Media Matters’ Mission to Bury Benghazi

article-2202979-150018E4000005DC-23_964x608The George Soros-funded left-wing propaganda mill known as Media Matters continues its campaign to whitewash the Obama administration’s Benghazi failures and cover-up. Media Matters has seized on CBS’s retraction of its October 27, 2013 60 Minutes story on the Benghazi attacks to discredit anyone who dares question the Obama administration’s actions leading up to, during and following September 11, 2012, when four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, were killed.

CBS correspondent Lara Logan, who originally reported on the story, ended up apologizing on the air for her interview with Dylan Davies, an ex-security officer identifying himself by his pseudonym Morgan Jones. Davies evidently lied during the interview about his true whereabouts on the fateful night of the Benghazi attack. Logan and her producers failed to check out adequately the veracity of Davies’ account before it aired. Davies claimed that he had entered the Benghazi special mission compound where he had supposedly confronted one of the attackers. He also said he had seen the body of Ambassador Chris Stevens in a local hospital. It turns out that Davies gave a very different account to the FBI and in an incident report he filed with his employer, which CBS did not catch or take seriously enough before it highlighted Davies in its story.

Media Matters is now crowing over how Lara Logan and her employer CBS were forced to eat crow. The episode, Media Matters wants us to believe, proves its contention all along that any criticism of the Obama administration’s handling of the Benghazi matter amounts to nothing more than a “right-wing hoax.” For this reason, it had made the debunking of the 60 Minutes story, in its own words, “priority one, priority two, and priority three.”

Here’s the problem for Media Matters and its fellow left-wing revisionists. Other portions of the 60 Minutes story, as well as prior congressional testimony by unassailable sources, still provide overriding proof of the Obama administration’s malignant neglect of requests for better security beforehand that might have held back the attackers. The sacred promise relied on by the brave men and women serving their country in dangerous parts of the world – “No One Left Behind” – was violated. The commander-in-chief was apparently AWOL that night, leaving it up to his subordinates to decide whether and how to respond militarily to the attacks which lasted more than seven hours. The evidence establishes that there was a stand-down order and that the right military assets to rescue the Americans under siege were not made available in time. And Media Matters refuses to face the truth that the Obama administration deliberately covered up the fact that it was aware almost immediately of al Qaeda’s involvement in the attacks. Instead, President Obama, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and other administration officials continued to peddle their false talking points for weeks thereafter, blaming an obscure anti-Muslim video for the tragedy.

Senator John McCain put it best when he said in response to the liberals’ exploitation of the botched CBS story to chill any further criticism of the Obama administration’s botching of the Benghazi matter: “It appears to me as if they are trying to shoot the messenger here, rather than try to explain the total mishandling of this whole situation.”

None of this excuses CBS for botching its story with respect to Dylan Davies and not properly vetting his account before putting him on the air. CBS would do well to bring in an independent panel to investigate what went wrong and make recommendations for improvement, as it did in the case of Dan Rather’s flawed 60 Minutes report on President Bush’s National Guard service in 2004.

Lara Logan erred in her reporting, and in her vouching for her discredited source even after doubts began to be raised about him. But does Media Matters honcho David Brock really believe that he is in a position to judge the record of an award-winning journalist who has risked her life reporting from the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, and who suffered a brutal sexual assault while reporting from the streets of Cairo during the 2011 uprising against Egyptian President Mubarak? “I was dying in that square,” she said. “I never thought I’d see my children again.”

David Brock, by contrast, has no relevant war reporting experience that we know of. His career highlight is turning from being a self-described right-wing hit man commentator to a left-wing hit man and founder of the pro-Democratic Party Media Matters attack machine. Unlike Lara Logan, who has seen death up close in conflict zones and believes that the fallen must not be forgotten, Brock’s narcissism showed through when he said about his conversion from conservatism: “David Brock the Road Warrior of the Right is dead.” He apparently sees himself as a resurrected liberal on the side of the virtuous against the evil conservatives.

