Obama Praises Jihad-Supporting Turkish Prime Minister

Obama-and-ErdoganTurkey’s jihad-supporting Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan received effusive praise from President Obama last week during their joint news conference in the White House Rose Garden.  Obama described the Islamist leader, who unapologetically called Zionism “a crime against humanity,” as “a strong ally and partner in the region and around the world.”

This is just a continuation of President Obama’s infatuation with Erdogan. When the two leaders met at the Seoul, South Korea, Nuclear Security Summit in March of 2012, Obama called Erdogan his “friend and colleague….We find ourselves in frequent agreement upon a wide range of issues.” Not content with this level of praise, Obama added that he considered Erdogan “an outstanding partner and an outstanding friend” who has displayed “outstanding leadership.” In fact, Obama so admires Erdogan’s “outstanding leadership” that Obama has allowed the United States to lead from behind Turkey in Libya and Syria, sucking the U.S. into a swamp inhabited by Islamist jihadists.

As Barry Rubin, the director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal explained:

“Once again the Turkish government has taken the lead on U.S. policy by pushing for direct U.S. aid to the rebels. That means giving money, weapons, and other aid to the Muslim Brotherhood and more radical groups to take power because the real moderates in the Syrian opposition are rare.”

Obama fancies Turkey as a model of a modern democratic Islamic state.  At their joint news conference last week, Obama praised Erdogan’s “reforms” and  said “we will support efforts in Turkey to uphold the rule of law and good governance and human rights for all.”

Erdogan’s idea of democracy is an electoral system that he can manipulate in order to remain in power. His Islamist party has moved inexorably to replace the secular republic established by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk with an Islamic state.  Erdogan’s jails have housed more journalists than any other country in the world, including Iran and Russia.  And talking about Russia, Erdogan appears to be taking a page out of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s playbook. Like Putin, Erdogan plans to play musical chairs between the prime minister post he now holds but cannot run for again under his party’s rules, and the presidency which he is intent on taking over in 2014 and converting into the country’s most powerful position from the symbolic one it is today. Erdogan will ram through whatever changes to the constitution are necessary to make this happen if a consensus cannot be reached.

“Turkey would walk into a dark dictatorship,” said Riza Turmen, a deputy from the opposition Republican People’s Party. “Turkey is already on this path. The parliament is unable to fulfill its duties even in a parliamentary system. The judiciary is not independent, the press is not free,” he told Reuters.

At last week’s joint news conference, President Obama lauded Erdogan’s supposed efforts to “normalize relations with Israel.” Erdogan then proceeded contemptibly to use the joint news conference to announce in Obama’s presence that he will be visiting Gaza next month, after previously rejecting Secretary of State John Kerry’s request not to go there at this time because it could interfere with just such a normalization of relations. Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh claimed that Erdogan’s upcoming visit to Gaza “emphasizes that the era of U.S. tutelage has ended.”

Aside from Barack Obama, Haniyeh has been one of Erdogan’s biggest cheerleaders.  Back in 2010, Haniyeh said: “Mr. Erdoğan has become our voice and won hearts of all Palestinians. We began naming our children after Tayyip Erdoğan. The name of Erdoğan has been immortalized in Palestine.” He also called Turkey “the new Ottoman.”

In his description of Turkey under Erdogan’s leadership as “the new Ottoman,” Haniyeh has a much better idea of Erdogan’s true agenda than President Obama does. Obama thinks that Turkey, like the United States, is interested in removing President Bashar Hafez al- Assad from power in Syria in order to bring about a free Syria “that is intact and inclusive of all ethnic and religious groups,” as Obama put it in his joint news conference with Erdogan last week.  That may be Obama’s naive aspiration but, as Hamas leader Haniyeh knows, Erdogan is interested in building “the new Ottoman” in the entire region, which means promoting revolutionary Sunni Islamism under Turkey’s leadership. Erdogan is using Obama to advance his Islamist agenda.

No doubt Erdogan will use his upcoming Gaza visit to further solidify Turkey’s prestige in the Muslim world, which will also help him politically at home. Expect, for example, Erdogan to push publicly for Israel to completely lift its embargo on the Gaza Strip. Expect him also to mark the three-year anniversary of the incident involving the Turkish-owned Mavi Marmara vessel in which a number of Turkish radicals lost their lives as they attempted violently to break Israel’s legal naval blockade of Gaza. They had assaulted Israeli naval commandos trying to stop the blockade-running ship. The radicals were heard chanting the jihad call to arms honoring Muhammad’s massacre of the Jews of Arabia: “Khybar, Khybar, O Jews, the army of Muhammad will return.”

