islamic Martyrdom, his prayers were answered…

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Still conflating what is really jihad, which is holy fighting in the cause of Allah for the establishment/expansion of Islam that is waged against all religions and all infidels by Muslim culture alone as somehow being terrorism, which, in stark contrast to jihad, is perpetrated for all kinds of various political causes and perpetrated by people from all societies and cultures, while still misleading your readers at the same time I see. Very apparently you have very little regard for the truth.

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    Poor Amir, dead and disappointed.

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    He got what he wanted.

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    The only good jihadist is a dead jihadist, good riddance may many more follow that POS to the devils playground.

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    and his two brothers, no doubt staunchly patriotic to “Amreeka” are living in the USA? how delightful. sounds like a real nice buncha folks.

  • Steve Dietrich

    Since the Brotherhood had their own snipers on the rooftops and were shooting at their own to cause more chaos and blame the military, we’ll never know who shot him.