Yes, Logan stumbled badly by being over-zealous in relying on the word of a lying source when her mission was to find out and report the truth to the American people. But she owned up to her mistake, saying on CBS This Morning: “You know the most important thing to every person at ’60 Minutes’ is the truth. And today the truth is we made a mistake. And that’s a..that’s very disappointing for any journalist. That’s very disappointing for me. Nobody likes to admit they made a mistake. But if you do, you have to stand up and take responsibility – and you have to say you were wrong. And in this case we were wrong.”

Brock, by contrast, remains the unthinking hit man with no concern for finding the truth, whatever the truth may turn out to be. He merely switched sides. For Brock to go on MSNBC’s Al Sharpton show and demand that CBS apologize to the Obama administration and the families of the Americans killed in Benghazi, for example, is way over the top. And for Al Sharpton to self-righteously condemn CBS for its mistaken reliance on Davies is a joke, considering his own involvement in perpetrating the Tawana Brawley rape allegations that a grand jury found to be fabricated.

The Obama administration owes the American people, and especially the families of the murdered Americans, the truth about what really happened in Benghazi and why. Media Matters’ dismissal of all criticism of the Obama administration’s gross mishandling of the Benghazi matter as a “hoax” is itself a cruel hoax that is insulting to those families.


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  • TheOrdinaryMan

    Support Rep. Frank Wolf’s efforts to get up a Select Committee to investigate Benghazi. A Select Committee focuses on one issue, and one issue only–namely Benghazi; and why four Americans died, why stand down orders were given, and who gave them; and why witnesses are being silenced. Without a Select committee, we’ll never get to the truth.

  • semus

    This was the whole reason CBS 60 minutes this story. They ran with a faulty story, and they knew it all along. It’s a trick used to stop damaging stories. This makes them culpable after the fact.

    • Demetrius Minneapolis

      I was thinking along those lines as well. It’s a great tactic to utilize on the masses for discrediting opposition or uncomfortable questions.

    • alericKong

      Clinton’s team did this to drudge back in 1998.

    • nomoretraitors

      I was thinking the same thing

  • pavlos

    Why hasn’t anyone really interviewed General Petraeus, and especially his mistress who seems to have more detailed information on Benghazi than Ms. Hilary or our news media………I would like to know why there was such a closed door policy on all information surrounding the attack.?…….. I was told to me that Chris Steven’s was at the Military hospital in Germany ,the entire floor was sealed of By a pretty credible witness , they worked there. …. It was very extremely scary, they way they handled and implemented the secrecy and privacy act. “armed”…Isn’t anyone interested ? what has happened to our nation that we can be told by Hillary to get over it.. she works for us the people of the U.S….(Is this the type of individual that should run for the office of the Presidency …..) She was an enabler with her pandering husband, she lied to the world of his innocence ” knowing all along that he was guilty of so much more that was never revealed”. She still holds that arrogant ,contemptible attitude towards the military and the working Middle class of the United States.!…..Why hasn’t anyone said anything about her scandalous behavior “with her attempt at obamacare with almost identical text” and the $700.000 fine that was levied against the Clintons for illegal transaction with insurance companies ., the same type of fraud going on right now with companies like AARP and other affiliates…

    • WW4

      Gee, wonder why? They all appeared to testify. They all gave the congressional poppinjays plenty of chances to prance and preen before the cameras. Shucks, no “gotcha” moments yet….

      • nomoretraitors

        Soros’ check cleared, huh?

    • mo up in the northeast

      john brennan set up Chris Stevens.

  • Maggie

    Davies lied on his report to his employer, which he admited to upfront.. then 2 obama officials said they had proof that what he said was a lie, but did not provide that proof.. i still believe Davies

    • WW4

      Too bad his book deal fell through. Maybe he can still publish his account under “Fiction?”

      • Drakken

        Still sucking Obummers and companys crank huh Sparky?

  • WW4

    Oh, I get so excited about the potential outrage I am about to feel when I hear that word, Benghazi! The very symbol of Obama’s disregard for all that is good in this country!

    I just wish that the articles that periodically come up right when I’m about to forget about Benghazi actually had some new information to fuel my outrage!