Erdogan has exploited the Mavi Marmara incident for propaganda purposes for three years. But this was not just exploitation of an opportunity that happened to present itself to Erdogan. In fact, Erdogan was reportedly supportive of the flotilla idea all along before it set sail, because it would create a confrontation with Israel that would cost Israel in the court of public opinion, which is precisely what happened. A journalist on board the Mavi Marmara with good connections to government officials and the IHH group that organized the flotilla stated: “The Turkish government was behind the flotilla to the Gaza Strip and its objective was to embarrass Israel: ‘The Turks set a trap for you and you fell into it.’ The flotilla was organized with the support of the Turkish government and Prime Minister Erdogan gave the instructions for it to set sail. That was despite the fact that everyone knew it would never reach its destination.”

Immediately after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at the urging of President Obama, apologized to Erdogan for the Marmara operation and committed to reach final agreement on compensation, Erdogan began backtracking from his own promise to restore full diplomatic relations with Israel and stop certain legal proceedings brought against Israeli soldiers.

Erdogan told Turkish reporters that it was too early to talk about dropping the Mavi Marmara case against the Israeli soldiers, and that normalizing diplomatic relations would come gradually. “We will see what will be put into practice during the process. If they move forward in a promising way, we will make our contribution,” Erdogan said.

Turkey is reportedly holding out for extraordinarily high compensation which, even if paid, would not satisfy some of the families of the radicals who became “martyrs” on the Mavi Marmara.

Yet, in the face of Erdogan’s continued anti-Israel rhetoric and his backtracking on his promises of normalization, Obama still made a special point at last week’s joint news conference “to note the Prime Minister’s efforts to normalize relations with Israel.”

Obama continues to play right into Erdogan’s hands as the devious Islamist leader prepares to visit with the Hamas terrorists in Gaza next month, to provide weapons and other support to Islamist jihadists in Syria and to consolidate his increasingly authoritarian power at home.

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  • Sekigahara

    If I was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, I would have a quiet word in the ear of Erdogan, informing him to back off, also, on rational reflection there will be no compensation for the so called martyrs, and oh yes btw, Istanbul and Ankara were now included targets in the Samson Option.

  • Mike

    Obama has proven again and again that he is an immoral leader. No wonder he is sleeping with Erdogan, the Islamist PM of Turkey who wants to revive the racist and dictatorial Ottoman Empire where Christian and Jewish minorities were persecuted for 500 years and eventually eliminated in genocide (1.5 million Armenians killed, countless Pontic Greeks slain). Thus there are fewer than 50,000 Armenians left in Turkey and most hide their identity in fear of persecution. Istanbul, which was the capital of Byztantium, now has a few thousand Greeks left. They, too, have changed their names. The Greek Patriarch talked of the current persecution of Greeks in a "60 Minutes" program. Jews also lie low because of widespread anti-Semitism: The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and "Mein Kamph" are perennial bestsellers in Turkey and TV serials/documentaries "expose" Zionist control of the world. No wonder Obama admires Erdogan.

    • Anti-Mike

      I see the Armenian Despora once again rears its ugly head and takes any opportunity to saturate the media with it’s lies and idle gossip. You talk of oppression of Jews and Christians. Google the “Sephardic Jews” and find out their origins.

      You’ll find that they were Spaniard Jews that were being tortured, killed and persecuted during the Spanish Inquisitions in 1490’s for being Jewish. When the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire heard of the inhumanity of CHRISTIANS against JEWS, he sent the naval armada to Spain to offer the Jews and anyone else who wanted to escape the religious oppression, a home free to worship as they please.

      • Mike

        To Anti-Mike.
        Every time Turkish anti-Semitism is mentioned, apologists of Turkey drag the 500-year tired story of how the Ottomans welcomed the Saphardim. The sultan welcomed them because he wisely saw they would be good for the economy. It was the sultan who welcomed them, not the Turks. The Turks then and now are viciously anti-Semitic. Turkish folklore, jokes, proverbs are full of anti-Semitic cracks about Yahoodlar and "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and "Mein Kamph are perennial bestsellers in Turkey and Turkish TV produces anti-Semitic serials which get huge ratings. Apologists also say that Turkish diplomats rescued Jews during WWII. Some of them did–for money into their pockets, while the Turkish government kicked out SS "Sturma" (full of 700 Jews fleeing the Nazis) from Istanbul to the open sea and watched as the Soviets torpedoed the ship, drowning everybody on board. The Nazis and Turkey also had a secret agreement: If Turkey didn't join the war on the side of the Allies, at the end of the war Hitler would reward Turkey with all of the Caucasus. The only reason Ankara is "friendly" with Israel is because Americans have Erdogan ordered Turkey to behave.

        By the way, Anti-Mike, it's Diaspora, not Despora.

      • Mike

        Add-on to what I wrote re Turkish anti-Semitism.
        There are at least 10,000 Jewish-Armenians in Israel. They are former Soviet Jews and Armenians who have intermarried and have children. These offspring are soldiers in IDF. Many live in Be'ir Sheva. I would like to hear of a single instance where a Turk married a Jew. Turkish hatred of Jews can't be denied, no matter how many times Anti-Mikes drag up the story of the sultan who accepted persecuted Sephardim from Spain 500 years ago. Today the Jewish community of Turkey has dwindled to about 15,000, many of them senior citizens who find it difficult to relocate to Israel.