    Since when has it ever been so difficult to untangle the truth about a covert CIA operation? Since Obama, that’s when!

    • mo up in the northeast . Listen for reference to Stanley Inc. being bought by CGI, at the end.

    • ziggy zoggy


      Obama’s guilt and lies have been known since day one. Where is the mystery, Sherlock?

  • fluffy

    No way you can tell me 60 was unaware. They knew and were in the tank from the get-go. The Obama team knew this was going to be aired and would benefit from it as they did. Was planned that way, more cover up. For 60 mins to apologize that quick!
    The left are great conductors and have the media playing the music.

    • WW4

      If so, that makes them geniuses.

      Do they seem like geniuses to you?

      • nomoretraitors

        No it makes them devious and dastardly. Though I’m sure you don’t mind since it’s all in the service of “social justice”

  • nomoretraitors

    That sc*mbag Brock and the propaganda mill Media Matters need to be investigated by the IRS

    • pacman925

      nomoretraitors…cannot investigate IRS controlled by Obama, CIA controlled by brennan, control’s DOJ, Obama picked muslim’s instead of our finest USA citizens….We need to continue to send letter’s to our senator’s, state rep’s, call them on the phone continually, && MOST OF ALL…WE NEED SUPPORT THE USA citizens…..Obama is attacking US…planning to kill millions of christians, make us muslims (submit to muslims or die us) or……we will be slave’s !

      Impeach Obama, Brenna, Holder, We need to arrest them !
      We need a military d’etat coup……

  • mo up in the northeast

    Common sense: An ambassador begged for months, for help. He
    was in

    Washington DC shortly before his murder. CIA annex
    complete with Paula

    Broadwell to wreck Petraeus. Jill Kelley, a Muslim, is a pal of Sen. Whitestone,
    and John Kerry. John Brennan, also a muslim, was heavily involved in the name

    of the infamous movie, “Innocence
    of Muslims” . I just found out that his firm, Stanley Inc. was bought out
    by CIG of Obamacare contract/Michelle Obama

    Princeton chum fame . Link:

    The movie has been solely attributed to Nakouly Basela
    Nakouly, who is NOT a

    Copt Christian (Walid Shoebat knows the guy).

    Nobody knew how long the attack would last. Resources
    everywhere available to help. Gun running to the CIAlqueda throat slitters in Syria,
    which likely, Stevens

    objected to. Bee-yatch from Hell, Hillary told parents of Benghazi

    victim she was gonna git that nasty mean filmmaker when she KNEW the

    Brennan-created film was not the cause of the attack. She is a beast.

    Chris Stevens: a gay man, set up and murdered, as in Donald Young, the

    openly gay choir director of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church: murdered

    12/23/07 and covered up by the most heterophobic press in the history of

    the country.

    Please view this link, so very important, implicates Brennan
    in the setup of Chris Stevens.

  • mo up in the northeast

    John Brennan set up Chris Stevens. Period.

  • mo up in the northeast

    Bill Clinton couldn’t take on Obamacare, until Benghazi was a non-issue for his wife. After a while, you recognize the “smell” of this couple. One more thing re: John Brennan setting up Chris Stevens: Michael Hastings was about to expose Brennan, and then a mysterious flash of light before Hastings died in that car accident. Again, CGI acquired Stanley Inc. CGI is that Co. that employed Michele Obama’s Princeton classmate. The clip I put down below is must viewing. And Canadian Free Press mentions the 2008 Passport Breech, that saw the murder of Lt Quarles Harris, all connected with Stanley Inc. Here’s Canadian Free Press link:

  • veritaseequitas

    Go to work you left wing butt wipes. The fact of the matter is, Hag Hillary and The Disaster-in-Chief are both incompetent fools who do not deserve to hold office and who failed to protect our mission and our people in Benghazi. They are not even fit to clean up dog turds off the street.
    Obama needs to be impeached and The Hag needs to be vilified until she hangs her head in shame, if that is possible for her to do.

  • Calvinius

    No one ever “blamed an obscure anti-Muslim video for the tragedy.”. Quit lying, trolls.