    Why was the Turkish Ambassador meeting with J. CHRISTopher Stevens hours before the consulate was attacked?

    Did the TERRORISTS know he was there and did they hold off their attack till he left?

    Where they planning weapons shipments from Turkey to Syria and to its rebels who have ties to all the regions extreme terrorists, especially those at war with Israel?

    Where weapons given to the Libyan terrorists by Obama, to oust Qaddafi, used to kill our Americans?

    Was Obama stoned or drunk the night of the attack?

    Was he actually on top of it but is now hiding in the shadows to not be blamed for the deaths of Americans?

    DID OBAMA KNOW WHEN THE ATTACKS WERE GOING TO END since they didn't send help knowing that the attacks were only planned for a few hours?

    DID OBAMA PRAY TO ALLAH for a 9-11 attack and when it happened, he did nothing but cheer?

    THERE IS A WAR between J. CHRISTopher Stevens and Karl Obama Marx and his false prophet, Mohammad! This IS the beginning of the end for Obama!

  • bornholm

    Turkey moves further away from freedom, equality and democracy and Obama shows his true colors. Obama does not understand freedom, nor the cost of it paid by previous generations. He takes his freedom for granted. Obama has not continued the ‘rollback’ of tyranny and ‘democracy revolution’ but has given into the tyrants and admitted that tyranny is the future.

  • jerome

    Two emirs in a conclave are talking and leading each other down their dark parochial avenues hell bent on the final goal of ensuring the demise of the west and the implementation of sharia.
    They are focused and intent , on the same goals and their vision is the same, both skewed myopic
    and pro terror.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    In light of the Islamist-in-Chief's Sunni Muslim roots, as well as his fealty to the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, it makes entire sense to fete the Islamist, Jew-hating Erdogan. They are best buds too. And the wringing of an "apology" from Bibi, re Israel's soldiers defending themselves from murderous jihadists, well, that was more about putting Israel in its submissive place than anything else – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/03/20/im-an-israeli

    Birds of a jihadi feather…
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Ian

    I shudder to think what Hussien Obama talks about with these Islamofascist rulers. No doubt he's going to give his daughters to them, and marry their daughters in return, any day now we're going to hear some report on the liberal media about how Hussien is showing his 'tolerance' and 'global mindedness' by 'embracing' the Islamic custom of polygamy. His betrayal of Israel is sickening, he's actively standing against it! He'll do nothing when Turkey, Egypt and Iran invade Israel. He'll probably encourage it! He'll probably send in American troops to help them do it, and cut the heads off the good American soldiers who refuse to serve in his grand jihad!

  • Donald DaCosta

    Obama is playing into Erdogan's hands? All of these reports alleging Obama's naivete concerning matters of the Islamic ascension in the Middle East and around the globe are more than suspect. This assumes that Obama is ignorant concerning these matters and is simply a dupe. It is far more likely that Obama is colluding with the Muslim Brotherhood than acting as it's fool. Obama is far more dangerous in this regard than he is a fool. A fool can be persuaded and foolish behavior corrected. His actions speak volumes while his words breed nothing but consternation and suspicion.

    In a recent exchange with Myanmar's president reported in Jihad Watch (http://www.jihadwatch.org/2013/05/obama-decries-oppression-of-christians-in-egypt—-no-wait-1.html) Obama expressed his concern over the violence perpetrated against Muslims in his country. Has President Obama ever expressed his concern over the violence being perpetrated against the Copts in Egypt or other predominantly Muslim countries and enclaves around the world? Has President Obama's actions with regard to Israel indicated unflinching, steadfast support for this beleaguered nation? Is this naivete?

    Obama is not naïve. He's a superb con artist and more than sympathetic with the Muslim Brotherhood's goals.

  • PAthena

    (1) Note how President Obama greeted Prime Minister Recip Erdogan enthusiastically – in contrast to his snubbing of Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel.
    (2) The closest aide to Obama's Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was Huma Abedin, whose family is Muslim Brotherhood and who herself is closely associated with them. See Andrew McCarthy on this.
    This could only have happened if Obama himself had approved it, evidence of his connection to the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Meh met

    Erdogan is a puppet of the Gulen movement, which is the creation of America CIA. Their Turkish imam Fetullah Mohammed Gulen is under house arrest in the USA. Operating his worldwide empire worth $20 billion, in schools, media, controlling judiciary system, politics and now sadly in Turkey the military. Turkey is islamofacism and persecuted minority Armenians, Kurds and even the Syrian refugees. They are arming the Syrian rebels and some are Turkish mercenaries destroying Christian churches and neighborhoods in Syria.

  • StephenWV

    “pushing for direct U.S. aid to the rebels. That means giving money, weapons, and other aid to the Muslim Brotherhood”

    Heck, give it directly to them here in the US. Why make them transport them through Mexico to get them here.